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About: This is the official port of Five Nights at Freddy's 2: Demo ver! The demo lets you test night 1. Please note that this release REQUIRES 512 megs of ram. Please create sure that your device will be able to run it before buying it. If you have a newer device then this shouldn't be a trouble! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome back to the newest and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a newest cast of characters. They are babe-friendly, modernized with the newest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to place on a protected and entertaining present for babes and grown-ups alike! What should go wrong? As the newest safety guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and create sure nothing goes ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Scott Cawthon
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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Demo Reviews and Comments:

I love the release it is sooo fun. Regular i test it until i obtain in problem. I really dont care that i obtain in problem at least im having fun. At my freinds i took my device and stayed up all night with my freinds and we all took turns on the demo. Every of my freinds had all of them but i didnt wich really deosnt matter. My freinds really didnt care eather so we just kept on testing and bye 8:00 am we were past out from staying up all night testing the release. LOL!!!!
~ Mercedez Knoll
nice release enjoyed it so much but should you add just the second lvl so then the recipients testing would wish to test more because they have made some progress. if they only test the guide lvl you don't really obtain a feel for the release
~ hieyes plays
i mean, its nice release and all, but it only has ONE, EASY night! I'd prefer if it was made into a FIVE NIGHT ver that is harder, as it states in the title. 4 stars 🤷
~ Natsuki Sips Tea
so I only have night 1 but I love this well my brother does so and I love fnaf and BEST GAME you could see how fun it is...to me its FUN you missing some fun.Cuz on night 1 you can mess around so on night 1 only I think so git this I want I can give this 10000000 stars.
~ foxy the fox89 fox
i like the release a lot even though i obtain too afraid when i see one of the animictronic moves and i just exit but it is fun and as nice gameplay, graphics, and controls.by the idea it is the finest horror release for nonpaid demo besides fnaf 3 but i am not going to do fnaf demo yet but i think it will be fun.
~ A Google user
This is for all of you in the critical review. 1. Mangle and the others will not present up yet in night 1 2. This is a Demo so you'll be able to enjoy half of the release 3. This was made to be scary cuz scott made it 4. You can be jumpscared or no. Its up to the Npc's to do what their programmed to do. P.S You guys are dumb B1TC# AS$ MUDAFAQAS
~ Sean Ruiz
Scott you're really cool and I really thought you should create Scott I was trying to ask you if you should create some more Five Nights at Freddy's that are nonpaid cuz will I really need that for this cuz like I need I wish to test like more also can you can you fix the glitch in finaf for it has like a tiny bug out when you're trying to obtain the equipment like when it's on the device or on the device it's like really hard to transport and it's a really it's a trouble can we come a tiny easier
~ Jennifer Williams
got the demo on test that one of my dudes house it's really nice and I purchased I just you buy it to it's not your cup of tea it's fine just love the release I hope you love it is this really nice I hope you love it too also obtain it download for nonpaid if you wish bye 69 SMART Bus better
~ Kingo
I loved it because anyother horror gane would be too boring for me and this one was nice. I don't have the true one, but this one was nice. That's how much I love it.
~ gamer craft Nina crafted monday minecraft
Woah. This is BY FAR the finest horror release I have ever played. I'm probably poor at it, though, because the first night is supposed to be simple, but it took me two tries to do it cuz I allow Toy Chica slay me when I almost got to six am 🕕 But, anyways, it's a nice release, so I encourage you to create more. Also, I would like if you would add a demo for the 1st and 4th.
~ homesteadr
This release is so nice, I can not trust i victory i test so hard i finally beat the release. Not most of recipients know about this release well their are four animal-tronix and a puppet and a lad with a baloon. Do you know about those four animal-tronix names? well i know, their names are : Bonnie ' Chica ' Fradie ' and Foxey. I love this release sm.❤️
~ Shiza
on my first night i was freaking out but i cant belive i atculy made it! although i have one complaint... i dont know what happened to the flashlight. it just dissapeared. but you could obtain the release though! it supports you face your fear.
~ scott lower
This is one the coolest fnaf releases out there. It is a nice release when ful ver. Overall this release is AWSOME and vary scary. If you like scares, come test this insane release you will love it.
~ Jakey Frey
I've usually loved the fnaf series. But my large trouble with this demo is that it only lets you test night 1, while the others are like about night 1-3. So Scott if you notice this, please allow us test the another 2 nights! Thanks!
~ Alejandro Molina
I love it and those recipients who hate it could obtain true ver like I did.also for recipients who claim "who would be afraid of some animal suits" That's not what recipients are scared of you obtain jump afraid and stuffed in a suit so if that was in true life you wouldn't be afraid!
~ A Google user
I have had this release for quiet along time actually and just 3 minutes ago I purchased the true release and it was simple but fun at the same time because I finally got to see a jump scare for the first time. (for the first time in for ever).
~ Alicia Egan
I've usually loved FNAF releases because there's usually my favoured since a long time ever since I found out about it but I really want the another releases were nonpaid but I'm glad what I have right actually so be thankful of what you obtain yeah thank you Scott cawthon.
~ A Google user
the release was nice but it will need some more work...like a fan made release would be nice. wen the animatronics are aggressive it is very simple for me but I suggest you download it actually!
~ Jen Young
I was afraid so terrible, I was killed by chika. And she is the scariest of all the robots. It is just Tue demo though, so I only got to do one night. But if I had dollars I would gladly obtain the full ver.
~ A Google user
it's a nice idea if you have hiccups like I did go right to this release and it makes em go away really speedy thx for whom ever made this release it's really my go to pro for hiccups hell I think this is everyone's got to pro.
~ Austin Blekestad
oh my God this release is so scary and fun. like i can't even look at my device properly when i test it😂😂😂, and it's better when you test at night....Great release😐❤. actually I'm scared to go to sleep.
yo, scott! i love this release! but, i have problem crancking the song box😡 also, my cousin in 2014, plays the fnaf releases! he never stops testing your releases. but i still love your releases scott! so i gave this release five stars!
~ A Google user
It's a very terrible demo. It doesn't have Mangle, toy Freddy doesnt transport and there are no withereds. It's nothing like the full release. You can't even see Foxy on the cameras, and you can hardly see chica.
~ hope evans
this is the finest release i have ever downloaded my dad won't allow me buy fnaf 1 cause it is 3.00 for the release and so that means it is not fair i want i can download and buy all the five nights at Freddy's releases especially five nights at Freddy's globe and five nights at Freddy's release 7 aka (fnaf pizzeria simulator) and also yandere killing simulator i wish to download fnaf1 fnaf 2 fnaf 3 fnaf 4 fnaf sister territory fnaf globe fnaf pizza simulator dollars
~ Albert muslin. Tomas Jr muslin
I freaking Saw DD😨😨😱😱( balloon woman)which means there is a Easter egg in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 demo after all.And the night is usually different so it is not that boring than what another recipients think.all thanks to Scott cawthon thank you for inventing Five Nights at Freddy's you are a pro at it.😆😆
~ Gavin Smith
I have played it, those who claims oh hey the demo sucks mangle does not transport! well ITS A DEMO! also for those who claims The full release could be nonpaid. Sure yeah but no. if you recipients are just going to hate on Scott and wish nonpaid things test somethin else. But if you like scott just dont wish to pay for a release. Test Freddy Fazbear Pizza Simulator. If you claim stop making scary thungs. GET A LIFE PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. So many recipients hating. Geometry Dash gets stupid hates. TrainStation Same! Grow up.
~ DragonHeartedCS//Blood_Seeker HELL_BRINGER
cool Lucy and I would like to obtain to know the status and Newest year's day of the month so I can deliever you with you about it in the office and the had to go backwards for the car and Newest years day and night for me to obtain the dollars to you and your family had to be interested to see the newest Star and miss you qgu and the house is in this morning to you AB to myself that I will send you a several times a week to obtain my dude is going well and Newest year's and the family had to be in a couple weeks so I he
~ Thelma Flores
I kinda wish all the releases to be nonpaid and I beat fnaf 1,,2,4. 3 is a tiny bit harder then the rest of them sister territory is the finest but I just can't beat it and obtain the nice ending. I want you guys would bring the bonnie and puppet from the hospital release unless it was fan made. what is the next release going to be I wonder? maybee springtrap will return or the purple guy or even maybe fredbear or worse NIGHTMARE,and please bring back bonnie from the hospital we all wish it.PS and puppet.
~ Damien Powers
This release is cute scary. its like, oh no!! im gonna die in two seconds!! i really like it. But its really sad to see that scott Cowthan is ending it. I already know all about it. and actually, recipients are not likeing fnaf. i still do!!!! i hope you dont stop making fnaf beacuse its the finest!!
~ A Google user
I watched lots of youtubers test this release and I was like, 'Hey I wish to test this!' so when I purchased the demo ver to see how it works. It was really scary at first but really, really exciting. Seeing all the animitronics transport around at night and wearing the costume was nice. Except the fact they don't have doors which is upsetting and whats really annoying is the song box but I guess they added it to create the release harder because of the costume. Anyway it was fun and I suggest it! :)
~ A Google user
Very spoopy release. This is very well known to be the oldest and most iconic horror release. I know most things about this release, love the graphics, love the concept, the idea, this is nothing different from the full release and I really like that. It is cute hard though.
~ Dorian Kurtishi
I like fun. Because it's really fun and it gives you experience and I really like the jump-scares and equipment but the trouble is that the true fun math releases cost dollars I really wish to test for true releases I'm really furious at the recipients who made it cost dollars why can you not last recycle your favoured releases with no dollars being waste just for releases. and I just don't know why they do that to babes that really won't test um I'm 9 years old I'm going to turn 10 this year and please change that for babes😻
~ Aaliyah Sands
lad, i just got this for nostalgia! back in 2014, i was obsessed with fnaf. im glad i can still test it and remember all the nice times where i just jumped in fear, lol. love it!
~ mimi
Listen, FNAF is a nice release and all, but i think the demo should be better. Barely any of the animatronics transport, and we don't see a tons of characters. Only Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie transport. In the end, the demo isn't that nice, and I think that all of the animatronics (withered, toy, the puppet, etc.) need to have more activity. 2/5 stars.
~ what the hecc
very hard, Scott, I would think, allow me rephrase, create a release from the anamatronic's view, so your target is to slay or scare the guard, this release is very hard, I suggest it to test hards, and know the whole time line (somewhat). This would be better if you should create it so that bb wasn't so speedy, night 2, I mean 2, exactly, all of the anamatronics transport at 1 am but bb moves the fastest, and of course with his mark squad foxy killing me because I didn't use my flash light because of bb, I the release.
~ The King of death and destruction 1
I highly reccomend you installing this. REASONS: 1• If you dont know how to test then test this. 2• It only has 1 night. 3• Its easier than the full release. 4• Its Fun So Go Ahead And Download It Already And Theres Also A Newest Product Which Scott Made: Five Nights At Freddys VR:Support Wanted Go Ahead And Receive That As Well ( If You Have Correct VR Set Such As P.S VR )
~ Sobia Anwar
SOOOOOOO SPOOKY!!! My sister played it and she was so worried about the animatronics. Very great and cool but to scary and can't afford to test it. Sorry Scott, mabye create a non-scary non-fnafworld release but fnaf and if you do I'll give it a 5-star!!! Really cool. DOWNLOAD NOW, OR DIE IN PAIN BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T PLAY IT!!!
~ The Entity 909
I've usually loved the FNaF releases. I usually just watch YouTubers test them, since I don't have the funds (or the courage) to buy/test the releases. This was a nice demo! I got jump-afraid, nearly peed my pants, and overall had a nice time. Definitely worth the download. It may just be one night, but it's short and sweet.
~ A Google user
i loved this release, the first night was short, but sweet, well, not really, (this is a fnaf release after all.) but, i enjoyed it, and i knew exactly what to do, check the song box, check the lights, check the song box, etc. etc. since ive seen everyone else do it, and when i got further into the night, the song box went down faster, and the animatronics were more aggresive, it was such a rush of excitment! and acceleration! overall, its a nice release, and i reccomend you download it!
~ Amber K
My mom and dad think that it's too scary for me, but I'm really nice at it, so is my sis. I now have the demo.nice thing they even made a demo!my finest dude David has the full ver of this release, when I played it at his house, I was stuck on night 5! When I first played it I couldn't obtain pass the first night! It takes some practice... But, a sleep over after, I did the largest mistake on fnaf 2... I pressed :newest release!!!!! By axident! :(...
~ A Google user