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About: Never Fishdomed before? Take a deep breath and dive into an underwater globe of match-3 fun with Fishdom, an all-newest nonpaid release! Check challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with special puzzles as you decorate aquariums to make cozy homes for lovely talking fish. Feed them, test with them, and watch them interact with every another. Hey, your finned dudes are waiting for you, so dive in actually and enjoy this nice underwater journey! Informations: Special gameplay: swap and match pieces, design and decorate aquariums, test with and take care of fishall in one puzzle release! Test hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 lvls Compete with another users to develop your aquarium even faster Search an exciting aquatic globe with funny talking 3D fish that every have their own personality Liven up fish tanks with breathtaking underwater decor Grab your scuba mask a ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Playrix Games
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About: Bienvenido al mundo de Timoteo, te invitamos a que retes tu lgica con este juego de desafos mentales. Te gusta el entrenamiento mental? Ejercita 9 reas del cerebro (ej. lgica, atencin y concentracin) Existen 360 niveles de dificultad, suficientes para poner a prueba a cualquiera. Modo infinito te permite jugar niveles cada vez mas difciles. Intenta resolver los mundos sin que sobren fichas (requiere mucha Lgica) Buscas juegos positivos para tu famil...

Developer: Daniel Bahamon [email protected]

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About: The Amazing awesome Haloween Frog is a Free Simulator Adventure Game You Will enjoy playing this amazing real gameplay. You manage a Free amazing frog that insanely curious and fun loving. The Amazing & Frog Haloween Simulator game for collect coin and run with your hero frog to win levels and worlds. Home is your goal in The Frogs - Amazing Simulator - it is an endless search for insanity in a big city filled with a variety of easter eggs, interesting amazing farting frog characters, stran... Developer: Amazings Games .LLC [email protected]

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Developer: Overulez Indie [email protected]

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Developer: One Team Dev [email protected]

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Developer: GLITCH [email protected]

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Developer: Puzzle Pyramid Games Team [email protected]

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Developer: Team 4D [email protected]

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Developer: Inertia Software [email protected] ?fref=ts

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About: [VIP SPECIAL Contains about $ 10 items. ] Return 3 => 10 Upgrade Potion 1 => 5 Cleaner 1 => 5 Hammer 1 => 5 No Banner AD and Pop up AD!!! But you can Use Reward AD and take item/ * This game is also available offline. 2048 Craft blocks of the same shape on the floor to create rabbits. Various rabbits are waiting for you. Combined rabbits are playing in the rabbit village for life! Rabbit Village * use 2048 puzzle and Combined rabbits move to the rabbit village. * Let's...

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About: **Nominated for Gamer's Voice Award at SXSW** **Nominated for Best Upcoming Game at IMGA** **Official selection of Stugan Indie Accelerator** _PRISM is a visually stunning journey through a microcosmic galaxy. Touch shapes and patterns to unfold sacred geometry and reach the ethereal soul. Each level is a push and pull of cinematic design, mythology, and intuitive touch exploration. Playtime: Average 1 hour For best experience, close running apps and restart device before playing. ...

Developer: Clint Siu [email protected]

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About: Hungry Cat is a special line way connect puzzle game. The hungry cat wants to eat fish, but it gets lost. Use your head and help the cat out of the maze then let it full. How to play: Connect all the blocks with just one line. Help the cat to eat fish. Features: 300+ free levels to play; FREE to play; Best game experience; Easy to start, hard to master; The most playful brain-training game; Download and play this free brain-training puzzle game. Y...

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About: OneColorFlood is a brain game puzzle that will help you improve your memory, reasoning and visual ability. The goal is to fill the board with only one color in as few steps as possible. To do so, just select a color from the bottom bar and tap the board at a different color that you want to change to the selected one. At the first levels is easy to get to the perfect solution, but after a few ones, it is not that easy, and it requires a little thinking. 100 levels availble....

Developer: AlcamaSoft [email protected]



Fishdom Reviews and Comments:

Right actually I am on lvl 2109 and I have all of my stars to transport to next aquarium but it keeps on claiming me I can't until one more star is made but I have all three stars. So right actually I am not glad with the release.
~ Tara Battle
why did I download this release only to launch it and download some more... I expect a release I download to be ready to test as quick as I click on it. if you need to add more content, do before I launch it up for the first time. may delete just on principle.
~ Bob Higbee
I dont think you could have to BUY the fishy bank.. I like the extended time plays. When you use bonus power ups they are clumped together ( two bombs side by side) or they are placed in a terrible zone or you are forced to use them before you wish to. I want it was easier to obtain gold vouchers. I've tried everything recommended .. more required. With the fish I purchased I was supposed to obtain 46115 coins. I did not obtain them. Do you read the reviews and fix the troubles
~ A Google user
💓 IT! SO ADDICTED! The only fish I can hold alive! Seriously, I rarely/never have any technical troubles, Dont have to spend $$(Ive spent $2.99 in 2+yrs) to be able to advance successfully! Boards aren't impossible, obv. the higher the harder, but u usually eventually obtain it!
~ Melissa Ortman
Not played how advertised! Its advertised as a "pick an item to decide your fate" kind release and it's not. It's a color matching release. I like color matching releases and even have a several on my device. Wanted something different and the banners to this one lied. Uninstalled!
~ Jazmane Plauger
I love this release but , in some lvls only one last thing is to do and has 5 moves left but it did not obtain finished. Why ????Why you don't have nice moves ??? Except this all things are just nice. This is the finest release !!!!
~ Barbie Girl
I love the release but you need to search a idea to earn gold coupons faster. At the rate you have them we will usually miss the premium fish. We obtain so many bronze coupons. can we obtain some fish that only cost bronze coupons? Otherwise love how release is progressing.
~ Terry Boone
Nice time aggressor. Some lvls create you crazy; seem unbeatable but if you hang in there you can beat them without spending dollars. I do think you could be able to dollars in the coins in the piggy bank all you do with them are use them to obtain discounts when you spend true dollars.
~ Vickie Phillips
Why weren't the glitches fixed when this release was modernized! I have been on the same lvl for 6 months! I'm stuck in the lost treasure lvl. Every time I check; the release claims I have to obtain other star to launch the next lvl. I have had all 3 stars for 6 months!
~ Adriane Stewart
Cute nice release in my opinion. I don't love the vouchers because Gold ones are nearly impossible to receive and it takes weeks to accumulate enough for them to now be needed. Also I've never had to "save my fish" so I don't know why that's advertised by the release if it isn't real.
~ Courtney Hiatt
Ok I have been testing this release for awhile actually and Its been getting harder to beat leavels its been a nice challage .The fish are very entertaining and every one has a personailty that keeps you testing daily. You can buy the things you wish for your tank.I suggest this release if you like aquarium"s and match releases .It' been true fishy fishdom. Thanks for a nice release heres your reveiw fishdom you obtain ********** form me.bjm
~ Betty Moreland
What is a tiny sad is that you have to PAY to redeem something you have already earned!!!! When you clear/victory a lvl you are awarded diamonds for your piggy bank but when the piggy bank is full you have to PAY $2.99 OR $3.99 to be able to launch up your piggy bank to use them!!!!! I think that is a tiny greedy!!!! You might wish to reconsider that transport!!!! 6/04/19. I still stand by my above Post!!!!! And have never seen any stats as to whether they plan to change this trouble!!!!
~ A Google user
Their customer service is non existent. I Got a newest device and couldn't transfer over my release progress to it, I contacted customer service through correspondence and never received helped. I had to run all over. I was close to lvl 700 and had a lot of release equipment like bombs I had accumulated and saved...
~ Elizabeth De La Torre
I enjoy the release very much BUT the boosters that are supposed to support tend to mess up another boosters. They land in the worst possible zone. Coincidence? Modernization: I don't like the newest changes. It was fine the idea it was
~ Suzanne Smith
This release is well thought out and very fun to test. So much better than any of the Candy Crush releases. It can be challenging, but not so frustrating that you wish to quit testing. Each board can technically be beaten without any boosters, but sometimes it takes a while. Still, not terrible enough to create you not wish to hold testing. They also give you opportunities to obtain infinite test, which really makes the release much more fun to test. Love it. Fully hooked!
~ Monica Rodriguez
This is the finest release out there. It's usually my first go to release to test. You progress even if you don't buy the bomb's etc. where most of these releases you won't obtain anywhere until you create a buy. but of course it is a lot more fun if you can create purchases. After all it is a business
~ Kathy Romney
I really love this release. I have this release on 3 devices all 3 different lvls. But i do adopt that the fish do obtain on my last nerve when im trying to arrange my decorations and it would be great to have more of the 2x coins. No matter the downfalls of this release i still have stopped testing all another releases just so i can only test FISHDOM.
~ Lisa Langley
initially I didn't think this was gonna be other one of those releases that require you to spend a gob of dollars in order to beat the lvls, but it quickly turned into that. I still enjoy aspects of the release but developers need to devise a more affordable solution for consumers. i propose a yearly membership of claim $50 per person with easier ways for acquiring equipment that support you pass lvls.
~ Faith Valladares
Love the release...dont like having to buy back my diamonds and coins...glad Easter...🎁🥳😁rate x 2 .still love the release. you've made it a tiny faster...still don't like having to pay so much for my diamonds...should give us some more moves/time on some of the lvls..a several bonus bombs and equipment throughout...how about some specials on our birthdays....but another wise...love it.
~ Darla
lvl 873 and i think i discovered an odd glitch. need to obtain to 2 squids, which are jumping up and down. ran out of moves, release didnt recognize squid moving but thought it was showing me a transport i should create. i had to end release, lose a life due to squid moving. can you stop the squid from jumping, that idea, it will recognize no more moves and scramble the equipment around. that is the only terrible thing...
~ A Google user
love it so much fun! want that you should ratn a diamond and 1 voucher of all 3 colors each time you beat a lvl. or they should lower the voucher price on the premium fish that go with every tank bc out of the 7 tanks that I have I was only able to obtain the hero fish for one of them and that frustrates me a tiny bit but as far as testing the different lvls and beautiful fish and decorations I love it. I would suggest that everyone could test it at least once and I think they'll like it to!
~ Cheryl Phillips
FALSE ADVERTISING!!! The release is not at all about the fish going through the pipe! (later lvls maybe?) It is a common 'match the pieces' puzzle release. I kept testing to see if it would become the fun-looking race for your life through the pipe, but more than 10 lvls in and no pipe so far. VERY disappointed! 😞😣😔
~ Paul Harris
I would've gave it 5 stars but there seems to be a trouble with the help center when the release doesnt discount the tiles correctly Dont obtain me wrong I truly love this release BUT when you contact customer help and you recieve the same pre-typed message each single time ... well lets just claim What customer help?At least be honest about it. JUST SAYIN!!
~ Tracey Andersen
Thank you for the newest lvls. I am so glad to see Aqua splash and normal lighting.
~ Kelly Brandon
Fun, supports me to wind down before bed. I'm not a gigantic fan of the art style, seems a tiny goofy and isn't aesthetically pleasing at all but... it gets the job done, I suppose. I also don't care for many of the premium fish you can buy with coupons, and most of the decorations just seem silly. I want the graphics had been take in a much different direction.
~ Charmsey
This release is nothing like the adds. At. ALL! You dont spend your time escaping sharks. I think the person who made the add hadn't played the release at all. All you do is buy fish with coins that you victory in the releases where you switch things to obtain 3 in a row. There are plenty of releases that are like that. There is nothing nice about this release. It's just other add that uses things that are not in the release to obtain you to download it to create dollars.
~ Elliott Dugan
I took 2 stars off because of the annoying pop up demanding me to rate the release....edited to remove other star because it keeps popping up.... and there went other star. May 30, the unending "rate us" pop ups are horrible. I've reviewed, I have spent dollars. Quit with the stupid pop ups already! Your explanation means nothing. We shouldn't have to hold stopping our release to obtain your pop up out of the idea.
~ Carla Reichle
Its a fun release but its crazy how you have to use all your power ups to pass a lvl or your diamonds that take forever to obtain !!! I have played lots of releases that if you use a bomb it blows up alot of adjoining pieces not on this release fix this please!!!! Why when you do pick to use bombs you zone them right next to every another that doesn't benefit me at all spread them out !!
~ A Google user
Although I've been having fun testing this release, I'm only giving one star because the release is malfunctioning. I have played a number of rounds and completed on my first test (using my extras and purple diamonds to buy myself back in) and am not receiving gifts for finishing first test. I'm not gonna spend any more dollars on this release!!!!
~ Jason Chalmers
I used to rate this release 5 stars, and I've been testing for over a year! but actually the release is just so hard I dont enjoy it. also, when I use my boosters they place them both in the same spot idea away from the things I need to break through to pass the lvl, and then force me to use them by not giving me any another moves! so I basically waste them!
~ Lacy Miensma
I was loving this release, got to about board 70ish. and I cant pass it at all. I test these matching releases all the time so I feel I'm cute decent at them. This release has made it so you would NEED to use equipment to pass boards. and of course you need to spend true dollars to buy gems in order to buy more equipment... so users be aware. At least their are alot of another matching releases out there and with skill you can test for nonpaid. So onto the next.
~ Crystal Creger
So nice. Very beautiful designs. No troubles while testing the release. Addictive! The only thing I don't like is that you obtain tiny coins and vouchers for every lvl compared to the prices of fish and decorations. That type of takes enjoyment away a bit.. noone has the time go test as much as you would need to buy what you wish. Nevertheless 5 stars release!
~ Medena Vita
Nice skill release, i dont buy anything with true $ which can become frustrating, but if you are determined, you can victory the old school idea! Can't acess part of what you earned, unless you spend true $, don't like that. I do like the fish, they are beautiful, entertaining, and personable, and the actual release itself changes, presents newest challenges, keeps interest up.
~ Angie Strode
I Love this release.....although, I want I had the ability to obtain more, to support me through hard lvls....lol. Addictive. The timed releases are stressful....lol....trying to beat a clock...lol. The graphics are pretty. The fish are fun to watch. I do want, that if you victory a lvl, they would let you to NOT lose a life. That would create it more fair, and longer test time. But overall, the release, itself, is nice!
~ Diane Morgan
Fun fish & relaxing activities in the aquarium <'DDD€ Different & increasing lvls of challenge. Would like ability to feed & especially clean earlier aquariums. What happened to the realistic algae on glass?(which I liked). Actually there's only condensation. Seems like end of release lightning boosts could usually go for goal pieces, i.e. pearls & tasked colors, but this is not the topic. April modernization made changes to deco equipment already placed :{ Newest seasonal tank really pulls me in!
~ A Google user
very addictive n funny. Love this release. Sometimes its hard to pass a lvl. Makes you use your brain. Amusing. Fun being able to transport things if you wish to change the look n awsome fish design.Easter design is very beautiful. Various. It's awsome beating lvls and getting newest fish and decorations.
~ A Google user
challenging, and a lot of fun, but some of us can't afford to pay for the tiny luxuries such are diamonds, and I understand the consequences that are having to save up the several we obtain by watching "videos", which also means we are limited in the booster genre. Just claiming after throwing everything you have at the same release for days gets a bit frustrating!🤯as a matter of fact I'm on day three actually!!🤬
~ A Google user
Just starting the release but I love how personalized the fish are with me. The developers should search a idea to even out the vouchers so that premium fish can be more assessible. If you dont have at least $100.00 to spend occasionally for softwares to support you victory, you are literally stuck on a puzzle for at least about 4 hours before you victory it. Testing like that, you obtain nowhere very speedy enough to victory any of the contests. overall it is a fun release.
~ Debbie Fryberger
Cuts u short at the end, will not let you to blow things up. Why did i lose my bonus chances to beat lvl 49? release is garbage. takes your diamonds does not apply them to the release. requesting all my dudes to delete this release. Why does this release time out all the time? you dont give enough time to complete lvls before running out of time. you use up all your lives on on lvl!!!!!!!
~ Trish Mcclure
i love this release. its had me hooked for quite some time. its five starsfrom me! i just modernized and i think im going to like the graphics a tiny better. the easter premium is the same release but the but getting the decorations are different. it changes the monotony on it . but i love this release!! i dont care for the newest modernization because it takes to long to feed dudes fish. but its still a nice release!! i like all the lightning flashes and explosions when the bombs go off!
~ A Google user