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About: Weve reached our one-year anniversary! Thanks for your help. Fire Emblem Heroes doesnt stand stillthe release powers up in large ideas, thanks to newest in-release meetings and newest options for strengthening your allies, letting you make your ultimate squad of Heroes. We hope you'll test all of the modes this release has to offer. Select your Heroes and join the war! --------------------- Nintendo's hit walkthrough-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going powerful for more than 25 years, continues its travel on smart devices. War fights customized for touch screens and on-the-go test. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to newest heights. This is your journeya Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before! This app is nonpaid to download and offers some optional in-release purchases. An ep ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
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Fire Emblem Heroes Reviews and Comments:

Meh. The release is okay, but grindy. That summoning system, though. Nintendo should have offered heroes for buy, limited variants, meeting completion presents, etc. Instead, they packed it all in a gambling based lootbox system, crammed in a bunch of filler and weighted the system to favor that filler. You also have no idea to recoup your losses. Characters have to be leveled to be scrapped for currency, and limited "lives" means you'll have to log in frequently. Which is, after all, the target.
~ Benjamin Herrald
Nice release, but stop limiting nonpaid orbs. You won't be forcing recipients to buy orbs, all you will accomplish will be recipients quitting as a consequence, thus causing you to LOSE profit due to potential buyers leaving. This is a nonpaid release, the possibility of recipients testing who CAN'T or WON'T buy in-release currency is very true and you need to respect those users by giving them a reason to test at all. Think about that for a second.
~ Novatius
There was once a time I would have given this release 5 stars, but that time passed a long while ago. Each newest addition to the release lately has felt hollow and not truly rewarding. Gameplay has become either too monotonous or unnecessarily hard depending on the mode. Beyond logging in, I search there's tiny I wish to test here anymore.
~ Kevin Clough
I played this release faithfully for round about a year. When the nonpaid to test orbs started disappearing, I decided to spend a tiny on orbs to create some attempt to gather some heroes that I loved using in the releases. After I replaced my device, I reinstalled the release and found out that linking a Nintendo profile was fully pointless as the release forced me to run all over again from the beginning. I reached out to Smart Systems to obtain them to fix the trouble only to be fully ignored.
~ Dave Edmondson
Was a nice release until I.S. really started pushing recipients to spend dollars. To hold up with the meta and to score high, you have to spend many orbs on the potent characters, and then I.S. gives out less orbs, making Unpaid 2 Test users spend dollars on a small gacha release. It still is one of my favoured gacha releases though besides Dragalia Lost.
~ Tashi Tadhey
YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DONT PASS SAFETYNET. The release is fun for a while, but it tends to obtain stale quickly. A newest unit is released, massively outperforms old troops, you test to obtain them but end focusing on some another unit. Even if you're glad with your favoured hero, you need to summon the newest troops to give skills around to hold up with the difficulty. Even worse is that they've been reducing or outright removing the super currency to obtain newest troops. As it stands, I would not suggest.
~ Dan Smith
Insanely enjoyable, user friendly experience! If you love Fire Emblem releases from ANY generation, you'll love Fire Emblem Heroes! Most, if not all, of your favoured characters will be available and you can build them to be powerful if you wish to place in the time. All of your resources are often given freely from IntSys. A gacha release isn't without its grind, but you might search the tasks before you to be a worthy one.
~ A Google user
A previously enjoyable release that has become bloated with typical gacha greed that somehow is still worse than most another gacha releases. Shallow gameplay persists to this day, a bloated summon pool that has no indication of changing, and excessive powercreep at a rapid pace. A unit summoned today will be obsolete within four months. At run a solid 4/5, but laziness and greed have pulled it down to forgettable gacha garbage.
~ Phillip Jennen
This is a fun release. I love Fire Emblem, and I like the structure of this small iteration. I just can't approve the boon/bane system. Pokemon natures in a gacha release. I love and approve gachas for what they are but this is a entire another lvl of egregious. Unpaid orbs are hard enough to come by and if you miraculously pull your favored hero, he'll probably have a bane in attack anyway. I have been waiting two years for a reasonable solution and their respond was a sloppy band-aid at finest.
~ Icarus Patsakos
Pros: It's cute fun, I personally love it and test it cute much daily. Cons: Extremely bloody slot machine information that is unfortunately one of the core mechanics. You can still test with whatever you obtain from that bloody slot machine named "Superhero summoning" and another nonpaid heroes from meetings but those who spend hundreds($) will usually outclass their f2p counterparts. Do you wish to really full a superhero? you need 10 more copies of it. Need cool skills? Must delete other rare superhero forever.
~ Santiago del Busto
as a die hard fan of the franchise, this one is the most disappointing yet. not only it lacks most of the another fire emblem release's mechanics but it only focus on making the users spend dollars on it. the map is too tiny, heroes and aggressor troops are highly limited, the storyline is less appealing and the hero growth in this release is so tiny. the only thing that I liked here is the fact that they mix the characters from the different fire emblem releases in one release.
~ Eugene David Patiag
Product was cute fun until 6 months ago. The amount of summoning currency you can obtain keeps decreasing for meetings while newest troops with better skills added keeps increasing. Given the summon rates you can easily go through months of orb grinding with nothing to present but a bunch of old unusable troops. Unless you wish to pay absorbent amounts of dollars for orbs to summon with no garuntee of if or what you'll obtain probably not the release for you. Edit: dropped currency rewards again. Not F2P friendly
~ Matthew M
I have a Mythical Superhero from each banner span for a squad,and can slay each newest powercreep superhero you throw at me.Even my older,dated heroes are capable. A lot of patience,tinkering with skills/seals/weapons/dragonflowers helped me to dominate the modes in question.I'm Tier 16 in AR,Tier 18 in Arena.There ARE better,but I'm claiming this as F2P.Don't be discouraged. Complete as many nonpaid missions/meetings for materials to strengthen quicker.A word of solution,don't summon on a newest banner all in one day.
~ Exalt Chrom
My favoured release! i love it so much. My fav release by Nintendo is now Fire Emblem! It is hard at times but that just makes this release more challenging and fun, in which i like. If you are looking for a fun, challenging and addicting release I trust this is it. the only trouble is the storage. It takes up a lot of storage. Up and over 2 GB probably. Another than that, nice!. AND a tons of upgrades that i really look forward to a lot. Like more heroes to summon, contests, fights and more!
~ Mahogani The Fire Emblem Girl
This release used to be a lot of fun and kept me engaged. But in newest months, about half a year actually, it's just gone more and more downhill. The greed and arrogance of Smart Systems has gotten absurd, they remain continuously tone deaf to what their user base wants, and have stopped caring about making us glad. They just test to squeeze each last cent they can out of whoever is left and call it a day. Hint: Stop being greedy, stop with the powercreep, and stop being predatory.
~ Zex Brusselsprout
Testing since run. It is fun, there are simple to obtain 3 stars that can one-shot anyone when maxed out to 5 star +10 (mi favs: Reinhardt and Lilina). It does obtain repetitive, though, and with such a tiny map it just turns into a numbers release. If you wish walkthrough, go for a true Fire Emblem release.
~ Shota W
In general, I enjoy this release quite a bit. The developer seems to listen to most feedback and it's entirely possible to enter high ranking test fully nonpaid to test, given enough time. The whale's can be annoying when you obtain there... but it feels nice to beat them while not wasting thousands of dollars yourself! I personally have had cute decent luck (knocks on wood) over the course of almost 2 years, and the release gives you a ton of summoning currency through in release quests and meetings.
~ Cody Kallinen
Apparently this release is a mixed bag. I honestly really like this release, and it even got me interested in Fire Emblem as a series. The controls are simple to understand, the artwork is impressive, voice acting usually hits, and I honestly can't wait for the next modernization. Though in all honesty, the summoning system is a bit of a mess. Finding orbs without buying any is an absolute chore at times, which I fear should alienate recipients like myself. Overall though, this release is nice. DK Thumbs Up.
~ KruelKoopa
!if you're a newest user, it's tough to obtain up to speed of existing users, overall it's not a terrible release,but it should do more ,to be newest user friendly ,giving a bit more support to newer users to support with the excitement because there are times you'll become deflated and wonder if its worth your effort and dollars. i could know as this is my third time of having to run at the beginning,due to malware on my mobile device and not remembering passwords(argh)!ie delete and test again. miss my last
~ vincent rutter
Compared to many Gacha releases, this one is quite generous. It's a fleshed out walkthrough RPG like all fire emblem releases, and doesnt obtain boring quickly like many gachas. Challenging and fun to customize squads and skills. Since March & April the ammount of nonpaid orbs has gone down, it may be a sad pattern, but FEH's still better than most. 6% 5* rate that rises when u dont obtain a 5* that round :) Superhero art is detailed and pretty. Would like help conversation like in the main series though...
~ Jiligula Jiggy
Honestly as an FE fan, i thought this release would be nice. But the drop rates on the banners are whats killing it for me. I woudnt mind it too much but it gets harder to earn orbs to summon later in the release when all thats left are the Lunatic maps. And i would claim to just earn feathers and create the 4 star troops better, but even thoss are hard to obtain unless theres a grand conquest going on. I would not suggest this release to old or newest lovers.
~ Prince Delta
It's funny for both newest and old Fire Emblem lovers looking to slay time and see familiar characters. Lots of nice customization for skills. Summoning orbs are hard to earn which hurts the release especially since some troops are seasonal and you would have to wait a entire year for other shot. Power creeping is also a true trouble making old troops you might have won after spending a lot obsolete when better troops are released. Overall a fun RNG release but I wouldn't sink too much dollars into this.
~ Jonny P
Absolutely terrible customer service. If you ever have an trouble with the release, or if they mess with your profile, you won't be able to obtain any kind of assistance no matter how much stats you deliever. Supported the release since day one. They take away more orbs by the month. They don't listen to feedback sent to the squad. Product is slowly dying out but it's usually looking for a idea to create more dollars. Product is nice at core but overall has terrible help given for it.
~ Cortez Mathis
Really fun release, most of the artwork is pretty, only complain I would have with this release is that, while it definitely supports out f2p users more than another releases tend to, theres definitely a gigantic amount of 'whales' around, Once you obtain a bit further into the release it really does feel like pay to victory.
~ Jiry
Gameplay is nice, and each hero can be made somewhat viable with unblock potential and skill inheritance, allowing users to test their favourites. However, the release is not without its flaws. With the increasingly bloated summoning pool, it can be hard to pull for your favored hero even if they are common, allow alone obtain one with desirable IVs. The newest powercreep is also too excessive.
~ A Google user
Been going downhill for a while actually. Being f2p is a chore and basically impossible if you wish to hold up with skills getting more and more power crept. Content is stale and just variants of fighting a bunch of troops with broken skills and inflated details. Changes made to the release have been entirely unwanted and don't affect the release for the average user in that it doesn't offer meaningful rewards.
~ Davin Wilson
I've been testing since the first month and there's a lot to claim about this release... I finest place up the adjectives in chronological order: engaging, fair, fun, rewarding, challenging, innovative, stagnating, bloated, unfocused, repetitive, what's hero diversity? powercreeped, unrewarding, unfair, tedious, ridiculous, f2p hostile. For a better understanding just refer to the subreddit... the devs could really INTERact more instead of just putting decisions down our throat.
~ Trung Truc Nguyen
This release will suck the life out of you. It has potential to be an nice walkthrough release, but is currently so focused on getting its players to spend dollars that it doesn't reach its real potential. For instance the release has dudes, but you can't now do anything with them. The stories are mediocre at finest, the art is nice until it becomes sexual, the gameplay is nice, yet lacking content.
~ Andrew Logan
Actually this is an incredibly fun release but I have a gigantic trouble... There's all sorts of different objects you come across for making equipment better & it's so hard getting any of them & you can't even pay for it if you wanted which usually I'm versus but it's not like it'll become easier getting then. Some options like "Pair Up" & Weapon Refinery are basically useless. However this release is still really fun nonetheless...
~ Tylor Six
The release was fun up to a year after run but continues to become a worse experience both for those of us who place true dollars into the release and for nonpaid test players. Theyve been making it harder to obtain the most important in release currency(orbs) adding a newest currency almost each major modernization, & have been making newest troops so much better then previous ones that the only idea to do well in pvp is to spend true life dollars. I can no longer suggest the release to anyone beyond obsessive FE lovers sadly.
~ SledgeSlammer
EDIT: The main gameplay is just too short. The war zone is too tiny, making it hardly tactical. The another extras that you have/grinded become pointless in the main release. Like for example I should use just one higher lvl thief versus 4 foes of different classes and victory in less than 5 mins. I've already lost interest in this and rather just test its DS cousins on emulator on my small.
~ Ikhwan Nordin
I've been testing since day one and I am so sorry to give it such a terrible review but the release has become not fun anymore. The meetings hold repeating and the only newest release mode added is a PvP so exploitable that it is extremely frustrating to test. The trouble is that if you wish to have fun you HAVE to test to grind what tiny currency they give you and often it's not even enough to obtain what you wish and/or what you need to create your troops stronger since the skills are also locked behind orbs. P2W
~ Lorenzo Florenzi
Modernization: been testing for a couple years or so, love fire emblem, love Nintendo but this release has become virtually impossible as a nonpaid to test release. Unpaid to test orbs are non existent, heroes rate are ridiculously weak and some of them has been removed. It is sad to see a release so succesful and loved by the fan based turned into a greedy corporate dollars machine... don't obtain me wrong, I know they don't do releases out of love but come on, something for the users.
~ Jose Otero
Fun, but not great. Testing because I love Fire Emblem. Often run out of content, and so you end up just waiting for the next day to come around. Needs more storyline/hero driven content. Instead of 3-lvl paralogues, have alternate stories. Garon is the nice guy and Corrin is evil, or the summoner was named by Veronica to war versus Askr. You have the ultimate multiverse but do nothing with it. Still, if you love Fire Emblem and are looking for time to slay, it's fun.
~ om3ga109
Tickles my Fire Emblem bone, and has gameplay that isn't just press a button and watch rng do its work. That alone makes it better than most gacha releases already, making it hard to give it 3 stars or lower. The -1 star is for the hopes I had for it that it has yet to achieve. Like the writing on the storyline and a severe lack of interaction of characters from different releases. FEH has shown spikes of promise there from time to time though! Like the Farfetched tempest trials and certain forging bonds.
~ Sean Martinez
This release is not respectful of your time. The XP you need to obtain premium equipment from meetings is insane. It still uses an "energy" mechanic, which is crazy because grinding anything in this release takes so long even without activity throttling. The RNG is vile, some of the worst I've seen in a release. You need to accumulate certain heroes to obtain their skills to create strategic builds but there's no idea to influence how to obtain the heroes you need for builds that enable you to do content. Don't bother.
~ Jared Stander
Product was decent enough, but as time went on it didn't give enough tons to stay. Also, it's very demotivating to save up orbs and pull for a specific unit only to not obtain them. They're holding a collab for Dragalia Lost, and I gotta claim that the developers for that release are idea more careful than the developers for Fire Emblem Heroes. If you're not attached to the Fire Emblem series, I recommend moving onto that release.
~ Mark Jason Mabalot
A release with nice potential that squandered it all with slow upgrades, minimal newest content, severe powercreep, whale catering, and another classic gacha BS. I would only suggest it to gacha category veterans who know what they're getting into; if you are a Fire Emblem fan like I was, this release will do an awesome job of killing off much of your love for the series. Edit: Still a lot of troubles, but to their credit they have been taking steps to improve things.
~ Harry Rol
I would describe this release as a love hate relationship. When its nice and fun evetyhing is nice. When you spend time and effort only to see that it all go to waste it feels poor. Modernization: I stopped testing this release for a couple days, came back to it, and realized this release is seriously not fun at all. Especially Aether Hold. I realize actually this was akin to a gambling addiction. Once I cured myself of it, I found releases that now created joy rather than frustration. Thanks, it was fun.
~ Al L
I have played FEH since its run and have amassed a gigantic roster of troops and actually... I quit. I can't do it anymore. The system set up by Nintendo for this release is a cashgrab, and nothing more. The powercreep in this release is ridiculously stupid, and you NEED to spend dollars in order to obtain stronger. Lack of meaningful late-release revolves around squad min-maxing, but it doesn't even matter because there will just be someone stronger. Fun release, but lost its potential when they decided this is nice.
~ Jay K.