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About: Alexis Ren is waiting for you! Join the journey! Be the superhero of your own Final Fantasy XV journey in the brand newest small walkthrough release Final Fantasy XV: A Newest Empire! Build your own kingdom, search potent magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your dudes! Final Fantasy XV: A Newest Empire is a small journey that lets you rewrite a favoured classic to fulfill your special destiny. Travel through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history! War fire with magic to defend dudes and conquer foes alongside millions of users from around the globe! Do you have the strength and walkthrough to control the Crystal and rule the Realm? Experience your very own epic FFXV journey on your small device Jump into the action with Noctis, Cindy, and all of your favoured FF15 characters War alongside dudes and versus f ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Epic Action LLC
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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Reviews and Comments:

should be nice if devs weren't greedy as f#@%. each another day is a newest addition that you have to buy if you wish to be able to continue testing and enjoy the release, but as quick as you buy the latest and finest box available.... they version other that fully negates the box you bought. the latest is the worst, it fully makes everything you have bought and built since the beginning of the release fully worthless! it's like a return to zero. just a dollars grab stay away
~ xstr8edgex 666
DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. devs are an absolute joke, and continously screw over their user's. $100 per box, and you have to buy multiple boxes just to hold up with everything. constant changes with content they roll out won't let you to hold up with everything. the recipients you test with are nice most of the time. but this is not a friendly F2P release.
~ Jackson Black
Don't bother installing. This release is not for recipients without thousands to spend. Even those that do will search the things they pay for quickly become outdated and useless because of the breakneck speed of newest applications. Even the meetings cater to those who spend large dollars on the release. With their latest modernization, they've literally restart the release. All past research and units are useless unless you pay to unblock the bonus dark troop tiers (they gave 2.5 mil dark rangers nonpaid). Seriously, don't test
~ Michaeline Yates
04/20/19: I can't log on to my main profile without receiving the same error message. But don't worry, I obtain those banners to pay with my true dollars crystal clear. Aside from having to pay a lot of dollars for materials to simply advance, I'm frustrated with the meetings. After an meeting ends, I don't obtain my report of where I or my gild had placed. I know that there are another rewards given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. and I wish to know if I even placed or got anything out of it.
~ Kiarra Yarbrough
Product is fun. But so many troubles. You buy boxes to obtain stronger. Well the equipment you buy don't work. And you will loose lads and gold that you just purchased. And if you complain they just claim were sorry thank you for your views we probably won't use your thoughts for further upgrades but we appreciate it. But nothing happens. 3rd rank release in Google for making dollars and customer service usually is the face for a company. And thiers suck!!!! Purchase a xbox or playstation at least u can sell it when done.
~ Chris Roberson
this release is unreal. they version things and within days of you buying them they become obsolete. recently, with the version of dark units, everything I've paid for has become useless. I've requested a refund and the developer absolutely refuses to reply. avoid this release at all costs. Google test acknowledges they have unethical business practices.
~ Kappatalism
i have played this release for a year. i do not suggest you test this release at all. the developers are poor. They have given a pick several users platinum memberships so that they usually have the finest and you spend your dollars to test and hold upto them. they will offer you BOGO boxes and rip you off as you dont obtain the second one. this release has had so many troubles the last month it is falling apart. The developers dont care about their users. do not test this release.
~ Dom Harty
The release itself has some cool aspects, the community it drew it was spectacular and I had fun with them. But the customer help is abysmal and the release is a dollars pit. Unpaid users are not advised to test, and paying users could prepare to have their dollars and work undervalued after roughly a year. Correspondence help does nothing in terms of support becuase they send copy and paste responses to almost all correspondence, regardless of the inquiry. I would advise all recipients to transport on and not test this release
~ Eric Rouse
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY I would give it negative stars if i should. It is just a dollars grab, servers glitch all the time, boxes don't have all advertised equipment, you cant obtain ahead unless you pay for more boxes and then there will be other newest item which will set you back again. Only nice thing is the another recipients who test! Customer help is non-existent and a waste of time. MZ and the developers are basically doing whatever they wish and making the normal player unable to compete.
~ Julien Wells
That feeling you obtain when you spend over a year building your empire, spending to obtain power, and in the course of one day create it fully obsolete without any warning at all, unless you obtain 5-10 boxes. Abysmal customer help, and a poor dollars grab. Product lag is poor (except for the gold shop), and chat filters create a lot of text dissappear. Don't download this trash.
~ Phil Canning
They have given up any and all pretense of being anything but pay to victory. Help only responds to you with canned auto responses. Upgrades drop at such a rapid pace and scale that you should be the top user this week and be fully irrelevant next week. They just a released an modernization on the first server that more or less resets the release. Anything purchased or paid for over the past 2 years actually counts for nothing. There is literally no idea to progress without buying 99.99 boxes.
~ James Robson
Citadel 89 user here. The first 15 lvls are doable, you might have fun and you might meet some nice recipients. But it all comes to an abrupt stop. You will never obtain far in this release without shelling out hundreds of dollars a week, period. They designed this release to block you at each corner until you are frustrated enough to pay. What you pay for becomes worthless in a several days/weeks. It's a constant cycle of 1) taking your dollars and 2) making what you paid for uesless.
~ Vee Bro
We all know that the developers are out to create dollars, but my gild rightfully could have earned a gild prize, and due to terrible devs, they issued gild prizes before solo which had ended an hour before gild and would have given us the tokens required for tier1. a lot of us spent dollars on this meeting and the release as a entire. some have been awarded the prizes, others have not even gotten an respond, aside from the occasional "thanks for the feedback". this is unacceptable.
~ Monica Hnatiuk
Devs partially fixed trouble and did not properly compensate for dollars and time spent. Buyer beware! I bought two different offers that contained a common item that did not stack, all another equipment did stack. I was not notified or given a warning that some of the equipment would not stack and some would. Respectively request a refund or some acceptable equivalent item to compensate the goods and services I paid for but did not obtain.
~ Catfish Diver
***Modernization*** Unfortunately, i can't change my grade to zero stars. My initial review still stands, but it has gotten worse. The release has essentially been restart. Everyone is actually on the same lvl testing field. So if you have spent any dollars, you are left with nothing. Attacking has essentially been taken away. Do NOT test this release. Development squad makes too many mistakes. The release costs too much dollars for so many mistakes. Dealing with help often leads to tiny or no resolution.
~ Steve Hyland
Don't bother testing. Unless you are willing to spend a fortune in this release there really is no target. Since the Dark Globe modernization you cannot compete unless you buy boxes. The release itself is laggy. Meetings do not give half of what you now need. Realms are dying off and the devs refuse to merge them. Customer service is actually just an automated message claiming you how important you are while they never fix anything. Been testing since day 1 and am uninstalling.
~ Kurtina Paul
terrible, help does not care or support at all. not only is this release pay to test, when you do buy a box and equipment are not in the box that were advertised they brush you off. when you obtain double charged or can't even launch their equipment, when you contact help they do nothing. I've had to go thru the test shop for refunds. Don't fall into MZ trap of buying boxes. Eventually they offer immediate boxes that allow recipients catch up to those that have spent thousands. Don' give them your dollars.
~ No Step
I used to test this release A LOT, and it was really fun. I got to "meet" recipients from all over the world and build relationships with them. I've been olaying for about 2.5 years, but they added a newest layer that has destroyed a lot of the fun. Its actually a release where you CANNOT advance to higher lvls without paying $99 (+ tax) multiple times for boxes to simply do the meetings in the release. i dont suggest this release anymore.
~ Emily Grim
The developers have decided to give a pick several users an extremely amount of nonpaid things making those users insanely powerful and the vast majority of us useless. All efforts have been erased. The developers have been working on this for 10 days with no change. Another horrible errors went unfixed for weeks. Save your time and dollars. Just transport away quickly.
~ James Sowersby
Nice release, would be far better if it weren't pay to victory though. If you're a feee user, you can only obtain so far before you're waiting a week for a building to be built or even worse is the research, weeks months and more. Not playable at that target unless you run spending hundreds to stay caught up; thousands if you wish to compete and have a chance. If the prices weren't so atrocious, this would be a five star release hands down.
~ Dustin Kroyer
Stay away from this release! A disgrace for the brand.. This release has usually been a dollars grab, with boxes costing 100$ and offering you nothing. After the last modernization/restart it became fully unplayable unless you spend even more dollars. Everyone's quitting, even after 2 years of testing. It is almost hilarious to see such a poor release development. They even released "accidentally" a 50$ box which would full everything and was supposedly for internal play only. It is still in the shop...
~ A Google user
This is a horrible release, want i should give it neg stars. It pulls you in with the built in chat and ability to connect with users all over the globe. This is a pay to victory release so that wouldn't be so terrible except that they quickly devalue the purchases you create sometimes as quickly as 24 hours later. They offer the same equipment you just spent $100.00 on for nonpaid. This may sound nice to nonpaid to test users, but it's never enough to catch up with the "large spenders".
~ Heidi Warford
This release started out to be fun. But it is only a trap to obtain your dollars. April 20th 2019 the release "restart" and gave a picked group of random accounts "God mode" for nonpaid. The box literally claimed nonpaid on it and only several got this. This nonpaid box hand probably $5000 USD of nonpaid equipment that gives the highest lvl possible at actual time. This makes accounts worthless. I have sent many messages/tickets to MZ with no response except an auto-response that doesn't even reply to my trouble.
~ Mike G
unless you're willing to spend everything you have dont bother testing this release. recipients have spent thousends to obtain to the top lvl of the release and for what.. for the developers to restart the release . so the dollars we have all spent was for absolutely nothing as that power is actually worth nothing. the developers do not care , they only care about the dollars. they have obviously forgotten that to create dollars you need to hold the customers glad. well we are definitely NOT glad.
~ Kelly Such
Please stay AWAY. I started testing this release about 10 months ago and initially enjoyed it, however I have seen it go from terrible to worse in this time. The only idea to competatively test this release is to spend copious amounts of dollars on it. Once you have done that the developers then version other upgrade which nullifies everything you have bought. Then as everyone falls behind because only a several can afford to stay on top, they push more and more upgrades. Epic Action and MZ are leeches.
~ Vanessa Scott
Do not download this release! After almost 2 years the developers scrapped the existing release, which was very fun to test, and replaced it with a fully different scheme, which all the users hate. All the time and dollars I have place into the release is useless actually. Recipients are quitting in droves. Thanks mz, you destroyed other nice release. Oh and they let online bullying to occur, contrary to their terms of conduct, paragraphs 5 and 10
~ Rusty Mann
They hustle and scam users as you progress in the release! It's not worth testing at all! Developers are just trying to obtain dollars out of your pocket in all ideas possible and often gives you the wrong equipment when you buy something! And they refuse to fix the errors and glitches they create! Be very careful and think about it many times before you test this release! Google won't support in any idea so it's protected to assume they are in on the scamming! So stay away from both FF and Google if you can!!
~ Kim Salvesen
Product was fun initially. The imbalance between offense and defense became too gigantic after T7. The imbalance continued until there was no defense. If you purchased 3 boxes a week or more you should survive 3 hits instead of one. it will obtain to the target that everything you buy is obsolete within 48 hours. Then the fateful day came when they introduced dark units. Dark units were not a patch it was a restart. EVERYTHING you purchased and worked for was no longer needed. do not test
~ Brian Baileys
Warning! Fraudulent advertising in release meetings! Product does not award prizes in premium meetings as posted. This release is 100% pay to victory. Boxes cost $100 at a time. You will spend 100s-1000s $$ just to test and hold up with realm leaders. The release has the potential to be truly fun and entertaining but the greed of the release devs compromises any enjoyment that should be had. Has been the worst investment of my time and dollars I have ever spent on a release. Do Not Test This Product! No respect from devs!
~ Dennis Downey
It started as a nice release, fun, properly paced, but then you should spend dollars to obtain ahead, as most releases let. Unless you are willing to spend multiple thousands of dollars to hold up, hundred of which can be wiped away by others, with ease with their hundred dollar toys. Actually the developers are disrespecting us, their payers and users. They won't listen to us, and have actually shut down the release, not even allowing us to obtain in and test. Stay away from this release.
~ The Polish Whovian
Poor release. Each shady and illegal trick in the ebook is used(bait and switch, false advertising, removal and value deflation of bought equipment.) This release is purely a dollars grab that uses the bare minimum to obtain as much dollars from it's customers as possible. Nice luck trying to deal with customer service as well. Search a different release that's gives an actual fun experience and doesn't test to pump you for thousands of dollars.
~ Timothy Watson
This release only has an automated computerised feedback to any and all complaints. The only times users are helped is in bulk when everyone complains for the same trouble. They do not support for individual troubles. My chat hardly ever works right. They do not give all of the prizes earned in meetings. If you buy a box you will usually need to check your bank profile for double charges. I have complained and usually obtain the exact same response. This release is all about the dollars and ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE.
~ Next Step Estate Sales
I have played this release for over a year, in the beginning, i really enjoyed it and spent a tiny fortune on boxes and in release purchases. This week however, they launched an upgrade which rendered my thousands of pounds worth of spending fully useless. I am furious, frustrated and in my opinion, a victim of extortion. i have requested a refund from the Developers but to no avail. Horrendous customer service. I will not be engaging with this companys products again.
~ Gillian Boyle
the devs are HORRIBLE at responding properly to a concern. they constantly tool users out of their purchases, forcing them to spend more dollars. they are fully out of touch with their user base and at this target, it does not seem they even care at all. over 2 years invested in this release, and they fully trashed the gameplay making it frustrating for anyone to continue their interest in this release. longtime users are dropping rapidly from this release.
~ James Dickinson
Pathetic, the amount of time and the thousands of you con recipients out of and steal from them for such a pointless "release". It's truly sad and entirely pathetic. If you're wanting to crash your relationship then definitely test this idiot release, but if you value your time and your partner you'll be wise to delete this disgusting and dispicable "release".
~ M
Product runs out fine, but you'll search that it is impossible to hold up with users that spend thousands of dollars on the release; things willl run to take days to finish building (unless you use true dollars). You can use true dollars to buy boxes from the in-release shop to obtain resources, but the price goes up on everything often you buy something (scam); prices could not change. Product is glitchy, inventory is sluggish. Constant full screen banners to buy boxes for true dollars.
~ Kenneth Lunsford
the release started off fine for me. There were a lot of meetings to hold you engaged and with being in an active gild, the experience was nice. Speedy forward to around xmas 2018, everything has changed. They took away everything that made taking off Your weekend to test the release worthwhile doing. Actually, most recipients dont even bother to come online. There is literally nothing to do. The devs dont make newest content. all they do is make more things for you to spend on. poopr terrible terrible.
~ LeanChasersX
Any nice reviews on this are fully fake. I've been testing two years and spent a lot of dollars on my empire, to hold up and so i should be just powerful enough to now burn someone or not obtain myself burned by aggressors, and this release just did a restart, so 2 years spending is gone. Recipients who don't spend have no chance. Purchasing once to catch up will never be enough. The release is not fun if you don't spend, then there's the bullying to deal with. Do not download this release. Lvl 100 citadel
~ Max Sanchez
The release devs have lost the concept of micro payments. £100 is not micro, in any sense. I should buy a load of releases on steam for that price, and still have change. Not to mention steam releases are mostly nonpaid once you paid for them. Some have micro transactions, some don't. Anything above £30 is not micro. For some recipients, that's a weeks meal dollars, yet these greedy lot wish more and more. I will not pay £100 for a easy addon or upgrade. Even then, if you do pay for some bonus help, your in direct contest with the another major wallet fighters, and you got no chance competing with that lot. So, pay to victory, with no discounts or premium offers to reduce the cost. Once you obtain to a certain target...it might as well be release over. On the plus side, it is a relative nice release...hence the 1 star, another than that, probably obtain more luck in a casino.
~ Stephen Wingus
***How in the globe does this release have 4 star rating when person after person has given it 1 star????*** They basically restart the release and all your dollars/time went out the window. Notice they never reply to reviews. They absolutely do not care about their consumers. They take your dollars and gut you. Do not test, recipients are quitting left and right. They are idiots who run this release.
~ Anna Yetter