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About: FINAL FANTASY VI -- actually on Mobile! FINAL FANTASY VI first debuted in 1994 as the sixth installment in the iconic FINAL FANTASY series. Innovations included the ability to test all the main characters as the release's protagonist, and to this day, its epic storyline intertwining every of their fates is still highly rated and wildly known. The characters' dramatic performances are also highly rated, including the catastrophe occurring midway through, which delivers a particular emotional jolt to users. With plenty of abilities available and the magicite system for controlling spells/summoning, users can develop their characters any idea they wish. This was also the first FINAL FANTASY release to contain the Ultima Weapon, the most potent sword of all and a recurring item in subsequent titles within the series. Storyline The Fight of Magi left tiny but ashes and misery in ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 10MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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FINAL FANTASY VI Reviews and Comments:

Decided to have a go at the release after a several years of owning it. Sadly after a reaching the camp others have mentioned the release crashes. After a several reboots named it quits. The release just doesn't work anymore with newer versions of Mobile.
~ AbelWaves
niiìiice...seems a tiny more easier than i remember (my old school lvl grinding made it feel like a cake walk...even doom gaze got his balls snipped off). except the overly stoked dragons cave at the end. dumb cave by the idea.
~ Derrick McDonald
release is broken and has multiple gamebreaking glitches where your save file will usually ruin at a given meeting and there is no workaround. it may be early in the release, it may be upon entering the final dungeon like ive read in another reviews, it may be in Daryl's tomb, like with my own. regardless, you will spend days or weeks on a playthrough, only to have it ruin and become lost forever. 0/10 poor port. also: awkward controls. i love this release. what an enormous disappointment.
~ Angel Suarez
its crushed right when need to left the empited, when kefka pull the switch. and I being writing this comment many time cuz each it got deleted. did u wish to scamm recipients. wasted dollars on this
~ Salman Azri
never played any of the 2d FF releases until buying this port. it's so nice I think I'll have to test through 1-5 actually. the auto war is a nice information to support with grinding and the touch menus create customizing your characters a breeze!
~ Steve Webster
Can't complain too much. Its FF6, one of the greats. The fact it is on Mobile means I can carry it and 5 in my pocket without any problem. I don't mind the redrawn sprites. I prefer the chunky 16-bit guys, but these are fine. Recipients blow this out of proportion. The song is intact, which is nice. But the interface and controls are terrible. Why they changed it from the 5 port is beyond me, but that was idea better. Super responsive and clean compared to this. Tried tab controls. A tiny better.
~ Jinjo Bread
im at the target in the release were im escaping the magitek facility and Usually kefka launches the metal arms boss it glitches and goes back to my device's screen it wont obtain past it or nothing i don't wish my dollars back i wish to test it this is bullcrap.
~ Adam Joiner
so after reading the comments it seems like there is alot of glitches in this ver of the release that have been ignored, I have thus asked for a refund because I don't wish to test a release especially for the first time, and experience bugs and crashes. if you can inform me somehow that you have fixed these bugs I will gladly re buy this release. however it seems like this release last got a modernization in 2015
~ leon lacroix
I used to love having this release available to test wherever I went, but as of my latest device I'm unable to download it without deleting few another apps to clear storage zone. I have absolutely no another troubles with this port, if the devs can place out an modernization to enable transfer to SDcard they will absolutely obtain a 5-star review from me.
~ Logan Kast
Crashes at the imperial camp with Shadow and Sabin, like others have claimed. Unplayable. Modernization: Original review written in October 2018. Checking back in February of 2019 to see the trouble has not been fixed.
~ Garrett Hutchins
Between horrendous controls and frequent crashes (including one in a cutsence that prevents me from continuing to test), this port is a poor insult to a nice release. Do yourself a favor, test a different ver of this release
~ Niv Shalmon
ruin ruin ruin ruin at Dorna camp. Same as all these another players. Either fix it or give us our dollars back. Is it going to take a class action lawsuit?
~ John Sapinski
I wish to like this release, however, Sabins storyline arc keeps destroying and I cant search a idea around it. I literally cant test the release I paid for. No matter how many times I go back after restarting, it usually crashes.
~ David Turner
The release freezes on the slash stage where the mining cart leaves the magitek armor factory (ie first time meeting Cid), device is Motorola Z, can you please fix or deliever an option to skip the slash stage? Will rereview upon fix. If this isn't addressed quick I will ask Google to refund. Create the release work please.
~ Casey
An all around nice port of the original Final Fantasy 6. Only complaints I have is I am experiencing release ruin like at the imperial camp outside of Doma (which I was eventually able to pass) and actually on the escaping the magitek facility after rescuing the espers going through the tunnel. I am on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
so many glitches, finally hit a wall on Sabin's path, release ruin instantly upon entering the imperial camp. Going to test to obtain a refund, Square Enix could be ashamed releasing this and google could drop it from the shop, its a trap Edit: Got past the tents with loading speedy saves and not touching tents, but actually escaping Vector after the Magitek Factory, and once Kefka tries to send the cranes the release crashes, actually stuck again.
~ Torben Andersen
First, I'd like to address the bug troubles I'm seeing alot of reviews about. I just got to the target past the majitek factory. I have not experienced any crashes. Just landed back in Narshe with the aircraft. Testing on a Pixel 3 XL, w/ mobile 9 I've had this release stuck in my head the last week and its been nice being able to test it! Growing up, I spent a lot of time watching my brother testing this on SNES as FF III. Honestly, this may be my favoured FF.
~ Zambii Rot
Nice release very nice purchased it few years ago. This is my third test through though and the release keeps destroying often i switch back to Sabin and Shadoe in the Empires encampment after Cyan wars the captain outside Domas walls. Is there anyway you guys can fix this glitch? Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the release and it still keeps doing it.
~ Sean Courtney
Unbeatable release breaking bugs, so I accepted my device destroying at the campsite when entering tents as you are introduced to general leo. I decided fine no tents, got it. Actually I now can't finish the release, release crashes to device when escaping the magitek facility each time. Square is getting away with highway robbery for these prices with 0 effort.
~ Matthew Lucas
Why in the Hell do i need to be connected to the internet to test this release? it doesn't need upgrades. i opt place of cloud saves. Why can't I test this release without internet?
~ Duncan Pearce
This release would be great for small players if this release did not require an online connection to test. What is the target of having a small release to test when traveling if you won't be able to test it anyway? Not each territory has wifi and not each small device uses time. Please fix this!
~ A Google user
Same as seemly everyone else, the release crashes during the Magictek Facility Escape when Kefka is about to use the cranes. Reinstalling did nothing to fix the trouble. How has this trouble not been addressed yet?
~ Travis Clark
this port of the beloved ff6 is a nice revision while staying real to the graphic style and full rich structure and storyline that made ff6 one of the epic RPGs of all time. that claimed there is still some destroying troubles. the one i am experiencing right actually is during Sabins scenario when you enter the military camp where your introduced to Cyan. when i enter any of the tents the release crashes and shuts down. i was hoping after all this time they had the bugs out but i guess not.
~ Heath Wilbur
Crashes are hurting what could be a 5 star rating. Essentially you have a release that crashes each several hours, or is flat out bugged at certain points preventing any progression. I am currently stuck at the Imperial camp where I meet Cyan, but the release crashes each time. Unplayable. If this gets I'll bring it up to a 4-5
~ James Mrazek
One of my favoured releases of all time! The playability is nice except for that it crashes. I have reached the target where Locke finishes riding down the mine cart in Vector and meets up with Setzer. But, the video sequence crashes the release often Kefka goes to attack thw airship with the cranes. I wonder if my OS is too newest for the release or what.
~ Jeff Thorne
Frequent ruin in Vector, during party's ride in the rails. If you're lucky you should obtain past it, but, after that - the part where you're about to leave Vector where Kefka drives a crane, it just keeps destroying no matter how many retries you create. So basically I'm stuck at that target. Is it just me?
~ Anton Van
Final Fantasy VI ran great for me up until The Imperial camp/Doma section of the release. Entering a tent or trying to progress will cause the release to suddenly ruin, leaving it unplayable. I've seen recipients claiming they managed to skip this glitch only to have it happen again later in the storyline without a idea to pass the bug. Will modernization review after my help e-correspondence gets a response.
~ Arsenic3223
got in touch with SE help and found out there is a compatibility trouble with Mobile 8.0 or higher so if you have that OS installed the release will ruin at magitek factory and imperial camp during the sabin's scenario. They also claimed via correspondence that they don't have a resolution date at this time.
~ Tyler Wintrow
Product is still broken in 2019. There are sections of the release that ruin when encountered making progression impossible. Experiencing the same parts as everyone else. I skipped the tents in the Imperial camp, only to have it run destroying again in the Magitek facility when in the minecart. Product is nice otherwise, and a bug fix would resolve this trouble.
~ Christian Cannon
The release will ruin often at the imperial camp after Cyan defeats the Commander. This is regardless of whether you go into either tent or walk across the bridge. I have uninstalled the release twice and reinstalled it. I am testing it on a Galaxy S7. How much did you pay to bribe Google to create this an editor's choice? I expected an editor's choice to at least work, and not ruin at the exact same spot within an hour of release test. This shows that no editor now played the release.
~ Danny Stephens
DO NOT BUY! 50% chance your release will ruin at major points. Definitely not worth $22 since you can download for nonpaid online and at least not be ripped off if it doesnt work. Serious black mark on Square.
~ Devon Mandzuik
3 star instead of 5 because it crashes. It crashes if I go inside a tent at the camp. I was able to bypass that. Actually its destroying right after the magitek factory when kefka goes inside his turret. This I cannot bypass, I cannot finish the release I paid for. Im not the only person with these troubles. It also looks as if Square isnt taking notice either. I am not going to claim "another than that...nice release".
~ Coady Nono
Nice release, but the controls should be a lot better... I want they gave us more options. My release has never destroyed and I made it past the zone where everyone else is destroying, on my OnePlus 5T.
~ Scott Luo
I just rated this the another day highlighting how Kefka's turret crashes on a Pixel XL running Mobile 8.0.0, while it works on a Nexus 6P running 7.1.2. Add Hidon's cave to that list. Square's support feedback only sends an automated correspondence claiming you to scour a generic FAQ page for all their products without regard to platform.
~ Brother America
The port of the release was fine until I reached the escape from the magitek facility. after the railcar sequence the release resets on an automatic and unstoppable glitch so it is impossible to progress despite reloading from earlier saves. given that this is an expensive release I'd really like a refund given that it is unplayable actually!
~ Nicholas Zimet
(2nd review since my 1st got deleted) Purchased the release awhile ago hoping that the devs would fix the release breaking bug where you can't create it out of the imperial camp...spoiler they have not. Complete waste of dollars and a horrible idea for one of the finest releases of all time to die off.
~ rico adams
just got to the imperial camp after meeting cyan, tried to enter the tent and release crashes. tried resetting and retrying to no avail. after reading some posts from a year or more ago, which describe the same trouble, how is this not fixed? will change to 5 stars once this stops happening.
~ Dylan Harrison
It keeps destroying in a specific slash seen when after the magitek compound, they are escaping into an airship and kefka claims something like "Hee-hee-Hee! You're not getting away from me!" then pulls a switch. it then blanks out and sends me to my device's home screen. cannot finish the release. modernization: Still cannot finish. Wasted Dollary.
~ Ty Beus
Final Fantasy VI is such a wonderful RPG, and one of, if not the finest entry in the franchise. That's why it is such a shame that this port is broken. As many another reviewers have pointed out, the release will continually ruin at a certain target in the release (Imperial Camp for me - fairly early on). If it wasn't for this disastrous, and crippling trouble, it would be a wonderful port, with pretty and faithful visuals, a friendly touch interface, and bluetooth release pad compatibility. Please fix it!
~ Josh Gibson
didn't i just rate this???? twice??? cute sure my rating was deleted. Anyway, this release is broken. alAt some target (imperial camp or magitec facility. Its different for everyone) the release becomes unplayable. Do not waste your dollars! I purchased it just over a year ago and the bugs that were there are still there. I have not been able to test through the whole release. Edit. contacted help and sent all of the ridiculous stats they wanted. That was a month or 2 ago and have not received a respons
~ Mike Mcshane