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About: We have found out that some users have been experiencing that FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL cannot be launched if a certain ver of Google Test Market app is installed on their devices. Google will modernization Google Test Market directly on those users devices to solve this trouble. If you are not able to run FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL actually, please test again after a while. We apologize for the inconvenience. =================== Final Fantasy Walkthroughs: The Fight of the Lions has arrived for GooglePlay! Released as the Final Fantasy series' first tactical RPG in 1997, Final Fantasy Walkthroughs on Playstation went on to sell over 2.4 million copies worldwide. The release grew in popularity upon its re-version in 2007 as Final Fantasy Walkthroughs: The Fight of the Lions for the PSP with added informations such as newest videos, scenarios and Jobs. You can enjo ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL Reviews and Comments:

I started testing again after trying it out for the first time. The release seems cute nice. Though I am not sure if the difficulty is high or if it has to do with the star signs.
~ Radiance Cloud
Nice release but no idea to transfer saves. No Controller help.... Touch interface is not nice at all. I do suggest testing this release just not on this platform.
~ Lucas B
Played this on the ps1 when it first came out and still enjoyable today. Controls and graphics are much better than any mobile emulator and if you haven't played this in a while there are still secrets and caves to be discovered.
~ -McNulty -
Nice job so far. The sprites and background seem more polished than the original PSP version. Controls are a tiny clunky but fine.
~ JD Webber
Nice release and a well done port. But, it does not have controller help. Devs: any chance this is in the works?
~ Trevor Screws
My all time favoured release. We need a legit part 2. Just sucks I cant transfer time from 1 device to the next.
~ Jr Kings
I hate this release because of the acute starting curve. I don't really remmember if the lvl resets per job change. And right actually I have an trouble with overwritting save files on Mobile.
~ Andriy Manachinov
So glad I found this! I was now looking for an emulator to test some old Playstation releases on my device and stumbled on this. High-five devs!
~ A Google user
nice release but needs theese informations. cloud saves. ability to save in war. some primary tools would also be great but the first to informations are a gotta have. if it had the firdt two informations it would be 4 or 5 stars
~ Alex Glennie
one of my favoured ps1 releases glad to usually have it on my device. one recommendation would be to create it storage on sd card though. don't like to hold releases on internal storage.
~ Alex Dayley
Why is the release so speedy? Like they are moving on their position speedy? How can I create them a bit slow especially for the results? I will create it 5 stars.
~ Adelle Adelle
Final Fantasy Walkthroughs is by far the finest final fantasy out of the series ppl talk about ff7 and ff9 and several others but nobody mentions walkthroughs and its storyline line and how long it takes to beat plus hidden charcters. by far the finest in my opinion.
~ Phillyj Hansen
This release is a classic, and the finest in the category to this day. This ver plays surprisingly great with touch, and has my complete seal of approval!
~ Nick
Overall this release is a fun experience with the majority of buttons and equipment working. cloud saving would be optimal but not essential. however, the camera can be wonky at times as well as the battery draining. I search it a fun release however, personally, i think they should have done better porting it, making it more adaptable for small players.
~ FishBish :3
Nice release so far but very disappointing. The lack of controller help is disappointing. There is no mention anywhere that this is not available. I now bought a gamepad first, received it and made sure it was compatible with my device just to search out the release doesn't help it.
~ Bert Lundie
Just purchased this release not realizing it has no cloud saves so I cannot hop back and forth between testing it on my device and my notebook, squad you need to implement this as quick as possible. If you break your device or upgrade you lose everything. The controls are very clunky too using touch screen hence why I would like to test via notebook and streaming your release. Fix please.
~ Nicola Militello
I love this release so much! However, ever since I switched from Pixel 3 to Samsung S10 Plus. The on screen release buttons sometimes are non responsive. And I have to hold exiting the release and coming back just to obtain the release buttons working again.
~ A Google user
One of my all-time favoured Final Fantasy releases and it's surprisingly a nice fit on small. I've had no troubles with the quality of the port and it controls better than I should've hoped.
~ Keh-Tai Yu
It's a nice port; the touch controls on the war screen are sometimes awkward, but generally work. Product is a heavy battery drain, though, and you obtain a lot of slowdown on the magic cast animations.
~ jorgamund07
Nice release and a nice port. However since moving from my S6 to a Pixel 3 I've encountered graphical troubles (black boxes) flashing behind text boxes and ever present on the globe map and in the hero menu. Edit March 2019 - This trouble seems to have been fixed!
~ Shelby Schancel
Newest pixel 3 owner...release looks great except the graphical glitches. Flickering black boxes over details in war, giant chunk of the overworld map blotched with black, hero roster has black bars over some characters. Sent help an correspondence but it's unclear if there even is help for this release still. (help blog didn't contain this release in dropdown menu). Hasn't been modernized in a year, but would be 5star if fixed *Edit looks like the trouble has been addressed! seems to be working nice
~ Alex Poland
love this release! can place infinite hours into it. its a shame there isnt cloud saving. you loose all your time if u reboot or replace your device.
~ Johnny Flow
love the release to death but why, WHY is there no cloud save or something. had to obtain newest device and actually I'm starting all over agin. Please claim me that it is in the works or something. Probably would not have purchased if aware of this.
~ Teyron Madison
FFT is one of the finest releases of all time, it's just a shame that every version is worse than the last. first it was terrible translations, then the slowdowns, actually this buggy mess. The release looks nice, but that's where it ends. Controls are terrible, animations and sounds are screwed up throughout the release, menus feel horrible, and animations are the wrong speed and choppy. I felt alright about this ver until I booted up my psp for the first time in 10 years for comparison.
~ Hunter Menke
Seriously needs an option to backup and transfer save files between devices.. otherwise 5 stars Random black boxes appear and flash on pixel 3xl edit: they seem to have fixed the graphic troubles with pixel3 XL. Actually if only they should add cloud saves..!
~ Eric Mueller
was having a fun time testing this release, learning curve was large so i played all the guides, reading the storyline along the idea and watching cutscenes, and place a nice amount of hours in. i log in this morning and see my time wasnt saved and im back to lvl one on opening stage. Kind of hard to go through everyrhing again at 100 percent interest. Not sure what caused this to happen but unfortunate. I have been playimg off and on and my time has usually saved my progress.
~ Ruben Sheldon
favoured release ever. with modernized graphics and cutscenes, along with newest characters, nice and with each penny. no troubles at all and test through entire release and deep dungeon. just want we should use a release shark haha.
~ Chris Buckhout
personally, I have an attachment to this release. it was a childhood favoured release of mine and I've replayed it numerous times. I absolutely love the release. there are such a wide tons of abilities ANY hero can use so it's like everyone is the same but just look different. I like the generic characters better than the main ones simply because of design. they have a much wider selection of portraits and the newest graphics for this release only amplify its beauty. I wish to claim more...
~ Jonathan Robinson
It's a tiny hard with it just being a touch screen as there are moments when you can't click in a specific zone because...ya know...touch screen...HOWEVER! It's cute wonderful. I don't have a lot of troubles with the release so far on here. Some recipients have been upset about it destroying with their specific devices. So while that's a possibility, the release ports well enough. You'll have fun and enjoy it. It does test to drain your battery. If you have it plugged in then it suddenly stops draining your battery and requires next to nothing by idea of power. But, again, might be device dependent. I haven't found a controller specifically for it just yet but I'm hoping there is one.
~ Zack Plog
NEEDS CLOUD SAVE. Dont sully such a nice by not letting recipients back up their travel. this release is far too long and involving to have to give it up and run over each time a device is changed. CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME AS IS, please fix its such a tiny thing to ask for one of the very finest releases ever made
~ No Thanks
This release NEEDS cloud saving help. Apple has cloud saves but for some odd reason the company in charged failed to give Mobile players the same grace. I just lost 30+ hours of release test because the release destroyed then refused to launch without error causing it to ruin each time I opened it. Customer service is nearly nonexistent and I ended up having to u install and re-download only to search out I lost all progress. WE NEED AN UPDATE TO ALLOW CLOUD SAVES!! the release is nice, please let this!
~ Anthony H
I'm glad this is a near carry over from the PSP port meaning there is no upscaling or glossing over of release sprites. And the song is brilliant as usually. I love the slash scenes and even the voice acting which really adds to the already complex storyline. The controls will take time getting used too as the menus are tiny and this port absolutely needs cloud saving or at least a speedy save for fights. FYI, have a high end device for this release.
~ Michael Smith
The release seems to run fine on my Motorola G6. Wars are speedy paced, something i enjoy compared to the another versions i played. I need to practice it but war interface looks like it should be very efficient. The old camera was trashed. You have two mode buttons instead. Transport lateral or transport the angle in 3D. As far as the release itself it's a sandbox. Gain lvls, change class, run over...
~ Mathieu Foucreault
Finest video release ever made. Quality port of the psp remastered ver. you cannot spend the dollars that this costs more wisely on any another release on this shop. you can place an unlimite amount of time into a single save without it feeling boring or repetitive. you can just as easily pickup the release for a speedy second as you can spend hours on end at once 👍
~ Philip Rinke
Wonderful release destroyed by lack of cloud saving. Tablets are being upgraded far to regularly by consumers to not let save files to be transfered between devices. It's 2019, this is unacceptable. We dont pay these kinds of prices for 20 year old releases to not have these primary modern informations included. You wish recipients to steer away from emulators? Earn it.
~ Shane McMillan
Product controls are terrible. Not as terrible as it seems to be at first glance but it's very clumsy. Auto-saves are useless because we don't know when the release has been saved. There isn't even an option to disable it. About graphics, even for a PS1 release it isn't nice. Definition is very weak, and the terrible choice of colors create it hard to see properly each parts of the battlefield. FFTA graphics were clearly better. I also prefered FFTA war machanics. (fan of FFTA here :p) Everything else is nice.
~ BlackIris Code
I played the release heavily. I went into the code folder to backup my saves only to search they intentionally prevented copying progress to a newest device. Also backing up your entire device and restoring doesn't work.. too much time lost.. save your dollars, save your time, don't buy it.
~ Kelly Allred
This is one of my favoured final fantasy release. I played it on PlayStation one, PSP and PSVita. It's great to have it on a device. But as others have mentioned, I experience a lot of crashes. More specifically, if it's a chocobo encounter (a several yellows, a several blacks and a red), the release crashes each single time. If crashes are a deal breaker for you, do not buy this release.
~ Olivier Allaire
what a shame. I've usually loved this release and when i saw the full version on the device i had to buy it. ended up having to switch devices and actually all my time is gone. So many hours lost actually because devs are too lazy to let cloud saves. Seriously if it's a requirement to just have the same device and never delete the release it's not worth downloading. I hate that I purchased this release actually the devs could be ashamed for putting such a price on this and not allowing cloud saves.
~ Chris Heaton
Edit: the devs were so rwsponsive to my emailz and a hotfix was implemented promptly after the trouble was brought to their attention! So far it's been a really fun release. However, black boxes on parts on certain screens create it very hard to menu and change jobs. Emailed the devs and hoping for a speedy response. If no fix is in the works I would steer clear of this ver until it is fixed. 3 stars because it is still a nice release and not fully unplayable it's just hard to menu.
~ A Perry