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About: FINAL FANTASY III -- actually on Mobile! First released in 1990, FINAL FANTASY III was the first title in the FINAL FANTASY series to become a million-seller, establishing once and for all that Square Enix's classic RPG saga was here to stay. The full 3D makeover released in 2006 duplicated the original's success, selling over a million copies worldwide. FINAL FANTASY III was a hallmark of innovation for the whole series, from the job system that lets characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon potent monsters such as Shiva and Bahamut. When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to set forth on a travel to save the globe. -------------------------------------------- Product Informations - Newest and improved 3D visuals and storyline sequences only for Mobile - Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 4MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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FINAL FANTASY III Reviews and Comments:

worth release of the 2018, for tthis release i has paid a total 10 rupees means what a tatti release this is... graphis are nice but no storyline no writing no intrest creation for release developing
~ rutvik shah
Doesn't launch ! Despite being a paid release !! At loading screen it claims " Error occurred"
~ Amitesh Bhattacharya
Hey I'm in the shadow cave with the dividing creatures, I have dark knights with weapons that are powerful versus div9ding monsters but they're still dividing?
~ Evan Fehr
Aweeesssoooommmmeee gammmeeeeeee But how to access the iron giant war?
~ pratham arc
nice port though the auto atk information has been disabled.
~ Darren Walling
Great port for a beloved release and is worthy of the name
~ Richard Heimark
Probably the finest makeover if ff7 should obtain a makeover this nice it would be great
~ Jose Orozco
.....I'm going to buy all of these for small. Thank you square enix
~ David Eurochi
Cute nice release,been a fan of the Final Fantasy series for a long while
~ Vincent Creed
The release stuck at do you wish to download release time and after hitting download the release stop responding...paid and its not working wow great work
~ Kirtesh
Played Final Fantasy I and II on PS1 and completed both releases. Ready to close up the NES Trilogy as I am testing the SNES Trilogy on my pc.
~ Jeffrey Kosse
Flawless port of one of the all time nice jrpg's.
~ Doug McGuire
work's fine alot smoother than i remember nice work s4 hasnt had a trouble with it
~ C. Foster
This is not FF3, this is some jacked up ver of a FF release, but its nothing like FF3.
~ Christopher Debarr
As Quan(Thanks lad) claimed If your release crashes and black screen appears then transfer the release from SD card to internal storage.....Dev please fix it
~ A Google user
I love this release so much and I recently purchased it on here and it won't launch plz support
~ A Google user
same trouble i had on iv black screen doesnt load thats £30 quid ill never see again!
~ Eben Baker
The storyline is nice and while the war system is fun but I prefer the latter war systems.
~ Brady Ashburn
Got super Nintendo, Playstation 2,all the Final Fantasy releases since 1990 actually got 3 on device!
~ Danne Brown
So purchased this release for 10 INR coz of sale and coupons xD lucky me!!! This release is so nostalgic ;-;
~ JyaTen
nice release but how do I close it without fully restarting my device??
~ John Conrad
Used to be nice, but will not run on my moto G6. I just obtain a black screen. Should you please look into this.
~ Brave Starr
like a blast from the past! fun and challenging enough many class to pick from usually was one my fav
~ Leo Crawford
need an internet connection to test. enable offline test.
~ Emmett Farrell
Its a nice release but the endgame is infamously horrendus die anytime and you have to do all that climbing up the turret again
~ Yoruka Kirihime
I love buying a release and not being able to test it. This release just shows a permanent black screen upon opening.
~ Terry Murdic
A really nice release overall. No bugs so far. Interesting Story.
~ Shvk warrior
Really very worst graphics, and battery drains very speedy.... I uninstalled within 5 mins, but refund is not provided. Really scam release. Theft please don't go for it. Really they stole your dollars. May be they delete this feedback. I'll post this scam in social media too. Fuc***s
~ Sabari Stalin
This was definitely nice. Gameplay is smooth, storyline is cool, combat system is fun, this is one of the finest releases you can test on mobile.
~ Zübeyir Aslan
The gameplay is very engaging and exhilarating.The controls are exceptionally nice. The graphics are high quality.
~ George Costanza
im rating this one star, the release won't even load, all i see is a black screen, nothing else!! i paid dollars for this, and it's not working, wth dude!?!??
~ PossibleGaming
launch the release it stayed black .im disappointed. i really love final fantasy but actually i just waste 14.00 dollars on nothing.
~ Alexander D.
Very easy, but very enjoyable. I suggest farming a decent amount before heading into boss wars!
~ Danorpx
There is setting icon on the bottom left which runs downloading time (unknown) and crashes after a moment. Yes, I liked the release how about fixing this!?
~ Shashank Adluri
It keeps on downloading a 214 MB file, which it has successfully downloaded few times actually, I don't know what it does with the file, it wants to run download again. It has destroyed 2 times since I installed yesterday.
~ Sajan Gupta
Got it for a fraction of $1 during sale. It's wicked. More so for the suprisingly weak storage zone needed. Square would create heavy turnovers if they priced their another overly expensive FFs similarly.
~ A Google user
FF RPGs being one of my favorites I was wondering how a Mobile ver ff iii will be like since it was on sale at just ₹10 and this port doesn't disappoint. It is done cute well with touch controls which is more or less simple to navigate and nice graphics. Just a couple of troubles. One is that whenever I touch the settings buttons on the main screen it askes to download release time and when I press launch, it freezes and then crashes. Another thing is the aspect ratio. I know this release won't cover 18:9 screen but I hope Square Enix can at least fix the alignment. The release is usually a bit to the left with more black bar on right. It is not release breaking but rather annoying.
~ Sagnik Maulik
Never played Final Fantasy, so why not give it a test? I gotta claim this release is fabulous. Storyline is awesome, gameplay is nice and actually I became fan of ff series. Love it. If you never played a final Fantasy before I gotta claim you could run from here. But it lacks guides. Thanks to my pokemon skills that makes this release simple to understand :P
~ Djay Sharma
nice release, but it won't download from the settings menu at the run, and won't allow me do anything else when reopened. had to uninstall to test again, but i lost variety of progress. I'm very mad over this
~ Caleb Nolen
Ok, I loved all the Final Fantasy releases as they were released in the U.S. back in the 90s. I am fully enjoying replaying them all on mobile! (2 is still type of a ... drag). I think it is worth the dollars to obtain the entire franchise on your device! I have each intention of doing so. I am currently on 3, and It's great for us who played it idea back when... Enjoy the release! Also, there are plenty of nonpaid walk-throughs for those who like to master each tiny detail of these releases!
~ Crash Hunnicutt