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About: So launches a newest tale of crystals.... A tried-and-real, yet brand newest RPG SQUARE ENIXs first title aimed at a worldwide audience; a brand newest FINAL FANTASY release available for tablets! Test an entirely newest RPG made in classic FINAL FANTASY style! Contains characters from past FINAL FANTASY titles! Enjoy this expansive story right on your device! ========================================= Informations -Straight war information with walkthrough! Simple and interactive fights! Tap the screen to attack, but combine magic abilities with tactical know-how to overpower your foes in strategic maneuvers!Plus! High quality CG animations of your favoured FINAL FANTASY summons! -Explore in the field and complete dungeons! Transport characters through fields and dungeons to find for equipment, hidden paths, and newest routes to your destinations! Talk to ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 84MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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The release is nice, but gumi is terrible. The last modernization created variety of bugs that made the release terrible, but they ignored them for over a month, however any bugs that might benefit the user they fix instantly. They only care about making dollars. As long as you're ok with that, you'll enjoy this release.
~ Jonathan Owens
I would like to know without having to research it all, what exacally do we download continuously throughout the release, the maps and animations? Reason im asking is cause i went to previous map i finished earlier in the release and it needed that i download more content again when i had already did that when i first finished that map. Was only curious cause the release seems like it doesnt have a limit to how much gig it takes to have the 100% release on your device.... if that makes any sence. pos. 4*
~ Christopher Hiser
ive spent around a year or two playong this release and have rather enjoyed it. bit actually after the pho modernization a bout a week or two ago im having severe troubles logging in. i will be shown the logos, and than when they run to fade out my release freezes and if after waiting a bit crashes. thats the only reason why i give two stars
~ XamXam
i've been testing this release for 2-3 years but i think i will quit testing quick. the drop rate for rainbow crystals was so disappointing, i saved up to more than 100 summons for akstar and ended up only with 2 rainbows with no featured rainbow troops. yes i m an FTP user but i started testing this release because of it's FTP-friendly information, but i think it's not anymore
~ Amar Muhaqi
been testing this release for almost 3 years and spent more than 1000 usd. finally had enough and decided to quit today. been through a bunch of abuse by the horrible developers. lousy drop rates and rigged gacha where it feels like your dollars is worth nothing. definitely won't suggest to anyone, and before any newest user decides to test this release, just don't. developers are just greedy recipients making a release with ridiculous gacha.
~ jacklantern8597771
I'm so sick and tired of this dollars grabber release...I literally just did 23 summons and didn't obtain not even 1 rainbow summon.and each single summon I received was all duplicate trash characters. each week they have newest characters and wish you to spend hard earned dollars. bullisht....no more..not when all you obtain is trash. you can literally spend 100 dollars and obtain nothing. .. dont do it recipients and don't test it's not worth it
~ Robert Anthony
Increase the chance to obtain 5 star base troops or just sell Lapis for a reasonable price, your step-up banner is very predatory and expensive. And also the compensations is kinda an insult, a 100 lapis?! for some serious bugs, atleast create it a nonpaid summon for a week or a 10+1 summon ticket.
~ Elisha Buyao
Dogs**t Gumi. I was a 1st day GL downloader, it was nice. it FELT like a final fantasy title. that was then. actually it's just "brave frontier" with a tip of 8-bit square nostalgia. NOT FOR A CASUAL PLAYER. the amount of time you'd need to spend to complete content without being a whale is ridiculous. just test for the campaign and test fallout in between campaign applications. step up summons.. really? transparent crooks. uninstalling lol. waiting on ff7
~ Bryan Peterson
The release is full of bugs. It took them almost a month to fix release breaking bugs. You need to test for a while before being able to participate is all of the weekly meetings. Edit: The bug has been fixed. No compensation thou.
~ Wu Chen
To be honest at first it was an extremely blind experience to test. Tiny to no stats, no guidance by the developer, no official stats of any form or capacity, easily an overly complicated mess of an experience. Then you search yourself mostly guided by the community and its users. Recipients sharing stats, redit post etc. Lover softwares made to support you in testing the release and it becomes fun. Then they openly claim any unofficial stats is invalid yet deliever none.
~ Eliezer Melendez
the experience is poor and the customer help is horrible I had almost 2 years of gameplay and things that got wiped for no reason and when I brought it up to customer help well I'm still waiting for someone to even acknowledge that I sent a message to them I have screenshots of the messages they ignored and the ones where I sent an trouble and they got back to me in the same minute as where this trouble it's not been addressed by anyone at all
~ james wheeler
Lots of content, love losing to bosses and coming back more ready to conquer them. However Gumi is a bit incompotent as devs compared to the another releases on the supermarket. Many bugs and another troubles not fixed in a timely manner. Balance and lapis economy is also devoid of any common sense.
~ Khoa Tyrone
This release is legit nice but, the draw rates and the lapis prices aren't even remotely nice. Unpaid 2 test users will forever struggle to obtain their favoured troops. so becuase of this I won't give them a higher rating. just becuase they care nothing for casual users of the release.
~ Ginji Strife
If you dont have your wallet launch , your not going to obtain anything u wish .Pay to victory is this release . It looks nice , the song is one step up . Also they love to reuse meetings so a lot of the release is just waiting around waiting for something cool to do . If u have gotten the release 3 and 4 stars are worth nothing , 5 stars can be priced for 5$ too 200$ so if u didnt obtain one just quit . if u think you should support the release , u cant , they care tiny about what lovers claim. Check ffT for a true release
~ Dude Kevin
Loved this release, right up until everything seemed to stop!!! Got to 'Village of Ambel' and nothing is happening. Has a large 'next' to the village on the map, yet when i obtain there, nothing is happening. Product also crashes when i speak to a pink haired charector near the software market in Felicitas Town. Cant proceed in the release, so you obtain a 1 star!!!
~ christopher unthank
Stole $17 from me. Double charged me on an in release buy. Google test shop unable to support as the buy "verified". When I complained they offered to give me $12 worth of ingame currency. Horrible customer service. Avoid any purchases in this release as any in-release errors that effects in you losing dollars are apparently your fault. Despicable
~ Tito Simoes
Summon Rates Fix it you guys are too greedy why can't you guys fix it. Why can't you guys listen to our recommendations? You guys already are rich to launch with. Recipients will adopt too fix summon drop rates. Why because you usually obtain gold summons you guys claimed nice luck on my next summon? Srew you guys yah selfish bastards.
~ Jules Puno
High learning curve to run, randomly almost lost my whole profile but ended up able to recover, but over all cute nice.
~ Dennis Elmore
Nice release, my profile just broke and the help is poor... seriously, they do everything to not support... Farming time with infinite help chat, making you download the release again over and over. I will really miss this release and the dollars I paid for some bundles too.
~ Luiz Carlos Tomaz
I really loved and enjoyed this release until they headed the seven star characters and the fact that he need too hard to obtain characters to go from Lvl 6 to lvl 7 it's a dollars grab. Mafia fights went through the same trouble if you notice that release no longer exist I hate to claim it but I slowly see this one coming to an end as well it's becoming too expensive to test. however I do still enjoy the release but I'd rather just have an old ver of Final Fantasy 3 did I buy once.
~ Gregory Orr
Edit 4/5/19 holy greedy ass release devs. the newest modernization and ticket system took an expensive release that you should grind through to a release where even if you do decide to spend dollars you still end up with nothing. stop giving these recipients dollars... $10 or $20 a month to obtain a ton of content is fine personally, i don't mind doing that, but the newest banner takes 25,000 lapis to complete once. the release charges $100usd for 18,000 lapis, so that means that you're paying $138 for 1 unit thats a 1/2 chance.
~ Alex Diluzio
If you haven't been testing this release for a several months then don't run. The release is extremely unfriendly to newest users. Unless you wish to spend hundreds of dollars you will not have fun. If you are newest you will not be able to participate in 90% of the release. Also the help is horrible. I contacted them about an buy trouble and received the SAME generic response 3 times over 60 hours. I have yet to have any respond except this generic response.
~ Steve B
Edited review: After testing for over 3 weeks actually, I would fully suggest this release for anyone out there looking for in depth storyline and gacha release combined. Nice release is understatement. It definitely gives the vibe of Final Fantasy, a nostalgia I'd claim. Storyline is so nice, gives you the vibe when you're watching some of the finest animes out there, and hero design is beautiful and cool at the same time. Drop rate is decent too!
~ Luandy Elam
this release is cute wonderful. its simple to test in short bursts, or you can rock out some long-run gametime. it has a several really special mechanics in how some rewards are obtained and it brings a twist to having "dudes" in-release. the only reason i gave this a 4 is because it is near impossible to obtain nice pulls from summons without a source of dollars to throw at the release. it is possible, just extremely unlikely. especially for meetings, which sucks. i spent $0, and still test everyday a year later
~ Kris Coffman
A wonderful release at first glance. However, as you test more and more, you'll eventually come to the realization that as you become stronger, as you run pulling troops...That everything becomes super simple. And then there are meetings that require VERY specific troops at 7 stars, VERY specific equipment. Ultimately, This has turned into a release for Whales. FFBE doesn't really support nonpaid users anymore. It's designed to obtain dollars. What makes me sad, is the release didn't used to be like this.
~ sapherno11
fun release. a tiny hard on newest users until you obtain up to speed, but it delivers what you expect of a FF turn based rpg with lots of content and lots of depth to the combat system
~ Noneof Yourbusiness
I played straight since run. I almost spent full paycheques on this release I've taken out loans and place stress on all of my personal relationships. Actually over the past several months they have version newest content unbeatable without meta troops. forcing everyone to fork out 50$+ x5 for step up banners and a slight chance of meta troops. After my 9th Lightning and still 0 Hyohs or anyone else. I give up, I am F2P actually and IDGAF about this garbage release. Suck a D Gumi.
~ Greg Lyons
god terrible release, gumi and alim are total thieves... if you download this release DO NOT SPEND MONEY, you will regret it ... they search newest and exciting ideas to ban accounts and NOT give users summon tickets and there is ZERO newest content. Played daily for 2 years, woke up to my profile being suspended. Contacted customer help w/screenshots of bank statement AND google buy history to prove i didnt abuse "refund policies" and they have been less than useful with a response once each 2 weeks
~ Wesley Dutchman
I love final fantasy but not this release and I barely downloaded it. it keeps downloading bonus time it took up most of my devices zone not to mention it was very bothersome. why can't it be downloaded when we install the release instead of downloading all the time once we do. its annoying. I wanted to test it, but actually I am discouraged.
~ Effat Jaber
Really nice, but the dude system is terrible. You have no idea to filter or sort the search dudes list. What is the target of listing the "REQUEST " button if you have to tap the screen two more times again + waiting to obtain the message "THE USER HAS REACHED THE FRIEND REQUEST CAPACITY" Such a waste of time... The release is OK solo, but having a nice dude list would create it more enjoyable. Played over a week actually... Only managed to search 1 dude. Le *sigh* 3. 49 stars * until this is fixed.
~ Rene Hutchinson
Just love the release as a total, somethings are cute hard to obtain without paying but, it's less fun and valuable if you can obtain it easily. It also feels more rewarding to finally achieve whay you wanted to.
~ mr. random
overall nice release, cute pissed off tho, got up to a high lvl and got alot of nice troops and the most newest modernization swiped my profile clean, and actually i have to restart. i work 18hr safety shifts so alot of time was place in the release that i actually have to redo....
~ Alex Capps
this release is cute much a love letter to final fantasy lovers. it has troops from all of the final fantasy releases. the release isnt that greedy for dollars, the release practically gives you everything! this release is nice!
~ Drake Odoms
Long time user since run. For a small Final Fantasy, this release is nice! theres many things to do like the main storyline, there's PVP and there is usually meetings and nonpaid equipment being given out to support you obtain more troops, equipment and Gil/Lapis. Nice idea to have fun and slay a tiny time. Give it a shot!
~ NYC Yuusha
This release is absolutely nice, ranging from the classic fighting style to the story with immense hero depth. If you are looking for something to not only captivate you, but obtain you invested in, and consistently keeping you coming back for more, look no further.
~ James Stafford
Apparently you can test daily for two years and then one day you test to log in and everything is gone and you run over with nothing. Customer service so far has been unable to restore anything. Don't waste your time. Fun release, until it's not.
~ Shem Lafreniere
Overall, a really nice experience! I've been testing Final Fantasy since the SNES heydays and It's nice to see all the characters in one zone! Much better graphics than FF Record Keeper but it still has the charm of being sprite based! Product currency isn't hard to receive so nonpaid-to-test is viable over the long term!
~ Scott Wollman
My favoured device release, no doubt. It might seem hard at first for newer users but once you learn how the release works it's now cute F2P friendly. There is a gigantic storyline and cities you obtain to search for quests / secrets. This release has constant meetings but most of the difficulty lvls will be too hard first starting out. Each month there's an simple to obtain "Unit of your Choice" fragment of a ticket, and the storyline gives a bunch of "Lapis" you can use for unit pulls. Definitely suggested.
~ Hanetosu
ive been testing this release almost 3 years actually. ive seen this release at its finest and worst back when 3 to 4 star troops were intense to obtain. ive place the time and effort into this release because it is clear they place the time and effort to create it nice for is as the users. the wiki is of nice support and the release usually keeps upgrading to hold things interesting. thank you for all the years of test and i hope there will be a several more.
~ A Google user
For what it is, it's cute extensive. Think warframe but with rpg elements with a pokemon-kind "must catch them all" system. I like nonpaid releases that don't force you to pay to advance, but of course with that being claimed, it will be time consuming if no dollars is spent. that's the sacrifice a nonpaid release of this quality has to create, but it's fully up to you if you feel the need to do it.
~ Caleb Ashford