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About: ff - the 3rd in our focused and minimalist series! (aa, uu, ff, au, rr, ao, rl, sp & th) Hit the lines, don't avoid them! Unlike aa or uu, ff is all about targeting. Aim to hit hollow dots, accuracy counts and you have to be spot on. All the fun of aa & uu but with a twist you'll love. Test 175 nice lvls right actually, with more added every week just the lvls in aa & uu. You can also top the leaderboard & earn medals! (bronze, silver and gold). There's 175 lvls to solve right actually, intertwined with all sorts of tweaks and surprises. You can also go back and replay any lvl you've already passed, at any time (Select Lvl). If you're stuck on a really tricky lvl, skip it! (Tap Skip on the Fail Screen) If you can't wait, unblock all 175 lvls and replay at your own pace! (Select Lvl > Unblock All Lvls) Thanks for all your help, I hope you're enjoying the "focus" series thus f ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd
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About: Super Robot Light Speed Hero Game Play: Mortal light speed hero Squad City War Game is a city rescue game, modern super light hero, fighting .You as an incredible monster hero, of legend fighter, has to defend the crime city, from incredible heroes, world mafia, bank robbers, police cars, and army tanks. You can also transform, your city best wrestler hero, into super robot super light speed hero, in this best of fictional multi hero, fighting games 2018. Super Robot Light Speed Hero Featu...

Developer: Pixel Beans [email protected]

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About: The world has become uneasy since the humans appear. When the population has increased uncontrollably - the war of survival has broken out. Cultural conflict, invasion in area and land, the bad ambition to dominate over the world has created an endless war: The war was so constant that the rivers turned red because of the blood, the plants could not grow because the bodies were piled up, the fire of war was obscured by the sun. Each creature falls down, little by little, until there is only one ...

Developer: Tower Defense Labs [email protected]

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About: You cant miss the game Guns and Lords if you like the challenge and warfare. It provides a 3D gorgeous and magnificent world for you to conquer. You can place yourself in an unprecedented new world. You will play as a lord to build your castles and compete with other lords in this legend world. Features Magnificent World There are 8,000,000 lands spread across the world to explore and occupy. Let your fame spread all over the world. Unifying the world is not just a dream. You can compete...

Developer: LOCOJOY [email protected]

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About: Compra la versin de donacin as puedo realizar ms juegos accesibles. Tu celular te desafa a jugar una partida de domin. Una voz humana te guiar durante todo el juego. Existen varias alternativas para jugar: el juego clsico con nmeros, fichas con animales, con vehculos o con fichas exticas. Para jugar debes suspender el talkback antes. Para controlar el juego, apoya tu dedo en la pantalla y arrstralo. Busca de esta forma las opciones del juego. En la partida, si deslizas el dedo hacia...

Developer: Fabián Arias [email protected]

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About: This is a release in the touch Civil War Battles series. This release includes 17 scenarios from the battles on the Peninsula in 1862 including Fair Oaks, Gaines Mill, and Malvern Hill with both historical and hypothetical scenarios included. You play 12 scenarios as the Confederate commander and 5 scenarios as Union commander. You should first install and play the free Civil War Battles app to test the game engine on your device and become familiar with the interface. Civil War Battles is...

Developer: John Tiller Software [email protected]

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About: Archon-9 is a desolate world. Recently terraformed, a distress call is received from its mining colony. You are the leader of a band of elite Marines on a rescue mission; it is your job to defend the outpost and rescue the lost miners. Aliens are running amok; it won't be easy... Archon-9 is the debut game from Dark Terra Games. It is a tense action packed real time strategy game, inspired by science fiction movies of the 1980s. We really hope that you enjoy our game. Good luck M...

Developer: Dark Terra Games [email protected]

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About: Be an oil tycoon miner by managing your oil wells factory and idle profit! The turmoil history starts when you find an oil field in your backyard. You will be developing, purchasing new equipment, erecting new buildings, hiring guards and personnel, making deals with competitors, mining, digging deep, acquiring the skill of stock trading, buying new possessions and many other fun things. An oil petroleum tycoon permits you to grasp the energy and time system of digging deep oil extraction t...

Developer: Holy Cow Studio [email protected]


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About: Formula Clicker - Idle Manager And Simulator is a idle business tycoon game where you use strategy to become richest capitalist, create biggest racing empire and build fastest adventure by: making a fortune signing contracts, upgrading parts, expanding buildings, hireing experts, growing your office, driving car on track and smashing lap records. Best Formula, One Clicker game master! Say good bye to 2018 season and start 2019 off on a high note! Tap, upgrade, buy, hire! You need to...

Developer: GGDS - Idle Games Business Tycoon ���� [email protected]

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About: The stronghold of an ancient civilization has been invaded by hordes of alien raiders. Use powerful technologies of the Ancient and repel the attack of the enemy's armies! Features: - Classic Tower Defense (TD) for those who are fond of good old games; - Building towers in any free area on the field; - 40 unique levels; - Plenty of diverse enemies with their own features; - The game offers upgrading towers, as well as everything else. New improvements allow selecting exceptional strateg...

Developer: IP Dmitri Isaenkov [email protected]

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About: Welcome to Baldi Basic Education & Learning in School is a quick indie horror game, fully 3D interactive, fun-time educational game that teaches a slew of subjects l baldi's of Basics for Education the difficulties and Learning are great and lovely and the most This is now the best Features! You need to collect all 8 of the notebooks and escape the school, all while avoiding In Basic Education & Learning in School game you need to collect all the laptops, solve the problems correctly and ...

Developer: assontwtal d wintwtal appss [email protected]

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About: Draw Line - Puzzle Game Draw Line - Puzzle Game is a daily puzzle game that will invigorate the brain. Easy rule, bring huge brain challenge. Just try to use one tap to connect all lines on the screen. In this full of fun and ingenuity game, you will find lots of interesting puzzle and daily challenge. When you are in free time or in small break, such as taking bus/subway, you can play this game to exercise your mental, change your memory and attention. Draw Line - Puzzle Game will provide ...

Developer: Jelly Pop Mania [email protected]

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About: Obama saw - jigsaw adventure is an adventure free game. It's Christmas Eve and the evil Pigsaw will force Obama to play his evil game. Help him escape safe and sound! DISCLAIMER: Some graphics of this game are from free pik. We are not affiliated in any trademark owner. If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly([email protected]). Our free game Obama saw - jigsaw adventure is an u...

Developer: Uaber™ [email protected]

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About: Focused on the Paddle and rotate the balls again and again . there are multiples bonuses....

Developer: wytewop [email protected]

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About: BLOC is an MMO nation simulation game. Create and lead your own nation in this political simulation game. BLOC is a free game of geopolitics set in the Cold War. Players create and lead their own country, directing its political, economic and military destiny. Rule as an oppressive dictatorship or benevolent democracy. Ally or conspire against hundreds of other nations, each lead by a player like you, in a sandbox political world driven by the players. Manage your nation's economy,...

Developer: Oppressive Games [email protected]


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About: Turn based strategy game with the usage of dice to determine battle results. Up to 8 players(Human or AI) can join into a match. Change game rules to customize your play-through....

Developer: Primo Game Studio [email protected]

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About: An original game for people who enjoy games such as Chess, Go, Drafts or Reversi. Jamix is played on a grid , where you slide pieces, which slide until they collide with other pieces or an edge, to attempt to sandwich and capture the opponent's pieces. Win matches by capturing all the opponent's pieces or leaving them unable to move. Although the rules are simple, game play tactics can be decidedly deep. Free, fun, simple rules, but challenging to master. Designed with stylish ...

Developer: Jamix Ltd [email protected]

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About: Enjoy an amazing new TWIST in Tower Defense! You control the layout of the battlefield, and you decide the paths your enemies follow! Awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by TouchArcade! Build and place powerful turrets to attack invading enemies. Then rotate the battlefield to force foes down your preferred path of destruction. Be careful though, there are always multiple routes to control! Combine tactical planning with strategic tower upgrades to slow, divert and damage your enemies. Carefully ch...

Developer: Bad Seed [email protected]

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About: Could a simple AI ever destroy humanity and conquer the Universe? But of course in Universal Paperclips Clicker! Start your paperclips business from scratch to get filthy rich. Start investing in computing to have an AI working for you on side projects. Grow enough to invest in stocks. Eventually evolve to quantum computing to help your AI. Let it hypnotize your costumers to buy more paperclips! And before you know it, it'll have replaced humanity with drones and money with paperclips and ...

Developer: Looky Games [email protected]

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About: Blitz through the oncoming zombies with headshots and rescue the survivors. Gather valuable resources and survive through the post-apocalyptic zombie world of this 2D survival action game. The Great Smog Apocalypse Produced by chemical reaction of nuclear radiation and mysterious air pollutants, the great smog has swept across the globe. 99.9% of all living creatures that have inhaled the deadly smog have turned into the living dead. All nations as we know it have ceased to exist. However...

Developer: NANOO COMPANY Inc. [email protected]

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About: Test version...

Developer: tap4fun [email protected]



ff Reviews and Comments:

Been on lvel 50 speedy wheel for a while actually and on 22 of the UU release
~ Pickle Done
I would hit the dot and it would claim I failed it sucked
~ Gage Pepper
You can not obtain past the level 72 this is bullshit
~ Makenzie Garner
Goes to lvl 21 aim correctly still showing fail it's unfair release
~ Fawzia Kassim
Nice release but not enough lvls I've gotten to level 176 which is the last, yet it isn't giving me a button to replay lvls
Finest release ever since I had to install it on my newest device but who cares still but I got to lvl 59so actually I'm up to 11 actually 10 minites later lvl 49
~ Mik F
Worst release I had ever test. You are worst mobile developers. At least check that gane before uploading on Intenet. Also, you shouldn't add rate button in this release.
~ Umair Mughal
Im on level 97 actually and i cant do it its impossible
~ George Chillman
It's odd because of the weird name but it is also a very fun release
~ Emsie Roberts
Unfortunately ff has stopped working and all your apps does not.... one ☆ FOREVER
~ Princess Cadence
Its addictive and challenging towards the end I'm still stuck on lvl 50😂
~ Lul Say
I can not obtain passed lvl 18 but another than that I like it I guess
~ Mackenzie Fulton
Its a nice release to test on the bus. Nice release u could download it it gets really addicting as well.😋😍😝🙃🤘👌👍
~ Cierah N
I got this release ten mins ago and its really fun but i seriously cant figure out lvl 46
~ Brantley Evans
When banners at the bottom change there is a small lag which disrupts the flow of the release.
~ A Google user
The 72 lvl is not working properly, one line is not coming to the hit target
~ Naveen kumar
I love it because I never thought I would go this far to wear I am and I now made it to my target and I am proud of myself that I pushed my self to this release and I am going to hold testing
~ diamond soto
I have been testing this for like a entire 10 min.and I am board
~ beth wilson
Wast of storage it's so stupid kinda I'm possible no clue why they created this release
~ jamie freedman
Fix lvl 50 because I wish to throw my device out the window after testing lvl 50 over 50000 times!!
~ Derp McQueen
Downloaded yesterday and I'm already at lvl 147. I'm stuck there. AD's aren't as terrible on this one yet still annoying.
~ A Google user
I don't like this release. They could create the release more fun by adding more things to do.All you do is create dots go on a line so it gets boring.
~ A Google user
The prompts stayed on my screen even when I exited the release, very annoying, deleted it instantly.
~ Jared Hasleton
This release is nice 👍👍 nice job making this release when I saw this release Ives's like I bit nobody likes it but I can see that everyone likes it
~ baby queen
I like it but there are all these word on your screen while you are testing, it makes it hard. But anything else is nice!
~ Realistic Lavender
I'm not sure how this release got on my divice but I like it it's cool it also adds to the crazy idea I think I beat all 175 lvls first test without fail sike
~ Superlexx Googleheens Rugbezim
U have too go threw many different obsticals and obtain on the lines it gets harder than u think after U lvl up each time😆
~ A Google user
I luv it but it makes me mad when I don't pass the lvl but I obtain glad when I pass the lvl which is hard I obtain excited and I passed the 100 lvl I am on 101 and I done this In 2 days
~ CookieDoes GACHA
Im at lvl 70 Actually, Very Challenging! Passed the hardest lvl, lvl 50 its very very very speedy and sooo many balls great timing is the thing that you need for it
~ Jenette Huang
Well known some lvls to just keeps destroying when I have one more to do and appart from that it is fine and you go through lvls speedy I am already on lvl 147
~ Tilly reid
I'm in lvl 164 oufffff veryyy hard i tried more than 30 times and more to pass it i couldn't I'm trying tnxxc nice and challenging release actually and challenging release thank God actually i just reached all the lvls yahooooo since yesterday evening
Cute annoying. Looked fun and minimal at first, but gets twitchy and stressful really speedy. The release, as minimal as it is, gets surprisingly laggy at times, though the culprits in this topic seem to be certain banner banners.
~ Martin Sand
Dedinitely the most pretty release I've ever played. I completed all of the lvls in two days..and I really enjoyed all of them. Well... sometimes I got nervous and mad, very challanging! ;) :)
~ Altea Tabaku
Bug on lvl 8
~ no no
Just loved it!
~ Katima Stevens
Im on lvl 150 and it gets harder lvl by lvl
~ Samera Javeed
message on center of screen wont go away
~ A Google user
stuck messages on middle screen
~ What Name
cute nice but instruction text stays on test screen the white time it spins hard to see..maybe that's a glitch
~ Jasmina Dikanovic
its hard nd interesting i am in the lvl 161 and it is very hard to complete
~ A Google user