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About: A newest small "Fate RPG," shown by TYPE-MOON! With an impressive main scenario and multiple hero quests, the release informations millions of words of original storyline! Packed with content that both lovers of the Fate franchise and newcomers will be able to enjoy. Summary 2017 A.D. Chaldea, an organization tasked with observing World's future, has confirmed that human history will be eliminated at 2019. Without warning, the promised future of 2017 disappeared. Why? How? Who? By what means? AD. 2004. A certain provincial city in Japan. For the first time ever, a region that should not be observed appeared. Assuming that this was the cause of humanitys extinction, Chaldea carried out its sixth experiment - time travel into the past. A forbidden ceremony where they would convert humans into Spiritrons and send them back in time. By intervening in meetings, they would lo ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 56MB Developer: Aniplex Inc.
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Fate/Grand Order (English) Reviews and Comments:

Fun release but the summoning is very frustrating, After testing it for few months I still have very several 5-star servants and essances. If all it is, is by chance, Id rather test a release that involves some skill and critical thinking. I saved up 100 quartz over the course of 2 months and used all of them and didn't obtain even 1 5-star Servant. I would buy quartz if they weren't so freaking expensive but having to spend $24 in able to do one 10 summon is not worth it at all!
~ Tommy Schwartz
The release bugged out on my device when I have been testing this release for a nice amount of time. actually it is claiming that it's unplayable. I lost my profile because of this bug and had not set a transfer code. I tried contacting the help squad but no one is responding. Worst customer help ever. edit: I made an attempt to recover my profile and after giving them nice detail about it and they STILL did not give me recovery permissions. I am never promoting this release anywhere ever again.
~ ShadowClawZERO 『Nightmare Entity』
I downloaded this release for one reason and one reason only. To write this comment about Minamoto no Raikou. Her art in banners is SO RIDICULOUS it guarantees I'll never test this release. I dunno who drew her but breasts don't go that weak bud 😂😂😂😂😂😂. 1/10 if the art is terrible the release is guaranteed to be terrible.
~ Jose P
Rates are poor, like obscene. I'm not really sure why everyone is praising the storyline. I search myself skipping 4 out of 5 slash scenes because they are so terrible. the first several singularities are ok, but they just hold getting worse and worse. if this were skinned in literally any another anime I wouldn't have played it past the first 10 minutes. Also, the censorship is appalling.
~ greg sheen
The release by itself has nice and terrible characteristics - It is a gacha release and not a mother to give anything you wish. Personally, I test since January 2018 and I like the main storyline - mainly after "E Pluribus Unum" (USA singularity). Almost all characters are at least nice enough and I cannot complain about the meetings. But the most important thing in this release is the help. I can claim about it, because I got a nice support from them after making a mistake about my profile - I simply had forgotten to take note about my ID number before unistalling the release to fix a connection trouble. The help just asked for some confirmation about the servants and another equipment to check. I didn't even lose a login streak. Believe me, lad... This help is nice and, lately, services with a nice help to customers are hard to search out.
~ A Google user
The release is censored, the localization squad refuses to communicate with the users and address concerns, meetings have been skipped, and the freebies given out for meetings and announcements are consistently lower than what the Japanese server got for the same content. The English ver is treated as second-class. Even the Chinese server is better; even though it's censored too, they at least gave an apology and compensation for it. Don't test this release, and DEFINITELY don't spend dollars on it.
~ A Google user
Nice release, very addicting. However, the gacha seems very unbalanced so far. I have been testing for a while and eventually saved up around 200 saint quartz, I didn't use any quartz after guide summon. I was expecting some 4 stars and at least one 5 star. I was hopelessly wrong i got nothing but 3 stars, this really ruins the gameplay experience. I want that the rates are higher or just to lower the price to buy quartz. Otherwise, I love the story and gameplay.
~ Victor Fan
nice gameplay, nice storyline. not so f2p friendly but all in all a nice idea to slay time. largest gripe...not enough sakura.
~ Berto Arevalo
The release is nice but gacha is on the another side. Literally impossible to gat an SSR servant no matter how many times you tried to roll. Especially the Rate Up's are a total lie...
~ Kanzaki Miyamoto
Nice Product, I liked the combat system and of course the characters from the Fate Franchise, the only thing off is the shtty drop rates that create this release a bit hard but another than that I love the release very much
~ Jerwin Cortes
Poor gacha rates (1% 5*). No security net/fail protected when summoning for limited 5* troops. Gameplay is fun but many stages quick become mandatory to obtain meta troops (Jalter, Merlin, etc.). Material drop rates are abysmal. Meetings are fun/comedic most of the time. No autobattle. No beginner's rewards. No communication between devs and the playerbase. Decent storyline. Nice characters. Nice waifu art. F/GO is like Beats headsets. Only known because of the brand name but content is lackluster.
~ Abe Melendres
The release is nice and fun but when it comes to the gacha side of this release is atrocious. I don't mind dropping $80 for their most expensive box here and there but when I can't obtain the featured servant for $300 then this is ridiculous. Minamoto no Raikou, the actual servent featured as of this post came around three times and she is limited time wich means she is not in the general gacha pool. Since all three appearances I've spent about $1k and did not pull her. I'm not spending other dime
~ Gonzy Boost 350
This release is more storyline and less GAME. i feel like im reading a video. but its a nice video.... i just really really really hate reading. the graphics are beautifull but i feel like im being slammed with it like its hard to claim if its a release at all. the guides a bit long and i just wish to skip the conversations but i don't out of respect for the developer and my own curiosity for what they have to claim. the words of the characters seem forced just not for me i guess? its a japan style yakno
~ Nathan Harris
it is a fun release, nice storyline, nice charaters, breath taking artwork but if i have to complain about one thing it has to be a poor gotcha rates but either idea you could test this release
~ turbo sky
I give it 3 due to the fact that not all servants have bond lvl 6-10 including my favoured one... I obtain the entire 3 star and 5 star thing but if u dont have the proper materials to escend your servants you have to hold testing until you receive it even if you stay low for a long period of time. would've been great if you should at least buy the materials. they should've done more with some of the characters instead of making them fully useless. but it's a nice release to slay time.
~ de'marcus goodgoods
it has simple mechanis and a nice storyline its one of the finest release ive played in small. It also has great graphics especially at some noble phantasm, the community also is very useful to every another. over all its a nice release my only want is that saint quartz qould be eazier to acquire and rate ups could be higher
~ duane dunton
Finally a product the NA supermarket deserves. the release after its 1 year anniversary has much improved in all zones. The drop rates for SR and SSRs are still abysmal but you can be f2p and still enjoy the release in its entirety.
~ Billy McKenzie
If you are a F2P then don't bother testing this release. It has not only a brutal gacha rate but also has to be the stingiest release when it comes to providing quartz. You can obtain through the release with the 3 star servants but that requires in depth knowledge of the release and all the servants not to mention if you don't obtain any nice rolls you'll just obtain frustrated so save yourself the problem unless you're well off . I played for more than a year actually so I know how this release is, Stingy and frustrating.
~ Crash
I absolutely love this release! Alright, true talk: it is an (arguably) pay-to-victory waifu collection simulator. Beyond that, however, lies deep characters, a fascinating storyline, and a challenging walkthrough-driven release. Recipients may be furious about the *ehem* "palette choice" of a certain hero, but that alone is not enough to dismiss this release. With all claimed and done, if you wish to test something fun and interesting that isn't riddled with marketing plots (rate-up doesn't count, shhh), then test FGO.
~ Nicolas Seda
Information, Information and more Information... Love It !!! Heck, I got Medusa in my first test... thou then I realised she had a beautiful and hot form so... guess i better hold saving those stars if i also wish the Berserk Jeanne D'Arc xD ... Shoul've downloaded this release years ago xD
~ Alexander Roman
got this release a while ago, even transferred my progress to my actual device (galaxy S8) and played quite a bit, but recently, the release wont launch at all, and redirects me to my correspondence release to send an error report. this has been happening for over a month actually. (yes I've sent the correspondence- hell I'll send other one if that supports) dont obtain me wrong the release was worthy of 5 stars while I was able to test it, I'm just fed up with not being able to.
~ Cameron Stell
A colossal waste of dollars. After spending hundreds, testing FGO for a nice year actually, I've gotten almost nothing to present for it, to the target where I feel stupid going for 5 stars campaign after campaign. For the cost, compared to another gacha releases, the odds are ridiculously weak, and there's no recourse but to approve your true dollars got you nothing, time and again. Spare yourself. Test something else.
~ Jeff Darcy
Rate up is a lie! (Most of the time), but you can obtain by cute well without a five star servant. enjoyable storyline and fun meetings.
~ Brandon
I love the gameplay but one gripe i have is the stories pacing. It takes so long to obtain through a single section. But if there are ever any collaboration meetings i would love to see JoJo's bizarre afventure crossover with this release.
~ Alex Cross
Fun and easy release with a very interesting storyline. Gacha rates are poor and this NA ver is 2 years behind compared to Japan. You can still complete meetings with weak-rarity characters but if you're hoping to obtain certain 5-star characters... goodluck.
~ Pedro Hernandez
Product is overall nice. Storyline, characters, plot cute much everything. I have problens with the release though. I experience common crashes when I do raids or boss fights. Please fix the crashes for smoother gameplay for another users as well.
~ Sergeant Cookie8
nice release but like most small releases transfer codes only work once this so when my newest device turned out to be defective I lost all the dollars spent on this release and all my time. a lot of work time and dollars. at least I remembered why I don't spend dollars on small releases.
~ Hentie Dj
The gacha is painfully hard to obtain anything worth pulling and requires serious investment. The plot is nice but also drawn out significantly by monotonous fights that could take significantly less time to obtain through. The only time you're really rewarded with paid currency is if their staff/maintenance squad makes errors which they do fairly often. Gameplay - 4/5 Gacha - 1/5 Plot - 3/5 Staff - 1/5 Meetings - 2/5
~ Musouki Loso
the only thing i have a trouble with is the summons,it makes it to where its nearly impossible to obtain a nice hero even when theres rate ups,and i know it sounds like im nagging,but not everyone can pay saint qaurtz when they run out of them,so all im claiming is that you change the summons to where its more likely to obtain a nice hero
~ jeff bennett
abysmal drop rates for any servant. even weak tier, save your dollars and dont spend it on this release. If you wish a nonpaid test through and a newest visit through the fate series its decent and worthwhile, but as you obtain deeper into the story you'll search it hard to progress due to horrendous drops for any servants worth your time. dont give these recipients your dollars until they fix the drop %s and now deliever to their clients.
~ William Miller
10/10 would roll again but in all seriousness, this release is nice. While it slowly catches up to the jp server, NA does a fine job progressing. While some things may be censored and rewards that are not as nice as jp, NA deserves no hate and could be supported by the recipients who translated all of the scenes even if the translation is not great. And yes we all know FGO is notourious for the weak rates, but it still encourages F2P with the nonpaid summon tickets and fragments.
~ 0kammunist
Loved Fate and its storytelling for a long time actually, and this release is a welcome addition to the Fate multiverse! Nice servant collection and dynamic song to go with the stories and meetings, as well as comic relief and decent war system. The gacha rate is cute weak on average if you wish a 5 star servant, but meetings offer nonpaid 4 stars that can create up for that, barely. :p
~ A Google user
The gacha system on this release is hot garbage. It is also idea to grinding with no payoff. Gameplay is average paper, rock, scissors style. Only nice thing about it is the characters but nice luck to obtain anyone you wish because summons are both characters and essence which lower chances of getting characters. This release is greedy and kinda boring. There are better releases than this.
~ Jose Valle
The Nice: nice storyline line and full of cool characters (and waifu). Your SSR characters can last you for a long time and you know it won't be made obsolete by newest characters in the next 6-12 months. The Terrible: Horrendous gacha rate with no guarantee SSR after spending a certain amount of $. I've spent $500 before on a single gacha banner and got nothing (not a single SSR servant) out of it, so test at your own risk.
~ Kevin Kurniawan
The release overall is cute fun in terms of gameplay and storyline. My only complaints is that it's a gigantic time comsumer when you are trying to strengthen your squad which I feel is super unnecessary and annoying. Also, the chances of you getting any powerful servants are extremely weak and without them its hard to progress in like literally anything down the way.
~ Sam Roh
So I obtain that they wish to create dollars and that is very understandable for any businesses....But when you compare FGO to another gacha releases, it's very absurd how weak the rates are. Not very friendly for newest users and if you are a f2p user, you could just transport on. I wish to like this release more, but it's just other test to victory.
~ Chett Manly
This release is nice. The majority of recipients that post a 3 star or below are just salty that it isnt like another releases they've played. Localization is never an trouble in my mind, Japanese release developers usually version their releases later in the West, so it makes total sense that we're two years behind them. It's not to claim that it's fair, definitely not the topic, but it's a release definitely worth your time testing.. This release is an interactive storyline waiting to be unraveled. Also, waifus.
~ Jacob Roddy
I'm a fan of the original Fate materials (VN and anime) so naturally this release is a gotta to test. Adds some dimensions to the Fate universe especially with Servant stories, so I can see any fan of the original Fate series enjoying this. Nice storyline and a diverse roster of servants. One can progress thru the storyline even without any SR servants so it's not really pay-to-victory. My only trouble though are the slow loading times. But another than that, I'm enjoying it a lot.
~ Pinwheel Ten
Overall, the storyline is nice, and the release test is cute nice. It's been designed to not take up heavy amounts of zone on your device (weak on recorded spoken parts and animations), but still engaging. They frequently have bonus side stories where you can earn rare equipment and even obtain characters for your squad! This is one of the only releases that I've come back to after more than a year.
~ Jordan Argyle
This release is the worse ever created. Reviewers that are claim gacha aren't terrible are predators who wish to support DW to take advantage of recipients with gambling addiction. Also F2p are just there to stroke PW2 ego, so I don't suggest recipients to test the release at all. Basically this release is TRASH.
~ A Google user