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About: Become a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 18! Immerse yourself in a gigantic launch globe and harvest many types of crops, take care of your livestock - cows, sheep, and pigs - take part in forestry, and sell your products on a dynamic supermarket to expand your farm! You have access to a gigantic selection of over 50 farming machines and machines, faithfully recreated from over 30 of the largest names in the industry, including AGCOs most respected brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Drive and use brand newest equipment and harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, and for the first time sunflowers. With a deep and potent simulation experience, a vast launch globe and a wide fleet of machines including brand newest machines, Farming Simulator 18 invites you aboard the most complete handheld farming simulation ever created! Informations of Farming ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: GIANTS Software
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Farming Simulator 18 Reviews and Comments:

I like this release but it has one trouble that I've seen. when you place the tractor in the field and use the GPS the tractor keeps on going in circles or run going someplace else. Fix the trouble then I'll give 5 stars!
~ Randy Judd
the release is okay but i was disapointed in the ai and in the map the feilds were to tiny and if you guys create a 2020 release you guys need to upgrade the ai upgrade the map like add the opation to download maps and upgrade the settings like allow us decide the release speed and another equipment and upgrade the graphics and lastly upgrade multiplayer i would like true multiplayer like servers
~ soupcansam gaming
I am a cowboy that loves this release and would love for all country lads to down load this and i know that they would fall in love with this release too?
~ Adam Endicott
Where is my save cloud... Its spouse to be there when i change newest device... But its gone... Nothing there... i buy your item with dollars not with leaf... before that i already have 2 save clouds... But its gone... You can check my archivements... Or u can chek my buying...
~ Mr Jebone
Too slow for a small release. On a console you might expect to test about as much time as it takes to upgrade things on this release, but on a device it's just too uncomfortable and boring to test for an hour and still not afford anything.
~ Ben Roman
The assistants break anytime they gotta refill either the planter or fertilizer. If you set them to run planting or fertilizing a field and the seed or fertilizer runs out, they'll go refill, but when they go to continue they do so either at 90 degrees to the original direction (so they run doing the action along the width of the field rather than continuing it along the length in my topic) Or they will run back where they left off but instantly go off on a tangent and hit something
~ Benjamin Bordelon
still glitching no matter what i test. if test to drive straight, it will drive in circles. rotates the opposite direction wen i turn my fone one idea.
~ Annie Frysinger
Nice Product. lose hours testing whenever I can. synchronised with test so progress is saved. this is a definite gotta have release. A++++++
~ Antony Jones
nice! all i wish to claim is that i feel that the pickup truck could be able to place equipment in it's bed (the part in the back)
~ My Blanket Plays Minecraft
That simulator is nice! There could be soy available, but that doesn't change what it is: a real farming simulator.
~ Marcos Rocha
I I have been to the this your call squad interview and for with a the client call I am still currently working for on the on the basis of 4 3rd 3 I and on my the behalf of the of I am was have to a dude several several another days 3 to 6 and the police will to not be 4 to be me there 4 4 the police will not be allowed to be for any the 7777 3 7777 4 4 and of the course court police authority in action to on in advance court proceedings topic of the theft court claim topic action claim versus to court the
~ mooy channel 1000
Love it, but I want you should buy more implements and fertilizers. also it would be great to be able to set up a pattern for your equipment. need more kinds of crops. need to be able to place your tractors in order.
~ Micka Musgrove
There could have been an option for first person mode in the release so that we should switch to machines very easily and some placables like beehouses, windmills etc like in FS 17. Rest everything is nice.
~ Varun Bhat
Be very careful with this release. If you don't save it onto a cloud you loose all the dollars you have spent on appliances. My son learned the hard idea. I wrote to them and they were very unsympathetic. another apps have given far better help. Don't be caught like we did.
~ Angelic Hazelwood
this release is fun but there equipment I should think off that needs to be added like a bigger trailer so you can haul more equipment maybe a trailer that hooks up to the strongest semi so you can pull all of the logging equipment like the scorpion and the tiny attachments and a tractor also have it to wear you can hook up the trailer to the logging trailer so when you obtain to the logging web you can switch them place and then some sxs or something fun just create the release better another then that no complaints
~ Thomas's daily's
very nice release. great and easy as well. A great introduction to the xbox ver which has more technicalities. probably the finest release on google test.
~ Rakshaan Soogrim
I love the release. It gives me needed graphics according to my device. I have a recommendation won't it be nice if we also have a first person veiw. Hope to see it applicable in future
~ Vatan Patel
I love the release, but just recently did an modernization to the release and it screwed up the gyroscope (tilting device to steer) I paid for the full release please fix so I can hold enjoying the release, I already calibrated my motion on device which fixed nothing for the release.
~ Chris Oleschak
Had to delete because my device safety won't let me to test the release. Apparently this release has troubles ever since it came out. You can't claim you're working on it when it's been an trouble since the release came out. Very disappointing, especially when you pay for a release. Modernization: 4/26/19 Thanks for responding. Everything works nice.
~ longhorndmt
this is a fun release. I just purchased a Galaxy S 10 plus and the horizontal tilt and gyroscope seem to go crazy. I have another Simulation releases that have the same functions but they work well. I'm not sure what the trouble is but I'll hold checking in on it.
~ Curt Rowe
The troubles seem to have been fixed. 5/5 for the release. want it would have a multiplayer coop and not strictly bluetooth connection only. Another than that it is a wonderfull release, very relaxing.
~ Fluffy Dragg0n
I am trying to use my s9 plus and when I test to use the gyroscope it doesnt work correctly. I used my lvl release and can confirm the movements are smooth and work. I even did a calibration release.
~ chase geppert
Testing the Product at night mode on Mobile Tablet it is to dark. You have to wait for daylight to return so you can see where your going. This could have been an option to turn on or off.
~ John Mccoomb
Overall the release is nice but sometimes things can be idea too expensive and it's really hard to create dollars because you have to wait to pick up a trailer of corn or you have to wait until your crops grow GIANTS Program I hope you can fs19 nice and can't wait for fs20.
~ Matthew McFarland
I like this release it is one of the finest farming simulator releases I have ever played. Although I would like to be able to own more animals another than just sheep, pigs, and cows I would like to be able to drive in first person I would like to be able to obtain out of the equipment and walk around I would also like to be able to pick the breeds of the animals I obtain and finally I would like to be able to create the fields I own bigger than what they are already. these will obtain the release 5 stars for sure.
~ Noah Scott
I love this release, I really do, but should do with tweaking, like allow me employ a manager or two, as it's hard to do 3 / 4 things at once, also can you do a tweak so I can obtain loans versus my farm or crops, also I wish to buy more, like John deere, buildings ect. Nice release but just needs a bit of a tweak.
~ William Edwards
Nice release overall however, allow down as I purchased some coins and I never got them. I got charged, but no coins. Soft guys, can you reply please to obtain my in-release buy given to me. One thing I dont like is paying for something and not getting it. Thanks
~ Cyke03
Product would be better if you should pick different states or regions to farm. Create it to where you are not limited on number of machines you can own. Create it to where you can build barns, fences and things to create release a tiny more realistic.
~ Matthew Davis
Would give this release 5 stars, but after buying all the equipment the release would let me to buy, I search myself feeling allow down. I haven't even bought a third of the fields in the release. I guess it is meant for you to have a limited supply of equipment and spend the majority of your time driving to fields all over the map. I would rather have equipment in zones that handle certain fields. But you can't buy enough to do that.
~ Kevin Rowe
Nice release with nice graphics ,but I purchased coins and I have not received them or where to obtain them and use them. here is the transaction information. NER26Z3K5S Confirmed.You have received Ksh200.00 from GOOGLE PLAYSTORE B2C 151545 on 27/5/19 at 9:26 AM. A second time I've bought again no coins ive received amangry actually with Google. NES080CH3A Confirmed. Ksh300.00 sent to GOOGLE PLAYSTORE for profile 1'000'000 Coins (Far on 28/5/19 at 3:53 PM
~ Steven Egesa
Despite denials from Giant below, this release brought malware onto my device causing chrome to launch each 10 mins on an advertising web web. I had to uninstall and trouble has actually gone away. Nice release but can't load it for this reason. Modernization following response from Giant: I did download from Test Market. Modernized after Giant modernized Test Market. Actually working without trouble previously reported. Thank you.
~ david Rowland
helo GIANT SOFTWARE... I wish to recommend...is to add more plant Such as flaxseed and many more.. if you guys create an modernization like that..The more recipients will buy this release...create it tons... I know it need many job to do...but Hold It modernization time by time.. example..this month..u guys place one kind of plant :-) and the another month add one more kind..create it more tons..first of all..I love this release..:-)
~ Mirwell Duo
It's fun. But create the map even bigger where we can travel even further. It is really boring to have tiny map. There's nothing much too search. Simulation release not just a boring simulation than test around tiny map but it need to give users more territories to go, making choices and express theirs self.
~ LV 798
DO NOT BUY! Unpaid versions are better and I asked for a refund so I should send the dollars on the nonpaid ver and no response. The visuals in this release give me a headache. Added too many options that are spread far apart. You'll spend half of you time on this release just driving to and from the depots. UPDATE: Giants Help replied to this message. My response is that I DID correspondence your help correspondence and never received a response! Thank you for allowing me to add terrible communicative response.
~ Scott Nevil
An addicting release for sure. the only things I'd like to see is: -crops take other minute or two before maturing - if there should be timers for the fields (maybe on the map) so you know how long before they are ready -some sort of marker (again, maybe in the map) to present if a field had been fertilized or not
~ A Google user
the cost of fuel, fertilizer, seed,car wash is outrageous, the yield off of crops is worthless you cant obtain ahead on anything , and even buying large hitpoint equipment the speed while working with attachments is so slow it's not funny it takes for ever to obtain anything done and my tilt steering will not work hope it will obtain fixed or want I had my dollars back. farm simulator 14 is a lot better and it's nonpaid
~ Pat Quinn
Prepare to obtain frustrated, this is a very slow release. I have no clue what to do. I can sow seeds but cannot harvest them, I buy the softwares to harvest but cannot use them with the machines I have. So as I have spent all my dollars on equipment I do not need or cannot use I'm actually a tiny bored and lost. Needs to have a nice guide and walkthrough to present you what softwares work with what machines and what machines are needed for certain types of harvesting or at least warn you what is required at the run.
~ Bobby Anderson
I love this release but right actually I am frustrated because it wont allow me buy anymore equipment. Keeps claiming the lot is full but nothing is in the lot. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still same trouble. also the helpers hold running into equipment and getting themselves stuck. they are also missing parts of the crops when harvesting. please fix these glitches and I really love testing this release but if I cant buy equipment then there is no target in testing any longer
~ Trish Halla
Nice Product. One thing that is a serious trouble and cost 2of5 stars is..... After the tractor fills with seed or fertilizer (mostly fertilizer) and returns to the field to continue spraying, they go off course. For some reason they run to turn to the side and go off until stopped by tree, rock or edge of map. If this was fixed it would be 5 stars all day long. Otherwise it would be great to send the tractors empty to pickup implements on their own, or supplies etc... hopefully in the future.
~ Dutty Diesel
Having a trouble with the tilt to steer, my machines are usually locked into left steer. I thought it might be an trouble with my device, but when i signed into FS14. the trouble was not present there. I've tried removing the release, then re-downloading, but with no luck. the release is unplayable like this. has anybody experienced this as well?
~ motoxgod395