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Farming Simulator 16   
About: Manage your own farm and drive heavy machines in an launch globe! Farming Simulator 16 allows you to manage your own realistic farm in extraordinary detail. Plant, grow, harvest, and sell five different crops, raise cows and sheep, and sell timber at your own pace. Purchase newest fields to expand your farm land. Take direct control of harvesters and tractors, or hire AI supports and manage your growing farm from the full screen management map. As the latest in the series of Farming Simulator releases, this release has the finest of agriculture simulation. The release informations heavy tractors and another machines from over 20 brands of agricultural manufacturers, including Newest Holland, Situation IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, Krone, Amazone, MAN and more. Informations of Farming Simulator 16 contain: - Newest 3D graphics present even more detail on your machinery! - ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 14MB Developer: GIANTS Software
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Farming Simulator 16 Reviews and Comments:

downloaded and bought but cant use it when opened i can do anything on screen except zoom in and out.
~ Mike Henderson
I was downloaded this release 3 time bt not interested . Eevery time ask erer 7
~ Harmeet BrAr Harmeetbrar6050
~ Farming Simulator Ultimatefan2019
I would add the machine pries lower besause there are extremely alot of dollars and a logging woods only.
~ A Google user
it is nice release just want it had a playground/sandbox mode
~ Ethan Mcdonald
thats very nice and interesting release but can we obtain double trolley system in next modernization
~ Ansh Dhingra
use to love the release actually that I got the s10+ I cannot test the screen messes up and steers on its own
~ Neil Beaney
Nice release hold making more I will buys releases from giant soft there releases work better on my device thanks
~ Paul Mitchell
Hey lad I can't hold my device away, its addictive but am struggling to buy coins
~ Sipho Stanely
I just love, but you need to place at a newest one please
~ debra blake
It plays really well it's a nice time passer I just want you should add more sowing seeders
~ chp chargercrazy
One may able to transport animals out of shed for grazing and raise their family sell for meat and buy newest one also
~ Adil Mir
Bought and downloaded this release twice and both times the release crashes when starting.
~ Tyler Schmidt
Amazaing release!!! love the multiplayer information!
~ Jackson Elliott
Ok this needs to have a bank so you can obtain loans create it like the true farm sim for PC and. That another equipment and create it to where you can create filds combine filds then this would be 5stars
~ A Google user
My control's aren't working right and won't allow me slide the lever up 2 stars cause it is messing up and i had to pay for it
~ Mr. Nobody
its more advanced and i love it it was worth each penny i spent hold it up
~ levi Klimek
want i should obtain my dollars back. controls and instructions are almost useless.
~ Tim Wells
i dont like it 18 us vetter because i can use a bt controller. im not olaying ut brcause i have 18 but its a nice release. 😀
~ zach hawkins
I love the release but the tractors needs duel wheels on them and combines to thank you for this release I love it
~ Robert Robinson
upgraded to newer device. LOST all bought coin and bought equipment!!!!! Sucks.....
~ William Mac Neil
Only trouble i want they would fix is that you can hook the newest Holland hay baler up to the crop picker when you have the picker on front to bale wheat straw it works on notebook but not on small please consider am modernization
~ Greg McMurry
nice but if u don't mind should you create the most expensive field a bit less ?
~ Lisa Knox
I love this one but should you guys place masseyfarguson tractors and maybe some bigger softwares for the bigger fields please thanks
~ Jeremy Kerins
Very great release but what do you do if your garage is full and you have purchased all the land
~ Eugene Groenewald
I need to buy more equipment but I can't unless I sell something. can you please fix this
~ Thomas Shaffer
the touchscreen is a several cm off target on the right side of the screen. so u cant use any controls or the accelerator
~ Aidan House
Product keeps freezing during test. I have to restart my device in order for it to restart.
~ Matt Renner
I want there was a constructive mode so we should search the release in its full result because at the moment I'm struggling to sustain a farm that's nice
~ Young Deez
it was very terrible and fake. u couldn't even obtain in the tractor. I hated it. don't wast your dollars on this release.
~ Dan Henry
Very fun release, easy to understand and test. Controller help is outstanding, and makes the release even more enjoyable! Graphics are nice, smooth and detailed.
~ Michael Carpenter
looks nice, but cannot test on my chromebook so no 5 runs. there could be control changes in the settings but there is not.
~ P-nut
I PAID for this release/release before any upgrades were available and it played splendidly. NOW that another versions have emerged my purchased release stutters, changes direction of steering ALL ON ITS OWN!!!! THIS compels me to rate it drastically terrible!!! In short, it's full of Sugar Honey Iced Tea!!!! Even trying to post THIS is cumbersome as symbols appear without depressing characters. DON'T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!! SEND THEM A MESSAGE. F.U.!!!! I WANT A FULL REFUND! CHILD OF NO FATHER! I'M GOING TO TELL ALL ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT THIS B.S.! Oh yeah! I'm uninstalling this cow chip !!! Expeditiously!
~ Phillip Punter
ive had a trouble with farming simulator 18 , their was malware , so i had to delete it. actually i cant search it on test shop . i place dollars into the release and bought it also a lot of time in it .
~ Little Ox
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!! If you do you will regret it!!! IT ALWAYS FREEZES after 3 hours and you loose your hard work! tried to contact the release originators but they never responded
~ Sakhile Mthembu
Short and sweet, the finest ever simulator created!!! Congrats on a superb release, looking forward to 2019 or 20. You are a GIANT!!!
~ Sarel Joubert
Nice at first. About a month ago, I received the newest modernization on my Note 9 and actually the touch sensor is off on the release. please fix and I will rate it a 5 Star!
~ Isidro Galvez
i thought this release was going to be fun but it keeps logging me out even if i restart the release and my device im really disapointing do something about the release farm simulator 18 is idea better than 16 but i really wish to test 16 for a chance. P.S GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK YOU THIEFS
~ Yuly Tejada
Product worked perfectly on all of my devices until I upgraded to the Pixel 2 XL. Actually when i tap the screen, it is off by about a quarter inch, making it very hard to tap the right thing.
~ Carl Matkin
Seems like a fun release, but I have to wait for the next modernization to test it. The newest modernization does not cooperate with the Samsung Note 9, the right side of the screen is a tiny messed up. I can not use the screen throttle, it just zooms in and out. If the developer applications a modernization hopefully they will fix this.
~ Mason B