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Farm Heroes Super Saga   
About: The makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are back with even bigger Cropsies and more switcher fun in Farm Heroes Super Saga! Support the Farm Heroes conquer Rancid and victory the Country Present in this adorable match 3 journey. The Farm Heroes know Rancid Raccoon is up to his old tricks again and it's up to you to support them conquer him in this puzzle quest. Grow and harvest the largest Super Cropsies and stop Rancid from destroying the fun for everyone! Travel through this Farmtastic puzzle release while collecting as many Cropsies as you can! Support Fidget the squirrel accumulate his nuts, harvest adorable Super Cropsies and go on a puzzle quest to meet exciting newest Farm Heroes. Be careful on your journey and watch for Rancid Raccoon, he will pop up and test to stop you when you least expect him... Farm Heroes Super Saga informations: Match 3 Products ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 91MB Developer: King
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Farm Heroes Super Saga Reviews and Comments:

i have been testing this release for over two years. not sure how many few hundred lvls I have passed and it just restart to the beginning after accepting newest terms and conditions. beyond disappointing.
~ Jennifer Meckley
Fun release, except when I give users life's and nothing hardly comes back. time to uninstall the release.
~ Karen Gutierrez
So cool,test it guys it makes you feel so fun and injoyable moment often you test this release,I like it so much,,
~ Shielajhong Santayo
Need to give better rewards...no incentive to test this release!! still feel the same idea about this release. no everyday boosters spins like mist releases
~ A Google user
I am enjoying this release .I'm still enjoying testing this Farm Heroes Saga. I'm usually anxious to return to this release. I'm addicted to testing this release. Lvl #99 is really challenging. Thank you.
~ Elaine Jackson
I enjoy testing this release but it doesn't give me my prizes for the most part. I'm tired of asking for the prizes and asking them to fix this trouble but like I claimed I enjoy testing it.
~ A Google user
Love this release, please can you load it on my pc
~ Mandy Sugden
I love testing this release. It doesnt obtain boring as u go up the lvls. Challenging in a fun idea ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘the only downside is the release steals your rewards after the country present u obtain 250 coins but they are not credited. Have lost over 10000 coins ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
~ Bridgette Musamirapamwe
Loved testing until ads started to interupt releases , this nasty habit really does lessen the enjoyment of testing. This really is NOT an enjoyable experience.
~ bob ramsay
There can be releases but not evil releases or releases that tool. I despise evil releases and cheating releases. This release has flaws, but it isn't evil and this release cam be idea more accurate on its counting and not have the wrong amount of cropsies to victory a lvl and lose all of your lives, each times, trying to victory a lvl in order to go to the next lvl.
~ A Google user
Have been testing this release for years. It's constantly bringing newest challenges whilst managing to hold the basis in zone. Love it.
~ A Google user
it's a cute fun and relaxing release too test. I dont go into Fb tho I have not used it in over 2 years FB. Too many recipients allow FB CONTROL thier everyday routine and I'm not in that group i can set my device down and not feel like I'm unattached so release is fun and relaxing 5 stars simple!!!!!
~ Lori Moore
Really enjoy the release. Only thing Im not fond of is waiting 3 days to test additionial lvls, unless you pay to buy keys or have dudes send them to you.
~ Mackenzie Johnson
I really love this release but since the upgrade each time I am about to victory a lvl it crashes and takes my lives! We gotta have more lives if you wish me to hold testing.
~ Jo-Ann Murphy
No walkthrough involved. entirely controlled by release. Takes too long to complete a release thus making the release frustrating and boring at times.Doesn,t give points at times when it could.
~ A Google user
it's a nice release and i loved to test it. but there is something missing like 'everyday reward and quest' like you gave in candy crush soda.. And without boosters this release is so tough and hard to test. Please modernization this release with these newest informations. Sometimes i buy boosters but i lose my all coins and there is no boosters in my booster slot. Can you fix this???
~ Umar Basra
harder than farm heroes saga, I prefer that one. I dont know how far I will obtain before purchases are required to pass lvls on this, and thats when I uninstall.modernization: Well Im still going and havent required to buy boosters, but every lvl takes me quite a several goes!
~ Rita Rankin
Look I love the release! I gave it a 4 because the only idea to obtain boosters is with dollars. Same for opening the gate - you either wait for like 3-4 days or pay dollars. I saw that many recipients here have the same complaint on their reviews so I guess the developer could take that into consideration to add a several more possibilities that are for nonpaid. But I do enjoy the release very much!
~ Janine Bell
Im loving this release! i been testing this release for a long time actually and the lvls are cute simple to test and i dont buy no bonus booster either to support me out i EARN them!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š There could be more meetings happen also. Nice release!
~ imCrazyLove love
Gameplay is decent and fun. The largest drawback is that more time is spent watching the animations than now testing. For each swipe, there are few seconds of slow chain reactions or fancy flourishes, and even more between lvls. If you're in it for the looks, its nice. But otherwise its a very slow-moving release.
~ Rebecca Young
I'm a bit disappointed, I made it to lvl 1000 and thought I'd obtain some type of reward booster but I didnt obtain anything at all.
~ Tanya Dawes
Love the release. Only flaw is when you go to watch an add for bonus boosters,sometimes it won't allow you ๐Ÿ˜ข Also would be nice if you should trade coins for gold bars. But love the challenge ๐Ÿ‘
~ Maria Cotter
Challenges me and is a lot of fun! The graphics are cool. It's nice that it gives bonus challenges actually & then to gain different boosts! Love it!
~ Wendy Mosman
Use to be okay for a nonpaid release with banners that didn't annoy, but the pop up that constantly jumps in front asking you to watch an banner has gotten rediculous. Gave it a one to "banner" balance cuz it's not a 4.5 by any means.
~ Pryzim1
YAY! I'm loving the newest premium options we obtain to work for! Really enjoy the release but started getting bored with being stuck on a lvl for SO long! Kudos!
~ Alexis Harvey
I love the release, so re-download on my newest device, but I can't download the release, it obtain stuck on 45% while downloading. Please support me. My connection is nice anyway.
~ Tothelight 1990
This release is wonderful. It supports to hold my mind think quickly, smart and logically. It support me to enjoy my pension time. Thank you so much for your squad creatives.
~ Thao Dan Nguyen
This release is super fun but I'm getting very frustrated with the fact that I never obtain my winnings from the country present. help tickets have been submitted but nothing has happened. bumming me out.
~ Charity Kingsley
When someone plays a release once and deletes, then downloads the release once again, please dont place the old release back that the person was once testing maybe there was a reason the release was deleted in the first zone. I delete releases cause either im stuck and cant obtain off that lvl or im bored of the release!
~ Victor Bobinski
OH BOY HAVING FUN FUM FUN FUN FUM I HOCK ON THIS GAME BAD!!!!!!!!!!!#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMEAN HOCK LIKE ICE CREAM AND CAKE NOW THATS BA........ .................???D
~ A Google user
lots o fun. it's funny how acorns will go around corners away from the squirrels, but have problem going straight towards the squirrels. Oh and did I mention the "disappearing cropsies " . But lotsa fun. At # 1245
~ Otto Gain
thunderclouds will not break the ice in the lvl I'm on, not until nearly the end when you don't have a chance.
~ Joann Schalk
love this โค๏ธ release this release keeps me up all night and I just love it. nice release. this release is so much fun
~ brenda charles
nice release but since newest modernization release won't load. I can load all previous lvls just not the one I am on. Please can you fix??
~ Russell Syrett
Loved the latest upgrades. Nice challenge. Modernized today:release freezes and crashes. The release took 300 coins from me when I purchased from the booster shop while online, but didn't give me the boosters. It also shorted me on my 500 coun reward for completing a "quest".
~ TR Spay
I love testing the release. However, this newest modernization will not allow me load any lvls actually. I'm no longer able to test the release. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still didn't load the lvls.
~ Beth Webb
i love this release! nice graphics, song and more vesratility per lvl amping up every challenge! nice!
~ jill siegler
I also think they need a everyday spin daily. And also when they have the quest they could add gold bars with the quest.
~ Lisa Shafer
I just downloaded this about a week ago and at first I really like the release but since the first day I have stuck on level 24 no matter how I test it it is impossible to pass and 8t is very irritating. so I'm uninstalling the release. what is the target if you cant obtain thru the lvls without spending a bunch of dollars on gold. dollars is something I dont have.
~ Brandy Castleman
I love this release. it supports relief stress. it is a fun release too. it's nice release for long drives.would love to download this on my daughter's device. I think she would love testing it while on summer holidays
~ Crystal Collins