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About: Farm Heroes Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Bubble Witch 3 Saga! Rancid the Racoon is trying to spoil the precious Farm Lands, stealing as many Cropsies as he can along the idea. Join forces with the Farm Heroes and support accumulate the Cropsies to save the day! Test through hundreds of lvls solving puzzles by switching, matching and collecting Cropsies across the farm! Match 3 or more Cropsies to accumulate them, plan your moves for bigger and better matches to reach that all important high score! Search farmtastic journeys across a tons of release modes and puzzles including Rancid boss fights! Farm Heroes Saga has a wealth of boosters and power ups to support you out along the idea! Create the most of Superhero Mode when you have moves to spare, Superhero Mode lets you earn bonus points which makes those large matches even more worthwhile! Take on th ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 74MB Developer: King
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Farm Heroes Saga Reviews and Comments:

Absolutely love the release!! But hate the fact that it keeps freezing up right after I use my premium equipment, so i hold losing everything. And then I have to hold starting over!!
~ Jane'a Mayfield
Don't believe this release. After using few boosters, I used my last transport to accumulate the final crop. There were more than enough points on that crop to finish the release, but they shortchanged me by just enough to lose. I had counted them few times to create sure, so I know the points were there. Sometimes the release will suddenly shut down in the middle of testing. What a ripoff!
~ Heather Neufeld
Nice release! ive veen testing this gane for years and it never gets old. its not too hard but can be a true challenge at times. Nice animation brings the cropsies to life! You must test this release!
~ Collette Soucy
getting very annoyed with this release again,taking far too long to obtain through lvls ,trying everything to create you buy things,not amused
~ Mary Anderson
it's the finest release i have ever played and it has my ❤️ fruit in it my ❤️is strabery and the grafics are very nice. I have played many releases and this is the finest one.I have a qestoin for far heros saga are you going to create more releases like this in the future or have you all ready done that? I hope you responed 1🙏 makes 1 hope.
~ Inga Ciechanowicz
been playin this 4 years n I luv it! -June 13th,2019- I was so bumbed out because I had to uninstall n reinstall due to the release shutting down as quick as I hit test.. BUT CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS AWESOME!!! My lvls came back but I lost all my boosters, n I had A LOT. but after they looked over my profile they gave me back my boosters.
~ Liz Sutter
release is fun. Just want they would fix the glitches- freezing, not recognizing touch screen, disconnecting from Fb, taking few mins to load the release, etc.
~ Orlana Bourgoin
I love this release but sometimes when boosters or gold bars were bought, they would not upload. The graphics are nice & I love when I now victory the hard lvls lol..
~ A Google user
i modernized this release 6/11/19 and then after upgrading, it would not launch! im on lvl 925. i dont wish to run on lvl 1 again! please fix it instantly!!!
~ Patricia Mae Garcia
the release is fun and challenging. I don't like the fact that you supposedly earn gold bars but then they wish you to pay for them and there's no in-release idea to obtain them quite irritating of a dollars grab so I'll go as far as I can and then search a newest release.
~ Tincker
Only test if I'm bored, to slow on the wait time on getting lives. Plus the way block is annoying if you have to wait 3 or 4 day's before you can test again. ?? Why does it not give me my prizes that I won sometimes & also why does it freeze up and I lose one of my user's because of it.?? ...Sorry thought this had gone threw to you. Eighty years old so not mutch nice at these releases but i'm trying. Okay what does thoes onesy things do?? Hold trying them but haven't seen them supporting me at all.
~ A Google user
some lvls are fun but the difficulty ratings don't seem to be similar to how hard the lvls are. stuck on some lvls for days and days. Some of the quests are impossible to complete e.g. pass 3 hard lvls as there are no hard lvls just normal, super hard and ultra hard.
~ Paula Stott
JUST starting the lvls. cute fun, simple actually, will obtain harder I'm sure! Trying to obtain gold bricks. Do you have to buy them??????? Still testing everyday**
~ Scot Campbell
I look forward to testing daily.. it keeps finding fun ideas to hold me challenged never intimidateing.really funny sound effec ts LETS PLAY !...modernization ! I've played each night for few months and allways a newest information or monster to hold me on my toes. Farm Heros is a really cool release and never bearing!..plus the critters are so beautiful I can hardly stand it.
~ DeAun Decker
STILL RECEIVING UNACHIEVABLE QUESTS I.E. BEGIN A TREASURE MILL EVENT AND COMPLETE 5 HARD LEVELS🙄Thank you for removing flashing snowballs. PLEASE modernization quests. Actually moved to 3stars as hold giving feedback but no action taken. Actually been stuck on same lvl for 4 days?
~ A Google user
I love this release, BUT what has happened? after I modernized it, i can't test it anymore and that makes me sad, it is the only thing that makes me forget my trouble even just for a while. I hope it can be fix so quick .. Do i need to test it online or what ???
~ jesa tobias
completing quests gives rewards but it doesn't add to the total rewards. the total rewards remain the same even after winning in the quests. there are some troubles of connecting with fb too. once connected all the rewards disappear. nice release though.
~ Prashant Pandey
The release was great until I modernized it. Actually I can't even test because the release hold on closing and taking away my lives when I attempt to test. Support please. Fix it asap.
~ Shaneen Brown
super duper fun release. the only one I have on my small for the longest. nice challenges, nice graphics, nice song. deadly combo! my fav release ever!!! love it!!!! 😍😍😍✌✌✌
~ Madhuri Soni
I have been a very glad user/consumer until actually. You have slash the gold bars in half from 50 to 25 yet you are still charging $2.99. I earn no more rewards from being on a winning streak (meaning the unicorn is gone). Also the perk of earning rewards from, passing a hard lvl, getting 3 stars, beating rancid, is gone. You will loose a faithful user/buyer if you pick to hold this ver. It sucks and today will be my last buy, if this is your 'better' ver.
~ Lovely Les
Nice release, BUT Boss turns YOUR gameplay into dollars for Boss. Need bonus moves? Watch an ad for a product you don't wish. You need those moves, right? Yes, as it seems the releases have been re-engineered just a bit. They have usually collected time, this just takes it to the next lvl. Read their policies statement.
~ NICK Danger
you need to modernization the quests. I hold getting quests to beat hard lvls which dont exist anymore. They are actually named super hard lvls and dont count for the quest so its impossible to complete. please fix the quests!!!
~ Bonnie Goulet
I modernized this release on Saturday and then on Sunday it would not launch. I am on lvl 717. I do not wish to run over. It opens to the screen that claims test. click on test and it closes. please fix this trouble.
~ Angie Love
Demands a certain amount of skill, does not leave everything to chance, pitched exactly right, thank you, but l become frustrated when l'm claimed l've gained stars but the indicator doesn't seem to permanently add to the total.
~ Yvonne Dickson
It was fun when I run testing the regular lvls and having the side challenges Trid Mill made it exciting . But actually that we are at the it's boring . We have to wait two weeks for newest lvls . They only place cheap side challenges on . At least they could place the Trid Mill back for the users that are waiting two weeks for newest challenges. Sadly they wont even respond message .
~ Elsie Mcleod
I've been testing this for awhile and enjoyed it. However the bugs are making it frustrating. Earn an hour of infinite lives? The hour will present up in the timer, but test to test a lvl and the lives don't present up. Check to victory bonus rewards? hold getting tasks which ask to pass hard lvls (which there aren't any, only super hard which don't count) or to obtain newest companions, which I haven't had the option to do for hundreds of lvls. this has been going on for quite a while.
~ Emily Bernstein
Loving it again. Thanks for putting the banners in a more incentive tool.This idea I obtain to pick what I see & when. The gifts are awesome & more frequent.
~ Paula Kimball
Love the release. not getting my points for watching videos. or grty to the finish line. it Claims me i will obtain my target when I connect to the internet. i am on the internet. what is going on????
~ A Google user
My overall experience is nice. The one thing that bothers me is that sometimes when I'm on a lvl and I've beaten it, it will now not zone me in the spot I'm supposed to be in instead it'll do it wrong. Example: Top User has 123000, I have 234000 it'll stop me at 2nd zone when I'm supposed too be 1st. needs fixing instantly.
~ Denise Gibson
i love this release.. i just dont like when they test with the pricing for gold bars. i see last week they were charging 2.99.. well that fully turned me off.. 1.99 sounds better than 2.99.. i remember when it was just 99 cents for 10 gold bars. i didnt complain about the 1.99 though, but the 2.99 was going over board. hold testing with the pricing, yall gon create an active gold bar buyer- LEAVE.. another than that, this is the only release i test.
~ Biggirldontcare inc
I used to test this long ago, so I thought I thought I'd test again... There is usually a "contest" going on. It's no longer enjoyable as it's become about only winning. I'm competitive in life. It sucks I can't unwind testing a mindless release. Who can pass up a contest? G2G! I slipped to 2nd zone!
~ Monique Johnson
don't obtain me wrong its a nice release i loved it till lvl 69 and then after that it just stopped working properly, i launch the release it closes, sometimes i launch it and everything is search with the pop up info and another things then when i press test it closes the release and it has actually done that for a month with me trying to enter it everyday 😥😠😠so disappointing
~ pro bold
nice release. I'm at lvl 1826. since the modernization of 6/6/19 there is no quest. how are we suppose to obtain magic beans, except for winning lvls. can you place something inplace? hold up the nice work. SINCE 10/6/19 THE GAME IS CRASHING!!!!
~ Brannon Hoogbaard
I've been testing this for over 2 years & when I installed a newest modernization I lost all my boosters but not my beans or lvls. Upon contacting cust svcs this was resolved in less than 24hrs. Boss's support desk usually does a nice job in all their apps! Thanks! ps: Bring back Paradise Bay!
~ Anne Salley
Ever since the newest modernization, the release will launch and ruin!! I'm very upset because I test this release daily!! Welp, I guess I have time to search a newest favoured release
~ Me Jones
Challenging and addicting; not many releases hold me interested enough to test for more than a couple months before deleting them. However, I have had this release for over a year and still search myself losing sleep trying to beat certain lvls. Kudos to the developer!!!
~ Beth Manley
Not working. I really like the release unfortunately, often you accomplished certain lvl you first have to exit from the release and reopen it before you can test the next lvl. I thought the release gotta be played with a connection. After turning on my time, the trouble was still the same. I tried accessing the customer care and check for a solution. It claims to uninstall the release and to download it again but, I guess I have uninstall it permanently. :(
~ More Happiness
It's cute annoying often I beat a lvl and I lvl up on a pony and go to the next lvl it does not allow me click or create any type of moves on there I can't even use their menu button I have to use my back button On my device to exit the release and lose a life I didn't even obtain to now use. It's like it freezes. I don't know if it's just happening to me or its a glitch but damn they need to fix it I'm losing lives I didn't even obtain to use. Modernization Glitch is fixed addicting as usually
~ Angela Thurman
super cool release. nice time waster. the only thing that kills me is how many things pop up in release. not banners but parts of the release. and I'm just constantly clicking it so I can now test. it seem to take longer than it could to launch release and run testing the release. I dont wish to have to deal with that. I wanna launch a release and test like each another release.
~ michael miles
Incredible! Nice, clean, addictive fun! Importantly, the farm doesn't obtain repetitive. However, there have been a lot of bugs recently. a) When *squares stay empty*, making adjacent matches impossible, and b) when Quests do not reflect effects (completing a "hard" release doesn't raise your total ftom 0. Ever.) Still a nice release, though. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓
~ A Google user