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About: Build, accumulate and quest with your favoured Family Guy heroes and villains in a freakin hilarious newest sandbox release! Receive Ready for the Holidays with Google Tests Festive Upgrades! After other epic war with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog! Test for FREE and rally your favoured FG characters (even Meg) to save the castle in a hilarious newest journey from the writers of Family Guy. Or dont, and regret it forever! Quest for Equipment Informations: Its Unpaid! Freakin nonpaid? Freakin sweet! Build a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants Accumulate hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois Quest with FG characters and victory ridiculous prizes Defend Quahog from pirates, evil chickens, and another invasions Peterfy your city with decorations such as The Peterco ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: TinyCo
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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Reviews and Comments:

can't obtain in after last modernization, been testing for years. have not been able to test for a week
~ Cathi Baker
Soft destroyed and actually I got double and triple characters. Gameplay is actually impossible. I really liked this release too. uninstalled a reinstalled to no avail. Newest modernization did not support. please deliever a fix.
~ Ludvig Von Nordland
fun release takes forever to load. just timed it at 5 mins. my WiFi is the finest family plan you can obtain, next step up is a business plan so I know it's not my connection. only true down fall besides consant waiting on task to finish unless you wish to spend dollars.
~ Hannah Hyde
~ Tiffany Pfingstler
Used to love testing the release. Unfortunately can't test it anymore. Been trying to obtain past the log on screen for over a year and a half and it just sots there at the end not finishing the loading bar. Each time I modernization the release, I test to test it but nothing works. I have tried on different devices, heck I even tried to use an ios device. Still nothing....
~ Pravin Dazandra
Installed the release today, didn't test it, can someone explain why a release needs access to my contacts, access to my devices pictures and files and why would I let the release to manage and create device calls? Forget a out it.
~ Marcel Weigel
The release is alright, I like to test it, dollars mooching idea is a bit annoying, but that is nothing compared to the loading, I mean, the release has 1.4GB on my phon, why, whyy does it need to download equipment off the internet each freakin time? It takes at least 2-3 mins to load even on 100mbit connection...is that really essential? I can understand if some meetings are loading but NO, it has to load a release and reload for an meeting. Which again increases the loading time to almost 7-10 mins, wth?
~ Amir Memic
I'm grateful to google for supporting me fix the release since jam castle you can't obtain them to respond you ... for about last 5 years I've been testing this release and it's nice google has my back so I can test and obtain things fixed when need it ... thanks google ...
~ LuJean Bandur
Love the release but I have 1 major trouble. I recently re-uploaded the release and found a couple of buildings in my stock that weren't there before and seem to be from previous meetings. When I placed them then tried to transport them they didn't reply at all and can't be moved. They're fully stuck where I place them and won't go away when I nuke the city or uninstall then reinstall the release. It's extremely frustrating to have to model my city around them. Please support with this trouble. Thank you
~ Michael McManis
I have had this release for a long time actually and have to claim as of lately I have been very disappointed in the release it has been freezing a lot and lagging a lot to the target where I dont test it anymore very frustrating cause I really enjoy the release, if you can figure out why its behaving the idea it is I will change my rating until them I have to give it 1 star
~ Victor Medina
i used to love this release. i invested true dollars and the release provided me with hours of entertainment. but sadly i wouldnt even rate it 1 star anymore. so many users yave made complaints about the release freezing/not loading.bi myself have made complaints. have not been able to test in atleast 3 months, with no support from release developers. deleting and re_installing does not support. HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED in lack of customer service and assistance to prepared users.
~ Matt Leadley
I am tired of the dirty walkthroughs being used to encourage recipients to spend true dollars. I already pay true dollars to unblock premium characters. In the actual meeting, you use guns to shoot balloons to obtain meeting equipment. I can target the cross hairs directly at a group of balloons so there is no idea to miss but still it claims I missed. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that thiwas just a bug and not a sleazy walkthrough to encourage us to fork over true dollars to buy guns but they have not fixed it.
~ Verl Humpherys
glitchy. freezes, troubles loading, kicks you out. been a trouble since the release has came out. Actually outside of that... it's nice aside from most the nice characters are ridiculously hard to work for, so comes in the part where it's definitely made to pay. lol
~ Lycans Reflection
wants to modernization but there is no UPDATE! I just started the release and was loving it but after reaching the part with Joe, It crashes and when I went to run it up again it claims I need to modernization to the newest ver: There isn't a newest ver to download -_- so I never obtain past the loading screen. I'll change the rating once it's fixed of course.
~ C M
"IS" an nice release if you should test it. Very upset. Haven't been able to test since the 2018 Halloween modernization. Please,please, please fix it 😤 😭 Although I still can't test the release, I'd like to give 2stars to the tech help squad for all of their support. Thank you
~ Philomena Brady
The release keeps destroying. Won't let me to finish the actual meeting & errors out. None of my guys will stay in the hotel. None of my guys ever finish their task. Won't let me to zone buildings required to finish the meeting. Crashes & none of the progress is saved. Takes 10 minutes to load. Drains my battery life every time it crashes & needs to reload. This release sucks. It doesn't even deserve a half star at this target.
~ Kat Cervantes
so the release has all my characters on the city and I can't place them in the resort. It has quests finished from a long time ago which I already did. It freezes up constantly. Please do your job and fix the release. I will not test this release anymore. Thanks alot for the disappointment.
~ scott nelson
I have been testing this release for years cute consistently but finally I have to claim this is a mediocre release and has idea more glitches and troubles than the "fun". Main Pro: release has newest meetings all the time that tie in with the actual season of the present. Cons: load time is at least 2 minutes, impossible to complete an meeting without spending true dollars to obtain clams for in release buying; need lots of clams to complete any task; frequent crashes; release test doesn't flow. Not worth the hassle.
~ Eziwoma Alibo
Would give 5 stars if it didnt hold destroying. Cant even log into the release anymore. Correspondence help does nothing, they don't response. Played this release for years, if it's not fixed by the Christmas meeting it will be deleted. So sad to see so many loyal lovers of the release stop testing. edit. 6 months actually. modernization: finally got a response claiming they have an modernization to fix the release. hope it works!
~ Heaven Moore
I would not suggest this release. It has been glitching and crashes for the past 3+ months. If you obtain tech help to reply to a message you obtain " tech help is working on it and will be fixed quick". I have given up on the this release that i have inversted a lot of time and dollars into.
~ Theresa McClure
The quests are getting worse and worse, this is a BAD IDEA, weak drops rates on everything, characters are not worth the clams that the companys asking for, actually not a well thought out release, just a dollars grab and shows how TinyCo REALLY REALLY CARE ABOUT THE GAME. Oi!!!!! jamcity!!!!!!!! obtain this sorted out please?¿!!!????
~ Eddie Weaving
I love this release but for the past year and a half or so it wont load up anymore. It'll obtain stuck on the loading screen or it will load up and when i place my save it won't work. has this happened to anyone else? i will still give 5 stars because i enjoyed it. i just got a newest device and im downloading it actually so allow's see how this goes! 🤞
~ Alicia Gladu
I enjoyed testing the release in the beginning but then, it started to be annoying when i had to hold doing quests to obtain equipment required to obtain characters and it wouldnt work. A year later still having the same trouble. i stop testing for awhile because of this. I also reported the same trouble over and over and still having the same trouble.
~ Pamela Miles
This release takes entirely too long to load. Characters are hard to obtain and then they are useless later down the line. Often, I've given the characters tasks and closed the release. When I check later, they are wandering unassigned so you can't ever obtain equipment. Recently, everyone has come out of the resort and you can't place them back. They also present old equipment from quests that happened years ago. I've had a lot of patience, but I think it's time to uninstall...
~ Chelsea Norrgård
I've been testing this release for 13 plus years. i had a glitch where during a actual meeting no missions were showing up and Peter was stuck on same target. after not hearing back from help i uninstalled and reinstalled and actually can't obtain my original profile. I'm going to hate getting rid of this release I've place so many years into but with such terrible help and support looks like i won't have a choice.
~ Christopher Rardin
I love this release because its hilarious and funny and easy but I have one trouble, often i log into my Fb the release just gets stuck on the loading screen and won't load, this keeps happening and I want it just stopped. Please fix this or if it's a trouble with my profile then respond with a help correspondence so I can claim my Fb to you guys. thanks for reading
~ FracturedPixels [DANK]
horrible. played this a year or two ago. actually have a different device. it allow me do the guide but as quick as i connected it to my Fb it went to the loading screen and gets stuck there. will uninstall and reinstall to hopefully fix the trouble and if that works i will gladly give you more stars. but if i cant obtain it to work ever again this review will remain 1 star.
~ Brittany Hall
i am extremely upset i have alot invested into this release and for the past 5 months this release has not been loading at all. Every time it has claimed me that family guy has stopped working. It cant be my device because i have gotten 2 devices during those 5 months and in every of those the release didnt load either. please fix this. ITS MAY 19 2019 AND IM STILL HAVING THIS PROBLEM I JUST WANT TO PLAY MY GAME PLEASE HELP!!!!
~ Norma Morales
i did love testing this release. the lastest upgrades wont installed. i sent a correspondence with no support. i just uninstall release and reinstall the release. Actually it's taking forever to reload. I'm done I'm going to search other release that's going to work instead of waiting to hear back from the developers release and obtain it support on figuring out what's wrong with the release still love the TV present. But this just giving a terrible photo for the present when the products not working.
~ Judy Grimes
This release is poor. It takes 5-10 mins to load, and there will probably be at least one ruin, so you're looking at 10-20 mins of load time minimum. It is impossible to advance through premium/limited meetings. In two days I have been given exactly zero equipment required to create progress. That is ridiculous. You can fill out surveys to earn nonpaid clams, but the questions are far too specific and personal, to the target where I became worried about identity theft. No thank you!
~ A Google user
It's fun but crashes all the time!!! They stopped caring about the release about a year ago, it just feels lazy know. The jokes aren't even funny or cohesive. I obtain about one chuckle per meeting. It's like after 5 years they just have community college drop outs writing the dialog. I obtain it, its hard to come up with something newest, but you arn't censored on this platform, have some fun with it, take some chances. Or are you just saving the "A" material for the Family Guy Candy Crush release.
~ Eric Grabow
As a long time fan of the present I Installed this release hoping to have a fun time with it. Right from the run the release demands access to my contacts and access to create and manage device calls with my device or I can not use the release. NOOOPE! are you guys insane? What type of idiot allows a small release access to those informations on their device. I'm out. I lost a nice deal of respect for MacFarlane because of this scam.
~ trophus naamkrijgjeniet
its was a nice release actually its nice when it works the damn release wont even loas anymore on one device and slow and glitchy a lot on the another 2 devices pleaae fix the release
~ Joi Kates
I've been testing this for a several years actually but often after a several weeks the release stops loading. Reinstalling works for a several days but I don't feel like doing the guide over again each time.
~ Wendy v Diest
after the newest modernization release just crashes a several seconds after I have clicked the release icon on my device guna be mighty annoyed if I've lost all my progress in this release that I have been testing for years 😠
~ Wayne Atkinson
I was testing the release this morning, but actually it claims it is having a trouble and claims it has stopped working and goes right back to the home screen. I someone fixes it quick
~ Kim Welch
love the release. bit im unable to watch banners to obtain clams anymore. when i tap on the clam to launch the nonpaid clams option i obtain the 3 choices, ut when i tap on the watch banner option it puts me right back out to the city.
~ Brian Hathaway
the release keeps force closing. I uninstalled it and reinstalled in and it still force closes. please fix asap!!!!
~ Robin Veveiros
Have to uninstall and install each time the release upgrades, haven't been able to test in three days. Don't download!
~ Autumn Melo
I used to love this release & played it ALL the time. Actually I cant test it at all!! It's been a couple months since I've been able to launch the release and test. It just closes right away when I test to launch it. I had been testing this release for 4 years, everyday. Actually it was all a waste of time and effort. If I wanted to stop testing that would be one thing, but the release not being fixed for all of us with this complaint makes it all a waste. Please fix it!!!
~ A Google user