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About: SDLPAL is an SDL-based launch-source cross-platform reimplementation of a classic Chinese RPG release. It is created from scratch and does not include any copyrighted material. Please see for more stats. This modified ver informations: - Separated control buttons on display; - Landscape/portrait screen orientation; - //English simple setup. This release is your kind if you: - dream to be a superhero; - love fantasy stories; - are a maze enthusiast; - enjoy fighting creatures. Fairy Sword (this release) is launch source and licensed under GPLv3: ?id=1XoGp7XUE8Gezuuz95tgDMxwVvAyYRy2b. This release includes banners. If you wish an banner-nonpaid release, please test Pal by Wei Mingzhi: ?id=com.sdlpal.sdlpal&hl=en. NOTE: The original release is actually nonpaid and can be downloaded legally at the official blog of Baiyou: For copyright reasons, time files canno ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 3MB Developer: Axblare [email protected]
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About: In each adventure battle, youll play the warriors who are on a journey of conquering the dark world which filled with a lot of swords, hammers, dagger weapons, skills and awesome skins . Be ready for an exciting game, you can be a hero fighter and master the sword game . Do you have enough brave, courage & passion to master this warriors Stickman game! Epic heroes including Ninja, Knight, Stickman, Assassin, Archer, Hammer fight in a war to defend the kingdom and clash other clans in the m...

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About: A stunning action RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of creatures and fiends. Dive into the world of Heroes Infinity and begin your epic journey through many lands and cities. Collect & build your epic team of heroes to achieve victory. [ Features ] EPIC GODS WAR - A real-time strategy battle filled with dynamic effects and varied skill animations. - Many heroes are waiting for you to Unlock & Combine them into a powerful team. STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY - Power Up...

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About: CARACTERSTICAS - Elige y personaliza a tu hroe de entre tres clases distintas: Caballero Oscuro, Hechicero Oscuro, Elfa, Guerrero Magico o Summoner. - Equipa y evoluciona a tu hroe con poderosos objetos y mejora tus alas para volverte invencible. - Mejora sus habilidades y se testigo de una impresionante demostracin de los talentos nicos de cada hroe. - Tus poderes no tienen lmite! Vulvete ms fuerte mientras superas innumerables niveles y descubres un sinfn de contenido! - Explo...

Developer: [email protected]

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About: CARACTERSTICAS - Elige y personaliza a tu hroe de entre tres clases distintas: Caballero Oscuro, Hechicero Oscuro, Elfa, Guerrero Magico o Summoner. - Equipa y evoluciona a tu hroe con poderosos objetos y mejora tus alas para volverte invencible. - Mejora sus habilidades y se testigo de una impresionante demostracin de los talentos nicos de cada hroe. - Tus poderes no tienen lmite! Vulvete ms fuerte mientras superas innumerables niveles y descubres un sinfn de contenido! - Explo...

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About: Nancy Fashion Blogger...

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Developer: U.LU Games [email protected]

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About: Retro 2D style multiplayer online role playing game...

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Fairy Sword Reviews and Comments:

releases are lacking.
~ Robin Tan
Great release! It's so nice and so much fun
~ Elizabeth Hogan
Incredible. I'm sure you would like it
~ Riley Barrera
Thanks to the recipients who made this release! I'm entertained and trust many others will like it too.
~ Maria Slater
I got lost many times about what to do next. But you can just walk around and talk to others and luckily you will figure it out.
~ Giselle Oconnor
3D maze is my favoured. Nice combination of mazes and stories in this release. Thanks for the hard work!
~ Jackson Estes
To change screen orientation you have to quit and restart the release. It's simple to test with one hand in portrait mode.
~ Sarah Fuentes
Fighting with those large guys is not simple. Remember to recharge with magic spells and use the equipment!
~ Nicholas Mendez
Remember to change equip after you pick up something nice. You can also buy them from the sellers if you have a lot of dollars.
~ Ruby Eaton
It's disappointing that you cannot transport the characters by dragging them. But button controls are not terrible once you are used to them.
~ Jeremy Richard
I'm very interested in Chinese culture. Want I should read Chinese. Thanks for the English translation of such a nice release!
~ Zion Coleman
Need to test the buttons to search out what they are really for. Product control is simple after you are familiar with their functions.
~ Serenity Burnett
Thanks for the design of portrait mode! I can test this release with one hand and the screen orientation is locked once the release runs.
~ Justin Bolton
Walking in the maze may be a bit boring. I had a hard time to search the exit. It's nice to slay time by fighting creatures.
~ Jade Salas
Long wait for the first time. Download speed is like a snail. Fascinating release and thanks to those who made it.
~ Santiago Hays
So far so nice. The function of control buttons is not clear. But I got the basics after trials and errors. Nice release!
~ Jayden Mcclain
Highly suggested. You can slay time with this release and obtain entertained at the same time. Nice song and storyline!
~ Brendan Hays
This release is versatile. You can finish it within hours by skipping many information. Or you can spend more time to have fun.
~ Summer Bryant
It's hard to transport the hero one step. You need to tap the direction button and version it speedy. Nice release!
~ Addyson Eaton
Buttons create release control simple. I don't wish to block the view when tapping the screen. Thanks for the design!
~ Kaleb Burns
Difficult to search such a nice release. I like the song and story. Graphics looks old but not terrible. Thanks to the originators!
~ Megan Harding
It's a wonderful storyline and I like it. Chinese culture is so interesting. Too many mazes for me. Hope you enjoy the fightings.
~ Jackson Lowery
Sound is nice, graphics are OK, release controls are fine. Overall, nice release if you wish to entertain yourself.
~ Logan Sandoval
I don't like banners in releases. But thanks for the rewards after commercials. You can tool by saving the release to create dollars.
~ Braxton Hammond
Nice design by changing the arrows dynamically. Product characters walk along the southeast-northwest and southwest-northeast directions.
~ Dylan Hatfield
Screen orientation is locked as is when you run the release. I prefer landscape mode, but portrait mode makes the graphics look nicer.
~ Bryce Jensen
Advertisement pops up when the release is saved. Otherwise it will be better. The banner banner is kinda distracting but not too intrusive.
~ Aliyah Padilla
Installation is speedy. But release assets do take time to download. You'd better have a nice device and speedy internet speed.
~ Gabriel Frederick
Nice for smaller screen. Picture on my device is too blurry. The buttons are large and simple to use. I'm having fun fighting the terrible guys.
~ Kathryn Emerson
Dunno what to do. Just walk around and talk to another characters. I might obtain a clue from somebody. It seems things are triggered by talking.
~ Tyson Joseph
After web browser is opened, the release screen disappears. You can press BACK button once the download runs. Jeez, the speed is REALLY slow!
~ Hudson Gates
I didn't spend much time reading the text. But wandering around and fighting in fights are fun enough. Check this release if you wish to pass time.
~ Makenna Downs
Outdated graphics quality. But the song is really nice. Portrait mode can reduce photo blur, especially for gigantic screens.
~ Ty Poole
Adverts are a bit annoying. Nice release and I had a nice time. Can test this again when bored. Missed some stories by going too speedy.
~ Rylan Harris
English translation download feedback is right above the screenshots at their blog. Unzipping stuck at 99% for a long time. Ready to run actually.
~ Jeremiah Cole
Graphic quality is old school. But story is nice. I trust you will like it too if you have patience to talk to more recipients in the release.
~ Kai Daniels
Tragic ending. I love this type of stories. Suggested to those who like fantasies. You can pass time with the release and enjoy a touching storyline.
~ Mary Espinoza
On my weak-end device running KitKat, the first run took a long time. After all files downloaded and unzipped, the release runs like a charm.
~ Leila Farmer
Maze after other maze, fighting creatures and zombies, mixed with storytelling in between. You can test this release for hours. Nice time aggressor!
~ Serenity Ball
The download speed and unzipping time is intolerable!! Finally, the release runs. It seems worth the waiting.
~ Nathaniel Bauer