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About: An Puzzle-RPG that focuses on the storyline of the tiny heroes . Feel the bliss at the end of the travel. Vadelle, a royal palace that does not obtain rain. Cursed creatures rise from their spells once again. Kai heads on his travel to join the rite that will seal the creatures. However, Kai encounters the secrets of the royal palace. What would Kai and his dudes meet at the end of this travel? Fairy Knights is like a classic JRPG release that one can be heartwarmed by the stories and can enjoy the development of the characters. An epic around one royal kingdoms secret and its fate. Special characters and the stories they make. A storyline line with a heartwarming and funny humor. Not just mere battling but a strategic release through puzzles. Different weapons and varying skills, with numerous splendid magical results. -------------------------------------- ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 80MB Developer: WID STUDIO
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Fairy Knights Reviews and Comments:

~ Ronnie Harris
After testing for a several hours I rather enjoy the combat style. The puzzle elements enhance the gameplay which requires the user to now think about skill execution rather than just pressing a button for an attack and watching the animation test out. The graphics are solid. No complaints of any relevance here. But artistically a several more animation frames wouldn't harm. Such as per skill executed per animation with a tiny more hero flair. I haven't delved into the storyline too much as to really pay attention to what's going on. Mainly testing it for the special puzzle style combat. Kinda hard to top Kemco or FF so I'm not basing my view on that. The only change I would create would be within the player interface. Instead of having arrows as buttons to transport left and right I would prefer screen presses such as not having the arrows. They type of distract from the imersiveness. You already implement the mechanic within the text. Such as in order to progress text you don't now have to press the box. This will be a tiny more comfortable than having to search the actual buttons to transport. Since they are both located on the bottom left side of the screen. So I'm placing my finger on the left side of the screen to transport right...you obtain the picture. Great release by the idea! Looking forward to upgrades.
~ Chuck Jonz
Really loving the release, it's an interesting mashup of RPG and puzzle release mechanics slightly reminiscent of Puzzle Quest, although with a different, recent take on everything but the primary concept. The storyline is a tad simplistic, the translation is a bit awkward and I'd like a bit more tons in spell selection (ideally with every element feeling a bit different - as it is, only light feels "premium" with its healing spells), but these gripes do not take away from the fact this is a fun tiny timewaster of a release based around a refreshing mechanic - definitely one of Test Market's hidden gems, especially considering the modest price.
~ Piotr Kozak
Very nice. Maybe have permanent stones so you should customize your testing grid.
~ J.B. H
Nice release. Well made and nice for its price. The war system need to obtain used to since its a bit different (i didnt use auto). There are a several typos esp on late release. Also some of decription of magic is wrong like Salamanda is all atk but its now single atk. Nevertheless its a nice release and i enjoyed the storyline and its release test. Nice job dev👍
~ Rei Hayato
Nice release so far, I'm loving the special combat system. Definitely worth the price and yay for no IAP!🙌 The dev is super responsive and the recommendation I made about accessing the equip screen from the shop was implemented within hours! Either they were already working on it or they are programming geniuses😀 Once you obtain the Pyro skill, this release opens up into a entire newest experience! Great release!
~ Chuck
Incredible recent RPG with truly special combat
~ Bob Boobbb
Played and completed twice already! A sequel would be great, nice story too, am I right to conclude Digi is alive? Nyahahaha
~ Samuel James Pineda
Not that far into the release yet so I'll edit if I need to as I go but so far the release is wonderful. The puzzle element to combat seems like it would be a hassle but it's now refreshing and encourages you to plan out your attack. At that note the fact there is an auto mode is greatly appreciated for when you just wish to grind. The translation should be polished a bit but it's nice enough thus far to not distract from the storyline. Edit: Much easier on the ears! I can enjoy the song a bit more too thanks!
~ Jay M
Cute nice release
~ Jacquie Day
easy yet nice.classic af
~ Minto Lee
I loved it, I just wished it lasted a bit longer.
~ Willow Shade
Currently at the Forest Temple and enjoying it, like the puzzle war style, feels special to me.
~ Jimmy Strew
I thought it was a nice experience and unbelievable release to test the only trouble I saw was the writing for the characters. I'll create sure to go out of my idea to look for more releases like this in the future. Thank you!
~ SirCrazyCow
Fun release with a twist on the combat system. It's got a funny and light-hearted storyline so far. I enjoy that I can pick it up and place it down whenever since I don't have a lot of time. Sometimes I need to reread dialogue to understand the case but otherwise there aren't any actual cons. Nice choice for a release to test!
~ Robert Zyzynski
Easy one of the finest releases I've played for its price. The translation is a bit... Off, but it's simple to ignore for the most part. Really fun release with an engaging war system!
~ Josh Anderson
great release
~ John Jerick Daban
~ Devie
This release is nice, though the grammar in some speeches need some "slight changes". Still, it's a gotta have for rpg lovers.
~ emrys mayugao
Great release but its too short.
~ Jeffrey Pineda
It's nice. The English is atrocious though.
~ Yeetsu Kagayama
Solid puzzle release, storyline though was juuuust a tiny annoying but I learned to love the characters.
~ Snow Arashi
Nice tiny release. No banners/mtx and another bs. Fully worth the price. Waiting for sequel ;)
~ Михаил Фячсясчсмов
Nice nice nice..
~ YunGi3 Knight
An nice release. I had fun with each part of it including the shop and gameplay of it. This is a gotta test for everyone that is interested in a puzzle storyline release! 5/5 on my ebook.
~ kaola trap
Fun puzzle rpg release. Really fun and progression is nice . Just completed it prob bout 5 to 10 hours to complete well worth the price. Only complaint is the translation needs some work but its not too terrible andnyou can def figure out whats being claimed for the most part. Job well done developers thank you.
~ Rainy Jay
an imaginative and well executed puzzle rpg
~ A Google user
Tiny tiny release to pass the time. A bit linear.
~ Remus Delast
Superhero is beautiful and fun puzzle rpg release.
~ Windblade Arrow
Poorly written storyline with all the graphical power of a late-90's Flash release. How this got so many 5-star reviews is a mystery.
~ Andrew Whittaker
Extremely entertaining, speedy pace, nice storyline line & challenging ... Nice job
~ Barb Dawson
So far liking it.
~ Sir Jury
simple control, storyline line is nice
~ Hải Đức Nguyễn
I was sceptical about this release due to the combat system. Got it while on sale and am very satisfied. This truly is a wonderful release. Nice graphics with gigantic characters, nice storyline lines, very simple to learn the test mechanics. If you enjoy rpg releases I suggest this one! Advertisement nonpaid and no ridiculous permissions requested.
~ quotetheraven72
The combination of pipe dream release with RPG element is very constructive. Simple control, nice storyline, and no paid wall making this release even better for small release 🤪👍
~ Tristanto Kurniawan
Reached the Wind Turret, will edit review after I finish the release. Pros: Simple to learn, fun time aggressor, doesn't require WiFi. Daeun Kim's art is great (recognize it from Witch Spring 1) and the animations are beautiful. Cons: Party is imbalanced. Elisa is stuck with a primary weapon for a long time for no reason. Really simple to misclick and pick the wrong skill. 20 item limit is too tiny, especially in parts where Elisa isn't in the party so I need equipment to heal up.
~ Queenie Beatrice
A great classic RPG with a twist. The storyline is cute nice, though the English is cute terrible. This gives it a strange humour and charm I now enjoy. The combat is where it stands out, you use a pipe maze to do attacks. The longer the connection the stronger the attack, passing through elements creates different magic spells. It feels really intuitive and satisfying.
~ Phillip Darkchipmonk Healy
This release is nice! First of all, if english would be a tiny better written, it should become a Top5 RPG easily on Google Test! The song is smooth, the drawing is beautiful, the war system is entertaining and the grinding is doable and fun! Challenging, need some preparations on every scene but to me, this is by far one of my favoured release on my cellphone! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
~ Tengah Shingetsu