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About: Add life to your card release in this solitaire classic with a twist! Youll test on the fairway, but dont expect to improve your golf swing. Simply test one card up or one card down from your draw pile, its that simple! Stay on par by removing the most cards in every hand. Your bag of golf clubs every represents a playable numbered card to use as part of your walkthrough. Create sure you look for the gold Midas Club which plays like a wild card! You can also use power-up cards like the shuffle, preview, and mulligan (undo transport) to aide in your walkthrough. Expertly test through rough hazards, sand traps, and rain hazards when you obtain hazard power-ups. With a tiny patience you can develop the skills to test like a pro! Solitaire just got less solitary with all NEW Country Clubs! Earn premium persistent rewards and meeting presents just for testing on a squad of users like you. ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 95MB Developer: Big Fish Games
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Fairway Solitaire Reviews and Comments:

i gotta claim time flys oh so speedy when your killing it on each hole. love its nice and grand one of the finest across the land.
~ Audrey Arredondo
MY favored release ever..I just love it..and I feel so sorry for the terrible gopher lol..I want just once he should victory the 'fight'.
~ Sandra Eyre
love the release! the only trouble is the sound keeps on going in and out or it just stops working. should u fix this trouble? thanks
~ Lisa Tassler
this release blows. you will never see this rateing cause they only present the "nice" rateings that they most likely write themselves cause the ggame is horrible. who ever made this release and the iron club system you use in release......you suck...fire him...btw ive never taken time to review a release before....in my life....its that terrible....fire him..
~ marcus finchum
Warning! release is rigged to create you lose so you will spend dollars! How is it possible to test one hole 14 times without a single victory! And since when does a deck of cards have five Jacks??? Will be deleting.
~ Della Fernandez
I search it was better a several years ago, actually you obtain fustrated of never victory a streak. Could create it easier to obtain points. I search that I give up when I should test more. Gets boring of trying on and on, you could give your participants more winnings, just my claiming
~ Rachelle Lanthier
I've usually loved this release. However, there actually seems to be a glitch. Usually I uncover a wild card the sound stops working in the release.
~ Miguel Carruba
this is fun as heck... i think im gonna leave minature golf for this release... i know it aint really the same but the pleasure principle is!!!
~ Khadejah Fant
love it - nice release and trying to obtain under par makes me concentrate more. Like that the lvls have different numbers of holes so doesn't create it a easy release
~ Beverley Johnson
Great release. Very comforting to test for time to go pass. Something is usually different and I like that about a release until you test it for an long time.
~ Lavella Bordley
I Love this Product! You can test for nonpaid, but it's most fulfilling if you spend a tiny dough. Product boxes are very inexpensive if you do pick to spend (starting at only $1.99). Lots of themes and an option for group test. Been testing for about 2-3 years actually and still not tired!
~ Mrs Nikki Brown
sorry....🤔changed my rating from 5 to 3 because each time a card popped up I had no sound!..then I had to restart the lvl....
~ patricia hanson
The release forces you to use your caddy. Its almost impossible to victory without them. Unless you wish to replay the whole corse again repeatedly til you can finally pass it. I'm only on the 7th course I am already uninstalling.
~ Jack Hueppelsheuser
I really like this release. But, recently while testing, the sound just stops. The sound drops but I can still test the release.
~ Wayne S Pierce
LOOOVVEEE ITTT!! This release is fun and addicting. I have gotten to lvl 200+ some are challenging and some not so much. hold testing you'll obtain more clubs without buying.
~ Brittany Thornton
This release takes away users prizes without warning and refuses to return them. I won 20,000 erasers and they took them away with no explanation. I received 15,000 gold in compensation which is a joke. Help would not support me so I uninstalled the release.
~ Jennifer Mitchell
Fun, fun, fun! keeps me entertained and supports hold my mind off my pain ... 😁 Thank you for such a entertaining release that is nonpaid!
~ Holly Holzapfel
Occassional glitch where it goes to a black screen and gotta be restarted but even then it saves most newest plays. That is the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. Nice release!
~ Summer Willis
This release sucks. I have bought golf bucks and never received them, had equipment taken away because of the companies programming errors. i would not suggest this release at all.
~ Just Me
Very fun! lots of aspects to the release. You dont HAVE to watch banners but if you wish nonpaid things you do.. but the same several banners test over and over which is annoying. (Hence only 4 stars)
~ Kelsey Elizabeth
I do enjoy BFS but when I am switching from one device from other it asks what back up ver you wish. I do not wish any, just to be able to continue testing as the another device I was on had to be charge. I then loose coin value and another equipment. Then I have to rebuild up my coin value. Very frustrating so I am actually testing a lot less. Also what does the badges mean by our names? I noticed it a several weeks back and assume it's whose first and second for that week.
~ Leigh Ann Pettinger
I really enjoy this release. I downloaded it as a idea to obtain nonpaid gems on other. I'm glad I did. Some reviews claim you have to pay to victory. I'm past hole 50 and have not spent a dime. Maybe they're not that nice. My favoured part, by far, is the commentary. Whoever place that in this release, you are nice! I want the release had a idea to access those sound clips. Especially the mad Scot!
~ Nick Potters
I already mentioned I didn't like how quick the course becomes TOO hard. I mistakenly claimed 12. I'm only on 9; but regardless... Too quick to not be able to even create par. This didn't register through the release, btw. I had to come to the test shop. I end so far over par by hole 5, I literally have NO CHANCE of finishing AT par by 9. I've YET to obtain the cards I need. It's just luck of the draw.
~ July Miller
if i should, i would give a zero. sorry large fish you guys allow me down hard. i have played this off and on for quite some time but lately I've been unable to register any type of club card score. well being unfair to me it also is unfair for my club. I sent him three tickets over the last two weeks for what amounts to very tiny change it works for a tiny while and then absolutely dies again. couple that with the fact that the chat disappears as well when this happens, conveniently. no more.
~ David Tanaka
i love this release!! I don't know anything about golf; but I'm an avid solitaire fan –grew up with Windows solitaire, so been testing since I was like 9, or 10, and computers were still large white boxes, and CD-ROMs were the newest breaking technology,—(yeah I'm that old!) What I love; the graphics are smooth, stellar scenery, nice natural sound results, &, honestly, I don't know who Jack Hogan, Gary, and Tommy, are?! But freaking-crud! I love them! They're hilarious!? Their commentary's a WIN!
~ Diana Martinez
Played the release to obtain to lvl 50 for some tokens in other release. That claimed, may as well leave a review. Was enjoyable for the most part but can be frustrating. The release gives plenty of opportunities to obtain "power ups" nonpaid via testing the release or watching banners. Didn't have to spend a dime to obtain to lvl 50. I think its definitely worth watching the banners for the power ups as they almost 100% need at times. The release is a card release, so there is RNG. Dont be stingy with piwer ups.
~ Ramon Ruiz
A fun variation on solitaire! Various tables create for a steady diet of newest releases and objectives. Gameplay is simple to figure out and every hand is speedy to test. I'm testing on a 10" device, during installation I was warned that the release wasn't optimized for my device, but it looks fine and I haven't had any troubles.
~ Steve Ortmann
With the last modernization the sounds stop after about five minutes into the release. Which sux. l live for the sounds. I wanna hear the guys talking and the clicks from the card moves. I beg of you, I've played for months and use it to relax, please fix!
~ Mari Nolte
I have played this release for a long time. Advanced quite a bit NOW it runs me from the beginning!!!! Maybe I can obtain it all back to where I was by uninstalling and actually reinstalling 🤨 Nope it didn't work. Lost it all. This release is done for me. Have fun ya'll.
~ Sharon Williams
DO NOT INSTALL: At first, it was a cute great release, but after level 9 it is impossible to pass without investing some dollars in powerups. I was stuck at level 9 for almost 3 days and I couldn't pass it at all. Also, I have some dudes who share the same case with me.
~ ionut tudor
when this release came out and I played it I thought it was nice and actually I'm testing it again on a different device which is nice however just a couple of things I lose sound when I obtain the premium card and what happened to all the equipment you should buy with in release coins. I'm not interested in the backs of cards
~ Liam Weidner
Its a fun release but I bought both midas clubs and golf bucks only for them to disappear shortly after the buy.I bought them but didn't test for a several days. When I started to test this morning they were gone! Like a crazy person I paid $29.98 for this. I normally don't create in release purchaces but decided to on this release because I enjoy it. I've emailed the developers. I'll modernization if or when they reply.
~ Melinda Johnson
I did not enjoy this release at all. When I was going to create my transport, it would claim me what to press. I understand if its a guide, but even after that it still showed me and made the desision for me. No Challeng At All.
~ Layla Bee
I played this release to obtain a reward. This is the 2nd time through Tapjoy this has happened. Was going to continue testing, not anymore. i will search other release. If your not going to follow through with the rewards, why offer them?
~ Bonnie Conner
when I first started testing this release, it was very interesting! it sucks actually bcuz they've made poor by making it harder to advance! it's not even interesting anymore, that's why more recipients have stopped testing, and or don't test as much!
~ Torrye Gallon
Started off nice, naturally lol, then changed to, can't complete a hole without buying caddy bag clubs to progress. Un-installed last night, didn't even create a entire day. Forcing recipients to buy clubs on the first day is not a winning walkthrough ...
~ Tracy
I have played an older ver before and I deleted it because it took idea too much dollars to be able to advance. I redownloaded it a week ago. i have had one of the gifts freeze my release and few times the screen goes blank when I launch the release. As far as the actual release it has a great variation of solitaire releases and the graphics are fun.
~ Amy Bucher
if I should give zero stars I would! Customer service is a joke! They have rewards by completing & winning a lot of chips. At the end of the week I won 20,000 erasers. Logged on the next day & the release claimed me the gopher had been up to his tricks again took all the erasers & gave 15,000 coins instead. Wrote in & they claimed it was sent out by accident, they removed everyone erasers except 15 of them & gave gold out. I wrote back that I didn't obtain that I was claimed they wouldn't respond anymore correspondences.
~ Carie Anderson
Product is nice, but actually its too slow to enjoy it. I played it for few years untill 1 year ago. Actually I returned to it and release is still massive. It was great without any clubs or everyday achievements. I loved everyday releases, even great stars where ok. Actually its too much - video results are usually freezing after they run, I cant test as speedy as I was used to. Nice shot results (in the right upper corner) often freeze the cards I pick on the board. I really hoped that a year is enough for fixes.
~ Silvia Stanila
nice release. love it. i do have a couple of recommendations to create thr release more fun. 1) increase the full amount of members a clun can have and 2) club member ranks that will let an appointed member to control things like removing or adding newest members and set targets.
~ Matthew Levesque