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About: Exploding Kittens, the most-funded release in Kickstarter history, is actually available for Mobile! Created by Elan Lee (Xbox, ARGs), Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), and Shane Tiny (Xbox, Marvel). KEY FEATURES: - Exploding Kittens is a multiplayer card release for recipients who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats. - Test with 2 to 5 dudes or strangers online - All art illustrated by The Oatmeal - Newest cards exclusive to the digital ver of Exploding Kittens - The digital ver of the most backed release in Kickstarter history In this highly-strategic, kitty-powered ver of Russian Roulette, users draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which target they burst, they are dead, and they are out of the release -- unless that user has a Defuse card, which can defuse the Kitten using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, an ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 45MB Developer: Exploding Kittens
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Exploding Kittens® - Official Reviews and Comments:

Love the release, decided to obtain it on my 4.4.2 lg, but it crashes after the title screen. Its a shame.
~ A Google user
i paid 1.99$ for it and it provided me with 30-40 houra of fun with co-workers, dudes, and family. well worth it in my opinion
~ Ameer M
Nice release. If you are a fan of the card release you'll like this, if not think Russian Roulette but 100,000 times more nice. I want I should mix and match the decks instead of using them separately through. Edit 2/26/19: Just modernized today and actually it's sooo buggy. Defused a cat while blind and it made me defuse again. In other release I place the cat on top and five cards later I found it. Hopefully this gets patched quick.
~ Ben K
nice well designed release. newest cards from original, but lots of bonus content behind more paywalls after paying for the base release. so not really as cheap as £1.75!
~ nick serifin
Nice release, but it's not the exploding kittens that I know. No "nope" cards. No steal using card pairs. No favor cards which have been replaced by "steal" cards in this release.
~ Martin McClean
If you like the card release this release is for you. Same terms but with different twists. Nice animations and graphics. Purchase it, worth each penny.
~ Patrick Poirier
really fun, and interesting, just want they had the expansion decks on display in the main menu, like evil apples. another than that, the release could continue to be fully different from that release, the mechanics are super easy but really fun and hard to master
~ Christopher Eberhart
Great release but needs some changes in my opinion. 1. Could add lvls and XP into the release to give you more sense of accomplishment and an actual reason to wish to hold testing (another then it's fun.) And this should give you certain rewards for leveling up. 2. I think there could be a certain lvl you reach if that is added or from winning enough releases that you can maybe unblock one or more then one of the bonus decks you have to pay for. 3. I think decks cost too much. Nice release either idea.
~ Jish
Fun - but they could explain the function of the cards, especially the expansion deck cards. I purchased all the decks so it was challenging initially. I basically had to learn by trial and error. Fun release though. love it as much as the physical card release.
~ melissa barney
really nice graphics and design, release brilliant nice options for multiplayer , dudes or both , just one to twnety releases , it obtain stuck in the middle of a release and you have to restart the release
~ Eyal Ri
I have all the expansion boxes for this release and it is so fun but the release is different then the actual release its still fun but you already payed to buy the release why create us buy more cards.
~ Dalton Simon
super fun release. this makes we wanna buy the true release. plz create option to test with a dude and join strangers. some sore of the progress rewards, teirs or even victory counter would be great. cheers
~ Chris G
Just installed it and really lined it, single user was a very nice addition, but i'd love to be able to test aginst multiple bots simultaneously, like in online test.
~ Moisés Huautla
Works absolutely perfectly on my Galaxy Note 9. Flawless perfection and great reproduction of the card release. Usually plenty of users online as of May 2019. Would suggest.
~ AGuyNamedKane
With there being a difference between the release and the physical card release, plus it is affordable, this is a worthwhile buy. Your dudes will need to buy it too to test with you btw
~ SumFeesh Feeshington
I would give the release a 5 star review if you should earn the another boxes through gameplay. I thought I had paid for the release. I'm not going to pay more for a "full ver"
~ Stephen Jones
Pretty cartoons of cats but this release is not nice. You have to hold paying. The release costs dollars up front and then to unblock bonus parts of the release, you have to pay, pay, pay. This is almost like a demo.
~ Cody Cox
easy card release thats simple to understand. release has fun interactions(sayings/catch phrases) with another users. FUN for all ages. want you should test multiplayer from the same device. but nice release nonetheless
~ TheReal Geesquared
I got the physical NSFW ver, but I don't have dudes to test with in true life. So, I tried this and had alot of fun! Please contain Imploding Kittens Expansion too!!!
~ Inosuke loves indie games
I absolutely love this release. I think that all in-release mechanics are balanced and refined. And the three expansion decks all add so much to the release and are definitely worth the dollars. After testing many online matches, I would really only like to see one crucial thing added to the release. Something that keeps track of online wins and losses, and compares it to everyone else. This should be like a global leaderboard or even just a ranking that every user hasthat can transport upwards and downwards.
~ Not Fake
Its kinda dlc but cheaper than the physical release. its worth the price and fun to test with. Ill more likely buy the rest of the DLC decks. No, its not pay to victory. It literally like UNO but with fun sound results, optional avatar characters, and its online with the community and dudes. If you wish silly leisure fun with dudes for 1.99, boom! This release is for you. If you wish kitty, kitty litter box, and time pressure disqualification because your dude is taking too damn long. This :)
~ Christopher Orozco
Cute disappointing, first off it's just a release, thats it! no ranks or lvls or any reward or lose based on how nice or terrible you are, which also makes me think the matchmaking is just thrown together rather than based on skill or experience lvl. Also as many others have claimed you have to pay for more decks and avatars after already paying for the release, I wouldnt mind this so much if the release wasnt so simplistic and lacking depth but based on my experience I wont buy them... create improvements!
~ Caesar
I'm testing this card release with my dude for some time actually, and we purchased it to test online... But it is such a disappointment. You're paying for trial/demo release ... Not pleased at all.
~ Бранко Гајанин
Enjoyable, but sometimes the cards are hard to pick, specially when there is a bomb and you are about to burst. I have lost releases because I have not been able to test the diffuse card in my hand.
~ E. Fernandez
This release would be nice. However the release is flawed massively, I have played countless releases with multiple local users. we all can hold track of what card could be on top, yet this release absolutely consistently changes the order of the deck of cards. I have had so many hands where the top card is known to be protected, but somehow I draw a bomb, I often draw a bomb even though it shouldn't be there. FIX THIS!
~ JJ Willems
oh my gosh! My dude claimed me to obtain it and at first i was like ok ill obtain it. so i got it and i was thinking this is really wierd. but actually this is the release to obtain. DOWNLOAD IT it is spectacular!
~ Jonah Johnson
still glitchy. it disconnects the release alot while testing. this is an on going trouble that never gets fixed. I'd test it more you if you did that.
~ Shirley Morain
Nice release but this is just like a demo release and you have to pay more to unblock more informations like newest box cards and characters to test. Not worth your dollars unless you wiling to spend more dollars on DLC.
~ Kelvin Arnold
The release test is just like the original and the slapping is a nice addition but half the release is behind a gigantic pay wall e.g card boxes. should we at least have a manual criteria to unblock them. nice release and please consider my recommendation.
~ Evlan Lourie
This release is wonderful. Although you have to pay for another boxes it's still nice with the classic box. Plus the A.I. is really smart, this is great because it's challenging.
~ Ray The Meme
release is nice and plays well but there's definitely a glitch with the shuffle card. It ALWAYS puts the exploding card on top. This has happened often someone played the shuffle card. Fix this
~ drizzy timmy
Brilliant release but I really miss the bonus terms, like two and three of a type and nope cards! If there were an option to pick the advanced ver with those in, it would satisfy veterans and casual users alike!
~ Aaron Green
The release is cute fun to test online but, the bonus decks could be nonpaid to use since this is not nonpaid to test release. Kinda a tiny bit disappointing that a non nonpaid to test release like this have a microtransaction.
~ Anit Boonlue
It is a nice release and represents the card release very well. The slapping thing is special but still a nice addition to the release and adds a entire newest aspect. testing with strangers means that I don't have to bugg recipients I know to test. I also like how I can just test by myself and that I can create personal releases to test how it is originaly played. I just want that you can pause the release on privite servers. Nice release all around and truly deserves 5 stars. My cat is on me right actually she might burst!
~ familyE Zehms
Product is nice. Want the release didn't have those DLCs you have to pay for. It takes longer to connect to someone else with those bought DLCs. Maybe rotate days to have those super boxes for nonpaid and for the ones that decide to buy, create it available to them permanently.
~ Christine Matsushima
LOVE THIS APP! This is a nice adaptation of the card release. I've gotten few dudes to buy the release and we all test together throughout the day. One trouble... Where is the nope??? That is one of the BEST things of a nice kittens release. Give us the Nope!!
~ Logan Thomas
Nice release, but still there are some informations that are not working în the streaking box: 1. If the card Streaking kitten is stolen from an foe who explodes the release freezes. 2. Many times shuffle doesn't now shuffle the deck. 3. There is a strange tendency to collect card of the same type. In particular I noticed this behaviour with the card see the future. 4. It is not possible to leave the release window to read a message or an correspondence without being disconnected
~ Francesco Tavella
Honestly my first buy and i was 100% pleased with due to all nice release test and no lag with options to test solo, dudes, and random recipients. I enjoyed it. Also 1 more thing the later, never, or rate is ver persistent to the target if i press later it pops up after each match.
~ Jexuan Moreno
I really love the release. We especially love testing it as a group but the one complaint I have is that actually when cat butt happens you can lose your ENTIRE DECK while trying to search your defuse!! And you can't see your cards so you have to blindly create a transport you can lose all your defuses. it made cat butts wayyyy too potent a transport.
~ Kiley Oliver
The release is fun, but I hold getting disconnected from multiplayer releases for no reason. I wish to test with my dudes but I won't ask them to pay dollars for something that only sort of works. If multiplayer worked consistently I'd probably rate it 5 stars. (I'd also like the option of offline releases with more than 1 AI at a time, but that's not as important as multiplayer.)
~ Michelle Yeargin