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About: Save up to 80%! Evoland is an action journey release which takes you on a travel through the history of classic journey and RPG gaming. The release does NOT contains any Adverts or In-release payments. As you progress through the release, you unblock newest technologies, gameplay systems and ever-improving graphics. From monochrome to full 3D graphics and from turn-based fights to true-time boss wars, Evoland makes you live the evolution of journey gaming all with plenty of humor and nods to moments from classic releases. - Test through the history of action-journey video releases - Find many evolutions, from old school 2D action/journey to active time fights and full 3D action - Revisit the starting zone rendered in full 3D or search the overworld with your own airship! - And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secrets to uncover, and hundreds of achievemen ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Playdigious
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Evoland Reviews and Comments:

my favoured release except the only thing I would recommend is having a "are you sure you wish to restart the release" box when you click newest release because it is so tiny i accidentally sometimes click newest release. another than that finest small release I have.
~ A Google user
Nice release, but to short. I beat this in day. I was hoping there were bonus things after boss war. Nope just transported back to the mana tree. Collected all stars, and I beat champion mode for double twin with only 9 of 23 cards. Didn't have an urge to accumulate the rest. However double was a much more fun release then I originally anticipated. I am hoping evoland 2 is better and longer.
~ Caleb Wright
This release is easy and short, but has a neat information where over time the release updates itself through different generations of rpgs. It is most heavily influenced by final fantasy, zelda, diablo, and another nice titles. It is worth at least watching gameplay if you aren't willing to buy it, because it is wonderful!
~ Agoostus the Duck
I know you might not modernization this release anymore. But allow me claim you my trouble with this release. Firstly, it doesn't save my progres in the cloud, so if I reinstall this release, it will restart from the beginning. It makes me not comfortable to test this release, because I need to restart all over again. Secondly, the control are okay, but at some points are annoying. You could give this release a settings for the control, D-Pad mode, Analog mode, adjusting controller territory, etc.
~ Ade Surya Ananda
Simply nice. A Loveletter to J- and C-RPGs showing the evolution of releases and the release systems. Garnered with a light but great tiny storyline ala Final Fantasy. A tiny snack of a release just fitting for small gaming. Controls are nice and I had only in one sequence performance troubles on my S8+ due to many aggressors on the screen at once. But nothing to serious. All in all a nice tiny release.
~ Reimund Fischer
Superb release! Absolutely loved it. Such an original concept and so well made. Downside is it's a short release; completed in about 4 hours as stated, so I've bought Evoland 2 to continue the fun! Can't wait for other 20 hours of this!
~ Brendan Frost
Nice release with fun gameplay and a nice storyline. I was sad when it was over. Looking forward to the sequel! However, I had gigantic framerate drops during the last boss war when the red attack happened, making it nearly unplayable. This was on a Galaxy S7 Edge... I managed to struggle through, but it made things very hard. Apart from that, wonderful!
~ Josh Richardson
A pretty lesson in RPG gaming history disguised as a release. The idea is wonderful and pays plenty of homage to core releases in the category such as Zelda and Final Fantasy. The script writing also contains references to more modern releases like Skyrim. I enjoyed this buy.
~ Shaun Chen
Very fun release with an interesting twist on the device release experience. Work your idea from pixelated black white odd school pokemon looking release to a pretty 3D globe fighting creatures in many different fashions. Would recommend!
~ Ben Farynowski
First RPG I have played on a device. Takes around 5 hours to finish. Very nice release and controls works really well. Highly suggested.
~ Tosse -
Absolutely brilliant release. Excellent mix of journey and puzzle with lots of tiny easter eggs, I played it from run to finish in 6 hours solid and was hooked immediately. Highly suggested!
~ Scott Gibson
Incredibly impressive, I can't imagine how hard this release would have been to create! Bit annoying in parts, but the reason I'm giving just 4 stars is because it doesn't seem well suited to the on-screen controls (the controls themselves aren't poor, but parts of the release require very fine control). Also some UI elements don't work too well on a small device (e.g. diablo style inventory needs to be scaled up to see anything).
~ Jade Steffensen
Looks like a really fun release and great throw back to old RPGs; however I did not obtain very far into the release before getting frustrated to the target of release rage at the controls, I kept dieing in the same spot because of them. After about 5 deaths in a row having to go all the idea back to the title screen before clicking continue I gave up and quit the release.
~ Tosha Callicott
This release is an nice tribute to the history of Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy with references to another nice releases. The variation in gameplay keeps it feeling recent from beginning to end. My only complaint is that it isn't longer.
~ Enoch Dew
Nice release so far. I love the idea of usually updating your release along with yourself. The only trouble I have thus far is not knowing what the aggressor's HP in turn-based combat is. I'm not gigantic on guessing haha
~ Landon Davidson
Controls are AWFUL. Slow to reply and floaty. D-pad would be a much better fit. Definitely captured the frustration of older releases. Usually the visuals change you lose all healing and save points then obtain dumped into a wall of aggressors.
~ Niki Matsui
The "upgrade-the-release-as-you-advance" idea is nice. However, there seems to be nothing too newest on this release compared to another RPG releases. Also, the most striking negative comment is that the controls are so terrible, such that getting hit by aggressors and falling into lava in caves are so common even though I navigate really carefully.
~ Lawrence Daet
Nice tiny release that allow's you search the evolution of journey/rpg gaming from its early graphical days(8-bit) to 3 dimensional HD. Well worth the price and leaves you nostalgic, wanting to pick up all those 8bit/32bit titles from your youth! I started test Robotrek again thanks to this release. :D
~ wetfloor WF
A crappy release with not enough save points and to hard parts without save points so have you have to go back to the beginning of the section. Graphics are nice though. Would be better if more saving territories.
~ George Rink
Nice idea, great and varied art, but terrible controls and tired design really keep it back. I obtain trying to emulate old-school releases, but not like this. Showing off the past is cool, not learning it's lessons isn't.
~ Viktor Frič
Nice release with bluetooth controller help! Honestly I wanted to give it a 5 star rating. Unfortunately I have two complaints. 1. Rather massive imput lag. This wasn't that large of a trouble until I came around the zones with lava traps. I made sure this was not the fault of my controller. 2. Very short storyline, and there is not much to do after that. I beat the release in one sitting. Also, I want I did not have to lose my only party member for the plot. It made turn based fights more tedious.
~ oxygen potassium
I really enjoyed the release and it's love note to retro gaming. However, when I load my release save I am stuck on a black map without any recourse to resume my progress. Only thing I see is a minimap. Really ruins the release for me.
~ Sean Phu
I use one plus 6T, had no trouble with any another releases but this one, the release controls truly drive me nuts. Buttons are extremely insensitive. At a target the attack button got stuck and I made it through the lvl by mostly dodging encounters. In the trap room, I was stuck after getting pushed into a movable block by mobs and had to exit to the main menu...release exp is negative at this target, I don't know if it's bugs or compatibility troubles or am I just unlucky. If you think your hair's too thick, test this release, it will support you thin up the hair no trouble.
~ Genevieve
Definitely one of the most special concepts I've ever seen for a release. Enjoyed the changing gameplay. Graphics made me nostalgic. The storyline should have been better written. Not to claim the storyline was terrible. It wasn't. But felt the storyline was missing something. Still a nice release though.
~ Wesley Dias
An nice nostalgia trip with progression from classic RPGs to modern ones... Inspired by a mix of Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy creating a quite special variation of gameplay... Not a deep and long series but enjoyable nonetheless... the main grip of the release is horrible control especially the joystick... it's hard to control especially at trap floor section where tight control is needed...
~ Agimus
Nice concept, but the release is very frustrating because of the directional controls. I can't count how many times I've fallen into a pit or ran in the wrong direction. There are so many another small releases that obtain this right, so it's frustrating to see this port suffer so terrible because of it.
~ Jotaro Shima
Atrocious controls with no options to change them. Product won't rotate so I had to keep the device upside-down. and when you die (which is simple because the controls suck) you have to run fully over. I understand what they tried to accomplish, but frankly they chose the wrong platform for it and it's unplayable.
~ Christine Leininger
A fun but short release. I think it only took me about 4 hours or so and I got 91.2% complete rate. The controls are just terrible and that is one thing the developer could improve ASAP. Otherwise, a fun tribute to FF/DQ/SOM/Diablo/Zelda.
~ Carl Dexter
Nice release. Clearly blends (rips) aspects of Zelda, Final Fantasy 8, and Diablo. Not giving it 5/5 mainly because of the controller, and giving 4 because there is no 3.5 based on the essential need in releases like the above mentioned where looting is a major factor. Movement pad could stay in zone, some zones are ridiculously frustrating due to this. And looting just for sakes of achievement ain't gratifying enough. nice release with a very cool idea as jack of all trades but master of none.
~ Mauro Tyler
Terrible. Nice idea but like old releases when killed you've got to navigate a ton of old content just to obtain to the part where you had problem. It gets old speedy and its one retro thing that I never liked experiencing either back in the day or actually. Controls are touchy as well so failure to attack when you need to, or falling into lava via mistepping is common. I purchased this release and regret it immensely. I'm deleting it as its just an exercise in frustration. I would NOT suggest.
~ Tim Oborn
I liked the idea of going from old gen to newest. I trust the cost is well worth the release. It was fun. Couple of drawbacks, The story was really short. There is not very nice replayability. When you beat the last boss, that's it, there is no post release content. You reload back to right before the boss. All in all, I enjoyed the release very much and I thank the originators for this tiny gem.
~ Kyle Lewis
The release is a love letter to old Final Fantasy and Zelda releases. We follow Clink (Cloud and Url mashed together) through his somewhat generic quest to save the globe. Along the idea you will obtain to see the evolution of the RPG and journey categories in graphics and mechanics, which is the most interesting part of the release. There are a lot of refferences for lovers of these categories, and it's worth the 1$ I paid for it. Unfortunately the release is short and the storyline is barely there. Still suggested.
~ Spyros Tsalouchidis
The release was entertaining until the evolutions stopped. At that target it felt like it became a Final Fantasy knock off and not a nice one. The release encourages you to revisit zones for collectibles but doesn't maintain updates between them (ranging from minimap to even graphic style). As a entire, it outstays it's gimmick.
~ Dalton Green
evoland is a wonderful tribute to the idea rpgs have evolved over the years. wonderful release beautifully made. well worth the price. challeging but not too hard. the song is nice, a lot of work has gone into this and its definitely payed off!
~ DaisyTwitch White
In awe and feeling nostalgic the entire idea through. So this brought back many fond memories of old school releases with clear inspiration from Final Fantasy, Zelda and Diablo to name a couple of the inspirations they claimed themselves. it's a very smart release in what it does but do not expect a long release that takes itself seriously. It very much ignores the 4th wall and is very self-aware, something that only adds to the enjoyment of the release.
~ Matthew Peters
really nice release, unfortunately it's allow down by clunky controls. tried using a paired controller but it still didn't support. really want this should be fixed. I search this better than evo land 2 as far as the release itself. devs have done a nice job with the overall release. Really nice RPG with some nostalgic moments 👍
~ Daniel Friend
An incredibly fun tiny release! It's short (took me maybe 3 or 4 hours of casual gameplay to complete, not collecting quite 100% of collectibles), but when you consider that this release was made by a handful of recipients in 48 hours it is really wonderful, would thoroughly suggest for the 59p it cost
~ Michael Thomas
this is basically a parody of classic RPGs of days of old, I see inspirations from Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Diablo, Breath of Fire and more. Really is a great release, but controls can be better, with the nonpaid touch scheme, it's now hard to navigate when you need accuracy movement, like in the lava section. Once I lift my left thumb, I need to reorient my hand because the virtual d-pad moved, and it's making the control like hell in those lava sections. This is why I only gave you 4".
~ Ozz Lee
I beat Zephyros (both rounds of him), watched the credits, and continued the release, but it didnt save after it, so i think you could add some happiness to the end, like recovering the corrupted mario aggressors, the aogai citizens fixing the city and congratulating you for beating Zeph, and maybe earning something else than just the credits and achievement. (plus google achievement too.) Another than that, it's a nice release! If you can add all those things, then please do.
~ h e l l o w o r l d
recipients that complain about the controls is probably pushing down idea to hard and that will cause some troubles and it's funny how recipients not only complain about the controls, but also the the different updates which I don't understand that , because you constantly obtain equipment all though the release , just look around, also some equipment is in plain sight like the Speedy DVD User then there is equipment hidden as well , so check those tree's and another zone's of the map . Overall this is very nice release .
~ Kevin Lawson