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About: Save up to 80%! Onboard on an epic RPG journey of more than 20 hours through video releases history filled with a ton of funny classical releases references. From 2D RPG, through 3D versus war to a shooter, a trading card release and more youll obtain your fill of jumping from a release category to other, never bored. Evoland 2 is not only one release but many, backboned with a storyline that will create you travel through time, discovering different art styles and video gaming technology. Released first on PC with 500.000 copies shipped, were proud to share with you this experience carefully adapted for Mobile devices. Product of the week by Toucharcade "Evoland 2 is SO much more than the first release." Bronze Award by Pocket User "As an experience in pleasant nostalgia, there's enough care and attention been lavished on this one to create it worth your while." 9 ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Playdigious
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Evoland 2 Reviews and Comments:

The release is really nice. Though I had to give up, I want that there was a very simple or tool option or something related for users like me who only wants fun and not up to challenges that only hardcore retro users can beat. Still a nice release.
~ Luna Largo
i love this release, its nice, but im stuck where the guardian is being destroyed by ceres (at the end of the lvl) it claims the guardian is falling and then the screen turns white (im guessing for a stage) and then the release freezes and a message shows up claiming "null access" please fix this.
~ Kenneth Bernal
It has everything but decent controls. Characters abilities to attack are idea too limited (it doesnt attack if u dont hit the exact position of the control circle, if u have floating controls on the lag kills you), and with the gamestyle it makes it unplayable. Nice thing it was on sale.
~ Matic Gašpirc
Fix the boss war in the anomoly. Its ridiculous, and I know I'm not the only one who cant obtain past it. Really irritated because I would like to hold testing as I was very much enjoying it.
~ grayson boger
Storytelling and gamelay are one if the finest i have played in mobile. however there should be some improvement in graphics section. The jump from average to full 3d graphics is idea to high. While in average it runs 60fps on my device, in full it feels like it gets around 4-5 fps with the msaa on and shadows set to full. Maybe atleast give a high settings where atleast the shadows are set to lowest? Cause the release really looks ugly in the average settings.
~ Soumyadeep Basu
Genius. Uses 8-bit, 16-bit, 32- bit and 3-D graphics in side scroll and top down style throughout the storyline. Puzzles are challenging, bosses varied and special. Storyline is linear and 20+ hours long. Plenty of 4th wall breaking humor and references to another releases add to the quest experience. This supports offset the Endings to dungeons, those are melancholy at finest. To whomever wrote the end: I hate you.So does Fina. I wish a 3rd installment. As it is this one ends and launches in a temporal mobius ring.
~ Matt B
nice release dont test it on small. nice release and the small port deserved more attention then it was given. so many parts of this release that could be fun, could be engaging are unnecessarily destroyed by horrible small controls. why am I using a direction pad for the rhythm release portion instead of just tapping the essential column. why can I not swipe to change direction during the snake arcade section; precise inputs are impossible during the 2d fighter section. test on PC not here
~ Muzek Smith
I enjoyed the original Evoland but wanted more... Evoland 2 DELIVERS!!! With a fun storyline-line, interesting NPC interaction, and a tons of fighting styles, it is really enjoyable. A lot of fun references to past releases. I'd suggest this to any user, especially on device/chromebook.
~ aaron van dolson
The release nagged me into rating the release each time I turned it on, that it finally annoyed me into rating, even though I normally don't do it. Also, sound breaks like 5 mins into the release and isn't fixed until you slay the release and restart. Other related bug with loading resources.
~ Kirei Zu
Played Evoland and fell in love with how the release rolled out. Evoland 2 take from its first release and expands into sonething greater then the first. Took me years to come back into single user rpgs, because they usually fall short. This one however exceeds in lvl or detail along with a compromising storyline that is nice so far. 15 hours in and I have a ton of equipment to do. Pros- Inrich storyline -Graphics change from Gameboy to the lastest graphics - Progression is over enjoyable Cons- None
~ James Peters
This release would probably be nice with a controller but the on-sceen control pad is absolutely poor to test with. It's a miracle I should obtain through the sky wars since I stuttered around everywhere and actually the rhythm release part is practically impossible due to the interface. I played the first Evoland on PC with a controller and loved it. Seriously wait for a console version or test on PC unless you wish to imbed your device in the wall.
~ T Bizzle
edit: I have contacted you with tiny response. I've been experiencing glitch after glitch involving this release, which is sad. The storyline itself is fun and keeps me wanting to continue. Even the run menu has glitched on me actually. Just cant. Im certain Im not the only one.
~ Amanda DeBellis
I really love the release, from evoland 1. But evoland 2 has something like destroying parts. after my war with menos and when we entered that gate out of the colliseum there is something like "uncaught exception" thing that will force me to exit the release and whenever I restart the release and continue my saved progress, It will happen again. please fix this. edit: Please be noted that I already sent a screenshot and some detail to your provided correspondence in test shop please response in Gmail.
~ Marc Anthony Ramos
To Developers: I have a trouble in the magi era, where you have to launch chests to light 4 magiliths. The SE path, when you have to obtain past the swinging spiked blocks by cloning yourself, often I obtain hit by them the release restarts and I cant continue because it's impossible. please obtain back to me or fix that part. I've invested 16 hours already. :(
~ R Sch
[BUG FIX Request] I love the fact this release does offer a nice length, along with Bluetooth controller help out of the box. Nice work. HOWEVER - ATTENTION Devs: Ever since I stumbled upon the unknown woman who was running away, I've been facing the UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION Error popup, which basically forces the release to quit (I have to go for the Exit option, as 'Continue' and 'Dismiss all' doesn't do anything. Please fix it.
~ Rodolfo Ferreira
love the release, but after the newest modernization I cannot test the release on my Note 8. modernization: fix to the last patch worked fine. great job. did search one trouble, if I stop the release or exit i usually respawn in haunted forest. i was idea past that and saved a several times. quit for the day, fired it back up lost all progress and spawned in the haunted forest again
~ PorkChopExpress69
The release is rather lacking. Evoland 1 was far more refined and enjoyable. before u tavel back in time, there are major bugs with the water graphics. The circles for moving arent large like they were in Evoland 1, so you miss the button to attack frequently, and end up dieing as a effects. I am sorely dissappointed after enjoying Evoland 1 so much. You would think the second release in a series would be more refined than the first.
~ Xzait Dgizs
The finest RPG on the supermarket Everything about it was a masterpiece. The song was top notch, the storyline was enthralling, and the visuals were a slash above the rest. My only gripe is the Cherry boss is almost unbeatable, I've played 9 hours up until actually and I'm stuck. I fear I may not finish this release. Overall, an nice, funny release.
~ Jon Edlund
It's a nice release. The controls are nice with a gamepad/joystick. The saving trouble is still there. But what I do is close the release and launch again, and the last save will be there. If the trouble persist, I can close and reopen the release until my last save appears. Devs, please read and fix it. My ver is 1.3.1(64)
~ Arthur Helfstein Fragoso
since the last modernization saves are not working for me, a 3 hour test last night and other hour or so this morning both gone. nice release i love it, cant wait to see a third come around, but idea too much to do to lose it all each time you test.
~ Derek Sturges
Was expecting controls to have been improved... That is why I uninstalled the first one, controls are so sketchy it breaks the fun in this release. I purchased the 2nd one thinking you guys would have improved it but no.. so sad that I have to restart 10 times the same part because of sketchy controls. Even if you can adjust sets... Everything else works, combat/ puzzles / storyline and visuals are very nice.... but this does not create any sense in having no fun testing in this globe... thanks for trying ?
~ Ears Blower
I really love the release, but im experience too much bug for some reason, there are some times that the display slides from left to right and then stuck displaying from the right, like x+(my device resolution), and just when i fall down to the Sewer? right after finishing the colleseum gladiator war, the moment this newest guy jump, i was thrown into the poison pit below, and after dying and restarting the release, i was stuck at the top where there supposed to be a chest containing gravity.
~ Christian De Vera
This release is an unbelievably fun blast to the past. It's cheesy, nostalgic and massively enticing. The largest trouble by a mile is the controls, however it is limited by the fact it's on a tablet. It feels wrong to criticise this release for something that is outside of their control (touchscreen controls) regardless, certain parts are tedious because of the controls and they're sometimes fully wild (in the card app) and this does affect your gameplay. Would be better on switch or PC.
~ Dagz
(May 7) Just bought and downloaded the release but it crashes upon run. Would like to test this release after testing the Evoland I. Hope an modernization will roll out quick to fix the trouble I encountered. Thanks. Edit1: (May 10) I have sent you an correspondence regarding my concern. Hope to hear from you quick. Thanks.
~ Minami Ikki
I'm having fun but hold having release breaking bugs that I have to wait to obtain patched. I'm on ver 1.3.4 and the release is destroying when I bomb the large TNT crate to obtain to the loose piece of track. As quick as the TNT explodes, the release crashes. I'm on Samsung Note9 and have 3D set to weak.
~ Jason Byfield
I want I should give this a 5/5 because it is very well made. Nice graphics and sound, nice sound, nice laughs but the controls are horrible. The difficulty in almost all release modes comes from trying to test on a touch screen device. Bullet hell on touch screen? No... Check a jumping puzzle with immediate death everywhere? No.. Check testing snake with laggy unresponsive controls to launch a door? Ugh...
~ A Google user
My actual #1 go-to release. Sadly, it crashes too often. Since most are null errors, as a developer myself, I had to take away an bonus star.. null is a lazy solution. A nice release like this could not be riddled with null. If still maintaining this release, or have plans for a 3rd release, please have your developers reconsider before using null. 🙁 EDIT: Why are the controls so terrible? The D-pad for pong is an whole inch away from where my thumb naturally lays! What's with all the terrible UX?
~ Vince Emigh
I absolutely love this release. It's been so long since I played a release on Mobile that I loved. The gameplay is nice, the controls are simple & the graphics are magnificent. I only had one trouble with the loading of the maps in certain time periods, such as the land being black & the water reflecting map pieces. I'm cute sure that it's because of my device specifications, though.
~ Michael Herman
IMHO no where near as fun nor forgiving as the first release. I've only gotten to like chapter three, where the boulders are "falling" down the screen at you, and have very much discovered just how much I hate the insensitive and nearly invisible controls. But maybe it's simply that I am attempting to test this on a device instead of a device.
~ Sean Wheeler
Really fun release. Lots of content. However, bug in it that will no longer save the release. Going through the really complicated Sylph Forest actually 4 times over in a hope that it will just save. Place the release down. I came here and see there is a patch to modernization. I modernized it and when going to continue the release, it asks me if I wish to Overwrite the file. Do I? Yes or No?
~ Craig Schellenberg
Was a really nice release until the last two upgrades (actual 1.3.1). I would wait to buy it actually until they fix the troubles woth saving. I lost two hours of progress and three Maana Orbs that I cant obtain back. worth testing but only after they fix the bugs. Modernization: I finally got my save file back. The controls can be a bit encombersome at times but thats because of the varying release modes, would suggest to anyone who likes a nice JRPG.
~ stepphan stover
edit: after the last modernization all is back to normal. nice work! original:one to last modernization caused ruin on each run. this was fixed in one day, but since then I have not been able to progress as it seems the release is not saving correctly: I would test for 20 mins, stop and when I come back I am right where I was before the modernization with crashes. otherwise it a nice release and it's a true shame that I cannot test it.
~ Metodi Nikolov
Evoland 2 provides an insane amount of content for the 1€ it asks for. The release is well executed and can easily be played with touch controls. The difficulty lvl is a bit simple for my taste (it still provides enough challenge though) but the release makes up for it with its funny dialogues and quirky characters. I also enjoyed the fact that the release offers a lot of tons in terms of gameplay (some puzzles here and there, action-journey segments, bullet shooting, you name it)
~ Dodo Mt
This release deserves five stars but often i obtain past the time guardian and talk to Ceres and the white flash occurs. It claims there is an uncaught exception and I have to leave the release. This has been hsppening for almost a month. I will change my review to five stars if this gets fixed.
~ Nick Russell
Edit: This release is a lot of fun. Nice video release culture references. Really fun storyline. I am enjoying the storyline and release test, yet... I am testing on my Pixelbook like a laptop. I do not know how someone would test on their device or device. I tried. It was not simple. Using a keyboard makes for an enjoyable experience. IMO
~ Matt Chiasson
The release is grand. Witty and captivating. However, it is quite buggy. Controls are impossible sometimes, and it crashes if it stays in background a while. Although I did enjoy it and I still have lots to search in this storyline, I do not think I will be testing it. After 1.3.1 modernization I have lost 7 lvls worth of progress in saves, that is quite a bit of time and I am not ready to commit this much again.
~ Alexandr Patrasco
Hello devs. I just purchased the release today and currently on 45 mins gameplay. However, I can't seem to obtain past the lvl where we first encountered Dalkin and his units trying to chase the woman. The release keeps destroying whenever that happens. It's literally unplayable. Please fix it. I'm using Samsung S8 with the newest mobile ver btw.
~ zakwan khidzir
Ever since the last modernization, I can't save the release. No matter how far I obtain or how many save points I hit, each time I run the release, it takes me back to the save territory before the modernization. Edit: Hi guys, wow, that was speedy! Thanks for your feedback, I've downloaded the modernization and it works. It even moved me to the farthest save target I reached. You obtain 5 stars from me just for that. Oh and the release is nice too!
~ Paul Kupiec
nice so far! love how this one has a storyline (first one didnt really have much) had a several glitches happen like the camera flying off to random zones and sometimes my characters are off the screen but seems to fix itself after a several seconds. the only part that really bugs me is if I'm busy and have to leave the release for a bit and when I come back the release gets an error and I have to just close it. so it loses a star for that. nice thing is it saves quite often so not too terrible but kinda annoying.
~ Katzvielle R
Omg you guys have to fix the controls. It's almost unplayable the idea it is. Takes so many tries to just turn around and when you have to depend on movement so much, it's extremely release breaking when you cant. Also pleaseeee let me to test with my device turned upside down! The release is nice on notebook but this is unplayable for me right actually. Edit:thank you for the response but even after tweaking the controls, they are still poor. Trying to obtain your hero turn around is a nightmare.
~ Connie Davidescu