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About: Welcome to Everybody's RPG! Relive the old school vibes of pixelated RPG gaming in an infinite idle RPG style. #IDLE RPG Non-stop RPG idle release with special and different superhero combinations that are never ending! #PvP War versus users from all over the globe and across your server to climb through the rankings for rewards! #GUILDS Participate in Gild PvP fights, Gild research, and lvl up your Gild for everyday rewards! #REBIRTH FEATURE Rebirth infinite times to accumulate more resources and rebirth points for permanent updates! #ITEM SYSTEM Synthesize, promote, and reinforce your equipment & runes! The Magic Cube system, in-release market, material converter and many more updates await your heroes!
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 80MB Developer: NomadGames
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Everybody's RPG Reviews and Comments:

All about the grind, and they hold asking me to review the release more than once.
~ Miles Veasey
Very nice tactical RPG, hundreds of different combinations of walkthroughs & characters. I search myself getting absorbed into testing this release over the time I've been testing I cant place this release down.
~ Stew T
Don't bother... After you obtain the finest gear (finally) it's impossible to obtain materials to upgrade it without paying true dollars. Don't waste your time on this release.
~ Eric Bruns
release is complete trash actually since modernization. there you got your review after asking me 5000 times for one.
~ Biffking
reinforcement successful rate is too weak. it claimed 70% successful rate, but failed 5 times. terrible
~ Nicholas Avorandi
Cumbersome ui, the only thing clear from the beginning is that it will reward you if you come back. Too much stats and things moving before you even know what's happening.
~ Enrico Lamperti
Of the idle category of releases mixed with RPGs, I have played a several and so far this one is probably the finest I've played. It's just grindy enough that you stay interested and you dont feel like you need to buy a thousand boxes to do anything.
~ always watching
I would have given a better review, but I've had equipment and gold dissappear from my inventory without me using them. and the item drop rate should be raised a tad.
~ cory maas
0 star if i should, what is this?! One of those self test releases. So disapointed.
~ Spencer Green
A nice, fun semi-idle release. Involving enough to be entertaining while you watch your units war, nice sprite graphics and song too. Insane amount of content, tonnes to do, nice clans to join, never boring!
~ Matthew Smith
Decent release but the superhero and inventory interface is poorly done. Also the release developer treats this title like its in beta still he or she makes changes to the release that screw over users progress by days if not weeks then give zero compensation for the ones effected.
~ Samuel Thorne
Products was fun at first but actually has turned utterly dreadful. After only a several days i can no longer access the release. It keeps destroying, doesnt load properly and to top it off invested a tiny into the 30day presents that 15$. So after Ive spent 15$ dollars I can no longer test this release ?? Seems like a giant scam by the developers
~ Eric Permann
release doesnt usually save. sometimes you just lose currency because of it. also, this release is heavy pay to victory. 0 chance for nonpaid players to come close to competing in pvp
~ George Foxes
To early to claim. Devs...u aleays ask for a review to quick...seems like tgeres a bunch going on but im not even sure yet what eveything does. So far im interested but in a week? Not sure yet...
~ Mike Rush
its an ok idler. with enough time you can earn enough dollars market currency to progress but you'll never have a chance versus the paying users. the release shows them off regularly. mechanics are odd at points such as the heaviest tanks are better off in cloth as they'll be mauled in plate armor. last straw for me was the months of everyday requests to review the release again and again. you see this more than its own banners for currency sales.
~ Patrick Flynn
seems like a nice time stall for a several days, but you seem to run out of things to do to progress at a certain target. its that target when the release becomes a waiting release. if that's your type of idle release, then this is okay
~ Akosi Jopre
this is an interesting release. while it display an afk gameplay, u certainly have many things to do within the release. the progression and pacing is quite nice. not too grindy but not too boring and felt simple. the only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is theres no diverse heroes abilty. most of them are the same within few superhero genres.
~ Christian Julianto
Addicting release. Very expensive microtransactions. long initial load time. Modernized frequently! Theres a bit of a learning curve, there is a lot of content to absorb initially.
~ Tyler Neuman
Decent... want you weren't lazy though seeing how all your hero sprites are from War for Wesnoth, but their creations are stated as nonpaid to use for anything & I do love the idea you made from them <3
~ Kipo
Nice release, interesting style. Not sure what the "target" of the release is... zero storyline.
~ Jim Rittle
why do you have to press to challenge a dungeon 20+ times often to war it? why does an 80% fail over 40% of the time? why do you hold begging for a review? why did you obtain 1 star? because half and zero stars don't exist:(
~ Joshwa Hendershot
most of the time, they dont reload your previous release test. or it rolled back most of the time. its like when you close the release, then reopen it after several mins your previous updates dont apply
~ Niccolo Racelis
Nice idle release, lots of content, fun to test, 60 fps pixel animations. What else do you need? haha
~ Sarif
Fun release that can now be played for nonpaid. The gems and gold you can buy with true dollars aren't too hard to receive ingame, so you can now enjoy this release without spending a single penny.
~ Thomas Ashley
the overall gameplay is well done. there is a tons of heroes and compositions of troops you can run. the reason i am giving the release 3/5 instead of 5/5 is for 2 reasons. 1st reason is the gild informations are still lacking a lot of functionality. Once you set a 4v4 elite squad they're stuck and you cannot change them out for stronger members. 2nd reason is the reinforcement system. there seems to be quite a bit of bugs with it. It needs to be less punishing at lower reinforce lvls.
~ Dustin Madison
This would be an nice release, if not for the random crashes or kicks from the server. Doing a globe dungeon? Crashes, loses ticket, dungeon goes into cooldown. For 2 days. Doing PVP? Crashes midway through the war. Who thought it was a nice concept to buff hitpoint by 1-2k% for pvp? This ticket is also lost. Match listed as conquer (won previously VS same person). Not to mention the "no multiple device help" is a deal breaker. Lose or damaged device? No profile recovery is possible.
~ Deward James Absher II
Not to terrible of a idle release. So far gems are abundant. I just want equipment updating was not plagued with failures.
~ Paine Ebonheart
This release is one of the better idles (background) releases. However the prices are outrageous and unbalanced. The release test can be sustained fairly well intill a certain target then you slow down for weeks. If there prices were a tiny more fair it would be nice to buy something at that target.
~ Dylan Fenstemaker
fun and simple time killing release. nice for those who like to grind. Only trouble is their extremely high prices in the market. Much more than related releases, with the purchased product being nearly useless. If they lowered the prices if poetically spend more
~ James Jones
The release is nice, however, as a beginner, I have to claim that I have not understood the release at all. The interface is so unfriendly for the player, I dont even know if I have an item equipped or how to sell/create room in my inventory. I will hold testing but I think that this trouble needs to be addressed for the newest users. Thanks
~ Edgar Tovar
cute neat release i got while it was nonpaid, the translations can be a bit off at times and recipients might roast you for not following the meta but it passes time while I'm working which is all i wanted
~ zeffy niles
I played this off and on the first day I had it, found myself enjoying the art, designs the monitization setup (you can obtain everything for nonpaid). The guide holds your hands a tiny too much and it does not track things you do out of order. It does reward you well for doing every step of it though. So its kinda worth it, and there is a fair bit it doesn't claim you. tl;dr its p nice. i got the release for nonpaid and its true quality for that price
~ Vegabound
If you like idle releases and medieval themes, this is for you! Your role in this release is to assemble a team of army, upgrade their details, gears and so on. There is no risk involved in the actual gameplay, and the auto-test information gathers resources for you without advancing in the release. At first it's addicting but as the progress slows it becomes more of a passive release. There is a paid resource, but the price is high and you can receive those without buying. The release doesn't seem p2w.
~ Leo
Not suggested. The early release is designed to rope you in before cranking the treadmill up to full. Drop rates are idea too weak. Success rate of updating gear is idea too weak. Ridiculously expensive microtransactions. Terrible stat design forces you to use cloth armor on everyone to obtain cooldown reduction. The list goes on.
~ Asgorath
Do not, I repeat do NOT download this release. It is a vampire of your time and dollars. Microtransactions left to right and one of the most toxic communities ive ever had the displeasure to interact with. If you arent full lvl end release, youre trash. If you arent willing to place true dollars into the release, youre trash. If you have a question about how to do something, youre trash. Basically if you deviate from the "meta" by even a single ITEM on your hero, youre trash.
~ Lukas Honse
Over course of 2 days release servers went from completely operational to not at all, teron and kai will NOT launch at all. Will claim connecting but never does. What's funny is all this happened after a maintenance meant to IMPROVE the release.
~ seth ellis
Not a terrible release, but it runs to really slow down around lvl 500 or 1000 due to rewards growing linearly while the cost of updates is growing exponentially. Oh, and absolutely no storyline at all.
~ James Pisarzewski
really enjoying this release over another similair clone idle releases alot alot to do, and release modes. only thing i can see may improve is more heroes with individual skills at the moment all waarriors have same ability just there hero design is different, this will add a real rpg element even add passive abilities that are different and special for every superhero. another wise great release i notice alot complains of dollars grab ive been testing nonpaid im doing fine its your choice if you wish to spend.
~ Flawle5sAbs
terible, does everything it can to destroy your devices battery, idle rewards are worthless and rigged to give you nothing, and i havent even mentiond the freezing the destroying and the ever loved eternal 80% loading screen. save yourself the problem and download somthing else
~ ty he
fun release for the first 3 days then its a dollars grab. anything you wish to do will cost dollars, updating equipment to + 10 will obtain you about 30% chance of success and lowers often you lvl it. even the smallest increase will have you buying gems and etc just to obtain it past item lvl 15. You wish the dungeon equipment? You can only test once each 2 days. or you can spend dollars to obtain dungeon restart tickets that cost 500 gems a piece. jump in the release and ask chat how to obtain stronger, respond dollars rl.
~ Phath Bauer