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About: Artistic map and scenes, superb European buildings, intriguing storyline and immersive fights create this release a next-gen fantasy journey. 360 degree views that deliever infinite exploration, blood-boiling combats and PvP arena, freewheeling cultivation system and efficient communication platform, this is going to be an epic fantasy globe that you’ve never met before. The dawn is yet to come and the horn of fight has sounded. It’s time to awaken your asleep soul and reply to the call. Assemble, heroes! Be ready to war for glory and power! ● Special and groundbreaking gameplay Diverse war stages, not just a mere release of numbers Match skills with runes freely to make your own combination Advanced release design and console-lvl QTE involved interaction ●Innovative war, revolutionary graphics Select one out of three main characters and equip them with two weapons to your liking Ulti ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Size: 52MB Developer: EYOUGAME(USS)
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About: Our collection with princess games is bigger today with a different kind of princess makeover games called Complete Makeup - Princess Hair Salon where all little girls can dream to be like a real makeup artist and fashion adviser. First level in these princess games will bring you in a complete makeup salon with all tools and stuff that you need for a total beauty treatment. There are a lot of cosmetics, creams, eye masks, shampoo or hair conditioner for this step of our makeover games. Use ...

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About: CARACTERÍSTICAS - Elige y personaliza a tu héroe de entre tres clases distintas: Caballero Oscuro, Hechicero Oscuro, Elfa, Guerrero Magico o Summoner. - Equipa y evoluciona a tu héroe con poderosos objetos y mejora tus alas para volverte invencible. - Mejora sus habilidades y se testigo de una impresionante demostración de los talentos únicos de cada héroe. - ¡Tus poderes no tienen límite! ¡Vuélvete más fuerte mientras superas innumerables niveles y descubres un sinfín de contenido! - Explo...

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About: Nancy Fashion Blogger...

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About: Retro 2D style multiplayer online role playing game...

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 Features:  - Dress up for date to impress in the most stylish outfits! - Flirt with him in the Canteen & make him blush! - ...

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Developer: TabTale [email protected]



Era Origin Reviews and Comments:

can you pls fix my char at server 2 its just a very newest server and i cant even go ingame to test pls fix speedy so sad
~ Daniel Luis
Usually claims request to log in how was that?
~ Joemar Berjamin
Great graphics and gameplay
~ Alex Arbolante
I can't log in to server 2
~ Bombai
Too many errors happening fix it pls
~ RE:4Zrael -
buggy mess, time realm bugged forever
~ Very Casual
After downloaded the release cant log in..
~ Hype Nicolas
great graphics. simple to lvlup
~ chris michael jadol
Too many auto. So far graphics is nice
~ Patrick Henry Pedroso
To speedy and its an pay to victory release.
~ tech jaw
Cant Log in Stick with downLoading resources
~ Caezar Maranan
It seems great, disappointing that 2 pre order codes don't work!
~ Christian Humphreys
very great release, unbelievable graphics and pretty storyline ^_^
~ arbee magtibay
i test this for 10 minutes and ive got dc and cant reconnect great release
~ Yamete Kudasai
looks like a nice release and cool graphichs too. about the gift code, after entering the code i did not obtain any in-release equipment.. kindly check it pls. thanx!
~ eric oliveria
Just work on the 3D quality more another than that nice so far
~ Michael Mitchell
very great release so simple control and graphics so special
~ Raymond Rubia
Great release need more visual results more on mmorpg... Cool release
~ Ekaj Augaled
Seems okayy. More rewards to pre registered users please. Still at weak lvl so i cant judge correctly yet. Still im gonna keeo testing. modernization if i like it or not
~ Jasper Ian Erasmo
So far its just like any another RPG with auto quest.
~ Cloyd Leyson
Too speedy. Can't understand a thing. Unlike MU Origin, this release really confuse me.
~ Putera Rahmat
Why i obtain usually disconnected? I have a stable connection. This is so sad
~ nelson doctama
Pretty graphics. Speedy paced and fun
~ melvin sandoval
Great release lots todo. Lot of recipients to support with quest.
~ Wendell Evans
Nice graphics. Runs smooth. Simple learning. Nice release
~ Curtis Simons
Autoplay is annoying, you lvl up too speedy. Decent graphics
~ Shea Wilson
After testing for a while and ofc donateing actually I can't log in my profile...why ? It gives me error """ please be patient fighter """ . Why?
~ Pitik Robert
I like the release. I'll give 5 star if I really can't experience the same trouble as yesterday. Thank you.
~ Kring Yan
great release with awesome graphic . download it then u will know how hard the designers work on this release.
~ Sorry nopolice
Its OK actually but sometime, when starting the release its like stock not really stock cause the background in run menu is moving, like nothing happen
~ Alvin Anico
I am annoyed one minute I can test the release the next sometimes I can't sign in and when testing the release it keeps destroying on me so it freezes up
~ Kevin Richard Andrew Junior
I just downloaded the release. I like it so far. The only trouble I have with it is that you can't stop the auto to be able to do anything or figure it out on your own.
~ Lucas Cardona
Currently downloading the release. Gave a 5 star because it claimed 1+ downloads and I've never gotten in that early. Its like I've seen a unicorn.
~ Dean Loftin
Just started , star rating will increase in time. Still too early for a 5 star rating , graphics can be improved :)
~ Sheryll Meyer
Product disconnected after I topped up, and actually I'm unable to obtain back into the release. Please fix or supply a refund.
~ Joshua Kelly
Message box for reconnect usually shows up even though my connection is nice. After that I cannot enter the server. Fix it thanks.
~ Je Andrada
Interesting but the usual small ,gender locked classes so minus a star. Removing other star because it can't be transferred to SD card. No bueno.
~ Cid Homer Imperial Pneulemen
The "release" simply plays itself. I can't search any idea to prevent my hero from automatically running around, completing quests with zero user input. Is it possible to turn off auto-test?
~ Guy Russell
It's a great release in theory, however gameplay happens too quickly. Half the time, you don't know what you're doing. You're not now doing anything except watching your screen while wondering what's happening.
~ Alex The Lolita
Another than censorship and the constant getting kicked out and not being able to sign back in everyone once in a while, the release, graphics and storyline are fantasic. Please fix the log in "que" everyone keeps getting
~ Turaz