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About: The aggressor units have marched all the idea to the gate of the last bastion. The Celestials looked to their finest champions. Respond the call and embark on the Path of Vanquisher! War for the glory! [Ultimate Product Experience] Smooth control, smart blow feedback, realistic sounds, and stunning visuals with splendid premium animation results and detailed 3D graphics integrated to bring an ultimate release experience. [Special Elysian Transformation System] With the special Elysian Transformation system, courageous heroes can transform into invincible Elysians and mow down murderous aggressors. Elysians with different capabilities are waiting to be unsealed in your travel, harness the power of Elysians and use them wisely to face different dilemmas! [Sprite Companions] In Era of Celestials, sprites are your most loyal protectors. In the heat of war, they will usually be r ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 23 Size: 100MB Developer: GTarcade
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Era of Celestials Reviews and Comments:

I played this release since 2018. Im F2p user and yesterday i cant log in. I uninstalled then reinstall hoping i obtain back testing but my profile is gone. I cant enter anymore on my server. Im at HKT S35 and it claims server is full. Where did my profile go?? My ign is SUPERDY422. please support me obtain back to my old server
~ Arn Arn Melad
False advertising!! None of the advertised informations now appear in this release. Zero hero creation despite it being it's number one selling target. Google needs to do something about companies flat out LYING to trick recipients into testing their releases.
~ James Chamberlain
major lag troubles even when on lowest release settings, WiFi or full 4g LTE. cheaters are abundant, servers die faster than I change my underwear, and very very terrible customer service. don't waste your time or dollars on this release. been over a month on an expedited ticket with no response.
~ jeremiah kincaid
i have been unjustly banned from in release buy, i was claimed by developers that there had been info of suspicious activity on my payment profile. i was claimed to contact google test. i contacted google test help and confired there has been NO suspicious activity of any type on my profile. i have requested stats on what activity they have deemded suspicious and have not had any respond.
~ Kay Corlett
P2W and loads of bugs. With all the dollars they obtain from playera you'd imagine that the release is great! But it's not. Help is non existent and the release has countless bugs which are not dealt with. This developers are a bunch of professional crooks. Avoid like plague
~ E L
I can't login after I played it then I go to sleep and in the morning it claims "can't connect to modernization (something) please check your network....but I'm the only one who use the wifi cause my parents was busy so it means that it was more potent wifi......but I can't login......FIX IT PLSS!!!
~ SpadeVlogs
This release is a very nice attention span getter when I'm not at work.This is where I spend my time. Would have given it 5 **** but still got bugs. But at least these developers are fixing things so that's a plus so hold testing and allow's see where this goes.
~ Todd Woodall
this release really need some balancing, the non paying users (f2p) usually gets bullied by the users that use dollars to gain power and etc. (p2p) please have a function that lets the p2p users have their own server lvl or have a transfer profile to other server. because in our server the lvl gap is very high and we weak leveled users usually obtain bullied and we cant enjoy and test the release well with that happening.
~ Natoy
Topup 100 diamonds at 11:03 am obtain correspondence that I bought 100 diamonds. No diamonds added no meeting rewards as well. I already emailed the complaint no actions.
~ Yuri Nating
Suspiciously, and constantly, running in the background even though I haven't really played it. Avoid this release and this company.
~ Mariah R
This release is really nice ,it does create me feel the same joy when i test eso on console. Nice job for a small release. If you manage to replicate the same process but for console, im cute sure that would be other nice hit 5*
~ Stephan Gourgett
I really enjoy testing this release you have so many option, you can test solo are squad up with your dude and there no limit on how high you can go. Just love it
~ Barbara Bryant
the release is nice, well it has potential to be nice obtain d/ced a lot cause servers are loaded, GTArcade Help is garbage one one of my 2 submitted tickets was closed with no response, the another ticket in regards to lost diamonds due to a bug in their system took over a month to respond and then all i got was sorry we messed up, but maybe you could change your settings...yeah...no
~ Jordy Roland
I would give it 100 stars. but after doing the fallen shrine for two weeks straight after its impossible to hit 800 plus I finally hit one yesterday and beat him and got nothing. if ur going to create it that hard to obtain 800 plus when u can only obtain like 600 to 700 and it takes u two weeks straight to finally obtain one and u beat him u could obtain him I have seen alot of complaint on the fallen shrine meeting. I'm about done with this release just cause of that meeting alone.
~ jordan roberts
Bullsh*t it doesnt work at all!! This is a noob release and for the nitezens there who wanted to download this noob release i recommend dont test IT!! Its a waste of load or wifi!! This is nothing but a piece of trash! It usually claims that *Reconnecting to the server 1/3..!! What the FXK IS THIS??!! IS THIS A GAME OR WHAT?! MY OPINION IS JUST IMPROVE IT MORE THE GOOD THE BETTER OKAY?
~ Kate GamingYT
brand newest server. Est America. Within one week 5 Koreans dominated the top 5 all vip 14. Okay allow me place this in perspective to reach that lvl of vip in one week would be the equivelent of us paying ten years salary in one week. it's not possible that there is 5 Koreans on an American server wanting to pay the equivalent of ten years salary to test a release. so either the devs are giving vip power away or they have somehow hacked the system. either idea it makes the release unfun to test.
~ Christopher Black
As many have claimed, it is P2W (pay to victory) to the extreme with lots of gambling and luck based mechanics. I gave it a go being F2P (nonpaid to test), it was ok... got around lvl SP20 (520 lvls in another words, which doesn't mean much to you) and don't expect to be competitive unless you spend thousands of true globe currency + at least 3-5 hours a day. Don't really know what some recipients expect from these releases types nowadays, they're all P2W. Some side notes; terrible CS expect lag massive time usage
~ Lachlan Westcott
If I should Id give this release No Stars. Ive been testing since the release came out. Its a waste of time an dollars. First an foremost if you do not top up true dollars at each single meeting each single day you will obtain no where in this release I promise you that its all about $$$. There is so many bugs, an the lag is beyound poor the customer service is garbage 6months an still no tickets read. An I have never played a release where the oldest servers are the weakest. They DO NOT CARE about users!
~ Sahmirrah James
The graphic on this release is great but all they do is trying to obtain dollars from you. The release is full of glitches, help is horrible, created 3 expedited tickets which promised to be looked at within 2 days and 2 weeks later still outstanding. Instructions from the release is misleading, finished the meetings multiple times but no reward.
~ Jack Nguyen
This release was literally the finest release out there. Until, there was a newest error. The Login glitch. This glitch was temporary as devs instantly tried to solve it. Once they did, my hero, was DELETED. Tiny backstory, i had 26k rubies, 7890k BP and had spent true dollars on this release. I would atleast like my hero back or my true life currency spent on this release refunded please.
~ Chuzzle C
This release is average at finest. It is set up for "pay to victory" only. Each nonpaid user release I have played has had a idea to gain VIP, slowly and painfully, but the ability is there. There is no idea to gain permenant VIP status without spending dollars. If you wish to compete in the meetings you will need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to think about competing at all.
~ Kirk Lucas
With the newest modernization the release constantly lags and disconnects, I've done everything I can do to fix it on my end. Even uninstall and reinstalling and fully cleaning my device to create sure there's nothing else affecting it. I have a brand newest device and the finest possible wifi in my zone. I've place a lot of time effort and dollars into your release and for it to become unplayable is absolutely unacceptable. Please fix this matter asap otherwise I'll hold my review at 1 star etc.
~ Anthony Snedden
My partner spent 27$ on an add on. Right after that the release glitched and the developer refuses to refund the dollars and obtain her back to the lvl she was at. We don't normally spend dollars on releases so this was a gigantic allow down for her. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU HIGH AND DRY. NOT WORTH THE TIME OR MONEY. THEY DON'T GET BACK TO YOU. THEY MADE UP SOME REASON AND MY GF HAS NO IDEA WHAT IT EVEN MEANS. SHE HAS PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO THIS AND ITS VERY UPSETTING TO ME.
~ Mark Van Meer
If I should place a 0 star I would. DO NOT spend your own dollars on this release!!! The release will glitch your funds will be gone and the developer refuses to give me my funds in release back and they claim I spent it on something I have never heard of in release. It took them over 5 days to obtain back to me and I had to contact them 3 different ideas to hear anything back. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
~ Desiree Kenny
Welcome to the fastest idea to ruin your device, over and over again, on Google Test! It's the Era of Pay to Victory Only. Trying to be nonpaid to test is a joke. Be ready to spend thousands of dollars just to STILL not be nice enough to compete with the high-rollers. If that doesn't convince you to not bother with this release then the constant device-resetting crashes certainly will. Simply place, it's a bug-infested dollars-grab. Spare yourself wasted time and dollars by avoiding Era of Celestials.
~ Kei Frequency
First off, the release is nice. As to why I have given a 2 star, I pre-registered and started when it opened and played awhile. I have 265 lvl hero on server S731 (I think). I had to stop testing for awhile due to loss of my device and actually that I am trying to test again, the server my characters are on is "full" and it WONT let me to obtain in. I spent too much time to run all over. Give me my hero back and I will place it to five stars.
~ Chris Johnson
P2W. Devs don't care about users. Your tickets will go unanswered for months on end. Each modernization causes lags and bugs. Even when true dollars is concerned, they don't reply to tickets. No compensation of any sort. No refund. Absolute dollars-grab. Most meetings are all about topping-up. Not topping-up means you obtain the lowest tiered rewards that won't even support you. They steal dollars from users in trades, and when asked, don't have a proper response.
~ Dc Doll
STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. This is definitely p2w, and you'll have to pay thousands of $$ to victory, at that. Save your dollars and buy a car instead. It's fully imbalanced toward the top users, and once your server goes cross-server it gets even more imbalanced. This is all exacerbated by a company that doesn't care about its users and almost never responds to help tix. Which, btw, there are A LOT of bugs in this release. Nice luck going a several hrs without it glitching.
~ Vernon Cheung
nice release. finest graphic( with high performance device). but it has tiny bug, i think they can fit...
~ thanhtike aung.94
i have a trouble. i downloaded all patches but when i enter the release and press on target claims that (content box has not been downloaded complete) throught there is no any press else one that claimed only
~ Mina Mounir
nice release! sets and grades (1star-3star) equipment was a tiny confusing at first.Otherwise,a comprehensive release for a small device! nice job! interface and HUD should be cleaner though!!!
~ ben [email protected]
Nice day, your system not nice my BR is already 78m plus, and actually 73m plus, can you look my hero looks like bug. can you please pay attention i already top up here for a large amout. i am vip5 ign:LordZioN server EST:750
~ jairus neil valdez
I love this release, they offer a lot of content and meetings too hold you busy all the time. Groups doing meetings slaying dragons and lots more. Absolutely love it!!!
~ 1337 Giellie
bugs for bonus lvl 300. been farming for more than 2 hours to obtain the item that I need and yet even one drop theres none. :( Hope you should fix this so I can change my ratings. thanks.
~ giveme hardcore
YO, GAME EDITOR's! FALLEN SHRINE, SUMMONED AN OVERLORD EVERYTIME AND YET HAVE TO ATTAIN ONE!! 😠😠 and STOP ADDING EVENTS FROM HOLIDAY'S THAT ALREADY PASTED! you EDITOR's are destroying the release for those who are willing to give "you" the dollars, which your hungry for. 😡
~ Cptn Jack Sparrow
i hope there is a merqe on server coz another server like mine are soo boring.. eventhough there is cross server i would recommend a merge atleast a month or two months.. globe chat are dead. releases are better when theres a lot of recipients talking in gild and globe chat specially. im on server HKT s675
~ Randy Ranario
i'll give you 2 star rating, becouse payment trouble. i top up diamond a several times and failed 2 times but that top up take my dollars but didn't obtain diamond. i am vip5 actually. please give me that dias and i'll give back my 5 star rating.
~ Dhyo 21
One of the finest online releases ive played.. You can appreciate this release if you played for long, it depends on the build not just top up or recharge.. come and test with us for you to experience it.. Nice Product! Scarlett™
nice time aggressor, plenty of things to do but does obtain to be repetitive after a while. Can advance as F2P but obviously dollars speeds up the process. Laggy like most releases in this field. Large trouble i see is like many of these releases they launch a zillion servers and they all slowly die off. my server has been dead for 3-4 months actually, literally like 10 active users on the server, and no merger in web.
~ Joseph E
Very nice release,simple too learn menus,a bit much on the screen with all the icons but you can obtain around that. love the looks of the charecters,but they have a bit of shine too them. Some lag but that's too be expected with so many aggressors on screen at a time plus another users lol 5 stars easily.
~ Edward Bowers