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About: ePSXe for Mobile is a Playstation emulator (PSX and PSOne). It is a port of the known ePSXe for PC. ePSXe provides very high compatibility (>99%), nice speed, and accurate sound. It is designed for tablets and devices, (for 1-4 users) including a fun 2 users option with split screen mode. It contains virtual touchscreen pad help, hardware buttons mapping (Xperia Test, devices with keyboard or gamepad, external gamepads bluetooth or USB such as WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega) and analog sticks. ePSXe helps OpenGL HD enhanced graphics thanks to the Peopsxgl Plugin, tool codes as well as savestates and memcards compatibility with the PC ver. ePSXe contains native help for ARM and Intel Atom X86. More stats: ** IMPORTANT: ePSXe DOESN'T INCLUDE GAMES. GAMES MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE USER **
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: epsxe software s.l.
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ePSXe for Android Reviews and Comments:

It's an emulator and will never beat the true thing but this makes my $5 mobile box as nice as a PS Classic.
~ Tillman Adkins
After the bug fixes i cannot allow this emulator go thanks all the releases i have so far reads really really nice graphics.
~ Charlie Gamer
having trouble with device locking while using controller. using a ps4 controller connected by USB, the release sees the controller and works but my device gotta not be seeing the inputs made by the controller and it ends up causing device to go to sleep after about 5 minutes of testing.
~ IdealIdeas100
Please, claim me what is the name of the third/second printscreen release! i need it! i will give five stars haha HELP
~ Marcos Pereira
It's the only PSX emulator you'll ever need. It's the finest.
~ Jhio Paolo Robles
I really appreciate the fact that you created the finest psx emulator ever and the coding it takes to make these emulator I have downloaded to roms tekken 3 which I played and parasite eve 1 both discs which I have not but I'm excited for bc prior to this emulator I cannot test this on any iOS device but I had played tekken 3 and when I beat arcade mode once when the credits is suppose to appear please support I would not wish this for parasite eve if u can give modernization plz feedback
~ Matthew Morales
works nice but i recomend using your own bios however every release might need some adjustment to test properly
~ Olen Hamrick
my Digimon globe 2 freeze just after 30 mins of gameplay. Finishing the first quest. please support!!
~ Mohd Sharaffuddin Bin Samsudin
I LOVE THIS APP!!! Yes you have to search your .iso roms, but who cares. It's better than buying the Classic PS1 box. Gotta have a higher end device to run releases at optimal speed, but most have one. Galaxy Note 9.
~ Jason Leach
laggy as hell trying to test MTV Sound Generator and the entire song is just a mess the sounds lag like crazy
~ Monk Ejew
not compatibles with snap dragon 636 octa-core processor, with 4gb ram, i fix the trouble, it needs to restart before use to refresh bios
It's a really nice and accurate emulator, the only troubles I've had with it are just troubles with controls that are inherent to touch screens, so it's still a nice release
~ Viva Discordia
very fun going back to old school gaming a bit tricky to run but worth it!
~ Jawaun Broughton
Straight to setup, load a release and obtain my bluetooth controller connected. Much easier than most emulators, just a tiny much for my device to handle. Modernization: Repurchased on a newer device. So stoked having FFVII on the go.
~ Todd Noel
Wow, ps1 releases look nice with the shader upgrade, and has as many options as one should hope for. Couldn't ask for more and a fair price!
~ Nic Colarossi
works nice with ps1 .bin releases just unzip releases and zone into release folder and works nice with mocute $15 device holder Bluetooth controller just need to map user 1 input buttons and analog sticks x and y.
~ D D J fusco
look i love the release more than anything it's nice smooth emulator but it needs moto mod release pad help it launch source so it shouldn't be too hard I hope for the meantime octopus seems to cover it with a custom layout
Easiest and finest idea to test PSX. I usually test others, but they are usually garbage compared to this one.
~ Greg York
I made the switch from FPSe and I don't regret it. This runs so much smoother and more stable than any another release emulating PS1. Hold the nice work.
~ Thomas Olmos
i love it!!!! i feel myself babe again each time i test! 😍😍😍 just please create enable positioning the screen in VR mode ( vr mode is really fun. ) the black borders are not in the finest position when i test it with a bigger device like 6.0+ half is lower black border the upper is the picture. should be an option to set the photo position?! 🙂
~ Qrta
i want there was option for z-buffer (texture wobble) and also high res textures. also for some reason hardware option on anything higher than native resolution makes the release drop frames and chug/skip compared to the opengl option (launch gl runs flawlessly at 60 frames). hardware is more accurate, so that type of sucks. another than that, i love the simpilicty and ease of access for the option menus compared to fpse. hoping for an modernization of the release in the near future.
~ Dytallix X
Incredible and convenient idea to test my favoured PSX releases. Intuitive menus and lots of options. Help for multiple different types of controllers via OTG help. Price is very reasonable for the product received. Thank you for an nice product.
~ Aaron Zella
The finest Playstation 1 emulator! It runs most releases fine right out of the lot without making setting adjustments. But better graphics can be had by adjusting settings and downloading the OpenGL add on plugin. On screen controls are completely customizable and buttons can be resized and repositioned. And you can use dual analog stick bluetooth controllers like the 8bitdo SF30 and set up custom button mapping. Products can be found via a Google find (tip... tip...). A gotta have release for retro gaming!
~ Michael Reynolds
Great release, intuitive menu, nice work with automatically locating files. A tiny pricey, particularly because I have had to do a several things to obtain some releases working correctly. Overall satisfied with the optimization, accuracy, and performance.
~ Phone Acct
i love this release, works nice, only troubles you may have are because of your ROMs or your device. And as a player, create sure this release is on the same storage device as your ROMs. i made that mistake myself.
~ Austin Savage
This is truly a nice emulator for those wanting to obtain back into their childhood releases, or to search the old golds! My only complaint is that you're not able to optimize the layout for the buttons. I search that the L1/L2 and R1/R2 triggers are a true pain to reach and I would love to have the ability to shift them to a more available territory.
~ Ashton Eckerstorfer
Works well, but a tiny clunky. not sure if it's the emulator, or what but I obtain a tiny lag in-release here and there. Speed up gameplay option doesn't work for any releases I've loaded so far.
~ Tristan Dagan
slightly decent. however I hold getting an error claiming that the core has stopped working when I reach certain parts of one of my releases. or the entire thing freezes up in the middle of my gameplay. is there a idea to fix this?
~ Corey Garroutte
I've used this release for years on multiple different devices and it has never disappointed. I just plug my playstation controller into my device, map it out, and test my favoured releases from my childhood. worth each penny.
~ Daniel Willert
nice ps1 emulator definitely worth the $3.75, I was able to obtain a ps4 controller to work with it and ran silent hill at 4x resolution with solid framerates, the sound is like I was now testing a ps1 and while I cant speak for all releases, silent hill had a slight discolored thing or two but they weren't very noticable as it was tucked away
~ Jayden Meyer
I really enjoy using this release. I can finally test my childhood releases after not testing any ps1 releases for quite a several years. Since you've made this release, can you create other release simular to this release but this time testing ps2 releases, I would really like that though.
~ D'Angelo Hartley
I send u correspondence about the troubles. Thanks... U have also the savestate.
~ Marius Popescu
It's worth to buy! Nice release, simple to use. I love to test Harves Moon on this release. But unfortunately, you have to download the bios. This release doesn't include the releases and the bios. But worth it tho. Nice choice to test PS1 releases than any another emulators.
~ Arinda A Raras
It's really really nice, but I have 3 troubles as follows: 1- The "map bonus functions" isn`t working for the profiles 2,3 and 4, when configured they create any release ruin on run (in profile 2, for example, the button 4 configures, but then crashes any release in the run process, when place the release to run); in another profiles the number of defective buttons varies). // 2- When using the "Gamepad Skin Editor" and moving buttons, it;'s hard to know when the buttons are ALIGNED, recommendation: place some indication when the buttons obtain lined up to another buttons (or create predetermined positions), and the same for resizing buttons, it would be great to have predetermined SIZES, to place all buttons in the same size. // 3- It did not recognizes a generic gamepad through OTG connection, so I just ordered an Ipega 9076 gamepad, I hope it will recognize it.
~ Alan Rangel
This is a fantasfic PS1 emulator. it runs at a fairly smooth 60FPS on my S7 Edge, I have only seen a several frame drops, but they typically don't last long, and this is at 2x Resolution. It has native gamepad help, which I was unable to obtain working on FPSE. I have been running through MGS1 with an Xbox One S controller through bluetooth and had no troubles.
~ Jimmy Chodrick
Worked nice for the releases I downloaded (vib-ribbon and ruin bandicoot). The trigger buttons are quite tiny on the touchscreen gamepad but you don't have to worry about that if you can connect a controller to the device. Super smooth and the only glitches I found in the releases should be due to the roms themselves. Does its job amazingly. The only trouble I had was the emulator reading the vib-ribbon tracks as bonus sound results but changing to full sound result fixed it.
~ Cookie :D
FYI if you have a saved release before installing a BIOS, then install the BIOS, something happens to cause the file to become hidden. It's still there somewhere, and when you go back to your "simulted bios" you can pick right back off from your save. My solution would be to obtain the BIOS and run it instantly when installing the emulator. Insuring no loss without having to go back to the simulated BIOS.
~ Cylant Justice
one of the finest ps1 emulator ever!!!... Can you also fix disable screen button... I have a ipega Bluetooth controller with touch pad and every time im testing the mouse pad hold interrupting my release test so i cant test please add disable touch screen button.. Thanks
~ marlon folkes
Nice tiny APP. I'm testing releases that I'd never thought that I'd be able to test again. Runs relatively smooth too. A several manual tweaks ensures the finest possible experience.
~ Lee Peck
if youre testing a multi disc release like ff8 once you complete disc 1 and download disc 2, go to run release and pick browse file, under download search disc 2 and extract file, want someone else would have posted this, might be primary but it took me all day to figure it out by trying different things.
~ Eric Bates