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About: Empires & Puzzles is a fully newest take on RPG releases, combining match-3 fights and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels. Join the war actually! War - Send your units charging by making nice combos! Build - Rebuild an immense fight fortress! Accumulate Summon hundreds of potent heroes and units! Raid - War in PvP fights versus users from around the globe! Upgrade Lvl up your heroes, buildings and premium powers! Squad Up - War mighty Titans with your Alliance! Nice Graphics Experience detailed creatures, heroes and visual results in a majestic fantasy globe! Follow us:
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Small Giant Games
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Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest Reviews and Comments:

I do enjoy testing this release loads. I have a nice alliance who are usually on hand to give advise. The main trouble I search is ascension equipment and some crafting equipment takes ages to receive. I have not spent heavy amounts of dollars on this release and it does take some patience at times. A recommendation to the devs if you do read the review how about implementing trading between alliance members with even a limit eg 2 equipment traded per week or biweekly or even monthly. Nice release though
~ Tez Bot
This release is really fun. It's a nice idea to pass time and is cute addictive. I love the artwork with the characters and the style of the release. My gripe is that you can't progress very far without spending a fair bit of dollars. Gems are hard to earn and everything in release is very expensive. Maybe if they added more ideas to earn gems though watching video banners or something it would support.
~ Dragoon Kate
1.The often pop up on first run are really annoying. 2.The championship keeps giving higher squad power than me. How do you expect to obtain it? Its a common sense. Unless they don't have any common sense of it. Which is obviously they don't. 3.The puzzle errors on each single attack no matter its fight, championship, province, raid, target, meetings when you brought the heroes that doesn't have the color of tiles. 4.They really suck at doing this. I had to give 1 star in order to post comment.
~ Leslie Liew
Horrible release with horrible mechanics. The release screws you up offline so you can spend dollars on energy refills.The release screws you up online so you can spend dollars in raid refills. You don't obtain the heroes you need so you can spend dollars and hold trying to obtain then. Buildings takes ages to construct so you can spend dollars and skip time. Everything in this release is set up to create you spend dollars. This release is gambling and it sbould be illegal. Not to mention help service is hell. Pls stay away.
~ cҼsarin ғɊshіon
unless you have lots of dollars to waste about this release. It will take you atleast 1 year to be mediocre. I know a guy who spent $200 so far and only got one 5 🌟 superhero. then once your lucky enough to obtain a 5 star superhero it'll take you months to Full him unless you sound variety to speed up the process. IT'S A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, KEEP AWAY.
~ Robert John
unless im missing something....this release is idea to slow going, and im honestly somewhat stuck. I've played related releases to this, as far as gameplay goes, that were 10X better. It seems this release is literally trying to force u to pay out the a** or youre going no where really speedy. It has potential...but honestly, quite a bit too many flaws for my taste.
~ Sarah Tyler
I normally don't test RPGs, but this is one of the several RPGs that I search addictive... And it's the only MOBILE RPG that I test (the others are for PS1). Congrats on an awesome release!
~ A Google user
Been testing this release for about 6 months and i love the gameplay. It's fun to stack your Heroes'abilities and lvl them up. Fun Gild fights to participate in, PvP everyday Raids, and a Map to conquest over time. This isn't a release you defeat, it's a release you enjoy testing a couple times per day... and it doesn't reward users who pay to victory, it makes them grind even more.
~ Jeff Sorensen
Since this company was bought someone newest they have really started to rip off everybody testing the release by Reducing the amount of treasure required to lvl up and hoping that they hold continuing to spend dollars. Because of this reason I will not spend other dime. It's very noticeable when you test each day. the loot dropped has gotten poor, forcing very slow leveling unless you are willing to spend more dollars.
~ A Google user
after almost a month of just trying to obtain gloves to ascend all of my characters I finally give up you are forcing me to spend dollars just to obtain one item and with no chance of now getting it in release for nonpaid I am really gutted to leave this release but I will not be forced to spend dollars. one thing I did miss because of this it has stopped my progress in release has not powerful anoth to conquer the lvls I'm on so to me it's broken has I carnt progress.
~ Jusbott
Don't obtain started with this release. It is very time consuming and you're just too far behind. It takes at least 7 months to lvl everything even with the bonus builder which costs $7/m. I have spend hundreds on it over the past year and quick as I had an trouble with something their customer service didn't care to fix it. What type of business are you, Tiny Giant? Simply poor!!!
~ Kevin Lowe
played this release for I think maybe about a year, I think I've wasted about a year of my life. I like the release but it requires you to spend heavy amounts of dollars if you now wish to excel. this is definitely a pay 2 victory release. final straw was spending about 4 weeks leveling up common heros because the equipment needed to lvl up rare heros are super rare drops themselves.vunless you pay for chances to obtain those equipment. it's just a terrible release. not worth getting to 30. my 2 cents.
~ George Razzo
sadly, I love the release, but the newest modernization will not allow me in. usually gives a connection error dispite I am using the same network connection to write this review. the release itself is nice, but it seems there has been an trouble when they box the Release for an modernized. thus the 1 star. I would to test the everyday part of the release, but have had troubles each time an modernization has happened. please fix how you are packaging the Release for upgrades.
~ Stuart Dubin
can be a fun release, but its a lot of grinding to progress. 2 troubles: the release is increasingly set up to obtain you to spend $$. hard to compete unless you do. the devs also have no clue how to manage their chat rooms. they are banning some recipients for minor infractions while letting bullies and questionable behavior run rampant. the finest thing about the release is the community of recipients and they are actually destroying that. too terrible as they had something nice.
~ Derek T
Ive been testing this release for a several months and I really enjoy it. Im usually not large on RPG, especially releases that require $$$ in order to victory at higher lvls. E&P is now not as terrible as others. I havent spent a dime and am doing well. It just takes time to lvl up your buildings, farms, and heroes. I see recipients obtain caught up in paying large $ to obtain there speedy and obtain upset when they dont obtain 5 star heroes(1.5% chance per summons) with variety of tries. IMO its more rewarding the hard idea.
~ Steve McGhee
This is very much a pay to test release straight out of the gate. I am personally a budget user and test gacha releases, but releases that basically require my dollars to advance are a gigantic turn off. There needs to be balance between whale and nonpaid to test content. I uninstalled.
~ Yve oDstruxn
TOO MANY POPUPS. Haven't seen this many since the browser fights. I load the release and have half a second to see I have units ready to accumulate. But wait, there's a popup for a sale, and other popup for some another thing, and yes even a third! But actually I can accumulate my units. Oh wait, there's a popup for every special troop, and then one large popup list at the end. Seriously??? You guys victory the prize for overdoing it.
~ Jeff Mastey
poor release. I have been testing for over a year and have dumped dollars in to this RIDICULOUSLY IDIOTIC GAME. it never gives you, your dollars or times worth. DO NOT CONSIDER THIS GAME!
~ monique !
Nothing more annoying then losing raids because the aggressor has one hero in a corner and you can not touch him!! another then that its an ok release. I feel its a bit unbalanced. Its faster to force stop the release then wait for the stupid defeated shield to go away!!!!!!!!!
~ Justin Bertrand
You could change your Product development name to Huge Idiots. Absolutely one of the most Disappointing Products ever made for Google Test Market. Should have been Nice. There is no fun in this Product. Definitely not a nice nonpaid to test Product. SUMMONING IS TOTALLY WEAK. PVP IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE. GREEDY SMALL GIANT. I'm never going to spend any Dollary on this wait 2 weeks and obtain Nothing,
~ Zarog Necromus
when you do rivals you typically obtain paired with recipients who are 10x your lvl, and if you wish it to search a newest foe, thatll cost you. im currently on lvl 3, and I cannot war for my missions. I dont have supplies anymore, since you obtain those through fighting, so actually i have ti wait till god knows when. what a terribly developed release. dollars hungry.
~ Ashley Greyson
Your newest modernization (22) has extended the release giving bonus buildings and materials....unfortunately you SG, have allowed this playability to exist and be used by some and not others....you have given an unfair advantage to some of the clients....the advantage has been witnessed and screenshots taken of asian users receiving the abilities before another nationalities.....this proves the intention to frustrate non-asian users so they will spend more dollars....ALL NEW PLAYERS BEWARE!!!
~ The Spiv
This release is absolutely 100% rigged. This is a gambling operation disguised as a small MMORPG style release. You can spend hundreds and thousands and obtain nothing to obtain you ahead. Does that sound like a release or gambling? I rest my topic! Should be an wonderful release but they would rather you gamble your dollars away over and over and over again.
~ David S
the release is fun, but they screw you on getting bigger heros and meeting heros. if I pay to test you better give me a decent superhero. i give you dollars you give me the meeting equipment. nonpaid to test my aunt Matilda's butt crack. seriously, if i go to the grocery shop or electronics shop, anf i give them dollars they give me what i wanted. we allow these devlopers screw us. it's time to take a stand. if we pay we could obtain to pick what we are buying. it's fricking ridiculous that we allow them screw us over
~ Matthew M
I don't enjoy spending $400 and not getting any newest heros. I also don't enjoy waiting 2 months and still can't lvl up a 5 star superhero to lvl 4. And the largest of them all, I don't like it when the raids are simple one day and hard as blank the next. We don't need a release to tool just because they don't wish you to succeed in getting a higher trophy count. Other thing is adding the arrow raids and health boosts during the alliance fight is the most retarded add ever. Nice release gone sour.
~ monica Klavano
I dispise this poor release. It's as frustrating as it is manipulative. It boasts a well realized artstyle, within an addictive but repetative Beguiled clone. While you might have fun, there is tiny walkthrough to it, as gameplay and updates almost exclusively information a lot of randomization. So much so that it can halt progression. But most frustrating of all is that this release is also a pay-to-victory small release, meaning that it encourages paying true dollars for a (random) chance at succession. 👎
~ A Google user
It's a pay to victory release. Its fun to test. But spending true dollars is usually a gamble as your heros are picked randomly. You might obtain a newest 5 star superhero or you might obtain a duplicated 3 star superhero for your hard earned dollars. I pay for VIP which is about £5 a month. that gets gems and an bonus builder. Then I buy gems when a nice offer pops up. I test in a castle and full out the releases potential. But progress is slow. However the gameplay is nice and the release is challenging so I like it.
~ Bradley Wright
It's an interesting release. I like the walkthrough and puzzle and building all in one. Also buy offers pop up in the middle of doing something, annoying. I have been testing for a while actually, love the release. Recommendations; When heros are ascended they could change how they look. Also ability to buy ascention equipment, After reaching lvl 15 stronghold, offer second builder! to wait 6 days for upgrade is ridiculous and ruins the momentum of the release.
~ A Google user
THESE GUYS ARE SO PATHETIC! DELETING BAD REVIEWS! SMH. 3rd TIME! Empires and Puzzels is basically a slot machine where you gamble for heros and loot. You trade your hard earned dollars for a *chance* to obtain something nice. This release is rigged in each possible idea so that you feel frustrated enough to spend dollars gambling on updates. Just like slots this release is rigged. Boards aren't random, raids aren't random. Do yourself a favor and search a quality release that doesn't exploit its fan base.
~ Jesse Demarco
Nice time waster, you can test for 5 mins or 45 mins at a time. Most of the release modes are fun and challenging, even though progress is generally slow. Raids miss the mark. Defense has the advantage, so there is no sense of accomplishment. This is magnified by the raid championships which further reward those that aren't testing. If the rest of the release wasn't so nice, the raids wouldn't stick out so much. Overall, worth the $5 a month for VIP.
~ Adam Grapa
WORST customer experience ever!!!!! it's all about the dollars for these guys. You can only obtain so far without cashing out some Serious dollars. Product crashes a lot and you don't see your proper loot in the inventory. No support from help and they claimed me to take screenshots after every release so I can create sure I obtain the proper loot. even with that I was claimed I required to pay again to obtain the right loot. again WORST customer service experience. NOT WHY I PLAY A GAME.
~ Claude Alcindor
Avoid this release! Total ripoff and waste of time. Your chance to obtain anything nice from summons or training camps is almost nonexistent. If your luck is anything like mine (and it probably is), you'll spend hundreds of dollars and still never see a single 5* superhero or even nice 4* ones. Ascension equipment are idea too rare, so trying to rank anyone up is next to impossible. You also obtain spammed with 6+ ads each single time you log in, even if you've already spent dollars on the release!
~ Matthew Maguire
The release is designed in such a idea that only those with the fattest wallets will ever obtain the top spots or the finest prizes. Unless you're ready to spend hundreds of $$$ on gems and trying to obtain 4 or 5 star heroes, you'll never obtain anywhere. Raids and raid championships are heavily rigged and NOT random as recommended. Contacting the idiots in help is useless. If they now bother to respond your question, you still won't obtain a decent respond; just a slash and paste respond that claims nothing.
~ Skullview
Addictive but frustrating. Anytime you victory at a raid you gain 10-30 points (unless you attack a foe 300-1000 squad points higher than you) but when you're attacked you lose 30-50 points. You claim me release developers, is that fair???? Played this release for almost 2 years and that's me just got a 5 star hero. Very unfair release.
~ Stephen Currie
I hate this release the release is down yet again fun to test when it is working but it's by far the worse release to test in terms of there system destroying it's extremely aggregating when it's down for hours sometimes like it has been for the past 3 hours obtain it fixed!!!
~ Caleb Wood
Boring and Monotonous! You'll enjoy this release for about a month or two and then search that you've leveled off with no room for growth. Then you'll just grind and do the same boring tasks/missions over and over and over and over again. Save your time and dollars and DON'T BOTHER!!!
~ Joseph Simone
After few months of testing E&P, I can honestly claim that this release is just straight-up wonderful. The depth of walkthrough involved makes you think, and the community is awesome. This is a long-style release. You wont rise through the ranks quickly- it takes patience. Spending dollars is not essential, but it can support. Superhero pulls are random, so no guarantees on high rank heroes even if you spend hundreds. A f2p user has just as much chance (albeit more slowly) as a p2p. Give this release a shot.
~ Jeremy Irwin
Keeps redirecting me to G test for modernization but the shop claims I'm up to date. And it is a circle one hardly can go out of. Their help is beyond pathetic so if you wanna see something done do it by yourself. Uninstal Empire, Uninstal Google Test Product then Install Empire followed by Google Test Product and voila you are modernized to newest ver.
~ Nikolay Rusev
This is my all time most FAVORITE release ever in the globe! I test this release each chance I obtain! My newest alliance is fun and very challenging. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (Graphics are nice! I LOVE my Heroes! Especially my Pretty GRIMM - he's my favoured!)
~ Cynthia Papin
OK, I will test to be fair here, I started to test a long while ago and I spended more dollars than any another release. I was very excited in the beginning, I was patient, I was reading the reviews and of course I didn't listen not to spend dollars. I have actually 5 stars heroes, 4 stars heroes and a bunch of 3 stars but I can't advance because I don't have enough resources (materials). You can spend thousands of dollars, they are not available. In over 2 years of testing and a LOT of dollars I got nowhere 👎
~ Gabriel Radu