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About: Build alliances and defeat rival lords in MMO war. Defend your castle from aggressors and war a medieval fight with epic PvP walkthrough. With a custom palace and formidable units, you should rule the Four Kingdoms! Defeat lords and defend your kingdom in this epic PvP walkthrough release. Do you have what it takes to rule an empire, war aggressors, defend your castle and build a growing units to dominate the Four Kingdoms? With this epic MMO release, you can employ cunning walkthrough to defend your kingdom, wisely pick your alliances to war with you in war and make a resourceful units. Download Empire: Four Kingdoms and join millions of users in this award-winning multiplayer walkthrough and medieval fight release. With potent rulers, fierce fights and strategic masterminds, your finest PvP war skills will come to the fore. Empire Four Kingdoms: TOP 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD 1. ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 70MB Developer: Goodgame Studios
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Empire: Four Kingdoms Reviews and Comments:

All together nice release. Pop-up's are annoying especially if they happen in the middle of forming an attack.
~ George Ozarowski
Limited server on international 4 release is limited to PVP so less engaging than previous servers I have played on. Newest modernization blocked me currently for almost 15 hours.....
~ Stefan Chilaski
The amount of rubies recipients buy is just crazy stupid, in the outer realms each 8th person seems to buy rubies
~ Longest Name
Started out very fun and entertaining. Actually the focus is on purchases in release. Users are not on even testing field unless they spend lots of dollars. Rewards are based on purchases or rather the ability to obtain rewards. No longer do NPCs attack, the release is getting boring.
~ A Google user
since last modernization release wont launch... thieves take your dollars then prevent you from testing!
~ Piotr Bar
its a too terrible release with to much time waste it is nice but it lags all the time and when we run testing it will not run
~ neenu sidhu
newest modernization wont ket me back in the release it acts like its loading and then claims that needs to modernization which i already did so kinda frustrated.
~ Alexis Elley
The downside of this release is that it is a very, very, very expensive release to test, because it requires the user to spend lots of dollars, (Google Pay) in order to buy lots of "rubies," in order to build castles, buildings, armies and importantly buy meal.
~ Maurice Cabrera
This release is very expensive to test. Everything is about rubies. Its a bit confusing on claiming you to attack another Castles then they obtain upset if you attack them. Overall the release is quite addictive especially the championships.
~ Patti Clothier
Four Kingdoms is a really cool release (I like to see more zone in the release and a easly alliance target if we finish an alliance's target we obtain nice points and it will support us obtain our alliance obtain to the top.) just asking if you can do that i think it should be fun.
~ Naruto Huntmen Demon
garbage, servers could go down for a entire day, screws you over if your meal income is negative, waste of time and it's glory days are long gone
~ joel lol
heading fully in the wrong direction.....release sucks more with every newest modernization......
~ Janet tamargo
~ Rapture Ready
it's type of a boring release. no true life fights or attacks to control. you run your attack and have no control of it until the squad returns from the attack.
~ Bob Kroger
This used be to be one of the finest releases back in 2018. Actually they just place you into play servers without any stats or consent. So basically, they dont care what troubles you face and only care about making dollars. help takes a entire week to reply if they ever do. I strongly recommend you dont waste your time on here especially if you cant dump thousands of dollars. Because at the end of the day you're not gonna enjoy waiting for weeks to obtain your troubles solved by a lazy help squad.
~ King Heartlesd
been testing for a several months actually. In the beginning i purchased rubies to obtain to a certain lvl. but i haven't had to in a long time. there are a number of different things you can do during the release and it passes the time for me. runs smooth on my Samsung Galaxy 9 and I don't normally test releases. so for one to keep my attention. thats a goid thing.
~ Victor Giudice
the guide sucks, it dont claim you how to upgrade your buildings or how to advance your "kingdom" . i thought that was the target of the release.
~ thebutteredbiscuit 1
outstanding release !!! keeps you involved, usually something to do and plenty of opportunities to advance!!! join an alliance! mine is a nice support. please download and test.
~ Tommy Robbins
do not honor their word and no refunds for not receiving equipment that were paid for
~ zach collins
the higher your level , the release gets easier. obtain in a nice friendly alliance . if you buy their rubbies , you gain power and lvls quicker. there are plenty of nonpaid rubbies to obtain , if you don t wish to spend dollars.
~ Robert Matney
I really like this release but in my opinion there is one trouble. With the international server (INT 4), you can't instate a curfew or rest period throughout the day. I have two accounts, one is an old one on the GB 1 server, and one on the INT 4 server. I search the one on the GB server a lot more enjoyable seeing as I obtain to now work on my castle at night without fearing an attack, as my alliance has an 11pm rule, as with a lot of alliances. On the international server, you can't do this.
~ Light Yagami
the release is not as nice as it used to be only the large spenders victory all the comps actually unless your a large spender who buys lots of rubies you cant compete. the fls and bloodcrows aint worth testing i dont like the dethroning thats also a dollars spinner to compete. am now thinking of giving up the release.
~ Sharon Warn
Have to spend too much dollars to compete with another users. I have spent over 3k and was only mid lvl. Most of the high lvl, top users have multiple accounts, some have 9 or more. Considering the amount of dollars per buy, $50.00 average, what you buy doesn't last long and you have to spend more for every meeting if you wish to zone well in that meeting. Finest thing about the release is the nice recipients you meet and interact with. I played for a year and quit.
~ Todd Long
The release is in the last throws of existence and dollars grabbing is evident. Its dying out and become unbelievably dull as you cant do anything anymore.... too many unnofficial in-release pacts and alliances that are too potent have destroyed it for the casual user, and therefore no newest users will last long in the release before giving up..........
~ Paul Wilson
There is so much to do and it's so addicting. What bothers me actually is that the release is so laggy and the developer is not often listening to the users. I think there could be a tiny of a fairness between Lvl 70 users. A legendary lvl 1 is not a legendary lvl 800.
~ A Google user
I love this release so much. I played the PC ver for 2 years and actually I'm able to enjoy it on the go. The working of the release is intricate and very well done. The release allows for a long time spent day and will create sure you have something to do. Strongly suggested for those who are patient and will stay on until you can obtain up to the heavyweights. But overall the release is nice, usually room for improvement but nice as is.
~ grant boshaw
The newest modernization is keeping you from sending resources to another kingdoms you can't change commanders they need to fix it actually. It may be nonpaid but if you wanna obtain anywhere you have to spend a lot of dollars. They also will cause you to lose rubies time skips because of their stupid pop ups. I tried correspondence them they hold claiming me to go to the feedback attached in the correspondence and I couldn't send them a message so I'm getting really tired of this they just wanna steal from you.
~ Janey Rood
Fun release. But, the company Nice Products has made this release the most over priced, dollars gouging release on the internet. I mean one day can cost you into the hundreds of dollars. Each single tiny transport you create you have to pay for. They've even made contest where you don't just pay once, you pay up to five times to do the most easy task in a contest. A 3 day contest can cost $200.00 for the basics. The release makers also see you as something to exploit. Not a user to cherish. And they do.
~ Ronald Cole
Usually enjoy the combat variations and rewards for all users, not just those who spend dollars for super setups. Once you obtain used to another users randomly striking you, it is challenging to grow and develop your own walkthroughs while learning from alliance members. Spend true globe dollars, or not, your choice.
~ Phil Bruce
I've been testing for a several years actually. I haven't ever bought rubies and have done just fine in missions and meeting placement. It's a unbelievable walkthrough release. Some may claim addictive ;-). There are many styles of release test and alliances to suit you. Remember, it is a release! Have fun! Go Castle Turret!!!
~ last samarai
Love the release!! Only troubles I have are, I test this release on my laptop as well, but I can't login on that one. I had to run an all newest release on my device. And today there was an upgrade, actually I cannot obtain on. It keeps claiming it's updating and claiming me to wait a several mins and test again
~ Robin Redifer
the release is stuck in a loop. it wont allow you use your army to attack Barron castle. then it wont allow you back out of the travel for war. if doesnt obtain corrected will delete release.
~ Shelly Hawkins
This is fun its true that this release is pvp one aggressor usually attacked me and I attack me to and I ask support in My alliance and they support but there is something that i dont like this I cant find my brother's name and we have a desame srever.
~ teresa sabill
I've played for 3 years actually and still can not contact help. this release takes your dollars like a atm and fails to give you what you pay for.
~ Shelly Lowery
This release feels alittle true but not over the top fantasy like Product of Fight and others. Like when having Units can just have them forever because they'll eat all your meal just send them away then when you need them, you have a feast call them all back and train more units come back to your banner to war in Fights. Then the gold you need gold fuel your Fights.
~ Frost Viking
Its one of the Finest Mobile releases by far,i have played and enjoyed,there is all ideas something newest either on the war field or the economy going on.
~ Swifty Me
After the last modernization i can't access the release! The server modernization test in several mins appears for hours actually and just spent 20£ in mornin for rubies and some army which they will starve because of this! I've sent an correspondence to technical help but nothing, how u gonna fix this ???
~ marius-valentin dobrescu
U guys are pathetic. u are placing so much adds whenever we run release your add will come. and if ur release lose internet connectivity after reloading again your silly add will come guys i sugget you that whoever wish to buy your product, will go and check all the offers and buy whatever he wish but do not disturb those users who are not interested.... give options lads....
~ Jayraj Charan
lost all my units all my meal and rvs from ur modernization !! I would like everything back !! finest part of it all you guys have made contacting you so hard idk how to even obtain a ticket in
~ Tara Hurren
I could be able to continue testing release the same idea it was installed, Upgrades shouldn't be mandatory, because they eat up our memory. So if you don't have enough memory left on your device to download the upgrades, then they won't even allow you sign in! Which is absolutely ridiculous to block someone from a time sensitive release like this one! 😒 By the time i got my memory cleared, i had been attacked multiple times & my village had been looted & was ablaze😢 The upgrades are idea to often!
~ Larissa Hollenbeck