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About: Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to create EDGE a rich and very comprehensive release. Check out twelve lvls for FREE in this demo ver of EDGE. You can test all 48 lvls in EDGE and 48 more in EDGE Extended! FEATURES: An original release ideally suited for small devices Catchy electronic soundtrack! A easy, addictive release for each kind of user 12 lvl in the demo - test EDGE for all 48! AWARDS: BEST MOBILE GAME - Videogame Festival Milthon Award, Paris EXCELLENCE IN GAMEPLAY - IMGA (International App Gaming Awards) Champion BEST MOBILE GAME BEST iPHONE GAME AUDIO ACHIEVEMENT - Triple finalist in IGF App (Independent Product Festival) REVIEWS: 9/10 - PocketGamer.co.uk (Gold Award) 5/5 - FingerGaming.com 4/4 - slidetoPlay.com 4,5/5 - Touchgen.co ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: Mobigame S.A.R.L.
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Similar Games Like Zombie Haters  Alternatives
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About: Only those who hate zombies with all their heart survive after the apocalypse. Get the team of like-minded people and clean the streets of filth! Shoot, explode and bomb the undead on city streets. Discover new territories and explore the big world. Huge crowds of zombies, a lot of secrets and true friends await you! If you are tired of running around the city, but want to keep killing zombies - the game has an idle mode. Improve your team, unlock new haters - and they will fight with zombies e...

Developer: TBG LIMITED

Similar Games Like Snake Versus Cubes Alternatives
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About: This Snake Versus Cubes game is one of the best casual game in the market. It's a combination of arcade games and brick block games. The snake on the screen will slide faster and faster. How far can you go? Game Features: - You must control the snake and eat food to get a longer snake - Game run endless gameplay. - Simple swipe control (Easy to learn, hard to master!) - Challenge your friends with the best high score Download the app for free today and enjoy Snake Versus Cubes with you...

Developer: Betapp

Similar Games Like Basics Field Trip Camping: Education & Learning Alternatives
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About: * In the previous version you went through interesting things, the basics in Education & Learning. In the next version BALDI will be bald teachers, scared, camping together. There will be no basics math in education and learning in school, now Field Trip: Let's go camping with Baldi for fun. In the previous version, you are tired of dealing with the basics math of education and learning in laptops. In the game Basics Field Trip Camping: Education & Learning you and teacher BALDI go to the...

Developer: horror games.ltd

Similar Games Like Granny Sophie's Curse - Horror Games Alternatives
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About: Granny Sophie's Curse is a scary and horror game, based on original PC games with great graphics and sound. Your task is to keep your rooms always shining, if off you will be scared.In the house has the soul of Granny Sophie's Curse Sophie's curse is a fun and scary game, to have a better experience in the game, be sure to play in the dark and wear headphones to feel better. Function Granny Sophie's Curse: + The game is horror and most scary + 3D graphics + Move smoother + Have directio...

Developer: boomerang.,inc

Similar Games Like space rocky Alternatives
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About: Oh no rocky has woken up in space and its up to you to help rocky get back home to his family...

Developer: Game making entertainment(GME)

Similar Games Like Escape The Light  Alternatives
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About: Hold to run, avoid the lights. Thats all. Try it for fun !...

Developer: E Yen

Similar Games Like Fear the Ufo Alternatives
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About: Test your skills and prove your'e the best avoiding aliens. You need to be focus, and don't get hit by the ufo. Collect gems to unlock new characters. New Characters coming soon..........

Developer: prjesus12


Similar Games Like LOL Princess surprise opening Dolls Alternatives
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About: lets enter LOL Princess surprise opening Dolls to have a lot of fun and excitement! This dress up game is filled with amazing dress ups, eggs princess hairstyles, jewelry, shoes, and fashion accessories. Be a part of the surprise fashion world by playing this LOL Princess surprise opening Dolls. Choose the princess from 2 options you like the most, select a dress for your dolls from a range of gorgeous outfits, scarves, shoes, hats, and jewelry items available at the princess surprise o...

Developer: Creative People

Similar Games Like PewPew 2  Alternatives
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About: The sequel to PewPew is there! Expect retro graphics, megatons of enemies, and a frame rate achieved by no other game (except PewPew). There are nine game modes, and a campaign with 3 levels of difficulties so even the weakes... *AHEM* So even the strongest of you will have some challenge! ------------------------------------------------------------ And now, a list of the features: -a deep story with drama, romance, and mystery. -crops to grow and birds to throw, to keep in touch wi...

Developer: Jean-François Geyelin

Similar Games Like Royal Blade Alternatives
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About: Kazillion Damage Blade! MAX Up Your Weapons How far can you go? Collect SUPER legendary SWORDS ! Activate EPIC POWER SKILLS !! CUSTOMIZE your hero. 'Kawaii' or 'Hipster'. What's your style? STRANGE BOSSES are waiting for U. Explore the exotic world skins. BE A RANKER on the leaderboard. 111%'s long loved has come back with more fun. It's a simple, but addictive arcade game. Enjoy! Thanks!...

Developer: 111%

Similar Games Like Retro NES Pro - NES Emulator  Alternatives
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About: 1.9$ IS FOR DONATIONS ONLY - Please consider donating - Donations support MANY open-source projects and developers * A NES game file (ROM file) is necessary to play a game. * Copy your own NES game files to SD card or Internal Memory. (e.g. /sdcard/NES/) * Please search games again after copy new NES game files. Features: * Support NES file (.nes, .zip). * Support android 4.0+ (suitable for android 8.0+). * Save state and load state. * Quick save: Double tap to quick-save (right h...

Developer: Retro Game Emulators

Similar Games Like Egypt Relic  Alternatives
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About: egypt relic Match runes and break blocks as you build the world`s most wondrous structures in this ground-breaking Match 3 game! Fun, excitement and entertainment! Welcome to Pharaoh world. Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospherical sounds guarantee a premium slot experience. - mysterious Egypt world, hundreds of well-designed free levels! - multiple goals, move mode, time mode, collect mode. - easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master. - st...

Developer: Wonder Mobi Game

Similar Games Like Upward Go! Alternatives
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About: Jump, jump and jump! Bounce on the side walls and reach as high as you can....

Developer: E Yen

Similar Games Like Axe Hit Champion Alternatives
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About: Axe Champion is NEw Arcade SAxe Shooter Game with Ultimate fun. How to play Axe Champion Just Tap on Time to Shoot the Axe and Prove your BEst Axe Champion Throw axes through the targets in Axe game ! hrow Axe to Blast the Targets , More than 100 Plus Unique Axe Throw Levels , Play Like Ace the Champ , and Axe Champion . Havre Fun How to Play Axe Hit Tap to Shoot the Axe and Smash the Targets Axe Game , Tap Games , Free Games Axe Champion Features Addictive Axe Throwing Gameplay...

Developer: TeaTcb


Similar Games Like heredity horror: scary game Alternatives
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About: the game is still in development !! Are you ready to face your fears? you need to escape to escape, the house has a killer. Discover environments and scary creatures in this free atmospheric horror game, never play alone!! you will have a nightmare. You have to look for the keys of the main door to a mysterious horror and look for it in every doors. you need to escape from heredity forest , you need to find the key. you should escape from the house that is why we called it gra...

Developer: Big Grandpa

Similar Games Like Titanic: The Unsinkable Alternatives
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About: Experience the incredible adventure of the legendary RMS Titanic through the game Titanic: The Unsinkable. By taking command of the most famous British passenger liner of the White Star Line, you will have the opportunity to rewrite history by saving the ship and its passengers from the dangers of the sea. You will have to bring your ship from the city of Southampton in England to New York City in the United States of America. Avoid the icebergs that could sink you and be careful, your ...

Developer: Wolferos Productions

Similar Games Like King Tongue  Alternatives
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About: BANANABUNGA!!! Since the BANANA KING declared war on the monkeys, thousands of bananas ARMED TO THE TEETH have come from all over to attack with everything theyve got! BUT ITS PAYBACK TIME! Youre KING TONGUE, lord of the monkeys, a gorilla among capuchins, and youre going to make these bananas go monkeys! Youve only got one weapon against the high-tech military hordes waiting to strike: your TONGUE! It might not seem like much, but... its a real GRAPNEL! No mercy for bananas! Youre p...


Similar Games Like Stairs Alternatives
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About: Would YOU be brave enough to climb? Try to pass each stair in this crazy endless journey. Dodge spikes, collect rubies and make insane perfect combos! Started from the bottom now we're here!...

Developer: Ketchapp

Similar Games Like Super Jim Jump - pixel 3d Alternatives
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About: The best platform game Super Jim Jump in pixel style, jump to have a great adventure! From the developer gameone of super jabber jump Pixel Style Platform game Super Jim Jump is ready to surprise you! Are you ready to take an adventure in this side-scrolling game Super Jim Jump? Brave boy Jims hometown was invaded and destroyed by some unexpected monsters. They rob Jims ancestral gem. Jim gets angry fire into his mind, then goes deep into the cave and strive to take it back! Jim needs ...

Developer: gameone

Similar Games Like Magic Cat Piano Tiles - Pet Pianist Tap Animal  Alternatives
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About: Get your fingers ready-- tap the musical animal tiles for a dazzling piano performance! Play delightful renditions of popular timeless classics such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Canon in D, Chopin, and Beethoven on the cat piano! Famous top music are being added so you can jam out to your favorite songs on these paw-tastic pet piano tiles! Bored of the standard piano cat? Choose your favorite furry friend to feature on your magic tile piano-- tabby cat, grumpy cat, nyan cat, shiba inu,...

Developer: CookApps



EDGE Demo Reviews and Comments:

each time i test... i jst love it...!! :)
~ Mohini Singh
Nice... One of the finest release.. I have ever played
~ Siliveru Vishnu
It's a great release and it pleased me, I love it its my childhood release
~ A Google user
I love this release dudes first I was testing this in my large father's small and actually I got this release in my small thanks test shop
~ A Google user
I'm full excited to test this release, full interesting release
~ K kiran Kiran
This release is nice...I liked it very much and it sound very pleasant than another releases.
~ A Google user
I played this release when I was young in samsung small i love this release it's nice 😍😍😍😘😘😘
~ Yami Diya
it was owesom release. if you didn't download it. than you are stupid😁
~ Darshan Dayatar
This was the first release i ever played when i was like. And actually am 9 and i found it am so glad
~ cwimmk CAT
I'm not finding a sensor option for me to test... The oldest ver I should... The sensor I played just moving my device to all directions...
~ A Google user
Its very very nice!!!!!!! I like it very much its very addictive
~ Sarah Jane Ramos
Ok. Nothing premium. Kept me entertained for 10 mins. Got too samey after that. Need to test harder.
~ Yogi Bear
wow. this is awessome but i dont like this demo orignal s so nice wish download orignal download aptoide from chrome and test it like if work
~ mendbayar galsan
Before i was like around 3 yrs ol i started testing this release with my uncle's device and actually i am 12 years old
~ A Google user
I'm Vry glad.. finally I found it. It's my fav release in my childhood.. thank you for this release...
~ Arjun haragaller
No words lol truly nice. Have tears in my eyes after seeing it after 7 years on my childhood , truly tremendous grpahics...😀
~ Kailash Saini
finest childhood release actually on Mobile, NICE! Edit: finnaly I bought edge extended
~ A Google user
I was testing this release about 10 years ago I was not getting this release and I don't know this release name so actually I search this release and I like to test it very much thank you
~ A Google user
It is the most memorable release for me. I missed this release very much . I last played this release when I was in 6th class . Actually I am very glad by testing this release again.
~ Rajesh Das
Once i played this in my relatives device. So, I liked it and I downloaded it
~ Kalal Ramesh
Wow... It just a nice release. It remainding my babe life i so glad to test and see the release it is my god........
~ Tamil Brothers Tamil Brothers
oh i got it i have been searching for this release for so many times at last i got it thanks
~ Rohit Singh
When I first time test this release That was old ver Samsung's small but the release was too nice from that I am finding this and hardly I got it iam very glad. Thank you for developing this release on Mobile😀
~ A Google user
I test this release when i was a babe but actually i forgot what its name and i find and find and actually i search it yes! I fully LOVE this release 😊😆❤
~ Kimmy Mochi
this was the release I test when I'm a babe on Samsung and I grew up I tried to search this but can't actually I found. it.
~ infinite 413
It's the dumbest thing. It's the stupidest.And this is the first time in my life, I don't like a release.Soooooo,it's really terrible.
~ Cody Ricker
~ A Google user
ggggoooooooddddd. It was a release of 417kb. But actually it is 160 rupees. I really appreciated the release
~ Ramesh Chandra Mohapatra
it's the finest release that I have played....today I'm downloading it again I rememberd suddenly that I used to test it in my childhood on my fathers small,it's an nice release
~ ADutt Underwood
I have been searching for this release for more than 13 years and here it is the finest physics ever.Love it Ummma large kiss nice release
~ DeMonster Recruit
I am searching this release from many yrs . l used to test this release on my uncle' s device when I was tiny. Actually , I am very very glad as I have got the gme
~ A Google user
loved the release. dont mind others who claims its terrible. they only claim it bcs they're not aesthetic and does not know what the release really implies and they hav3 no sense of logic
Omg!! How many years that I'm finding this 6 years! And actually yes finally I see, cause I don't know the name of the release 😅 Yaaaayyyyyy
~ A Google user
Lad... 14 years and I finally found this release. I used to test it on small back when I was 4. It was nice. Finest release I ever played on Nokia
~ The Anime Kid
very very very fun and challenging release .... Recipients who love challenges will surely love it .!
~ A Google user
i used to test this release when i was 2 or 3! i missed testing it so much and actually i know what the title is! im so glad that i found it because its my childhood release.i was finding it in six years! am actually 10 and still testing it ! Luv the release..! hold it going mobigame!
~ A Google user
I remember testing the java ver of this release years ago, so much fun and the graphics were great, glad I found it again.
~ Manuel Zambrano
I played this release in my childhood and found it very much excited and nice. I downloaded it again and search it more interesting . The graphics are finest. Nice use of different color lights on a black theme . But I will appreciate if they deliever complete release for nonpaid.
~ Vinay Yadav
this release reminded me of the same release itself and actually i found it even more colourful and fun to test with , specially with a mid-ranged device .completed. within 9mins
~ Daniel Bandalan
This is not what I remember I played on my first device, the graphics just aren't familiar at all. Thanks for trying to obtain one of my favored releases back.
~ Ste_ve RBX