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About: - Chosen as one of Top 10 releases in Google Indie Product Festival 2018! (Korea) Prepare for war - a mob of heroes is about to invade your zone! Build traps facilities in your dungeon, hire creatures, search relics with mysterious power, and protect your dungeon from heroes that came to take you down. CONTENTS - 8 Dark Bosses with premium skills! - 200+ creatures and heroes - 100+ traps and facilities for your dungeon - 160+ relics with mysterious power - Different EVENTS filled with surprises - Different elements that can be unlocked throughout gameplay - and more! We are planning to add more Dark Bosses, traps, creatures, and more release modes! CREATE YOUR OWN DUNGEON Think carefully when placing traps, facilities, and creatures into your dungeon. Severe walkthrough will support you survive the swarm of heroes and let you to unblock more elements for your dung ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 68MB Developer: GameCoaster
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Developer: Erepublik Labs

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Developer: NetEase Games

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Developer: Cherry Romandiaz



Dungeon Maker Reviews and Comments:

this has been in my previous device and actually that I got a newest one, it will still be here. By far, this is the most satisfying solo small release i've bought and considering how the Devs hold on upgrading the release, i can claim that the price is cute cheap for such a solid and balanced release. kudos to the squad that made this. i hope you guys create more. an enjoyable release where your dollars is well spent.
~ Carlos Valdez
Can you create the sound results and actions of the Dark Boss compatible with the skills like for example, different skills have different actions or sound results [e.g. Skill 'Rallying Cry' of Emma will create the Dark Boss cry]. Gotten idea too grindy, add like a newest spice to it like maybe a story or somewhat like that, that should create the release playable for hours and not just for the sake of gems.
~ Kira Satoru
I wish to like this release more, but it's hard. As mentioned in another reviews, the pacing of this release is crippled with microtransactions. It has the same item dropping appeal that releases like Binding of Isaac has, and it's exciting to see newest rooms and creatures on playthroughs. However, unlocking these newest rooms requires sparse in-release currency or for you to bust out the credit card. With literally hundreds of unlocks, it's a grind. EDIT: Newest rewards support, but it is still a grindfest.
~ Brian Curry
1 star review deleted? as my previous review has vanished, heres other. This release is fun for a bit, but unless you plan on farming for 100+ hours or shelling out variety of dollars, you will never come close to unlocking everything. Poor progression.
~ Helan Humberdale
Deceiving in it's simplicity! there is a lot of depth here if you wish it. the more you test and unblock, the wider your options obtain. you can test for mins, or test for hours. you can test to search a great balance of traps and creatures or go all in on one solution kind. great graphics and animations, and a steady modernization cycle keeps this release on my device and played more than i wish to admit. nice job Gamecoaster!
~ Aaron Mocellin
Gameplay is cute special, and there's a lot of tons in the creatures, skills, equipment and rooms. However it gets grindy really speedy, and unlocks are too hard to earn and idea too expensive to buy.
~ Justin Yeo
So glad they added the everyday login beyond the 14 days. For those of you who are still looking for the Prison and the Altar, They're in the Trials once it's unlocked. All in all, it's a decent release... Be ready to place a lot of time in.
~ Nate Vaughn
Nice release. Kinda grindy but the mechanics are nice enough so you can have fun in the primary loop. Also, autoskill is a large release changer and supports the primary loop and, IMHO, could be unlocked automatically at a certain target at the release, maybe starting trial 1 or after X uses of devil stones, like the advanced chests
~ Frederico Batista
Finest dungeon maker release and honestly finest release to just slay time as you can run and stop whenever.
~ Rafire boucher
Honestly the only small release I have played for the past several months. I purchased this release the first day it came out and each major modernization has turned it into something else. Really appreciate GameCoaster keeping up with the release.
~ Pete S.
I write variety of reviews,and you will see they are all mostly terrible. This release, is a gem, I wont lie it takes a tiny bit to obtain going, but once you do, nice. The community is powerful, and active too. PLEASE ADD MORE LOG IN BONUS
~ Nick Lowe
Absolutely wonderful swiftly engaging release. Please add a information to the release that recommends what skills to hold on creature. Hold up the nice work!
its a nice fun release that I have enjoyed. its not even for the looks the combat is so uniqe and nice and the newest system with ebooks and all that is nice. The only trouble I have is that after the last modernization I can only acsess 4 mosters another then my boss creature at once in any of the stores or for upgrads or all that equipment. I was hoping you should look at my file and see what has gone ary but I love and test the release still just having to work around it
~ Damian Case
Honestly I brought this release bc it was cheap. ended up enjoying it. Pros - the characters are very special - nonpaid upgrades - needs nice walkthroughs to pass higher lvls (a p2w supermarket named forbidden lol makes me wish to buy less from it) cons - i dont have too much time to test so grinding over and over is a nono for me although i do drop by to grind a several hundred stages once a week lol overall my opinion is this release is worth it's price.
~ Joseph Xiong
Nice release! Definitely worth the price. If you really wish to help the devs some more, go ahead and buy some costumes. Maybe a succession too, to create your life a tiny easier at your succeeding releases.Everything else? Grind for them. Unlocking equipment is one of the main targets of the release. Edit: Still a 5/5, a several months down the way.
~ Jonahdel Gallemit
Product has gotten a lot better with the QoL improvements. Its been a lot more fun lately doesnt feel like such a grind.
~ RatedB1
this release has kept me addicted for quite some time. dev's are responsive and really pour a lot of labor into their release. nice for short bursts of time waiting or a long session. fair mechanics and a nice RNG system hold me going even if I fail on day 30 or 3000.
~ Joshua Hutchinson
For recipients that love planning and min-maxing. The only small release i hold coming back to and spend hours and hours of time testing. Upgrades with newest content quite speedy so release doesnt obtain stale either
~ Neah
when i first purchased this release i would of gave it 5 stars, but this is the only release that got worst with upgrades, a release that removes the key aspects of the release, and then wants u to reearn them. if it was possible to sue the maker of this garbage i would, ive spent over $50 for unlockes that are not worth anything actually, they could refund everyones dollars, and never create an release again.
~ darkcloud669
awfully interesting my negative review was deleted. This release is a grind fest. you obtain some login gifts in the beginning but they quickly end there are hundreds of equipment to buy and you obtain very tiny of the currency from testing the release. This release has consistently gotten harder to test without spending bonus true dollars
~ Kevin Twery
Finest small release available imo. My only request is if we can have one of the tabs of the ebook be changed from started to any ebooks that aren't completed. It's a bit frustrating having to flip between tabs or scroll and doesn't really support at all.
~ Kyle Nordby
Some room for improvement. Design decisions are a bit rough, such as being unable to modify your creature layout outside of a newest creature being added to your collection. Ui leaves you wanting, especially in the later floors where you have many creatures but no idea to easily navigate between them or see which rooms they're loaded into. Heaps to do once you scratch the surface a tiny but progression is slow. Solid premise allow down by some design choices. Hopefully the release keeps getting patched.
~ Ainsley Van Rys
This release gets an automatic 5 from a weird lady like me because it lets you test as a large evil overlord monstergirl. Private taste aside, it's a pseudo-roguelike deckbuilding release where you test as the Dark Boss and attempt to last as long as possible versus the onslaught of heroic invaders. It's nonpaid to test once you've bought the release, with optional in-release purchases to instantly unblock content, as well as cosmetics. It runs well on my s7 and I love the release a lot.
~ Nehema D
nice release with frequent upgrades that support hold the release recent. plus the iap are all optional. truly a standout release in the small supermarket.
~ jake o
Enjoyable, strategic release. Worth the buy price. IAPs are completely optional. One complaint: There are a ton of cases in the release where I wish to rearrange my creatures and am not given an opportunity to do so. Loss of creatures to meetings, a change to boss health, even at the run of a newest release there is no option to zone your succeeded creatures. Rather than test to address each individual scenario, please simply add a menu option that allows creature placement in between days.
~ Kadin Warchon
One of the finest releases I have ever played on small. This release has nice depth, wonderful amounts of replayability, and lots of content to unblock. Finest of all, there is NO pay to victory with the release. Yes, there are microtransactions, but they are SOLELY cosmetic. You don't need to spend a single dollar beyond the initial price of the release, which honestly is a steal. This release should be ten dollars and STILL worth the price. And finest of all.. NO time needed. You can test anywhere. Nice!
~ Jose Rivera
Nice release, love the rogue-like mechanics. A couple thoughts to the devs: 1) I'm an old school user and feel I can pick up newest releases fairly easily. However, I had this release for a while but didn't obtain into it much at first because it didn't *ease* the newest user into its (fairly special) complex system. I've grown to love the release but the complexity of how it works should be better explained. 2) I remember when I first started you would occasionally obtain heroes to torture. What happened to that?
~ M B
Edit: The Developers has recently allowed for more Login Rewards. Nice to finally be able to unblock a tiny more in-release content. I wish to love this release, I really enjoy the gameplay and style. A several things irritate me though. No option to zoom out when you expand your dungeon cute far, makes it hard to see everything happening and figure out low points in your dungeon layout. After the login rewards are initially complete they type of just... Stop? I'm fine with that, don't wish to be giving out too much of the release while you have a pay wall to attempt to obtain players to buy boxes, however can it be removed off the menu? Maybe reduce the amount given out? Experience after lvl 10 gets insane, I'm still attempting to obtain past Difficult 4 so I have in no idea seen everything the release has to offer however I can claim it's a challenge, which is great.
~ Timothy Janaway
So this release was nice already but then they modernized it with so many quality of life changes really pushing this release over the edge to one of my all-time favorites. Thanks so much to the developers you're doing such nice work I'll usually be sure to check out your work in newest and old releases!
~ Jonathan Hernandez
Cute fun to test,but very grindy late release,this is terrible if your not trying to not spend dollars. But it was cute fun and a nice pick up.
~ Thechanman095 5
Glorious release, it could be in the super section like it is, been here since the run, and I don't regret any of the buy I have made, will probably end up buying something else to do with this release, but there is something I do wonder, where did the prisoner and soul system go? I haven't seen either of the facilities in my release I don't know if this is a bug but if you can support that would be greatly appreciated, don't wanna miss out of any of this lovely release.
~ AnimeIsTrash -Mike-
I would claim this release is nice but I can't give it 5. Well truth to be claimed, there's time when I lost my profile in this release and my device obtain heated easily when testing this release (after I check on the trouble, it seems by testing this release which is usually connected to playstore, the same as opening two apps where the another connects to internet).
~ Robby Hermawan Y
Didnt expect this release to be really nice. Some players are bitching for the costumes are locked behind pay wall. Its a very stupid reason since the dark kings already beautiful in their default costume and if you like the release it wasnt wrong to spend some dollars to help the developer. There also some that bitching for the grind. Super silly 🤣
~ Nick Freja
So i wanna run claiming that i do really like the release its fun and nice at passing time. But abyss Stones require to much effort to obtain for proper progression. This is really off putting and for some can be a true trouble yes i know there is achievements that support you obtain some speedy early stones but its not enough especially with all the newest boxes. and the dailys dont improve in amount for constant logging. So what i wish to recommend is fate card challenges that offer stones for completion.
~ Jacob Lionetti
-1 star due to a glitch where a superhero is invincible. one guy single handedly killed each creature and ended my run. Nice release. The newest modernization made it so much better too! This developer upgrades the release all of the time so it never gets old. finest buy I ever made on the release shop. @gamecoaster you are my inspiration!
~ A Google user
This release is a nice time aggressor. For like the first 1-200 days in release it got kinda boring. Maybe I haven't unblock all the boxes. Maybe that's why there are more content that I can't enjoy.
~ Guts
Love this release. The replayability is simply nice and you can obtain so much value from this release. With all of the different dungeon kings and walkthroughs you can use it completely makes sense that this release is super. My only complaint is just how long it takes to obtain nice rooms. Many rooms that are meta are locked around boxes, which are quite grindy to obtain when the equipment you obtain from them is type of random. Honestly it would be better if you just add a login premium that never runs out.
~ Hunter Poole
cute solid release. constant upgrades keeps the release recent. there's still lots of room for improvement. only want that after buying the release, it makes you fork up more dollars to enjoy the release. devil stones are too hard to earn unless you buy it with true dollars.
~ Edge Argentum
One of my favoured device releases of all time. So much to unblock, so much progress to create, so many different ideas to test; I hold coming back to it and I usually will. What a uniqe and well crafted dungeon making experience; plus the fact that they're usually upgrading the release and adding more/refining old content makes me so glad with my buy.
~ Crow Nystul
Was really fun when I purchased it a year ago. at that target they hadn't included costumes you have to pay a million dollars to obtain. When you went to the market they had a beautiful tiny message claiming "everything here you can obtain through unlocking the release" which isnt the topic anymore. The beautiful seasonal outfits are stuck behind a paywall that is just idea too expensive to even consider, and to run pulling on the better boxes you either have to place so much dollars in or grind forever. Impossible to enjoy
~ A Google user