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About: Between recipients, across screens. DUAL is a local multiplayer release where two users use their small devices to shoot from one screen to the another. It's simple to pick up and test any of the competitive or cooperative modes: DUEL, DEFLECT, and DEFEND. Informations: + War locally over WiFi or Bluetooth. + DUEL - Tilt your device, dodge bullets, charge, and shoot your dudes in this classic duel standoff. + DEFEND - Work together to defend the middle from an onslaught of offenders. + DEFLECT - Score targets by blasting, banking, and curving the ball from one screen to the another. + Only one person needs to have the full ver unlocked to test DEFEND and DEFLECT with other user. + Collectable color sets special to your device; unblock them all by testing versus different recipients. + Single one-time in-release buy to unblock the full release, and restore it on all your de ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Seabaa
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DUAL! Reviews and Comments:

Nice release for dudes and works with any device. Hopfully getting the full release quick so I'm cute excited for all the another equipment!
~ Emortal
The actual release is very fun. The fact that nobody has the release and I cant test it sucks. Add NPCs in the release to create it fun. Y'know, add bots.
~ Sam Dixon
This release is so fun, I shared it to my dudes and they claimed that I am a pro in this release.I really love this release
~ A Google user
it's not that really fun if you don't have anyone else to test with you but you should have just tried adding a random online mode that idea you can test with random users
~ Wolfman 361
This is a very fun release but if you can create some newest shapes that would be nice 👍😁 (hold up the nice work)
~ Mario64 mc
It is an incredibly nice release with multiple release modes, however i want there was a joystick mode and/or an unlockable hero you dont have to buy with true dollars
~ Blake Kirk
I'm putting only one star cos I hope that developers read that. This release is wonderful, I've just purchased it and I'm not disappointed. It has got a lot of potential and it can improve: first, place more gamemodes, a user versus com mode, more ships and different powers. Anyways download this release, you'll love it
~ clod
Nice Product, especially for parties. Just one thing: ability to change names (not the 'ships' but yourself) It'd nice if we should
~ Lag Wave
Very fun concept but needs to have the option to use touch control to create it easier to set devices flat on a surface.
~ Sleepergrin
This is a nice release, I test this each day in my classroom with more classmates. I'm a tiny disappointed that you have to pay 7 ₪ for more modes but overall nice release
~ Yahel Messinger
Absolutely loving this release. It's the most addictive release i've ever played. The concept of a multiplayer release that requires the two users close enoygh to test fascinates me. Oh and I wanted to ask if you should add a 2v2 mode in the release, that would be nice. Thanks Seabaa
~ TheLifeMusic
Once you have the full release, there's really nothing wrong with it... except for the fact that you have to pay to obtain the full ver. I purchased the full ver, and it's really fun.
~ A Google user
Nice release to test with dudes when there's no WiFi!! Friendly interface, and simple to understand. Plz add more Product modes, and ships, and a 2vs2 maybe. Nice work, really like it. 👍
~ J. Godoy
Nice to test with dudes but it can be frustrating to have to connect to the same wifi when on opposite devices (mobile and Apple)
~ Kenny
Nice but I have a question. I wish to buy the upgrade but If I unfortunately uninstalled it, Do I need to create the buy again to obtain upgrade?
~ IAmTheHero2 Gaming
Nice Product! Had fun testing it on busses with dudes on long way trips. They just connected to my time and we played.
~ Autumn Lee
This release is very fun and I can test with my brother when we have nothing to do and we can go and have fun when we have fun but there are another multiplayer releases but when I downloaded this release I want the maps did not need to cost dollars so then we can go on deffernt lvls so it can be fair for another recipients so we can all test like we usually do
~ Sean Redd
this is the finest multiplayer release i have ever played... i wonder why it has a 4.2 rating it deserves at least a 4.6 rating and above... guys download this release you will not regret it... hold it up release developers
~ A Google user
nice multiplayer release. I live testing this with my dad and I love 2 beat him. very fun and simple to pick up. not too addictive
This release is pay to victory considering that when you pay $2, you obtain access to these ships that can change the release. Im giving 4 stars bc I payed so im ok 🤷‍♂️😏
~ Dee G.
Its a really great release! Straight design, cool idea, even more competitive when the screens arent aligned! P.S. to all the recipients complaining about the paid things, ITS PAID FOR A REASON. OTHERWISE WE WOULD BE GETTING BARRAGED BY ADS YOU ABSOLUTE WALNUTS.
~ Duo Helix
love the release! only thing is, i cant buy the full ver. i press the button and it just claims buy failed, i have dollars on google test too!
The release is ABSOLUTE TRASH! If i should rate it 0 stars i would! You guys dont know the recipients out there that cant afford this release! SO HOW BOUT YOU GUYS CHANGE!
~ John Bangcaya
very nice release. speedy matches between two recipients easily, works nice! i search wifi mode is generally less hassle to use even of both devices are the same os. thanks for this.
~ A Google user
I really like the idea and the release itself. Needs something more, like a 4 user mode. The price to unblock full release is fair.
~ TheCodeMaster
The release is FANTASTIC... but the details section is broken. When you go on there, it just shows random, weird symbols for how many wins you have and how many losses you have. Please fix this.
~ Bloons Vs.
Very great concept. Great implementation. BUT, after a several bluetooth releases it prompted me to buy the full ver and testing was no longer possible. Please don't advertise the release as nonpaid.
~ Dimitar Milev
really loved, simple to test, fun when you have nothing to do in school or when you dont know what to do with dudes, and overall the release is nice, even better with the buy of $2 to unblock those bonus modes.
~ Nestor Calderon
If i can just rate 0 stars, i would. Create the another gamemodes nonpaid!!! This release is just for RICH recipients. We POOR recipients dont enjoy this release. Who POOR recipients can enjoy this? UNINSTALL THIS
~ XxZnarf GamingxX
this is a really nice and addictive tiny release, you guys have to add more content though, release mode, ships and solo mode! great job guys hold up the nice work !
~ Raven
Left four stars because I have to pay for a third if the achievements. If I have to pay for literally two thirds of the release to obtain the corresponding achievements, then I have a trouble. Just create some micro-transactions cause I don't wish to pay for achievements, because that is a scummy thing to do
~ Caeden Hunter
Quite a fun release, however it gets a bit boring overtime. if ingame currency was added and you can obtain claimed currency by testing the release it would encourage the user to test your release more. Overall nice idea.
~ Nathan Mifsud
Very fun, but I want I should see the details for every ship when we test more than 1 time. Also, what do the circle things do when you pick a ship? Another than that, very special and well place together.
~ A Google user
Nice and very smooth gaming experience, just hope i don't obtain board of it. It would be better experience, if you can add more modes.
nice release, especially if you pay for the full ver. The only thing is I can't see the details of every "ship" once I've played the first release with someone, I've to end the match and run a newest one to see the strengths of every ship again.
~ Erika Estrada
nice release only reason i wouldn't give it a five star us because their are bot many release modes to test so it can obtain boring plus if you dont pay you only obtain one person and one release mode (Edit): you could also create a single user mode sif you dont have dudes and you just wish to test
~ RegularCat
this release is cool but you have to be in the same internet in order to test because if your dude comes and wants to test dual and your family doesn't have internet and all you have is your own Wi-Fi and your hotspot doesn't work and your dudes also don't work thats why i think it could obtain 3 stars
~ Michelly Rojas
Love this release, but there really could be settings menu where you can change your screen size manually. The person I'm testing with has a device that clearly thinks it's bigger than it is, because the physical screens line up, but then the release makes their screen smaller. How do I fix this?
~ Kalden Berg, Richard
Hey Dual Developers! I hope you see this review and think about it alright! I have been a gigantic fan of Dual for a couple of years, and though it has been such nice fun within my family members and dudes. It gets boring when you know you are nice at it. So these are my recommendations; + Ranking system for nearby users & reward system (Design border for top 1000, 100, 50, 10 within country/community) + GPS recognition of nearby users (To meetup and war it out) Looking for smtg newest quick!
~ A Google user
This is a nice release and the concept is nice, although it is a tiny hard to use. (Button controls?) Also, even if you have gotten the release you still need someone else to test with, so maybe adding guide like ai screens in the form of different ships that you can test versus if none of your dudes or family have the release is in order. Minor tweaks and maybe the ability to buy bonus ships separate from every another would be great. Another than that this release is nice!
~ D Og