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About: "Absolutely wonderful. Boing Boing Drop7 is simple to pick up, hypnotically fun, and offers infinite opportunities for mastery and mental challenge. Drop discs onto a 7x7 grid, clearing discs when the number of discs matches the amount of discs in a column or row. Check to obtain chain reactions and score as many points before the board is filled. - One of Esquire Magazines Finest Downloadable Products for Any Tablet, Console & PDA. - One of The 21 releases that could be installed - The Verge - Deranged Nice Wired Magazine Informations: THREE GAME MODES Select amongst the more relaxed Classic mode, the speedy-round Blitz mode, and the consistent Sequence mode. LEADERBOARDS See how you rank versus your dudes and others globally, and prove you are the Drop7 master! ACHIEVEMENTS Earn fun achievements by completing challenges for chain reactions, clearing the who ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: Zynga
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Similar Games Like Dinosaur Puzzle : Jigsaw kids Free Puzzles game Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Dinosaur Jigsaw puzzles game is a FREE and fun game for children and toddlers , easy to play and filled with fun and high quality dinosaur photos Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle Features Fun and entertaining puzzle game for children Let your child assemble the Dinosaur photo split into a jigsaw puzzle 20 Beautiful and high quality dinosaur photos puzzles Helps developing your baby logic and motor skills Completely FREE Jigsaw photo puzzle game Enjoyable game for children , toddlers and kids...

Developer: Semsem Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Loop Land Alternatives
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About: Tap to add spheres, and don't collide! In Loop Land, you have to tap on the screen to add a sphere in the path. The path is a closed loop with intersections. If you don't put the balls at the right time they might collide. Can you complete all the levels with the highest score? You can win every level with just 4 spheres, but only if you are a pro you can add 8! Loop Land will give you satisfaction on every tap. FEATURES: - Over 350 levels - Unlockable spheres with Power-Ups ...

Developer: Pxel Game House [email protected]

Similar Games Like Auralux Alternatives
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About: The sequel, Auralux: Constellations, is available now! Download it today ?id=com.wardrumstudios.auralux2 Cloud save support across devices with Google Games! Achievements and Leaderboards support! Access leaderboards in Speed and Nova Mode to compare your times with friends and the world. Like us on Facebook below to receive the latest news and updates: Warfare has never been so cosmically beautiful, and melodic. -HubPages A game that helps fuel the argument over whether or not ...

Developer: War Drum Studios [email protected]

Similar Games Like Diamond Quest - Match 3 puzzle Alternatives
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About: Diamond Quest is a three in a row game, where not only gems are lined up, but also treasures, secrets, riddles and adventures. Help the young adventurer return the stolen treasure. It won't be easy, because you're challenged by a powerful criminal community! Start a breathtaking journey around the world and find out the main secret of the gang of villains. Together with Paris, look for collectible items, and find what you could not even dream to find ... What awaits you? A story of friends...

Developer: PlayMe8 [email protected]

Similar Games Like Mahjong Master Solitaire Alternatives
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About: Mahjong Master Solitaire is a free board game that matches mahjong cards. Mahjong Master Solitaire has pictures and cards with beautiful flowers. You can match with a beautiful mahjong card. Match all mahjong cards of the same figure and remove them all. Mahjong Master Solitaire is a mahjong made horizontally. This game is also known as Mah Jong, Majong, Mahjong, Mah-jong, Shanghai Mah-Jong, Taipei Mahjong, Mahjong Trails, Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Titans, Mahjong Solitaire and Kyodai. ...

Developer: pm4 [email protected]

Similar Games Like Sheep Grass Cutter Alternatives
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About: The most amazing grass cutting game ! Swipe in order to control your sheep in order to cut the grass from your garden ! Amaze your friends with your beautiful maze garden ! The game play is simple, use your finger to swipe and move the sheep, swipe again to change the direction....

Developer: Playlot [email protected]

Similar Games Like Boss Story  Alternatives
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About: Dive into the interesting story of boss life!...

Developer: Konsordo [email protected]


Similar Games Like Flick Paint - Maze Road Alternatives
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About: Paint the maze and solve these amazing puzzles! Amaze your friends with your awesome painting skills! Game-play is simple and satisfying, flick the ball, roll it around the maze and paint it! Do you like hard free color splat games? Then just download it and you will be amazed!...

Developer: Playlot [email protected]

Similar Games Like Monster Mash - Match and Explode  Alternatives
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About: An exciting puzzle game where you have to kill monsters by matching the monsters with the same color, then touching to POP. A addicting game where you have to use your brain to beat your friends score. Explode all the monsters to progress through the villages! POP THEM ALL! KEY FEATURES ------------------- -Explode a variety of Monsters -Unlimited Levels -Customize your Bunnies -Addicting Puzzles -Amazing music and graphics WEATHER LANDSCAPES: - As weather changes, the diffic...

Developer: Javary Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Flick Pool Star  Alternatives
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About: Clear the table and become a Pool Star! Solve challenging puzzles and unlock multiple tables! Super addictive with simple controls. How many levels can you solve?...

Developer: Mindstorm Studios [email protected]

Similar Games Like Escape Games 8B 167 Alternatives
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About: Escape Games 8B 167 : Black Room Escape 3 is a point and click escape game developed by 8BGames. Imagine that you fell asleep at night. When you wake up, you were in a new black room. Find some hidden object to solve some interesting clues to escape from the black room. Good luckHave fun!...

Developer: 8B Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Little Red Cube Alternatives
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About: Little Red Cube is a serene little puzzle game with incredibly beautiful environment. The main character is a red cube which main objective is to move through all tiles on each level. Your aim is to roll little red cube over white blocks eliminating them, and you must eliminate them all to progress. You need to flip and slide from your starting blue tile to the yellow exit, being careful to dissolve the entire floor during your journey. Figuring out how to reach the exit, while only crossing...

Developer: Conve Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Checkmate Chess Alternatives
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About: Are you ready to rack your brain with this stylish version of the classic Chess Game? Position your pieces strategically and checkmate your opponent! Game Features: -Two Game Modes: Play against the pc, with 3 difficulty levels! Challenge a friend playing locally -Multi Language System: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch. -Leaderboards & Achievements! Made by Bhuvanyu Singh...

Developer: Desi Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like PhotoPuzzle with your photos Alternatives
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About: If you like puzzles this game is for you. Enjoy this nice puzzle game recomposing your best photos in the shortest possible time. Photo Puzzle is a free game for all, to relax from stress, to stimulate the brain. It's a game for children, adults, students, for all. You have 4 levels to test your skills in assembling unique puzzles made with your selfies, photos of your friends, photo of your loved ones or from the places where you've been, etc.. 1. The "Easy" level is for the beginners, pho...

Developer: Max Negro [email protected]


Similar Games Like Maze Out 3D  Alternatives
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About: Are you ready to train your brain? Do you enjoy puzzles and mazes? Maze Out is a unique arcade game where you have to paint out the squares to escape the maze! The first levels might be easy to complete, but the further you are, the more challenging it is to paint out the squares. Puzzle features: - A mind-blowing number of levels - User-friendly controls even a kid could master - An awesome time killer - Completely free - Simple and intuitive gameplay...

Developer: AI GAMES FZ [email protected]

Similar Games Like Unroll Me 2 Alternatives
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About: Unroll Me 2 is the sequel to the #1 ranked game in over 50 countries and played by millions of people worldwide. The original rolling ball puzzle is back with all new game modes, rich 3D graphics, new themes and over 800 hand crafted levels! Game Features: * All-new game modes including Teleport, Spring, Ice, Rotate, Multi-Path, Switches and more. * Multiple themes including the Classic Wood puzzle, Multi-Ball, Cars, Pyramids and Ice each with their own unique puzzle challenge. * Rich 3D en...

Developer: Turbo Chilli

Similar Games Like The Eyes of Ara Alternatives
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About: Lose yourself in a stunning puzzle adventure set in a gorgeous 3D environment. Explore a vast, ancient castle riddled with secret vaults and hidden rooms. Solve elaborate puzzles, uncover lost treasures, and unravel a mystery bridging the scientific and the arcane. Alone on a remote island stands a weathered castle. For years it has lain dormant yet still the townspeople recall old stories of restless dreams, violent storms, and the eerie glow of ghostly lights dancing in the mist. Recently, a ...

Developer: 100 Stones Interactive

Similar Games Like Fractured Alternatives
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About: Embark on a journey with motion control powers that will help you rebuild the Fractured world as you discover unique artifacts to reshape the continents! Get your Google Daydream compatible headset ready to jump right into the fun and discover the power to restore artifacts with your perspective....

Developer: P2ER GmbH

Similar Games Like Link: Match 3 Alternatives
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About: Welcome to the mysterious world of wild animals, magic and magnificent archaeological excavations. Epic adventure is already waiting! Go! My oh my! The furry rascals have got out, and are making trouble at a real archeological dig. Help the Professor deal with the cute critters so he can discover some real treasure! The fate of important ancient objects depends on you! Complete one level after another in this great adventure puzzle by arranging the critters in a line. In this...

Developer: Ice Storm

Similar Games Like Lollipop : Link & Match Alternatives
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About: "Lollipop: Link & Match" is a very addictive FREE Link Match3 game. Connect the same colored lollipops to make a sweet chain! Don't miss out this fun and relaxing game! Download NOW & You cant put it down easily! Lets Be the Best lollipop collector! HOW TO PLAY Match 3 or more lollipops of the same color to connect! Special boosters & items will help you pass those tricky levels. Connecting all lollipops with minimum moves to win higher score...

Developer: BitMango



Drop7™ Reviews and Comments:

Nice number release.
~ Sylwia Wisniewska
strategic number release
~ james etchells
like the challenges
~ Michelle Wallace
Very addicting release!
~ Melanie Gong
Addictive line watinng time aggressor
~ Marc B
My favoured release ever!
~ Bytes and Buds
Love this release.
~ Robbye Dennis
Addicting as [email protected]#!?
~ Eric Foss
The recipients that give this release five stars are insane
~ A Google user
Very challenging to test!
~ Mila Rodriguez
Played this release for years
~ Andy Murray
Needs a protected actual release button.
~ Martin Milanoski
Addictive and relaxing at the same time.
~ Simba Machanyangwa
Spammed me with a useless info. That's an uninstall and a one star review.
~ A Google user
Love the classic ver finest...addictive but fair
~ Trevor Gravel
Lots of fun, I search myself testing it a lot more than I expected.
~ Lianne P
You can test this release for hours and not wish to place it down
~ Deamyon M
still got bugs , very slow on first release then still sluggish graphics
~ flybitten
I test each on the subway on my idea to work
~ apraldawn smith
simple to learn, hard to master. I enjoy it.
~ mountain nerds r
Dont download, it takes over your life
~ Owen Brown
love it... fun, addicting release.
~ Trey Meadows
Takes a while to figure the entire thing out. But once you do, it's so addictive!
~ Leah Barid
Why does it need access to my wifi stats?
~ Mark Ellis
love this release. been testing for years!
~ Matthew Jackson
Brilliant release! Addictive! My number 1 :)
~ Marcin Marciczkiewicz
very addictive after you search out how it works.
~ Rein Jakobson
nothing can be more addicting than this !!!
~ Aneela Jameel
just love this release addicted my go to release whenever i have a moment or maybe watching TV
~ Michael Beebeejaun
It's fun. Makes you think. Not a bunch of banners. Nice to pass the time with.
~ Woodie Logan
I really like this release it's part of my forever releases. I liked it because it was a very easy concept but is surprising hard.
~ Mark Dinsdale
Cool release! Heard one of Doom's originators mention it in a YouTube video and I've been enjoying it!
~ Liam D.
Why does this release require access to my personal business like device numbers? Very sneaky.
~ Jennifer Simmons
So easy, yet it will draw me in for hours each time!! finest 'no dollars' I ever spent!
~ Willy Hicks
Love the walkthrough building! Very enjoyable release! No banners, or glitches noted either. Thanks
~ Angel Ralph
Requires unacceptably intrusive permissions: my bookmarks, call history etc. Why would anyone go along with this?
~ Johann Petrak
I pick up this release each several months and test it again for a week or two it's a nice tiny diversion a QuickTime release that you can test when you have just a several seconds. No storyline know anything like that but it's just a relaxing fun release well worth it
~ Eric Higgins-Freese
Does not work when there is no network, why? cannot buy the release to obtain rid of banners that take up a gigantic part of the screen. release test is destroyed by these flaws.
~ Rob Hnasko
I've been looking and tried many releases in my time, to combat my very high stress lvls, but without much success, that was until I went online and typed in releases to carm anxiety and to relax the mind and a list including this release were in the list I also have to save I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME IMMEDIATELY, I'm so addicted to this release, can't wait to obtain home each evening and test this release. Brilliant!!!!! thanks guys.
~ A Google user
I liked the old UI better, that's for sure but Drop 7 is still fun and habit-forming! l rated it weak because the higher lvls - which don't take you long to obtain to - give you no chance to succeed. Break through circles to obtain a 1 followed by other 1 after other after other. NOT COOL! Unless those 1s are on the bottom line, you WILL lose!!
~ A Google user