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About: Dream League Soccer 2018 is here, and its better than ever! Soccer as we know it has changed, and this is YOUR chance to build THE finest squad on the planet. Recruit true FIFPro licensed superstars, build your own stadium, and take on the Globe with Dream League Online as you march towards glory, on your way to Soccer Stardom! Download Dream League Soccer 2018 for FREE actually! * Contains device help! * ***************************************** MANAGE YOUR DREAM TEAM Sign top superstar users such as Gareth Bale and Andrs Iniesta to make your very own Dream Squad! Select your formation, great your style and take on any squad who stands in your idea as you rise through 6 Leagues to top the prestigious Elite Division. Have you got what it takes? REALISTIC NEW GAMEPLAY Be ready for smart, tactical AI to form a challenging and addictive experience. With all newest visuals, real ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 74MB Developer: First Touch Games Ltd.
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Dream League Soccer 2018 Reviews and Comments:

It's a nice release for small. Lots of divisions to test, many users to buy, meetings and online releases. But I, personally, have a small trouble with the user customisation. You have several options. You could modernization and add more in user customisation
~ Cake Games
The release is the finest between all soccer releases, but I wish originators to add clubs from all European leagues. "Bundes liga" is one of the finest leagues, but I haven't meet any German club. It can create your release more known. I hope you will do it, finest of luck!
~ Muhammad Firuzzoda
Why do I usually forfeit the match even when my internet connection is very powerful. The notice bar is showing full green, and I am testing with powerful 4G network. The trouble should be from the another users, but I usually forfeit the match. How can this be fixed?
~ Dee Dan
no doubt it is the finest offline soccer release but a lot of troubles for online one needs to be fixed. my 90+ users lose ball to 70+ AI users very easily. while testing online it seems that the foe AI users obtain charged. The 70 rated users are scoring targets over targets versus Nice defenders and many more these could be fixed as speedy as possible
~ A Narzary
DLS2019 is simply the finest! However, it came to my notice after testing for few months that German clubs like Bayern Munchen, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Hoffeinham, etc are not included in any of the fixtures...from the least division to the highest Elite division/Global Cup challenge/Elite cup. If there is a reason, I would like to know and if you can contain German clubs in fixtures, it will be well appreciated. You're doing a nice job, hold up the nice work. Thanks
~ Solomon Gusa
The release is nice nice graphics and controls are nice but I have a several complaints 1)Should u please create the release harder it's too simple to obtain targets and defenders and target keepers are simple to by pass it would be better if u added difficulty to the release and made it seem more realistic 2)I know it's late to ask but should u please also add a Globe Cup mode it would bring diversity to the release and a newest idea to test which would create the release more enjoyable adding newest skill moves would be nice:-)
~ Phantom Games
The release is super fab but some improvements is required we need to see the golden boot,also contain the finest users,defender,strikers target keeper in the season. we also need to see the coach and also lets see the changing room of our users.... Contain users on loans and we need users like ronadinho,ibrahimovic,rooney... Contain the champion's league, UEFA ,Europa F.A cup, to create the release more wonderful
~ A Google user
hey...this release is the finest but but...i would like to claim to makers of this release that...almost each thing is very gud in this release..but i humbly request them to change the ball (Mr.yud)..are u kidding us...we r in 2019 guys...just change the ball more pretty to test the release...that would much better...๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
~ Ronny Gamerx
it's a very nice release but you only need to upgrade the speed of the users also it doesn't not mean if a user scores then he is the lad of the match, we also need to do our own style of stadium especially on roof some stadiums they close on top so there is no that option, l also don't understand why if l purchased a user with higher price then l will sell him with weak despite his performance, lastly the dollars l obtain if l won the league its too tiny
~ Robert Chikukwa
I like the release but create it harder, just like dls16, pleaseee,! the release is so boring without loosing. whenever you test with large squads like Barcelona, true Madrid etc , I expect more challenge but guess what, I score more than 10 , please just work on the difficulty lvl for the next modernization please
~ Wynand M
release is nice but whenever its a advantage for me..then my user touches the ball and then it change from advantage to nonpaid kick wjlhat the heck is that ?!?!?! also i scored a target then the refree claims its an offside is that fair at all?!?..and my target was not counted.....and please allow me and another fellow DLS users to obtain some newest users such as dybala....mbappe....ronaldo often i see it claims "they will be available in the next week"......
~ Supriti Dey
Nice release, testing dream league soccer since the first edition. Actually waiting for the newest 2020 ver still in the upgrades if possible need a newest paco of users such as legends, classic users and some more release modes such as championship or cup modes. The release could be mafe compatible for lower end devices as well, the newer ver is creating a bit of trouble there and need a newest 4 versus 4 or some another short format mode as such. The release is great by the idea and needs some finishing touches
~ prithviraj sawant
The editor has no passion of his creation the editor did'nt really care about what we complain(Online Mode) there is 2 trouble they just can't even fix(Bug & users usually stay away from the ball) I don't think the editor understand the trouble, because he did'nt test his own release and just wanna enjoying our dollars.If the editor has passion and willing listen, the release will have no trouble
~ Matthias Unchi
this release is really nice but have some troubles.. please care my notes and respond me here,if possible:1.please add an option to set the time of match. we like longer time. 2. please create the kits true , these kits are silly . 3. please add license of top 5 Europe leagues. actually tables and divisions are not interesting.. we like to challenge at true fixtures,like Master league in PES(notebook). please and please do these changes, if really you love your lovers..
~ Mohammad Avedi
Nice gameplay but it should be a lot better.in the multiplayer mode if the another user quits due to terrible connection I lose the match by a 3 target margin, even though I didn't quit.You need to add bundesliga user and clubs.You need to fix the ratings of the users. center backs are very weak rated compared to the forwards.unlucky users like meunier have a rating of 82 on fifa but in this release he is rated only 74 .?!we could be able to customize the shape of the stadium and the colour of seats.
~ Mandakini UC
I hav been playin this release for the past 4 years. I never faced this much troubles in this release bfore. Online multiplayer is getting worst after each upgrades. Controls are not workin properly. Sliding doesn't work wen it is required. Users can't version the ball quickly. Each foe has the same name as Dream FC in online multiplayer. Headers got worse. Users are outofcontrol close to touchline and lot more. I dont see any bug fixd even aftr so many upgrades. Please fix these.
~ Ashwin Nair
this release is entertaining but the online test just hangs even when using a 4G network and i don't understand how i usually lose a release whenever someone scores a target and forfeits the release! someone has scored a target at the 12min , leaves the release and am the loser when i have a Way to come back and victory or you don't know about comebacks in football? so disturbing whenever i lose important points for such mistakes...test to fix that please.
~ Ignatius Waswa
we need refreshed graphics... some faces are poor even the body structures, the release is too slow, its too simple to score i think you gotta create the release a bit hard esp in the juniour elite and elite, the squads constantly loose position thus all the users will be clustered on one position they will be testing in a haphazard idea.. Please correct all these things and also add an option of through ball passes , introduce a newest ball kind also...
~ Noah Mareka
so sweet and great i love it, it is a soccer release that i have been waiting to test for a long time like this....am truly enjoying it very well it's great and nice lovely sweet releases for recipients like us i love it.........,......................... ...,......................................................................................................................................................... ..........,....................................................,..................................
~ Finn Koch
finest I have played so far, but kindly look into users celebration when they score. All users who scores need not usually celebrate I side the foes 18 yard box. Extend celebrations to the far angle. When a user score its also at the same box. Make tons of celebration zones and extend the meters. Secondly,improve on the visibility of the ball when the atmosphere projects winter,snow or raining.It is extremely hard seeing the ball during these times and affect outcome of release
~ Emi Aghomon
dream league is a great and well design release but still incomplete,at the end of the season there is supposed to be finest user of the season,finest target keeper of the season,during substitute users are suppose to be warming up on the touch line,the local multi user doesn't work while connecting,and improve in comentating
~ iyaji isaac
This is one of the finest football/soccer releases i have ever played in my life! The only thing i would love to be added to this nice release is: Icons/Legends, more leagues(German, Dutch, some Balkan countries), mby a choise to create your own manager to be on the side line, coin toos animation and finally a idea to recive or donate coins to dudes.....Does are my concepts to create this THE BEST FOOTBALL GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!!
~ A Google user
It was my favored release since last modernization. Newest modernization has a lot of bugs, controllers are not working properly, users can't tackle. Graphics was also nice but actually it is worse. So much lag, release is shutting down automatically. Pls go back to the previous ver. Its a request.
~ vishal sinha
Sorry guys but the release has been seriously undermined. Basically all another squads have stopped testing. The like Barcelona, true Madrid, Juventus and so on test like second division squads. No pace, no skills nothing. I manage to beat them 4 0 with users rated 54. There is no satisfaction as the lvl has dropped dramatically
~ Destin Mbarga
Finest Football release ever. so challenging and addictive. Yet you have to improve the strength and skills of the pc. its usually very simple to beat them. also some users do not look like the true users as we know. Equally reduce the time charges. i only enjoy the release when am in a 4G network coverage zone.
~ De Frank
this is absolutely the finest ever.. my opinion of course.. tgere is just a tiny bug on the direct nonpaid kicks. the energy loads but it doesn't kick immediately. you have to push more then two or three times before to have the kick. a part from it (and please guys fix it ;-)))) ) it's amazig!!!!.. can I pay to not have the ads?
~ Mikee Introna's World
This is the finest football release ever, it's graphics is nice and it's career mode is the finest career mode of all releases. If you don't have this release in your please download this release it also have a multi-user which you can test using any Wi-Fi or Hotspot you can also test online matches with recipients from around the globe including me from Zimbabwe ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ผ.
~ Lennox Walter Kawara
I like it, but I wonder why in the league squads only test every another once instead of twice (home and away), a 30 match season would surely be better than a 15 match season. Also it would be great if the cups were played over two legs (home and away, including away targets as a tiebreaker) until semifinals, and then have a one off final match.
~ Gideon D. Tevaraji
This release is the finest offline release,but this release need a lot more improvement. Some users have same faces from Dream league 17 to 19. Juan Mata's, Martials,Rashfords, was better in Dream league 18 than 19. Defenders have no sense!. When we test an meeting the large squads are beating yes only with their speed. Being more leagues. Need more skill moves. you could bring more controls because if a user have high pace when he receives the ball he will goes like a jet also he walks speedy .
~ A Google user
Am really enjoying release and I think is a great experience But my concern is, the cost involve in buying globe class users like Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard, Nyerma and the rest is too expensive and could be reduced and also even when selling such users, the selling price is far lower than the cost price. Also the winning price per home and away matches is too tiny and could be revised upwards.
~ Gideon Kum
Truly constructive and realistic release! I enjoy developing my users. I enjoy the different options the release provides, including formations and styles of test. Large kudos to the developers! Since the newest upgrade however, the release periodically freezes etc just as I'm about to score a crucial target or otherwise. Hopefully the development squad can address that.
~ Trevon Cooper
How can I obtain my cloud profile back?? I just uninstalled it and installed it after 4 days and actually I'm not to able test with my old profile. This never happened to me, I've uninstalled and reinstalled in the past too but usually had gotten my cloud profile and happily restarted wherever I stopped, it had usually asked me like "there is one profile with this correspondence, would you like to test with that cloud profile" something like this I've usually picked this option, but I'm not getting this actually. why
~ shivaji puppala
the release is interesting... i test it daily. But I think another leagues could be added for example (English premiere league) etc. also the resemblance of users is not too okay. That's why I give 2 stars for graphics. But the release is unbelievable. kudos to FTG. Yes, it's really hard to score outside box short, which does not create the release REAL enough. that could be reviewed.
~ daniel righteous
Dream League Soccer is the nice addictive release which is related to "FIFA 19 in PS4". Although the graphics are not great, but still the seasonal upgrades brings newest informations and develops the release in each aspect. Developers could look for true target celebrations, natural user movements, true user face look & expressions, realistic graphics and including true commentary. I was testing this release from 2018 and actually I am a fan of DLS. I want FTG and waiting for the next nice modernization. Thank You.
~ Mohamed Rizkhan Deen
FTG can do better. Highlights don't take note of substitutions made during the match. Substitutes can still be seen outside the field during match. Add more seasons to career mode. Users merge during celebration. Commentary needs improvement; it can't identify some users. No summary of matches after ultimate challenge. Squad logos don't match with reality. Please fix the bugs in multiplayer mode; it is too much!
~ Obinna Emmanuel
The gameplay is nice. but I request to the developers to add coins as prize dollars for different territories in the league position. for example in the elite division champions can obtain 1500 coins,runnersup 1000 and so on till the last zone finish squad gets a minimum of 100 coins. that would give a more true dimension to the release and will enable users to at least buy a decent user at the run of the campaign
~ Debasish Dutta
I like this release seriously even though there are some releases I lost like a terrible lucky that moment, I haven't beat a squad in both contest except in the final, where I had defeated Liverpool in both releases. In terms of adds they're are in but they do not come in middle of the release, they either pop up at half time and after full time when you are testing will the device is connected to internet. I suggest this release to anyone
~ Petrus S Nakale
It's a nice release but I think user buying or selling gotta be done at a particular period of time,not after each match another squads could also be allowed to buy users too,users gotta be on either loan or contract.Dollary given at the end of matches is not that nice enough. More squad could be added to create the release more competitive, squads from Germany and another parts of the globe.I think the formation could be customisable. Further stats about users gotta be in the commentary
~ A Google user
I'd really glad to see more options for buying equipment. Like coaches and etc. And we need to obtain more dollars for matches. It's ridiculous. I test so many releases and gain so tiny. Even for the newest information, they wish you test 9 releases for 440 coins. That has got to stop. If someone if testing in the elite division then they could not be getting so tiny like the users who are in the lower divisions. And lastly, I think this release could let users to pick their lvl of difficulty and and obtain more coins for the higher lvls.
~ Robeans Deravin
This release is so annoying, the programmer of this release gotta be so dumbed. If so many errors in this release is not being corrected I'll delete it. I was winning an foe 4-0 in 88 mins and the release was annulled, same thing happened again where I was leading an foe by 5 targets to 1 in 91 mins and the release was annulled too, there's subsequent errors which need to be fixed as quick possible. I downloaded this for it pleasure but there's no pleasure being derived from this release
~ Chris Dikebuaso