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About: The house of your dreams is a dream no more! You test both architect and landlord in this fanciful newest sim, and it's up to you to furnish your ideal abode with anything from arcade releases to saunas to convenience shops. Certain combinations can power up your rooms...and their rent. Place an HDTV and release console together to create a release room, or a grand piano and painting together to create a fine arts room! Rise up the rankings of true estate fame and you might reel in some celebrity tenants, ranging from hit singers to soccer stars! But there's more than just business at stake. Tenants will look to you for guidance on everything from romance to career choices. With your support, they just might tie the knot or land that dream job! Build a dream home where dreams come real! And test with dudes for premium gifts (currently in beta playing). * Product time is s ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 38MB Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
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Dream House Days Reviews and Comments:

It was a bit boring as time goes on and dollars can obtain a bit hard to obtain especially when you decide to have students but it's worth it when they eventually obtain a job. it's a cute sweet release, highly suggest to those recipients with high patience and the capability to spend wisely.
~ Erica Flames
Well... Just one piece of solution, dont transfur your release to a newest one when you finally obtain the option to (unless youre ready to run over), you loose everything except job lvls (which you have to search all over) and furniture lvl (also have to research all over again) besides that, nice release.
~ Scarlet Angel Skeptic
So far I love it!I have about 10 tenants and one baby,It's so much fun!Also,can you add where you can create tenants fall in love easier?I've only done it once...Anyways,nice release!Thanks for making it!
~ Jamie Jackett
the release is cool but there can be added some equipment, like i payed this release a year or two back and i can see some upgrades but the expension needs to involve a larger land than just running out after u pay for the last one or like after gaining a certain amount of dollars and having completed the first hotel building than u can buy other and run a different type of hotel or just a fun house with customers coming in for some scare or so
~ Aqeelah Mukuddem
I downloaded it again coz I missed it but actually, it seems i need internet to run tge release. also, the it is quite annoying that equipment become more expensive as they lvl up. holds you to a very limited amout of things your tenants can have. equipment depreciate over time y'know
~ Yan Jorgensdottir
great this release is a great release but I have a condition for the kairosoft workers yes's. the first time I purchased it showed blank and refused to work the second time it claimed place your login not your true name is thus release fake oh watt.... taught black bla bla terrible condition create an offline one Plss like the pocket academy and so on because the Wi-Fi causes alot thanks bye
~ A Google user
It's alright Pro hint: 1)If you turn your device off and on after a long period of time you obtain tickets naked sure the release is running and you save before closing 2) Be careful how much you spent on here because sometimes tickets cost true dollars
~ Neko
its a very fun release, its just that I dont understand how I can create the tenants pay more on rent, I read about the 'speical rooms' but im not sure if that's theonly idea to obtain them to pay up. Another than that its really fun!
~ Isavel Iris Nuno
This release is fun overall. It should do with some better graphics. The storyline line is AMAZING!!! This release is super fun if you have enough time. I gave it 4 stars becuase it uses to much time. You would obtain a 5 star if it weren't for that tiny tweak. I would DEFINETLY reccomed downloading. Thanks, A google player who loves this release.
~ Paige Blanchard
I love this release!!! it is so fun to make recipients!!! (I personally called all the recipients after my dudes!!!) (and it turned out that my BFF married her boyfriend in true life!!!!) I highly rrcomend this release!!$
~ Frank Mills
Its been super fun. with everything unlocked, to run a zone where you can grow with your tenants. recommendation: add how to for most things like moving tenants to a bigger apartment, or updating their apartment to something bigger. please and thank you!
~ Trish Marie
if you looking for a nice release this be it. you can add newest rooms...research newest furnishings and permits...give solution to tenants...pick the layout of every room. among a several another nice things bout this release. test it out for yourself.
~ William Ziegler
I like the release, but getting tickets is impossible. Also, the comfort levels constantly go up, which makes rent sky rocket. I have 2 beds a toilet and kitchen in one room. The rent is 12,000 dollars. My tenants cant seem to ever pay me. They stay unhappy because of it. Its kinda stressful honestly.
~ A Google user
really fine release, easy, fun, and nice. what i dont like about the release is that it requires an internet connection, and for what i think about it is kinda fair for a nonpaid release, but alteast the banners dont just pop up often.. overall.. nice release
~ Night Nine :3
Nice Product!! Though for me its hard to earn the dollars (i want it was simple but this is a business like type of release so...need to strategize to earn) because im scared to use my tickets since they are also hard to obtain but aside from that the release is worth 5 stars
~ Azera Hoya
Modernization: I do not know how, but a husband and babe on one of my saved releases randomly disappeared. If you like testing management releases of any sort, this apartment building sim is an all around nice choice. The gameplay is 8-bit, smooth and the ability to track every hero's lives is nice. It's like Sims without all the hassle and flashiness. You make the apartments, shape lives of your tenants, have babes and even pets. Nice to pass time with.
~ A Google user
I really like this release, the only trouble is that I easily spend my tickets and dollars. But that's okay. Also I don't like the fact that you spend dollars or give material things so that the person who your tenant loves will marry them. That's somehow materialistic. Also, can you add more houses for the tenants? I really wish to test this release forever—nonstop because it is so addicting.
~ gwynne chana
love this release.. took me a while to understand the mechanics and how to now create dollars, which you have to constantly remove and add furnishings to create rent lower than income. actually that I know that. the release flourishes. I want tickets were easier to come by
~ Simone Livolsi
This is a really nice release. Except that the conditions to earns tickets are quite a hassle for users. I recommend that you should add "Watch Advertisement to Earn Tickets" and give the tickets for nonpaid in tiny amounts. I would really appreciate it if you should create it like this. Btw, this is a really nice release though.
~ bleh bleh
My favored small release. It doesn't pressure you into buying things with true life currency (though you have the option) and the beautiful, retro aesthetic makes it an overwhelmingly positive experience that will suck you in before you know what's happening.
~ Seth Nelson
I like it. Now i've ever installed this release when i was younger. It's about 5 years ago.. maybe ? That time i don't really like it that much tho But today i found this release on playstore again, and decided to download it. I loved it! I played it for hours!!
~ Noviana Elisabeth
fun!! although I want I didn't have to manually save. that's kinda archaic. but I love decorating and making dollars and losing it and watching recipients obtain married and babies being born. but also there could be a wider tons of skin tones not just one just claiming lol
~ Niki Koh
Enjoy the release so far!! only grumbles or wishes would be that you could be able to sellback equipment to obtain a tiny dollars back or the equipment you delete would stack back into inventory to be used in the future. I also want you didn't have to redo researching on a couple when you transport territories.
~ Harley Woodring
Cute fun & addictive release. However, tickets are really limited & hard to come by. Interesting release with fun informations & lots of things to think about. However, can be really slow-paced (unless u buy the speedy-foward mode with true dollars). Requires many hours in the release, but i love that it is offline, so you can test it as and when you like!
~ Annie Theapplepie
OMG!! This release is the bomb! I've only started about 2 days ago, and I am already OBSESSED with this release. It's a cute nice release. It sometimes feels true, and it's cute cool. This makes me feel like I'm really running an apartment business. Y'all could download and give this release a go.
I love the release, the combination of pixels and home interior is great to me. Plus if you obtain reaaallyy into it and test to obtain everything the release has to offer, it's cute fun. My only trouble is that after Year 20, I cannot rename my tenants. Pease fix this isuue, I really like the release.
~ Shu Xian
Addicting and great for sitting down for whatever length of time. Overall solid release, and I will continue testing. -would like a storage option for furniture having to zone things in unused rooms is tedious and wastes zone. - ability to research premium rooms instead of messing around and buying needless equipment would be nice - ability to transport residents from one apartment to other would create things functional as they age Do this and I'll buy full ver
~ Duck who Say it all
The advertisement broke the release.. Can't run.. It keeps loading advertisement and then restart to the beginning.. Developer is too greedy.. It already has banners in the bottom of the screen that doesn't go away, and it still wants to present pop up banners which broke the release.. 👎👎👎
~ Dewinda Wu
Super fun! I love watching as my tenants fall in love, obtain newest jobs, obtain pets, and raise families in the houses I create for them! Its a really fun release and I fully suggest it! However, it would be great if I should test it without WiFi or time. Another than that, this is one of the finest releases I've ever played!!!
~ Anjali Snyder
at first, I thought this was a hotel but then I found out there are separate houses. XD this an nice release and if you should give me some tricks about how to boost your love interest in someone faster that would be greatly aporeciated!!😗
I really like this release. it is so much fun to pass time. at first I was co fused but I quick got the hang of it. I was also worried when after a several years my tenants still didn't have a baby, but it came eventually. I also like how you can ki d of control the lives of the recipients living there but you dont have to create to many decisions for them.
~ Ashlyn Gano
Very much a time aggressor, I spent 5 hours on this release without even knowing it, be careful, do watch the time and create sure you don't obtain so into the release, also there are barely any adds at all and if there is an add it is more likely a mini-release or like a five second add and sometimes just a pop-up that you may close right away if wanted, just remember to save the release before you leave and even though there is an auto save its not as nice as if you would have saved it yourself have a nice time!
~ Person.No.One. Knows
I loved testing this release on my old device, but when I moved over to device it wasn't the same. Controls are off so you have to awkwardly hit just above the button and hope it hits what you wish, it's as if it's not calibrated and I couldn't search a idea to fix it. Another then that this release was highly addictive and I found myself lost in it for hours and hours. I want there was more realistic furniture options (like a double bed for couples - if there is one I never unlocked it). Highly reccomend.
~ shuinxxii
this release is lit, but others some more informations for instance when the baby turn toddlers they have to sleep on the floor that needs to be fixed and we need to be able to create the persons do what we wish. Also we need more meetings happening and we need to be able to plan them. it is a cool release, but it just need some small more things. please consider adding some equipment
~ Qveen Emmojo
This is such a nice release.I'm enjoying it very much.But i got several recommendations here. First,Can you obtain a double bed? It's a bit frustrating trying to search a zone for the beds,Especially if you're getting a tiny room.Second,Can you create an easier idea to obtain tickets? I'm now strugling to trying to obtain them.Third,Can you create the toodler to not sleep on the floor? Another than that,this release is nice
~ karen plays
Would give more stars if i should now test this again. it used to be such a fun and addictive release but actually i cant even obtain onto it. often i test to test, it just claims "communication error 007" or something along those lines. please fix this trouble, ive seen another reviews claiming the exact same thing as i am
~ Hello There
Since I'm really into creating back stories of characters, I enjoyed this so much. It had me thinking of apartment/dorm businesses these days, like how recipients manage it and so, so that was interesting. I'd like it if when a chara gets married, both them and their spouse should work. But with everything else involving the gameplay, it's not terrible.
~ Kabuno
it's definitely great. if you got nothing to do, its a great idea to pass time but if youre having troubles with the banners, you can just turn the wifi off or place it in airplane mode. im waiting for a very great modernization that can surpass my expectations in this release.
~ Chiichan Desu
This is the third review i have submitted and i have something different to claim or add often. Once you obtain used to the interface, its a brilliantly designed release with tricks of true life, same building couples probability, babies, babes going to school and being students and moving out or renting an apartment if you have one launch... lots of cool tiny information create this release very emersive. hold it up
~ Anthony Crary
This release is nice but the trouble is, can you have like double bed so that the couple can sleep on it together so it won't take much zone and please create it offline,I enjoyed testing this release so yeah. Oh and also, are there any ideas to change their aspiration? it's frustrating how they kept on failing since their odds are around 30+.Tq.
~ I slapped your moma oh yeah yeah