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About: Draw N Guess Multiplayer is one of the finest true-time online multiplayer releases. This release is all about drawing and guessing the word online with your dudes and family. The fun launches when you obtain connected with thousands of recipients around the globe and run testing with them. An exclusive small release that can be played by anyone, anytime and anywhere in the globe. The objective of Draw N Guess multiplayer release is, one user has to draw the word and the another users could guess the word and vice-versa. So, here you obtain to experience the craziness of the users with their funny guesses and sketches. Highlights: * An online true-time Drawing and Guessing release providing a platform to exhibit your artwork. * Finest Pictionary kind release * Unblock the distinct color sets, crayons, stickers, smileys and tons of brushes for finest painting and drawing exper ... Show more
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 69MB Developer: Time Plus Q Games
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About: Draw and Guess Online is the funniest, the most colorful and creative game for Android. You can draw and guess in real time with thousands of the other players online. Gaming in real time makes Draw and Guess Online such a cheerful and dynamic game. Everyone loves to play charades with his friends, now you have an opportunity to play this wonderful game on your mobile phone anywhere and at any time with the players all around the world! We have prepared for you a lot of interesting words o...

Developer: OpenMyGame [email protected]

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Developer: PlayForFun Studio [email protected]

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About: 1300+ Levels! Eines der besten freien Wortspiele! Spa und Aufregung der klassischen Wortspiele! Neues Gameplay und interessante Spielmodi! Wie viele Worte wissen Sie? Wie lustig ein Wort Puzzle Spiel knnte? Mit einem Wort zerquetschen? Dann spiele einfach diese neu gestaltete Wortsuche! Wischen Sie einfach und verbinden Sie Buchstaben, um Wrter zu bauen. Du hast kein Wort! Es ist einfach und voller Spa. Vergrere Vokabeln, Geh Gehirn, und halten Sie Ihren Geist jung! Eigenschaften:...

Developer: World Word Works [email protected]

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About: You favourite Marvels all movies and TV shows are here that you must watch. Play this quiz game and choose your favourite movies or TV shows Complete all levels if you are a real marvel fans and know all marvels movies and TV shows. If there have any errors you must contact us and rate and review us if this game good to you. Thank you Install and play well and also challenge with your friends it will be fun....

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About: im ehir oyununa yeni bir soluk geldi. Artk yazmak yerine kelimeleri parmanz srkleyerek bulabilirsiniz. Hz ok nemli nk rakibinizi gemeniz gerekmekte. sim ehir oyunu rastgele bir harf seilerek oyun balar ve sizin belirlediiniz saniye bitimine kadar verilen harf ile balayan kelimeler bulmanz gerekmektedir. Bulduunuz her kelime size 10 puan kazandracaktr. Online (ki kiilik) oyunda hangi oyuncu daha fazla petek bulmacay zerse oyunun galibi o olur. Ama dik...

Developer: Luizapp Game [email protected]

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About: We are the husband and wife team that brought you Chain of Thought. Now we're excited to announce our latest word game: Blankety-Blank - the fill-in-blanks game. If you like complete-the-phrase games, hangman, anagrams or crosswords, then you're gonna love Blankety-Blank! easy to learn 30+ fun categories like Candy, Toys and Songs 4 levels of hints, and you can use the hints whenever you want for FREE beautifully simple touch interface yummy food for your brain There are curren...

Developer: Jay Bacal [email protected]

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About: ***HUGE INTRODUCTORY SALE -- 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE*** Hello everyone! We are the husband and wife team that brought you the App Store sensation "Chain of Thought," and we've just released our newest app "Get+Together -- the picture association game." Get+Together requires no nasty typing or spelling. Just read a definition like "aquatic animal w/ whiskers." Then tap on 2 pictures to make a word or phrase that means the same thing -- like the pictures "cat" + "fish." It's that easy! I...

Developer: Jay Bacal [email protected]


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About: The most awaited gifts and surprise and parties season has arrived!! Countdown to Christmas has begun. New Year is just around the corner and just in front of you is the most popular Christmas word puzzle game! Christmas Word Search Puzzle Game, The perfect way to spread Christmas cheer! Christmas version of the classic word game with more options makes it the best word search ever! Lets Challenge yourself with this classic word search game with totally new concept. Test your vocabulary ...

Developer: 99 Game Studio [email protected]

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About: Te gusta Kpop Idol? Puedes adivinar el nombre de todos los grupos? Entonces adelante. Ests esperando a grupos como BTS, SEVENTEEN, Apink, WANNA ONE, TWICE, EXO, BLACKPINK, HIGHLIGHT, Mamamoo, Momoland y otros. Comparte con amigos en redes sociales y consigue monedas extra. Si no puedes completar un nivel, usa monedas para obtener pistas. Es divertido e interesante. Prueba tus conocimientos ahora mismo y descubre nuevos grupos. Pronto habr nuevos niveles. Descargo de res...

Developer: Alfimov Vitaliy [email protected]

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About: You have to play the character Wand. The wand was put in jail. Your task is to free the stick from prison. To release, you need to guess and pick letters to get the words. Guessing the words Stickman will receive various items that can be used to escape. Compose a set of words from letters. Word and letters are waiting for you! Funny character and script will cheer you up. Stick will be glad if you release him from prison. Collect words from letters, solve puzzles, create your escape plan and ...

Developer: Kokoko [email protected]

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About: Word Search is ranked as top 1 in New Free Games among several countries now! Word Search is a Classical crossword scrabble game for Android! The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down, left, right, diagonal in any of the eight directions. Search and find all hidden words in the grid. Increase your vocabulary and exercise your brain! Features: 30+ Categories of puzzles 3 modes to kill your spare time: Topic, Story, and Relax mode Create unique puzzle play with friends...

Developer: Age Of Brain [email protected]

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About: DOWNLOAD the best word games FREE in WORD COLLECT! Word Collect has exciting word games Free Word Nerds! Word Collect starts as an easy word game and gets harder as you level up! Features: Easy to play and difficulty increases as you go! Free 500 coins at the first word game login. Play OFFLINE or ONLINE - anytime, anywhere. Whether you want word games for adults or word games for kids, Word Collect is the best free word game! Get Word Collect for the best word games free for word...

Developer: Little Gamer Studio [email protected]

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About: Escape From The Room Have you ever seen the game like this? Yes? But read below... The most innovative ever escape game with puzzle experience. Don`t miss it! Locked up in a strange room, you need constantly observe, think, guess, inference, until escape. Solve all the quests to win the game. Features: Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to win a game! ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users! NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer! No time limit, adjust your ...

Developer: vikamikhnov431 [email protected]

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About: A true FAN of the Dragon Ball Z series must know its characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Krillin Yamcha, The master roshi and many more! Easy to PLAY you just have to guess the shadow of the character! in the levels you will see a shadow of the character and can it be goku? trunks? Gotenks or who? You must answer those questions by writing the name of the character style guess the dbz character and if it is right congratulations. If you really consider yourself a fan of this anime then test y...

Developer: MatiasCode [email protected]


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About: Genius is a game where you move the letters up and down and the game does not need Internet connection. The objective is to find words related with the subject and collect points and badges. If you cannot remember the Genius word, you can find the word with brain exercise and trail and error. There are different levels in the game with different difficulties. When you pass each level, you will find harder subjects and words. Puzzles move from basic to hard and there are extremely hard one...

Developer: Luizapp Game [email protected]

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About: Word Connect is an exciting puzzle, word link game from Zen Studio. With superb graphics and good interaction design, Word Connect is one of the most addictive gameplay of word search games. Find all hidden words in given letters and connect, link them anyway you like to catch the word! With easy gameplay but not boring, you will fall in love with this game quickly. Word Connect is the best way to kill time, entertain after stressful learning, working hours. What do you think about learnin...

Developer: Zen Studio [email protected]

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About: The LDS Word Search Puzzle let's you choose from multiple size boards from simple to challenging puzzles. Find the words listed on the side in the letter grid in the middle. Intersecting words are hidden forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally. When you have found all the words you have solved the puzzle! Choose between different color schemes Hide the word list for more of a challenge! Works off-line Each puzzle has a word theme Words can be hidden in any direction...

Developer: Digital Fun Media [email protected]

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About: How many words can you find? Search the alphabet board and twist the jumble letters to spell as many words as you can! It's not an impossible task but it will challenge the real word nerd! Letter Smart is a brand new anagram puzzle game. It starts out very easy but gets tricky quickly. Lower in size but higher in quality, Letter Smart is so addicting that you may get hooked on it and can't even stop. Would you rather have a try? Take bold moves and start your journey now! Several reasons you ...

Developer: SMART UP INC [email protected]

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About: a word searching games with christmas theme, learn more about christmas by searching what most searched on search engines online when christmas coming. there will be more words soon, go grab your best scores and beat others. this games fit for kids to adult, some words may you'll find if you're searching about what most people don't know about christmas....

Developer: 168Apps [email protected]

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About: Looking for crossword puzzles? Do you enjoy playing fun word games? Word cross puzzle is perfect choice for you. If you like word guessing games, this app is made for you. Word cross puzzle is easy to use among crossword puzzles and word guessing games with user friendly interface but it is challenging to play with infinite word search. it is free word seach game and no network is required, you can play this word game offline. word cross contains a lot of words, you can search a word from infini...

Developer: GameTech Studio [email protected]



Draw N Guess Multiplayer Reviews and Comments:

Too manu back to back banners. I understand thats one source of income for the developers but don't crash the release experience. Uninstalled instantly after 3 back to back banners on just the main menu.
~ Raj Thakkar
this release sucks. i am not enjoying testing it at all so im going to uninstall it! first of all i should not figure out who was drawing and who was guessing. then i don't think there is enough guessing time. sometimes it was like a couple of the users were together and that is how they guessed so speedy! All in all i just do not like the release!
~ Yvonne Sager
you will only test one round, after that banners will pop out kick you out of release. Believe me this release aint worth it.
~ Skill Tron
this is so fun mostly the fact you can test with dudes. I test with bonnie all the time and it is so fun! and mangle is talking!
~ bonnie and mangle sisters
I want I should give it less - stars it was that terrible, first of all SO many banners and second when you kind in the right word it will not place it in then someone else gets your points! WORST release i have EVER played DO NOT DOWNLOAD it is a waste of time.
~ Geeky Ro
This release was fun for a speedy round,but froze up and everthing was still flashin and testing song. It kept testing banners over and over again! I do not suggest!!!!
~ Trenton Williams
really fun release. there are a several recipients who just write their word out instead of draw it, just to obtain more points but it's a fun release.
~ Melissa Pumphrey
nice release. in the next modernization should you create it where uou can just sit and chat with uour dudes pls? like, if there should be a button that just claims 'chat' or something and just have it be optional to draw eithout the time restriction and just chat instead of guessing. (guessing optional)
~ Pan Boo
wow terrible. cant test more than one round at a time and then obtain blasted with apps. needs to be deleted. "respond to time plus Q releases" you expect me to buy a release that i dont enjoy? yup a stupid release comes from stupid recipients. Dont test and defend a terrible release. Shut up. (:
~ Tieran Graham
I love testing this with my HUSBAND! But there is alot of perverted recipients who draw really nasty things.
~ Hailey Holt
Addicting, fun, yet not like originals I played on PC back in the day.. There could be more chat and moderating.. I'd be interested in hearing any information about upgrades for this release.. I am also VIP and can only MAX OUT at 485 trophies, is this a glitch or what?!!! 😡
~ Kyle Pile
TOO MANY ADS. My god I was in the middle of a release and had an banner. I completed a release and had to sit thru two 30 second banners before I should obtain to the menu. UNINSTALLED!
~ Jenny Kerr
it is fun you obtain to guess and draw although there is as when were waiting cant you create it at the bottom of the screen so that we dont miss pir rounds also can you create it so that to test it dosen't take so many heart another than that it's a five star release❤
~ Wolfy Wispers
Too many adds. Also, I can't share this with my dudes. Like there's no idea I can share it through messaging or social media. It just doesn't a work! It's super annoying! Edit/Respond: It's the release. I wanna share it so we can test together.
~ Mallory brindley
banners appea rin the middle of the release despite what the developer claims when you test eventually youll obtain an banner in the middle of the release which you have to completely watch for like 30 secs and you lose chance to respond also the hearrs is ridicukous 24 hours obtain 30 hearts need one per release geez so what im suppose to test once a day? pls release is great but not like this its ridiculous to test once a day or watch an banner to test twice a day better not test at all
~ fabio nuno
i cant test multiplayer mode because of the banners! Edited: I mean I can run the match, but I usually redirected to watch an ad between in rounds, and after that I cannot continue the release with my dudes. It happened 2 of 5 matches.
~ Baltazár Szelk
it was not fair I think that the time could be up and then you see how many recipients guessed the word I typed the word and guess what happened ut claimed I didn't and to think I was going to do a video of this yeah I will and claim everyone how terrible it is. what I would claim for if you were going to obtain this don't you will only meet disappointment.
~ Path of psycho
Giving for star review because of banners. I know there's an in release buy, but some recipients just don't have the dollars. Adverts are a trouble in lots of releases for me though lol. overall, nice release. love it
~ Amy Hart
recipients hold meming and when i makse a right guess with a lower topic, another recipients use the same word with a capital and obtain it right
~ Shannon Doherty
This is a fun release to test when your bored and it is a nice idea to test with your dudes. You could definatly download thins release. #5 star
~ A Google user
This is a very fun release, but the banners crash in. When I'm in the middle of a release, a 30 second banner pops up. Finally the banner ends, but I've missed chances to guess and even my chance to draw! The only idea to remove banners is to buy something, which isn't that essential because you can earn dollars and hearts very easily. VIP? Might be worth buying. If you fix the banners, I might re-install this release and give a better rating.
~ LaDawna Tucker
often crashes, filled with banners resulting in you missing the run of the release... often times it will also not register your taps so you will have to restart... the release has repeats of the same pictures you can chose to draw so recipients can guess very quickly what the picture is which takes the fun out of the release. i played for 20 minutes and uninstalled.
~ Jack Mosby
so you draw well but u obtain less points then the person who guessed , you victory first and you don't even obtain enough hearts to test other release , and of course the infuriating banners it's a bit Shi th really . you expect to b rewarded for winning instead of having to wait until tomorrow to test even though you one each release you played.
~ Hi peace be to you
I like this release it's fun great time waster but one thing it's kinda glitchy I tried claiming an achievement for the gold and the achievement thing was gone fully if you wish proof I'll present you and some of the times I'll obtain gold taken away for no reason. another than that great release like it please fix this though
~ Jesus Christ
Its alright cause the gamw is online and u obtain optains wat to draw. But there is a thing id like yous to add to the release, and that is to be able to give coins to your dudes. Cause sometimes my dudes dont have enough coins and they cant pick wat they wish to draw cause the another nonpaid options are for coins. So please if u should add that into the release and ill be over the moon. Thx for reading!!!!
~ VIKIcatbaby777 VIKIcatbaby777
There was absolutely to many banners, it was literally back to back and even during the release banners would pop up and the release would still be going so I would be running out of time. There was so many banners that my device started glitching 🤦🏻‍♀️
~ Preshious Kolenda
This release is fun but it's hard to test on device because when I am typing some of the canvas cuts out and I can't see the drawing apart from that this release is nice fun
~ Grace Davidson
I would review less, but their are recipients in these releases drawing nasty things. I'm trying to test a releases with my babes and predators and in these releases drawing inappropriate things. If the the release should look into this instantly.😠😠😠😠
~ zandy Herrington
this release sucks. it makes you click on random equipment. and recipients are really rude. very disapointed and the older ver is better, in my opinon. dont install.
~ XxDead KittyxX
Gives you too many banners to have enjoyment out of testing. Plus the words are quite ridiculous. How are you meant to draw white? Or even guess that without a tip or support. Honestly needs an modernization or something to now create the release enjoyable without all the banners.
~ Lil' Skits
It's a nice release, it really is, but i'm only giving it 4 stars because of all the banners and the fact that my release fully destroyed after trying to approve a dude request, it might just be my device kind, but look out for banners if you do install edit: I tried the newest modernization and actually my keyboard won't come up no matter how much I click it, it probably is my device, oh well
~ A Google user
it is nice but the only thing you need to improve is when someone gets somthing right you could let the others to guess too.
~ Habiba Ahmad
too many banners thank u for the response me and my dude have a nice time together testing this release thanks for making this release I love it and I'm kinda addicted to it As Well! and that claims something because I never obtain addicted to releases U made any another releases?
~ Taylor Spinks
okay first of all,im going to address a HUGE trouble. there are adds in the middle of releases and you are doing nothing to address it recipients have claimed you countless times in fact the only reason i got this release was to see for myself and it was real. this is not okay that you deny it and act like we are crazy we shouldnt have to buy equipment to test the release you could be ashamed. but the release is nice its just the add system that needs work and it doesnt happen each release but it happens alot. plz fix
~ Arwen Nichols
i already gave a review with 1 star, want i should gove zero stars. each nonpaid release has banners,there's nothing wrong with that, but in this release the banners will test in the middle of your match& place you behind in the release because everyone isnt getting an banner at the same time so it doesnt pause the match& usually there are 2 long banners, on top of 1 banner before the match and 1 banner after the match, making it impossible to test the release. THEN the company replied& claimed that wasnt happening. how would you know???
~ Kiley ONeal
It's a nice release but if you hate banners they usually come up after a GAME so if you don't like banners I don't suggest but if your not bothered then its an awsome release to test !
~ Arissa Rashid
I played just 3 matches and lost 2 releases because the GODDAMN keyboard wouldn't come up!!!! So im uninstalling. Its also painfully slow, and the adds literally pop up in the middle of the release, which often takes me to playstore and I lose precious time, it runs everything but smoothly so its very simple to click on an add or the wrong button. But PLEASE create that keyboard now appear through all the rounds, not just a several.
~ Wonder Moon
I really like this release its nice fun you can add dudes and add a profile picture and whatever name you wish you can join another recipients releases you have to draw Somthing and the another recipients guess the release gives you options of what to draw and u pick one u obtain points and obtain rewards. The reaon I gave it 3 runs is because you have hearts and each release u test it takes 30 hearts you have to wait for a timer to go to then have more heats there is so many adds as well but this release is nice still
~ sumaiyya Islam
Lots of fun! It is a lot like inklink, a release I used to test. I want you should have rooms instead of speedy test and I want there was an option to boot recipients out of rooms when they aren't participating or are just writing out the answers. inklink on shockwave did it right!
~ Sierra VanNess
Nice release idea, it's usually nice as any release. But the fact that I had to pay with in-release dollars to USE another WORDS in the list to draw AND pay to use another colors to draw with was a giant deal breaker. I mean I obtain what you're trying to do, leveling and coins, but limiting colors and words with in-release currency isn't how you do it. Could add more modes/another things in the release instead of restricting gameplay nessecities.
~ Yerp Yerp