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About: ******************** This grand journey, unfolding over three generations, is actually available to test in the palm of your hand! Take your zone among a family of heroes, sharing in all the triumphs and tragedies of their storied lives! Enjoy three generations worth of journey in one standalone box! There will be a fee to download the release but download it once, and theres nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download! *In-release text is available in English only. ******************** Prologue Our superhero launches the storyline as a tiny lad, travelling the globe with his father, Pankraz. Over the course of his many journeys, this lovable lad learns and grows. And when he finally becomes a lad, he resolves to continue his fathers unfinished questto search the Legendary Superhero... This thrilling tale on a stunning scale can actually be enjoyed on pocket-sized ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 17MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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DRAGON QUEST V Reviews and Comments:

Since it's no different than the DS ver overall, I don't have any troubles gamplay-wise. My only concern is immersion-wise, I feel losing something in the Mobile ver since the hero portraits or photos only shown in fights. Even it's too tiny in fights. The hero status and face portraits could've taken half the screen since the release is played in portrait orientation, so we obtain the same proportions like the DS ver. Unlike the DS ver, the attributes menu in the release shows hero sprites rather than portraits. I feel this is pointless since we see the sprites all the time while testing. Meanwhile, the portraits only seen in war (did I mention it's too tiny?), making Toriyama's art that we could feel present in a DQ release kinda absent. It's a loss for a DQ release. I hope the developer still wants to just give an modernization so portraits will be seen in attributes menu too, just like the DS ver.
~ Ridho Siregar
You owe it to yourself to give this a test if you're into creature rasing releases of any type. Though far from the first,. DQV inspired quite a lot in the category. A very nice port too, I want all of Square's ports had the DQ IV-VI quality.
~ Chris O
Over globe map screen is black, making it almost impossible to test Graphics fine in cities but once you step out of city to globe map, screen goes black. This is one of my fave DQ releases and I'm upset it's not working right on my Samsung device.
~ M Miller
Absolute stunning story! Variation of dialogues between every and each characters really adds up to the immersion as well! Testing this release makes you feel as if you're being indulged in the globe of Dragon Quest yourself!
~ Hazwan Kamaruzzaman
Gave it one star because there has been no modernization on getting this to work on a Galaxy S9+. If you have a Galaxy S9+, the release will ruin when you attempt to enter combat for the first time, which will prevent you from continuing the release. The release is really fun if you can obtain past the opening sequence and the port itself is nice when it works. Please developers, I will change this review to 5 stars if you fix this glaring trouble.
~ Applejack Daniels
Testing this release for the first time, I am at 20 hours, and absolutely loving it. Though somewhat antiquated, the war system along with the constant equipment updates, Creature hunting, and plentiful side quests and mini-releases create this absolutely a joy to test. Worth each penny.
~ Darque Mattre
This was the first DQ release that I've only experienced on the Mobile platform. I was not disappointed! This release has a nice story, and the globe is vast. It has some nice replay value due to a several key informations: marriages and creature recruitment. I'd played and beaten 1-4 in the past, and this is a nice addition to the DQ family.
~ Mike Caputo
The release itself is exceptional. Classic jRPG gameplay, a deep creature-catching system and the finest storyline in the series, at least to me. But I have to take off two stars for the glitch that kept cloud save from working for two and a half months. It's fine actually, but who knows when other bug will come along? And if you look at FF7, you'll see that sometimes Squeenix Mobile bugs just never obtain fixed. Purchase at your own risk!
~ Jason Sanders
~ A Google user
nice release
~ Koba Fett4
nice release
~ Nycolas Tinsley
The classic release, actually on the go.
~ Petros Moros
One of the finest JRPGs of all time (and actually patched for modern devices!)
~ Grant Donoghue
Nice, finest in series (edit) a several years on and this is still the finest release on small. :-)
~ Ed Richardson
can i refund? i hate the gameplay.
~ Kevin Wong
Thanks for fixing this actually I can test on my 9+
~ Caleb McGrath
Product is fixed for s9 players! Whoop! Love this release
~ Nicolas Cox
Nice release, nice controls and the cloud save information is wonderful. Highly suggest this release.
~ Cy Anyde
It ruin after fighting on my mi mix2s device
~ Adikan bhasipol
Galaxy S9+ actually works with the newest modernization! DQVI is actually compatible as well! Thank you!
~ Justin Strickler
A great port of the makeover. I truly prefer the modernized graphics to the original on a lot of these DQ ports (not so much on the final fantasy ones >_<). But other nice piece past gaming in my pocket.
~ Murphy McGinnis
A nice release.
~ A Google user
5* awesome mobile port.
~ Mark Munro
a gotta test, classic JRPG.
~ MatalicMan
It is fun and entertaining
~ WertySteele 90
Was fine but don't like goodness reference in these Japanese release as there is only one God.
~ Mark Silvers
I have purchased them all and the final fantasy releases. I demand dragon 🐉 quest 7
~ Robert Williams
unlike most releases there's no predatory micro transaction gimmicks. Just an nice old school jrp
~ Terra Jones
It's nice played the first ver when I was 7 on Nintendo and still love it
~ luis briseno
I love it, the idea it makes you think is nice
~ Erik Ejderklev
nice storyline with a special twist of taming creatures not seen in the main series
~ Ned Ingels
One of the all time greats. Great port. Works nice in portrait mode so don't allow that deter you.
~ Doug McGuire
10/10 Experience well another than the gamepad being a bit janky it's a really nice release.
~ ZTRiKY0N323 Gaming
its fun needs more upgrades like more creatures to recruit newest ideas to recruit em. also it needs pointers and bonus missions
~ rockineevee12 mystery
nice RPG, cute primary mechanics and storyline isnt as deep as claim a Final Fantasy release, but fun and convenient in portrait mode
~ Kevyn Chan
I was never able to test IV, V, or VI as a babe, and they are all wonderful. Gotta test!
~ Garrett Forrest
This is one of my all time favoured JRPGs. It has a nice storyline, creature recruiting, likable characters, and easy yet fun war system.
~ Wilson Flete
The finest App release you can buy. Very short 15 hour release at most. Worth the dollars for the content and storyline. REQUIRES YOU KNOW HOW TO READ which 95% OF PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO. If you read through the storyline and can think then you can appreciate this legendary release. If you lack imagination and are racist with a closed off mind and a boring personality you probably won't feedback this release.
~ Dallas Walker
I would gladly give it a 5 Star rating save for the fact that the overworld does not load, it glitches. I can only see cities and the remaining background is all black screen. However, while traversing claimed map, each another step or so will turn the background to what it is supposed to be. So it is basically black screen, globe, black screen, black screen, globe, and any another variant of that switching/glitching back and forth. I can't continue on if I can't see.
~ Bobby Strange
Absolute masterpiece, the storyline is all that a Dragon Quest release is about, family, and of course, the war versus evil. This release is a remastered ver of the DS, so basically everything that the DS ver had is here, but with better graphics and some minor changes in menus and equipment. The gameplay is the primary DQ gameplay we all know about, the turn based RPG with random encounters, obtain to a war, pick your actions carefully, and don't die. A gotta for any DQ fan to test.
~ Red Leaf