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About: Test the first DRAGON QUEST in the Zenethian series & experience the epic storyline! ******************** Dragon Quest IV, the first instalment in the Zenithian Trilogy, is actually out on small devices! This epic journey, unfolding over five special chapters, every focusing on a different cast of characters, can actually be enjoyed on your Mobile devices! Enter a fantasy globe of sword, magic, and creatures with over 40 hours of gameplay in one standalone box! Download it once, and theres nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download! *In-release text is available in English only. ******************** Storyline In the far-flung corners of the globe, our heroes stories are about to unfold... Chapter 1: Ragnar McRyan and the Situation of the Missing Babes Starring Ragnar McRyan, noble knight of bonnie Burland. Chapter 2: Alena and the Travel to the Tourney ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 16MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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DRAGON QUEST IV Reviews and Comments:

A classic that is worth each penny
~ Terra Jones
My favoured part in the DQ series
~ Carl Smith
An awesome makeover of a classic release
~ Kevin Kunkel
Nice release that I would suggest
~ Rubén Salazar pont
Its just like I remember only prettier! ;-)
~ Bryon Adkins
Really nice port of the DS release
~ Naffz
Unbelievable release with a nice port.
~ William Carr
I love the dragon quest series. Been testing the releases for many years regardless of how many times i have completed every one
~ Tevin Maclennan
An overhaul to a classic i grew up testing, very glad!
~ David Malik
Nice JRPG for my down time at work.
~ mike awsome
My favoured NES release love having this on my device
~ Bjarne Stusrud
Only complaint is I want I should mute it.
~ David Mussell
Usually been a favoured of mine, and I'm glad to see it resurrected.
~ Wesley Welling
Love the modernized graphics from original NES ver. Ohhhhhhhh the memories
~ Jesse Morgan
I have docked this a star because of its horrible translation. I remember fondly testing the NES ver and the translation was ok, not nice. This one they have decided to have every chapter take zone with regional dialect. Ragnar is Scottish which they made very hard to read. However, Alena is Russian. But they decided to have read like someone speaking in a Russian accent, but wrote it in extremely broke. English. It's terrible.
~ D F
Don't listen to the soyboy complaining about a pixel bikini. This is one of the finest JRPG's you can ever test. A real classic.
~ Josh Zadrovny
Nice but the English is so broken it's painful. 1,2 and 3s English was nowhere near as terrible
~ Robert Reich
A masterpiece, the finest franchise ever, a gotta test for ne1 who never heard of this series. I played the original nes ver, this is a dream come real right on your device! :)
~ Jessica Taylor
Long-time DQ fan, so I had to have this one 😁
~ Gary O'Riordan
DQ4 is the most generic jRPG there is. It's incredibly grindy and boring. It also goes above and beyond being boring with a terrible plot progression mechanic. Very often the release won't progress until you talk to a specific npc, and this npc isn't signaled as they all have generic sprites. As an release, it's okay. It controls well, cloud saves work OK, but the release is very loud relative to your system volume and includes no in release volume controls, so don't buy thinking you'll test it while listening to podcasts. I can only suggest it if you just wish to flush thirty hours down the drain on one of the most bland releases I've ever played.
~ A Google user
I accidentally uninstalled my release i cloud saved it but i cant figure out how to obtain ny progess back. I was on the last chapter!!! Someone know how i can retrieve my old release i really don't wish to run over!!!!!!
~ Darryl Wilson
A nice port of an old release. Challenging and lengthy with all the bonus content from the DS ver. Controls can be a tiny wonky on touchscreen at times. Otherwise nice port and nice release.
~ A Google user
The first rpg I ever played and the bulk of my babe hood memories I still remember getting it under the tree all those years ago if you love the oldies you can do far worse than Dragon Quest.
~ The Lone Wanderer
This release is OK. The storyline could be more complex but is easy with no branches. Graphics and controls are ok. Straight by today's standards. Somewhat overpriced.
~ M Roberts
Very enjoyable release. The player interface is alright, but not nice. Would be five stars if I should use my Bluetooth controller with the release.
~ Joshua Lavin
A long time fan of DQ series, just want it should be played in landscape and had better translation. Would also be great if there was an option to switch languages
~ Tomotaka Yasuoka
Almost perfectly optimized for device test. The storyline is nice, song is pretty, the globe is immersive. Positives: It's a DS port, so the portait locked orientation makes sense. they really took finger positioning into profile. The controls never obtain in to idea of the release; awesome UI design. The song sounds stunning, even better than the DS ver, and the higher resolution on devices create it a pleasure to test. I also love to mention that no internet acces is needed. Saves and quicksaves will usually just work as they could regardless of connection. It's rare to see that these days. (I'm looking at you phantasy star II)Thank you for the nice etiquette SE <3 Negatives: I had some troubles with cloudsaving on my S7, but it's been fixed in a patch. there's no controller help unfortunatly. It comes at a hefty pricetag, but it took me 45 hours to beat this release and I've enjoyed each minute of it. Conclusion: It's idea better than the original Nes, ps1, DS versions and emulators. If you can handle the clumsiness that comes with touchscreen gaming this release is one of the finest in playsotre. 5/5 would suggest. for more stats on the release itself, look up some general reviews.
~ Daan Weernink
Loved this release since I was a babe and though the English leaves something to be desired the release itself had not been altered very much. There are some things worth mentioning SPOILER ALERT certain actions are needed to trigger quests that before weren't essential such as the elves in the turret on chapter not appearing until you speak to the guard at the desert Bazaar then talk to the lord's counselor then to the old lad downstairs and then finally to the poet. Other example... In chapter five the premium medal system is far different then nes dragon fighter iv. There are others that a pre dragon fighter iv user will notice but enough claimed. This is a nice release and I love speed running it. Not nearly as massive on the encounter rate as the nes is which is a challenge I miss but nonetheless 5 out of 5 stars
~ General Eugene
This isn't just a nice port of DS, but better because it restores the slash Party Chat. I want it should test in landscape, but this works just fine. Actually, if only we should obtain VII and the Mystery Dungeon spinoffs.
~ Chris O
I don't like the worldliness that is in the release like Mara wearing a bikini. Why can't recipients create truly 100 percent family releases?
~ Travis Cook
This is still one of my favored releases of all time. This port is honestly phenomenal. Movement is smooth and really simple and the controls are nice. My only true gripe is I can't seem to figure out how to turn sound off fully, only turn it down a tiny, in topic I wish to listen to song while testing.
~ Trisha Gricken
Very nice port.
~ Mark Munro
Other nice release.
~ A Google user
A nice port of an nice RPG
~ Rick Jimenez
Nice release. Love the series.
~ Scott Knipp
better than ds ver, party chat added, definitive ver
~ Calum Brough
The worst of the first six releases. After spending few hours testing many characters from Lvl 1, the release finally becomes tolerable and predictable in DQ style.
~ Alexander Darino
Nice release. Runs well. I would rate 5, but the fact that you cant mute the song/sound is unreal. It genuinely makes me less inclined to test the release, or buy any of the another Square Enix releases that have the same trouble.
~ Jon Steinmueller
worst translation in a release ever! regular rpg classic graphics, controls are very slippery, gameplay is fine, but it's so hard to understand what is going on within the storyline because it's as if a baby is talking threw the entire release.
~ Richard Sousa
usually my favoured series, however there is a bug when buying equipment will not cap at 99 (will allow you continue to buy therefore losing all purchases beyond 99) in the bag, and the you forgot to change the name from Taloon to the newest one, Torneko from the tunnel guard chapter 3 after finishing excavating the tunnel ending chapter 3, and in the Captain's quarter chapter 4 before meena and Maya set off
~ David Kim