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About: DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvationone of the most highly acclaimed and finest-selling releases in the franchise is finally here for small! Actually all three instalments of the Erdrick Trilogy can be played in the palm of your hand! Each wondrous weapon, spectacular spell and nice adversary in this rich fantasy globe is yours to search in a single standalone box. Download it once, and theres nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download! DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation has an independent story and can be enjoyed without testing DRAGON QUEST I or DRAGON QUEST II. In-release text is available in English only. Prologue On the morning of their sixteenth birthday, the babe of Ortega, superhero of the land of Aliahan, is charged with a seemingly impossible task by the Boss himself: to kill the Archfiend Baramos, master of darkness! What trials await our intrepid ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 63MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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DRAGON QUEST III Reviews and Comments:

finest dq entry. nice port.
~ Branden Williams
One of the finest JRPGs!
~ Adam Rasmussen
U can obtain the release on gba for nonpaid and it's controls are better than this ver
~ A Google user
Love this release. So epic
~ A Google user
Inputs are placed wrong, unplayable
~ ofniee
Buttons are off center on my device. Which makes the intro unplayable
~ A Google user
I truly love this release thank you
~ Soap Deity
Yo the scaling on the lg vq 40 are not optimized. Please send support
~ Logical American
Doesn't work on my honor test. Can't obtain past the intro screen. I hope that Square Enix fix this quick.
~ HugeAli Almuslim
They fixed the bug! Actually, I love it so much. Thx !
~ Valentino Budhidharma
Scaling on my pixel 2 xl means the touch controls aren't aligned with where I tap.
~ Chris
Have to press a full centimeter above bottons to obtain it to register. Doesn't work at all on a P20.
~ Aled Penny
The tap controls made it unplayable for me. All the time I would push a button and it would pick the option below. Very annoying since I really wanted to revisit this title
~ James Simmons
Nice port of Dragon Quest 3. Sadly it does not have the animated creature sprites or TnT boards from the SNES ver.
~ Andrew Crapo
Nice makeover of an absolute classic. Purchase and test this.
~ Garrett Forrest
If your a turn based rpg fan, this is for you. A classic!
~ David Lenz
The release is nice but you have to go into it with an launch mind and remember this is a release originally from 1988.
~ Quinn Leavitt
grind,grind,grind,grind.you cant transport more than 6 or7 territories without a war OMG.
~ Mike Bauer
Loving DQ3 on Mobile so far. Only downside is no Pachisi track, hence only four stars. Add that back into the release and I'll consider giving this one the full five.
~ Gary O'Riordan
Erdrick is in Smash actually, I can die glad. That doesn't relate to this release? This release is nice, enough claimed.
~ James Wyatt
I love the set up for small. I'm having a nice time getting lost in the release. Thank you, Square Enix.
~ Razor ROG
The touch controls aren't aligned properly so you have to tap above where they now display. Consider fixing this or perhaps stop selling broken soft.
~ Jacob Gant
works well, plays well, some slow parts but are easily remedied by the metal slime grinding way.
~ Paisley Code
This makeover is missing informations from the old release lad release - aggressors don't have animations, there's no Pachisi release, you can't create large dollars in the creature arena anymore, names of equipment and territories have been changed for no reason and are confusing, and this old release now lags sometimes on my brand newest device. Maybe test it if you've never played the original
~ Joshua Barott
amazingly fun release. I've got at oeast four of my dudes also testing it right. Only the fourth Dragon quest I've played but easily one of the finest.
~ Ben Goodman
nice release why complain about the fights each couple of steps it's dragon quest release love it I search the controls nice no trouble a tiny costly thats the only thing I search to complain about please lower the cost of # 4
~ Brian Dominas
I'm on a dragon quest kick right actually, testing these releases again from my youth. Nice ports. A true blast from the past. I strongly suggest.
~ Richard Thompson
for some reason the war with the kidnappers henchmen while getting the black pepper wont happen. ive talked to everybody in portogo and that another city. i cant war the henchmen. no support on the internet either. waste of 10 bucks. nice release up til this, motorola e5 supra
~ Mark Strobel
The price is a tiny high for a release this old with so several newest informations. An auto-save would have done wonders here. Still, it is a classic release from my childhood and I am enjoying it
~ Eric Sears
love the releases, however, these apps are not controller supported and are very hard to test with the onscreen controls. if you version a modernization to help controller test as well it will definitely be a5 star but not until!
~ James Price
The release is nice, unfortunately on my pixel 3 all of the controls require a button press where there is no button. To click the buttons I gotta press about about a half inch above the displayed buttons. If they can fix this it would be a nice experience across the board
~ Anthony Young
As with DQ2 right before a newest bug patch that solved this very same trouble, where you tap registers slightly lower than it could. You have to tap higher to pick what you wish. If you're not paying attention, you will defend in war instead of attacking, amongst another things. Still no fix to the trouble after two weeks.
~ Dakota Gauthier
I'm five mins in and this release has me SOLD. Already well worth the buy, pleased with the product. It looks great. It looks crisp. It looks clean. It sounds nice. Everything I am looking for in an RPG to obtain me back into the pretty mix I've been missing out on. The modernization on the graphics looks sweet compared to the old versions, and probably keeps all of the storyline and flow as the elder releases surely did. I just played the first one on iOS too which was other nice buy.
~ David Zboch-Alves
I can't speak for everyone, but personally, this release was cute simple to write off at first glance. It has so-so SNES graphics, a skeleton of a plot, and the fights test out like a first-person, still-frame picture ebook with a tiny ticker at the bottom that Claims you what's happening. It doesn't support that the release is also outdated--this was originally released in the US in 1991 (when I was just 6 years old), and by today's standards it's super primary. Further, if you do boot it up, you're going to have a heck of a time getting used to the controls. Still, gosh darn it, the release is just a lot of fun to test. The storyline, while certainly barebones, feels adventurous and fulfilling, even if the majority of the journey is created by your random encounters. Escaping the pyramid, waking the legendary giant bird, and falling to other globe aren't compelling plot points, but they feel personal. The release also has a sense of discovery that rivals modern releases like The Witcher 3--even with the simplistic presentation, finding and looting turrets is exciting and tense. Nice release--challenging, satisfying, and fun.
~ Ben Haskett
I was having a nice time with this release and was probably a couple hours from finishing it, but the release destroyed and when I booted the release back up my save file was gone. don't know why it did that but, I am so heartbroken I don't feel like starting from scratch again. if I do test this release again it will be a different ver just to be protected.
~ Deshadow25
One of my all-time fav, but this ver is ridiculously stupidly simple because they boost your details so high the release isn't fun. My baby sorcerer reached over 80 MP at lvl 4. "You gained a lvl, strength goes up by 11." It used to be high when you gained 3. The release lost all balance, creatures are too simple, equipment becomes worthless, etc. There doesn't seem to be any idea to turn the stat boosts off 😭😭
~ Jii Vasquez II
Solid experience. Not a fan of touch controls but this handles well. Autosave information is divine. Saved my bacon few times. Faster leveling makes for easier test without need to grind. The touch pad bug where buttons beneath my finger are triggered can be annoying, but resetting the release fixes it. My only troubles are the lack of aggressor animations as this is a direct port of the original small ver that removed them due to weak power devices back in the early 00's. No pachisi either.
~ Alexander Langella
The finest RPG series runs at 3. This release is getting 5 stars because it is and the only ver left that you can obtain because not even the small ver you obtain on PC, which most everyone has. Storyline to the target an epic journey where you test to avenge your father and grow into a superhero to save the globe by creating a party to go with you. To those who test the release they will be rewarded with a wonderful time. Done allow the age of the release fool you there is a reason this is one of the finest
~ Dallas Walker
This is a makeover of what is quite possibly the finest rpg ever made. You can't go wrong with it, as long as you don't have preconceived concepts of what you wish. I could have known better, being its called dragon quest 3, but I had really hoped it was based of the gameboy color verison, dragon fighter 3. The differences are subtle, but enough to crash the nostaliga trip for me. I think I'll fire up the soldering gun, replace the battery in my gbc copy , and see if my sp battery will keep a charge.
~ Smart Phone
I like Dragon Quest III but western lovers shouldn't be given a inferior ver of this release, what happened to the opening and the aggressor war animation from the SNES ver that this ver is based on, the only reason I would think to remove them is to be more accurate to the NES ver but its already so related to the SNES ver you might as well go all the idea. I do still like the release but I was disappointed not getting the finest possible ver.
~ Dynamoshock