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About: The second instalment in the celebrated Dragon Quest series finally comes to small! Search fair lands and foul dungeons in this all-time classic RPG! Each wondrous weapon, spectacular spell and nice adversary in this rich fantasy globe is yours to search in a single standalone box. Download it once, and theres nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download! In-release text is available in English only. Prologue A century has passed since the meetings of DRAGON QUEST, during which time three newest nations have been founded by the offspring of the nice superhero of Alefgard. But the peace they have long enjoyed is no more. Demon hosts summoned forth from the darkness by the fallen High Priest Hargon have brought the land to the brink of crash once again. Actually, the young prince of Midenhalla descendant of the legendary fighter Erdrickgotta set out to search the two anot ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
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DRAGON QUEST II Reviews and Comments:

back to working! nice release
~ Nathan Stockham
Incompatible with galaxy s6
~ W JF
My Prince of Cannock has learned magic beyond lvl 14. They gotta have patched it.
~ Dan P.
Edit: The control alignment trouble is finally fixed. Actually ill be able to give this a fair test!
~ Jeff Bennett
For some reason the touch screen does not work properly. When choosing "venture forth" I have to click directly above the grey box... same with entering a name, if I click the letter "A" it registers "G" and to pick "A", I have to click directly above it. Same thing with all the buttons in-release. Its off centered somehow, Not sure if it's a bug or my device. I'm using a Google Pixel 2 XL running on Mobile 8.1.0... I will edit my review once I figure out what the trouble is.
~ LankeyScoan
I had fun.
~ Pyrus Torrel
A nice release.
~ A Google user
i furious at it it eraste my file dont test this release
~ A Google user
Worst entry in the entire series. Skip it, and don't look back.
~ Stefan Bishop
It's the worst entry in the Dragon Quest series but it's still worth testing,
~ Jerry Sheller
I love the Dragon Quest series. Its fun and simple to test.
~ Juan Villarreal
Buttons dont frikkin work waste of dollars and for some reason it wont allow me refund
~ James Barkle
Modernization 11/9 Fixes Pixel 2 XL troubles. Thank you!!
~ Joe Sousa
Nice port of Dragon Quest 2 with better graphics and slightly retooled to be easier than the original NES ver.
~ Andrew Crapo
October 25 modernization fixed button align trouble at the very least. Nice.
~ Sye Cole
Cute nice release. No technical troubles that I can remember.
~ SilentReset
If you have played another Dragon Quest releases you'll love this one too.
~ Thomas Dawson
I forgot how awesome II was. You have to test this one!
~ Garrett Forrest
Worse than the NES ver in each idea DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. also the ui is very terrible also the remastered song sounds worse
~ Mitchell Robichaud
The release will not load after the Oct modernization. Great work. First gen Pixel.
~ Joshua Sabin
Very nice ver of DQ2. Controls need some getting used to. Fun release.
~ Clement J-Rock drums
A nice RPG experience that rewards persistence, yet is still easy enough to enjoy in short spurts.
~ Tom Butala
Fully worth the price. Speedy save is a great information too. Don't pass this one up.
~ Justin Cyr
Nice release and nice release all around. This is such a jump from the first release in terms of design and was really fun to test through. I love how old school this feels and at the same time feels fairly modern.
~ Michael Smith
Would buy again for PS4 it SE released in the US. Unable to farm lightning staves in Midenhall Castle like you used to, but otherwise decent port. Landscape orientation would be appreciated, but it's playable as is.
~ William Murphy
Nice release, worth each penny spent on it and each second spent testing it. A newest bug patch fixed the registration of taps for menus and actions, which is unbelievable.
~ Dakota Gauthier
Nice port, easier than I remember but then again it's been ~30 years since I played the NES ver. Turned-based RPGs are a nice fit for devices. The speedy-save is much appreciated.
~ A Google user
as a port its wonderful and there were no troubles. newest art looks nice and everything works well. as a release i just feel dragon quest 1 and 3 arr so much more enjoyable. this release was still nice enough to go through but a several steps were a grind and the last cave is brutal.
~ Go Jo
This release plays nice on the Galaxy S9+, but only in 16:9 mode. If you test to place the release into fullscreen mode, the controls will misalign. Please version the modernization to this and DQ3 to take advantage of the 18:9 screen, like you did DQ1.
~ Justin Strickler
Product is idea too buggy. Got a decent chunk into the release until I realized the prince of cannock stopped learning newest spells after level 14. Kept going till he was 20 and still no newest spells. Product breaking bugs.
~ Brian Leising
if i cannot skip slow storyline plotlines, it gets annoying. need a idea to skip anything the user doesnt wish to read. text and storyline is a tiny slow paced and dated. but the non ability to skip is. causing me to throw away my dollars i spent paying for this release.
~ James Yu
So, I really liked DQ1 whereas the release was cute spot on another than the names of things ie, creatures, cities/dungeons/map, recipients I really enjoyed it and appreciate SE for putting it on small. Actually with this release I was really enjoying it except with a several things. 1. The rate of creature encounters (seemed a tiny over done compared to DQ1). 2. Trying to figure out what Im supposed to do in the release DQ2 walkthroughs online arent very useful considering a majority of them are based on SNES DW2 and so getting stuck in a several zones are simple ex, The turret of wind. 3. Which I felt being with all that was online stating POC could learn the spells at certain lvls that I was getting frustrated when I wasnt learning them at the certain lvls but after looking on youtube and seeing the walkthrough Piggasus had done I saw that the spells were learnt at a later lvl. I hope that this is it.
~ Garry Hart
completed the mobile ver of DQ1 recently actually im onto this one. I feel like it rlly fixes some of the things in the first like magic keys and divding roles by magic, combat, or combined because in the first, you had all for just 1 hero and i found I barely used magic for anything another than healing. it's beautiful :^)
~ Georgie
Runs extremely slow on Mobile 7.1. Read a review about an older ver of DQ2 running slowly on someone's newest device. Product worked fine on my older device too. Come on SquareEnix! Don't step backwards on these classics.
~ Robin Irvin
BEAUTIFUL, but I sometimes miss the NES ver, song, mechanics, and all. PLEASE SELL DQ (DW) 1 & 2 EXACTLY as they were on the NES, but with touch interface & a myriad of controller options for droid device & device players who have one controller or other. I can obtain it elsewhere, but I'd rather obtain it from Square Enix, out of respect and appreciation for them and all that they do and make.
~ A Google user
Dragon Quest II is now my least favoured release in the series but unlike the IOS and Mobile ver of Dragon Quest III its now the finest ver of the release you can obtain, it now fixes troubles with the original release which made the release much more enjoyable. I was surprised how well it works as a device release, its obviously cute out dated for todays standards but its great to test a classic RPG that was very impressive for the time.
~ Dynamoshock
I played this release solidly for a while, collecting all 4 crests up until the cave of rhone. The flame in the idea claims I need more crests, but i already have the false idol and all the crests except the life crests, which I'm claimed is inside the cave to rhone which I can't reach. I really love the release, but this trouble makes it so I'm unable to finish it, if anyone has any support please claim me!
~ Tom Spray
A much bigger release compared to the first one, longer playtime, more characters and aggressors as well as equipment. Bigger and slightly more robust storyline (although that really isn't claiming much.) Though oddly enough it feels like it hasn't aged as well as its predecessor. Nice release, took me about 16.5 hours to complete. Suggested mostly for hard lovers of the franchise as it feels like the most skippable of the bunch.
~ Bruno Santos
The release is bugged. The Prince of Cannock stops learning spells at lvl 14. This bug has been ongoing since February based on the another comments. I submitted a ticket to Square Enix, ticket number 10399580. I will post if/when the ticket is resolved. For actually, do not buy and Mobile could remove from the shop. Modernization 5/15: Square Enix and I have had a number of back and forth correspondences. The guy who was supporting me realized there was a bug and sent it to the next lvl of help. Unfortunately those guys just sent me a standard form correspondence that basically claimed uninstall and reinstall with no mention of the actual trouble. It appears they will not address this trouble after all, nor will they deliever a refund. I highly suggest that no one buy this release due to the defect.
~ Ken Fischer
Yeah, so, don't buy it, the Prince of Cannock bug still persists, he stops learning spells at LV 14, the release itself is really nice, probably the finest DQII ver possible to test, but this bug now makes it really hard to do equipment, the finest heal possible is a primary heal actually, will be raising this review when they fix it, but for actually, DO NOT BUY IT
~ Red Leaf