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Dragon City   
About: Ready to take on the hottest war release and to train fire-breathing dragons to your will? Are you the one to claim the title of top Dragon Master in the globe? Build your castle, and prove your might! Build a Dragon Town on floating islands and fill it with farms, habitats, buildings and dragons! Accumulate and train your beautiful babies and evolve them into impressive war beasts that will defend you in the PvP Arenas! Join forces with another Dragon Masters in Alliances, interact in the chat, participate in Alliance meetings, and unblock exclusive rewards. Combine dragons of Fire, Nature, Fight, Legend, and lots of another elements to hatch rare hybrids and expand your collection. You can also receive dragons from exclusive meetings! FEATURES - Complete the Dragon Book! There are over 500 dragons to breed and accumulate to create your castle grow! - Newest dragons joi ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 97MB Developer: Social Point
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Dragon City Reviews and Comments:

it is the finest dragon release I've had so far I really like it because you can have many different dragons but the one thing I hate about it is that it's so hard to obtain gems and equipment and it's so hard to lvl up and obtain newest dragons but yeah it's cute nice release and all I would suggest it for a lot of another recipients I mean unless you don't like waiting for like or you just don't like waiting. And you just wish it then and actually. Otherwise I would suggest this release for those who well.
~ Ariah Mose
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!The First Time I Saw The Soft I Thought It Was Going To Be Boring.But When I Tried It I Fell In Love.I Was On This Product From 6:00 To 12:00.I`ve Been Testing This Product For 1 Day Only And I Am Already At Lvl 13 .Im Never Deleting This Product.
~ Joleen Carbullido
This release took two dragon eggs that were hatching from me from the hatchery! I'm very upset. I emailed them because there is no idea to contact help in the release. They sent me back an correspondence claiming me to contact help through the release! And there is no idea to do that! I wish my dollars back or the dragon eggs back.
~ Z B.
this release is the finest i have like 7 devices in my house and i played dragon castle on all of them. i test this release each day rather when im grounded. my name in dragon castle is savige and ill rate this release when ever you whant me to.my finest dragons are the balfin dragon and the alian dragon and the red leaf dragon of sunlight there all lvl 15.
~ Mathew Loucks
I love this release it makes me wanna test it evrery day I just wanna obtain powerful dragons legendary s dragons it's the finest release of dragons so far I've done nice at this release so far oh and I hope I can obtain to the leader board and be the top finest user at Dragon castle my dream is to obtain to the leader board and have legendary powerful dragons if the release creater of this release allow's me be in the leader board and have legendary powerful dragons that would be a dream come real plus it's almost my birthday :).
~ Noemi Negron
Have been testing this release for years an have loved it. Although, I am losing interest true speedy due to the fact that you need to spend crazy amounts of dollars to obtain ahead in this release. And you can never obtain enough resources to do half the things you need to.
~ A Google user
Its really frustrating actually.. I got my dragons into rank B+, C+ and another higher ranks but since I modernized the release, my dragon's ranks usually go back to lower ranks like B and C. It wasting my time and efforts. Its the 4th time it happen to me often I run the release..
~ Marvin Baluyut
This release is really nice as there are many different types of dragons. When you obtain to the next lvl you obtain a nonpaid gem, so don't worry if you run out of them. You earn gold from your dragons and the longer you wait the more you'll obtain in one go. There might be banners but not many, the release loads really quickly but it's most of the time. The graphics are fabulous! I DEFINATELY suggest this dragon release.🐲🐉
~ Tomaz 69
I would rate higher but there are a several troubles. The first and most prominent for me is that one day, i opened the release and found what I can only presume to be the in code names of all of the buttons being displayed. they create it hard to use the release and are obstructive. Second, there are a lot of informations that require you to pay. This wouldnt be an trouble if they weren't so in your face about it and annoying. Then the breeding/hatching takes WAY too long. It makes it hard to do anything.
~ Vinny Ligas
I have been testing the release for years and it remains one of my all time favorites for my device. a grade A dragon breeding and battling release. I want the recipients who made this release would create a console ver of this release. it would be epic. just a thought.
~ Justin Southerland
it is such an awsome release. you obtain to own your own dragons ,you feed them tomatoes so that idea eventually they can turn into adult dragons. and then you obtain to hatch your own dragons war them in fights. obtain to chat with another dudes when you obtain to lvl 16 though. my mom even has the release actually and she is on lvl 12. and it is so addictive. thanks for making such a nice release😀. unbelievable release love it😍
~ A Google user
this is a very fun release to test, I've been testing for 2-3 years but what really ticks me off is that when test to buy expansion for more room to fill but I can't because I have to log into fb. Then I accidentally disconnected from dragon castle I logged back in my fb profile it was disabled so I made a newest fb profile it worked fine until something popped up claiming "This release is already linked with other profile of the same kind" can you give some solution to log back in?
~ Isabella Sanocki
i like the release but the amount of meal you can buy is super weak. you have to spend a fortune to advance. i hope that a change can be made to create the amount in the millions. trying to adavance 100 dragons to level 30-40 is literally impossible without the occasional offers for multi million amounts of meal. photo how hard this release is for average users. otherwise a great release, id also like to see a possiblity outcome of so sort for breeding, that should be cool. Thanks a bunch!
~ Darnel Slaton
The release itself and the dragons are very great and well made, but the arbitrary wait times REALLY destroy it. Also, the meetings don't last long enough. Wouldn't reccomend, but it's to be expected with most releases because I don't usually reccomend releases.
~ The Gaming Monster
this release has variety of dragons if you test this release you will be so amazed you would love the dragons you will love the worlds but the tough thing about this release is the fights but don't worry about those there's variety of equipment you have in the release that you can obtain don't forget to breed dragons obtain all the equipment you need upgrade things and do your finest besides variety of equipment you need to do variety just variety so test this release please test it please I'm not the Originator of this release I'm a user.
~ Roy Boy
love testing but the cost in gems of some of the dragons is rediculous, i refuse to spend dollars in these releases, well ok maybe a couple of pounds but absolutely no more than that. Also fed up of having to close down up to 4 adds for draggons etc each time i launch the release up
~ Marianne Morris
Is there a bug with ranking up a dragon? From B+ it already went to A- however after I exit the release and obtain back, the rank went back to B+ again! Please fix this ASAP , I don't wish to uninstall this because of it since that is one of the essence of the release. I love this release, spent most of my day testing this, please resolve this. Thank you.
~ Riri Antonio
I love everything another than that you have to BUY AN TAKE CARE OF THE ICE HABITAT I remember the old ver, and you didnt need to take care of it. I might even uninstall this release because of this. and seriously, DIAMONDS TO BUY IT?!?!? WHY CAN IT BE ABOUT LIKE, AS MUCH AS THE ICE DRAGON? (15,000 coins) because that's reasonable! I'm just really annoyed, and I the old ice habitat back. thank you.
~ lara moore
This release honestly cute dang nice. When I first saw it I thought it was a dumb pokemon ripoff. So I tried it and I got addicted within mins. This is a release where you raise dragons an then you war versus another dragon masters. My only major downside is the excessive amount of in-release purchases. There is no banners unless you're watching the freebies island where you obtain rewards. If you should rate it a 4.5 score, I'd rate it that. Not great but still nice.
~ David Maude
I like this release, it's challenging and a nice choice to test with dudes, support every another and compare cities. However, I have just one complaint. After the last modernization, it isn't possible anymore to earn points for a dragon through challenges because they simply don't count or save anymore (when you enter the release again). You can victory 10 dudes with the same dragon and supposedly earn 30 points to lvl its rank from C+ to B- for instance, but won't happen. Should you developers fix it, please?
~ William Wallace
i am testing this release for a long time ...i am in love with this release actually thatmuch that i can delete all my apps only for this nice release ...many of my dudes even test this release we all beat every another and test this release .thank you..
~ Radha Chandrashekar
it is very nice release also addictive .... but there gotta be meetings to receive old heroic dragon ... for those who started testing recently ... yes !! u obtain orbs of old heroic dragons but collecting orbs takes much more time than expected ... i recommend there gotta be more meetings to receive old heroic dragons .... they all look cool and nice ...
~ gautam rock
Dragon castle is a very fun release. Although, there are some several errors that REALLY annoy me. First of all, it annoys me when there are long banners for a very tiny reward. I should obtain that reward in 1 minute. Second of all, there are gem offers which support you obtain gems. But whenever I do it, the offer is gone. Finally, please create getting gems easier. Overall, it's fun collecting dragons and all but this is my opinion about what I struggle with.
~ Pacinism
This release without a doubt got me addicted to Dragon/Creature life. But this release hadnt pleased me enough. Not Dragon wise, but Egg wise. If you have an egg in the hatchery not finsihed and the breeding IS completed. It makes me furious you cant shop the egg unless its too high for your lvl. Which kills me because i love to breed the Dragons to see what comes out. but once you realize the egg was worthless and waited all of that time, It sucks.. In another words, this release isnt terrible for starting.
~ The Cringy Boi
Okay I love this release, BUT I hold trying to lvl up my dragon, and it works when I'm in the release, but when I exit the release and come back, my dragon is back lower. and it just started doing this. Someone needs to contact me or fix this actually before I uninstall this release
~ Samantha Green
the release is fun...but only one trouble..why i can't create an in release buy....i can't topup a germ..why....my internet is great...often i test to create a buy..it will ask me to connect to internet..i dont know why...i hope social target will fix this trouble or claim me other idea to create a buy...thank you
~ afiq Zailan
Its nice. Thats the only thing i can claim! There are so many cool dragons and so much fun equipment to do that it never gets boring and if you lose a war ot still gives you partial credit which... call me a loser but i love! Thanks to the makers of this nice release!!!
~ N E
Idea too many microtransactions. Like, who is this release targeted for, babes? You run the release up and it throws you 5 different one time offers ranging from like $5 to $20 or more. You are able to earn gems just by testing but it is very weak compared to the amount required to spend them. I kept testing up until I ran out of room for more structures and habits but it no longer costs gold but those gems they wish to obtain you to buy with true dollars. I cant continue without and I have a job but no idea
~ Ethan Nash
Nice release. I played many years ago and stopped when the developers no longer provided upgrades. I just recently downloaded the newest release and when I linked my Fb page it claimed I should change to my old profile which was wonderful as I was on lvl 10 on the newest release but switched to my original profile at lvl 63! Love this release!!
~ Robin Dix
love this release very, it is one of my favored releases, it os absolutly the great release for me . I t is all about a zone full of dragons we have 5 floating lands and but actually we have got 7 of them. We can breed two dragons and when the breeding is done we obtain an egg, we would place he egg in the hatchery and then we would obtain our baby dragon. As we have the bigger,stronger,greater and the finest dragon so we should feed it the tomatoes witch we obtain from the meal house, and grow it so wee should victory.
~ sidra ali
I love this release its time killing and fun. The reason i didnt place 5 stars is because the gem prices in the shop. If i am going to be paying $99.99 for gems in a release, i could have enough to buy a dragon thats 2,500 gems. Anyways 100% suggest. Please do obtain this release. There's 100s of cool dragons that can be hatched.
~ Donimoni •
I had this release on my device originally it glitches because my device was running out of zone but actually I have a device and I have it on here I got it today it is a nice gams. One thing is that maybe you should add a idea to save your progress because I was a very high lvl on my device. Overall nice!!! release. 😁
~ Evelyn Minecrafter
this is a wonderful release. where though quite repetitive in meetings they somehow search a idea to spice up these slightly repeated meetings through newest dragons and newest original themes. i can't support but come back for more. i haven't noticed but i've been here since the early hundreds as the number of dragons. not many recipients test but ill test this release till its sad end.
~ CausedSteam
I LOVE THIS APP SO SO MUCH!!! the only thing that i do not like is that they do not give out dimonds that much but that is the only thing i do not like but otherwise i is AMAZING i think each one could obtain it some recipients might disagree but it is usually your own opinion to what you think about something i think that everyone could obtain this release if you do not like it that is fine thank you for reading my review
~ L P
I rate it 4 stars because although the release is fun and nice the breeding and hatching dragon eggs take sometimes like a entire day I recommend they lower how long you have to wait for your dragons to breed and hatch dragon eggs. That's all but still the release is nice and SO MUCH FUN! but also why do you lose trophies when you lose a war and you also lose more trophies when you obtain attacked and you didn't even war? I think they could fix that. That is basically it but the release is nice!
~ The Private Channel
it is so nice and the graphics are pretty. ..but I would love if in the next modernization that you should add an auto thing or something for the market so when you buy tiles you don't buy one at a time and go to the market and go to decor and click on the tile and zone it and then repeat the same thing over and over..but it's a lovely release and I enjoy the release!you could install... PLEASE MAKE IT EASIER TO GET JEMS....IT'S TO HARD......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
~ Willie Strachan
I like the release, but there are troubles with it being slow or getting stuck or frozen, it takes too long to harvest meal, not counting some of your war wins, and if you now pay for some premium release test pieces, they don't roll over to other release, you just loose the pieces, and therefore you wasted dollars. That is bothersome and unfair...
~ April Ramsden
Started testing this release 7 years ago. I spent a lot of dollars to test this release in pc market lol. After 7 years, I installed this release and was able to recover my profile back then (I was only lvl 23 that time). After a month, actually, I'm already lvl 49. It is such a time-killing release but all I can claim is that IT'S REALLY WORTH it testing this release. All this years, I'd like to thank the developers for making such a great release. Thank you for making my childhood complete. 💙
~ Ramil Deocariza
Okay so.. y'all have gotten so thirsty for dollars and this is basically a pay to victory release. There's these annoying caged dragons around the island and one of them literally costs $22 just to obtain a mediocre dragon and a small bit more zone on your island. The caged dragons never go away and it's annoying seeing their speech bubbles all the time yelling "Support!" or "Save me!". Who wants to pay $22 for a single dragon? Not to mention the islands you have to buy, $15. Too thirsty for dollars.
~ Vivian Yeet
I've been testing each single day for a while actually and I've been excited to progress in the release. Only trouble is the originators of this release are VERY dollars hungry. The more dollars you hand them the better you are. Pay to victory. I HATE how you can only add Fb dudes, I don't have any Fb dudes so wow
~ A Google user