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About: Connect Ki Spheres and unleash your power! KAMEHAMEHA! The ultimate Dragon Ball Z war experience is here! Straight and intuitive DOKKAN action! Just tap the "Ki Spheres" on the war screen and send your aggressors flying with overwhelming Super Attacks! Create your own Dragon Ball dream squad! Train your favoured characters and Awaken them to newest realms of power! Organize your squad by Genres and Types and assemble the ultimate fighting force! The globe of Dragon Ball is your battlefield! The timeline has been thrown into chaos, bringing you face-to-face with characters from across the ages... But you're not in this alone! Trunks, superhero from the future, will war by your side! Search the board release-style map and enjoy an all-newest storyline with your favoured characters! The globe of Dragon Ball is yours to search! Relive the anime action in Storyline Meetin ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 81MB Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
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this release is addictive and fun to test but if you haven't watched the dragon ball series I strongly recommend that you could because it will dramaticly improve your enjoyment of the release and create you appreciate all the work place onto it.
~ alex stoddart
this is an nice release, but after the modernization that just released, i cant log into my profile, i never linked it to fb, is there a idea to fix it since it keeps giving me a dokkan has stopped, i test opening it up again, it gives me the error again, please support me with this(am testing on chromebook and my device has no trouble with this release)
~ gamerlogan 1903
love the release, card draws, however due to a glitch in the system, i cant seem to feedback to face ebook and have lost quite alot of time having to restart due to a transfer of my device.
~ Ray Coletti
Solidly addictive. This is the only small release in existence that I wouldn't be able to obtain over losing my saved time in. It's also the only CCG-kind release i haven't gotten bored of within a month. Upgrades are regular and the microtransaction system isn't shoved down your throat.
~ Patrick Fleck
im having problem with this release ever time my son trys to launch it..it Claims me that the release isnt working. this release needs to be modernized and worked on because my babes really like this release. oh yeah and its usually claiming me to modernization it even though we did like 4 times in and hour in a half. not sure whats going on there but please review it thanks.
~ Chelsea Gonzales
I've played this release off and on for years and they are only dollars hungry. the prices are crazy high. The one largest trouble I have with the release though is the summons. You have to place a lot of time into getting dragon stones just to summon, and when you finally obtain enough they give you nothing nice..... So actually you are just wasting our time. thanks
~ joseph brown
I've played Dokkan for the past 3 years and actually this release is starting to die on me since the shafts in summons are even worse with old troops that aren't even relevant to the release anymore. I hope this release doesn't turn out to be trashy one in the future
~ Bean Weeb
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Please fix this bug each I run up the release it bugs me out of the release for the past three days so please fix it and Thank You for your time.
~ Just_Noah 17
Im just gonna do an modernization on my past review I did on other device because the trouble of the release destroying STILL EXIST. Please fix it because I poured a lot of time and effort into this release and actually it feels like it went to waste almost.
~ Jahid Roni
Support, after the newest modernization I cannot even launch dokkan without it destroying, I have variety of zone on my device and I have really nice internet plz support I don't wish to lose my profile
~ KingtoaGod
this is by far one of the releases that I can not stop testing I have being this releases for some time actually and just cant stop because it gives all your what ifs and all your dream characters a time to shine it's a really nice release cant wait for the next several upgrades.
~ Keoreyontaye Saunders
I picked this release up 2 months ago, after a five year hiatus and I gotta claim, I'm glad I did. The only trouble I have with the release, is that I'm a nonpaid to test user, so it can be hard to receive stronger characters through summoning - thanks to Legends I'm not willing to buy stones and have a punt on a banner - though there are lots of meetings to grind stones and obtain characters.
~ Luke Stephens
What I love about this release is that tou can take average characters and grind them until they are really nice. Nice characters can become even better with enough grind to. This Product is very nice.
~ Th3My5t3rygamer
Usually I test to test it, it keeps giving me a screen claiming that a webpage is unavaliabe and I can't back out of it. I have to reload the release and it will constly do it. SOMEONE FIX THIS!
~ GamingEinstein
after the modernization my release destroyed and made my device not turn on so I lost my profile due to this modernization. What's worse is that my and/or thousands of accounts would be saved if Google releases or something was for this not fb
~ Patricia Shelton
After This " Modernization " That somehow Came out, The Product dosen't wish to launch anymore its cute stupid Since This Modernization is somehow " Suggested ". Actually I Can't Launch the Product since its just gonna close immediately.
I love this release. It, by all means, could have a five star from me. But, for some reason, the last five summoning meetings will not give me the featured summons. Example, if you did 3 summons you obtain a fourth nonpaid. I have done 5 of them and not one of the top 3 characters were attainable. I used to be able to obtain them and actually, nothing. The only complaint is, please fix the random summoning so we have a slight chance of getting these characters. I couldnt obtain Black, Broly, Goku, Brothers.
~ Justin H.
So I Havent played this release seriously in about 7 months or possibly longer and I need my profile I spent my dollars with so many LR's and alot of characters on if not i would like some support deciding what to do next. I recently installed the release again and I have to run over that sucks if you know what I mean.a
~ Chief Razorki
It's a fun release, though getting some things are hard with out spending true dollars. There are a lot of F2P things though. The reason I give it 4 stars is because it keepss destroying on me occasionaly and there are limited things for F2P users
~ Zee GamingPotato
Too Expensive buying a Dragon Stone at Market. Not worth it. There's a release that almost the same like this. But, any bought item the prize is more makes sense able than this release. 91 DRAGON stone for 50$.??? Are you serious.?
~ Ilham Hadi AMD
I have the same trouble as others; I'm testing Dokkan mobile emulators for PC, & since the newest modernization I've no longer been able to run the release. We hope you can fix this as quick as you can. Nice release, though.
~ XAS.Prime
"i think it is ok...the meetings are nice and all but the summons are what obtain you. Plus you need to use your crystals to do storyline mode....i want it was better....i suggest this to dbz lovers but warn you to not use your hard earned dollars on this GohanDBZ the youtuber is out" *drops microphone*
~ Gohan DBZ
Ever since this newest modernization dokkan released, none of us have been able to test dokkan war, I really wish to test the release again because I lost everything I had during this modernization and actually I can't even test it, please fix this dokkan war.
~ Dragonslaya291 beats
nice, but please add a feedback skill genres system why so many meetings need characters with feedback skill by there's no idea to find for them simple or group them together you got to constantly look who's in the feedback skill and then go test to search them in your characters List. thanks guys hold up nice work.;"" edit* thanks squad dokkan nice!
~ Adam Smith
Cute nice but create Dragon Stones easier to access for nonpaid - getting 0 to 2 stones a day is horrible, especially if you beat the storyline and have all/most meetings cleared. Also, add a idea to skip lvls, some sort of "skip ticket" like in DB Legends, having to grind through newest meeting stages that have the low difficulties is really boring when your squads are delivering 1.5+Mill hurt each turn. Otherwise, nice release.
~ Fabian
I've been testing this release for a while, and suddenly it just stopped working. Each time i test to go into the release and finish my war in the Boss Slug storyline missions, my release crashes. it's destroyed three times actually, and it wont allow me test at all, idk what to do. support
~ Rotted Soul Anubis
This release is AMAZING many many characters from DB,DBZ and DBS but i have experienced a major trouble......i cant test it anymore. whenever i test to launch it it keeps destroying and it wont stop no matter what i do. if you can dokkan originators please fix this trouble so i can have a fun experience just like all the another dokkan war users.
~ Rasul Frazier
It is a finest dragon ball release. When i played it first i liked it so much that i usually test this release only,... But i deletes this release accidentally, so i didn't doenload this again due to massive download of time in this release. After 2yrs i am testing this again and again. So much fun in testing this. Love this
~ Ansh Jhajjarwal
it's very fun and fair. the only trouble that I've run into is the art for the characters that you can buy from the baba market are not showing up. I got vegito from there and his art is still not showing up, maybe y'all can modernization or patch that glitch maybe? it's a minor glitch but still.
~ Walter Castro
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I liked DB, DBZ, GT, etc. before testing this. This release has helped to deepen my appreciation of the whole franchise. I know some recipients have their gripes (albeit some are...to place nicely... unreasonable), but overall, if you like this franchise, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!!!
~ Megan Hezeltine
So I really love this release the only trouble is that I forgot to create a transfer Code OR connect my profile with Fb which is terrible since after the Modernization my release crashes and I cant run it anymore it also seems like that many have the same troubles with there devices. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM SO I CAN PLAY IT AGAIN! I hope you guys read this and fix it or you are already trying to fix this trouble since yesterday.
~ Salih Akyilmaz
I just modernized this release and actually it doesn't work , doesn't even launch. And I uninstalled it and reinstalled and still doesn't work , so Thanks for the modernization. I'm glad I wasted all my time testing this release just to lose all my progress
~ Lenny Medeiros
I love it it's simple and easy and not hard to obtain powerful characters like another releases this makes it better because another releases like Drive-In arrow and equipment like that makes it where it's very hard to obtain characters that are powerful. and I feel that this release does it really well as it does not give you two potent characters but it still gives you powerful enough characters to obtain past lvls that you might not be ready for it yet.
~ Doug Martini
Im an experienced user in Dokkan and Ive been testing for almost 3 years actually but, Im speaking for newer users here. Since the newest meta for Dokkan requires a genre lead for most meetings, I trust a starting user could be allowed to pick one genre lead from a limited selection of them. When starting dokkan the beginning is slow and many users are discouraged when they run, summon, and dont obtain what they wish. I trust that this is a fair idea to support the user run the release.
~ Bryan Ramnauth
Wasting dollars, and loving it. Started testing because my xbox sub had expired. I'm a hardcore/competitive user. I luckily drew a cute rare card a tiny into the release that I liked. That encouraged me to really pay attention to all the details, and feedback, and I gotta claim... For a card release, the "power scaling" is cute nice imho. The bosses are fun to play your finest squads on, and the collecting is addicting. Awakening/Super leveling is time consuming, but relatively rewarding.
~ Julian Gonzales
I got cute far by only paying for just one thing that wasn't even Dragon Stones, but the fact that I have to grind 50 missions within a week is simply annoying and tedious. All for just one summon that doesn't give me anything nice. I think the overall experience is fun, nonetheless, and I have some of the finest troops in the release without buying stones.
~ Syntax Error
I've been testing this release a several months after it launched for global. Actually over a thousand days into the release im still testing. Its a really fun release and I have cute nice troops without investing dollars. There are usually newest meetings launching with newest missions to accumulate dragonstones. You dont usually obtain what you wish in summons... but eventually luck does change. Im loving how the release has been evolving over the years. If youre a DBZ fan. Definitely check this out.
~ Gregory Konopka
After this modernization installed the release goes black often I launch the release, I've tried it on multiple devices and OS's and even installed past verison apps only to modernization it with the same effects. I linked my profile to fb but it doesn't matter if I can't launch the release. I invested some time and dollars in this release but realistically you only test releases that work. All my another apps work on my devices many were modernized recently so something is wrong with the release currently .
~ William Weyenberg
I really enjoy this release but I'm testing on my chromebook and suddenly, after the modernization, I can't obtain into the release, all it claims is Dokkan War would not load. It wouldn't even let me to send a feedback. I also noticed that another emulators are having troubles after this modernization. Will place 5 stars once the trouble is fixed. Thanks P.S. Please fix as quick as possible, I would really like to do the summon for the newest LR Broly and grind for the newest LR Babe Goku and Arale
~ Lewis Ly
So I've been testing dokkan for a while and just got a comptuter and the first thing I did was download it. However actually after this newest modernization, whenever I test to launch Dokkan the screen is all black and it usually dokkan is not responding or something like that. It's very sad to me because I love testing dokkan and actually I can't on my pc. The fact that Bandai Namco hasn't fixed this yet is beyond me
~ Corprate Finesse