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DOX: A Puzzle   
About: DOX is an original puzzle release in which you gotta learn the special terms of every button kind to remove them all from the grid. Tap, drag, swap, fill, destroy, and erase your idea through storyline mode, then hone your DOX skills with infinite puzzle mode.
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 37MB Developer: Canopy Ltd
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Developer: doublespeak games


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DOX: A Puzzle Reviews and Comments:

Lvl 5 last puzzle is too tough to figure out. You could have some option to deliever tricks in the release. It's just too hard.
~ Eldhose P A
~ Kay Lee
Makes no sense to me.
~ Dave Spina
Tough, but satisfying
~ Conan Graves
Please add help for Google Test Products achievements etc.
~ A Google user
Just a great puzzle release.
~ Jeroen Lous
Too minimalist. There are 0 instructions.. stuck on guide? Well better watch the video or click randomly until it takes you to next screen.
~ Deepak
I'm stuck on a lvl. Can you guys add a tip system so I can progress?
~ Yash Ved
Every lvl makes you think a tiny bit more. Fun to test and a bit addictive!
~ Anna McDonald
This is really fun, not too hard either, just great for a short travel
~ Dan Munday
The release seems fun but it would br nice to have a guide. Dunno what I'm supposed to do.
~ Felipe M.
DOX is a minimalist puzzle release that runs simply and quickly ramps up in difficulty. Nice release.
~ Emerald Baldwin
Nice guide ramps up the difficulty without slowing you down. It gets cute hard after the main campaign!
~ Mat Lee
it's really fun to learn how to beat every newest piece and how the puzzle pieces work together. would suggest to anyone that loves to spend time on their device.
~ Shahil Maknojia
Nice release, it not create sense on first impression, because you need search the logic yourself, and that's also the part create it more interesting. How many lvls it have?
~ Feder Lien
It's a nice casual puzzler that needs some thinking. I like that we could experiment element by element to understand how they work. This inductive part reminds me of Raibow Train releases. And I like how cryptic entire screen dox puzzles look. One question though: how many lvls are available.
~ Ruby J. Scheme
interesting puzzle release.
~ Jeffrey McClain
Nice release, and great job on adding a small tap and drag guide. :)
~ Andrew Dufilie
Love this release. Quite different. Great help. Thanks E
~ Marie Renée
A gem of a release, refreshingly original. As for the 'No Instructions' complaints..... 😉
~ A Google user
Really fun. You play the puzzle and learn how pieces work and in what order to use them to solve it. I also like the sound results and how the release mechanics work.
~ Victor Alvarez
love the challenge of learning newest pieces without knowing how it changes the entire sequence of moves, really a nice puzzle release, def something different
~ Alexander Santos
Great release. Makes you think about your decisions and next steps. But first, of course, you have to search out what to do. If you give up speedy, this release is not for you. But if you like being challenged, you definitely are in the right zone. I am really glad I found it.
~ Cecillia Patello
No instructions, apparently no logic behind the moves. Maybe it's just me, and the fact that on my terminal none of the buttons in the bottom screen work doesn't support in trying to understand this minimalist release. EDIT: with the last ver the bottom buttons finally work and I can backtrack so that I can test the release. Thanks!
~ Andrea Suatoni
The most interesting thing about this release is it doesn't has any instructions for reference. I personally liked it and think that it restores the minimalist feeling of the release. Instead of making just a release, not we got 2 releases, one with lvls and one is to remember what every specific dot does. So, its a clear brain training at upper lvls.
~ Jagjit Singh