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Doom Blitz: War Strategy   
About: The Fortress which silenced for centuries are about to reactivate, by then, only fight can bring peace to this suffered land. Commander, welcome to the globe to Doom Blitz, to war alongside your allies, and claim your dominance! Special Informations: 1. Command your elite units in true time, to complete hundreds of campaign fights. 2. Upgrade different production, military, and troop technologies before you go to a fight! 3. Sentinel, Hero, Mecha, Trooper, Reaper and Cannon, 6 types of units from the future are waiting for you to command. Simply swipe on the screen to deploy your troops to any formation you wish. 4. Recruit heroes through campaigns and meetings, search unlimite possibilities in group them up! 5. Command full of 7 armies at the same time, teleport to anywhere on the map. Gather resources, solo & rally attack, and cooperate with your allies to take spac ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 81MB Developer: odds5
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Doom Blitz: War Strategy Reviews and Comments:

~ Shakti Patel
~ Saimonkyle Salor
I love it
~ A Google user
~ jepoy ronduen
~ A Google user
~ Alwin Esllera
Loading forever
~ Dave Eugenio
I like it
~ A Google user
I hit It
~ Daniel Tata
~ Bradlexx ramos
Very boring
~ Jeff Komas
This release would be 5 stars but, there is a bug when you research "Superhero+ level 2" to add 4 heroes to your armies... one of your armies will ruin the release often you test and change it in the barracks, normally one superhero will be stuck there forever and they dont seem to wish to fix it. This is terrible because if you had "Auto replenish" on that units, one powerful guy can slay all your reserve units (takes hours/days to recharge) because you cant cancel the auto replenish. PLEASE FIX THIS THERE IS ENOUGH EMAILS AND COMMENTS TO MAKE YOU AWARE OF THE PROBLEM.
~ A Google user
Nice release bit slow uploading tho
~ A Google user
how sign in dis release i cant sign in in the release
~ Sancerojose Camilon
Sow very great😂
~ A Google user
Doesnt load
~ Bao Nguyen
Won't load
~ d g
Would not load
~ A Google user
Testing while offline
~ jun De Villa
Finest release in the year
~ Kinggamer21 Gamerz never die
Can't test won't load
~ Dale So Nakamura
Product OK bat how to vet army and upgrand there
~ ILLYRIAN Befor Criste And Grece
Can't even test it what the heck wish go past the run wish even download
~ A Google user
Crashes every time when trying to change team
~ Jonathan Vincent
How to log in this release??
~ Jayson Olalan
oh why i cant load ? what's happening ??
~ Time Killer
There is a bug. I can't control one of my armies from the barraks
~ mitchell quick
Fix the bug where release crashes when trying to deploy units with bugged superhero please
~ A Google user
Maybe it's my device but this release looks and plays like ass.
~ Yinka Yoloye
fix all bugs.. i am suffering on bug in editing my units. often i wish to edit omega this release usually ruin.
~ Arjay Resultay
This release is not for the elderly. That contains me. Don't have the foggiest concept of what is going on. Just had to uninstall.
~ Mark Nicholls
How can i retrieve my accnt on server 1... it has been change to a newest accnt evwn if my accnt is binded at my gmail... please support
~ Mar Ancheta
Absolutely horrible war system,the base set up is just plain boring.this system of travelling to a war that now has no visual war is laughable.each another walkthrough release is better than this.
~ damien
Nice release. Tablet crashes when I pick ether in barracks. Currently vip5 but electricity cap doesnt refresh above 120. No options to buy coins.
~ John Kim
This release was a typical when compared to others in the same category. Nothing specifically better or worse. But I guess it doesn't matter since the release is shutting down.
~ Gamer Gamer
How can i recover an profile? I connected my release to google test and have been testing for days since the version. When i logged in a while ago the release restarted and my original basewas gone hoping for a solution quick.
~ Kaizer Michael
But it has a buggggg, , omega superhero has a bug, , when I go to barracks and click omega it shuts down the release.. I cant add any superhero on omegas units when I touch the green cross it goes black and shuts down.. Please do someting, , 😀😀😀😁😁😁
~ Julius Jose
The only reason I gave 1 star is because I can't test the release. It will not go past the main loading screen. I log in with my google test profile and it just stays at the main loading screen. I thought it might be downloading bonus files but, I left it for about 30 mins and still nothing. ?????? 😒😡
~ robert hallum
I like it, however we need more mode such as arena, pvp or raid. There is no option to leave alliance. No idea to reach help because there is no option to do that. Electricity used per scene should be better, 6/12 electricity used per scene is reasonable but 12/24 is overkill. Please bring more modernization, it's getting boring already. Tq
~ Kloud Ivalice
Well, first thing to claim is, this release has a lot of parental but it does have a lot of bugs that need working on. In some topic that the release slows down so badly it freezes my device. The war system also needs working on. some troops aren't worth using and putting on your squads. that's also other thing that needs to mention, the balance system. Be side the bugs and certain things needing to be adjusted. its a perfectly fine release. I in joy it to the fullest and can see it going somewhere but please look out for these things I'm claiming. War on!!
~ Sam Matangi