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About: ... Its not a joke, its Doom & Destiny Advacend. NOODLES UPDATE - Added the Flying Ship, each corner of the globe is exploable - Lvl cap 149! - Full affinity 20, for each class; - Added a newest class, the Adventurer; - Newest questlines and dungeons, affinity crystals are actually farmable; - Unlocked the Ultimetal gear; - Old bugs fixed, newest ones added! This is the PREMIUM ver of Do&De Advanced. * All classes are available, nothing is locked * No annoying banners * Newest content upgrades are delivered with no delays. --- Venture with the most nerdy anti-heroes of all times, face a crazy journey, conquer a furious business lad and save the universe, one fetch quest at a time. ROLL YOUR DICE Embody 20 different heroic spirits, equip gear, master skills and hero combinations to war in turn based combat 300+ different aggressors and, while you progress in ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 26MB Developer: Heartbit Interactive Srl
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Doom & Destiny Advanced Reviews and Comments:

Well made release with nice humor. Actually maybe the bunny won't be furious at me.
~ Shane Weaver
Nice release. Definitely better than the first one (which a nice release btw). However, I hate the fact that we can't manage our own save. There's no option to back to certain target in topic we miss something.
~ Eliezer Kurnia
I found a bug in the southern most of the four spaghetti. The wall button is missing for me and can't obtain the stairs to appear. Testing through from the beginning with the newest upgrades and can't continue.
~ Matt Hedges
Funny retro style release. very enjoyable with a decent storyline. nice series. looking forward to the next one.
~ Andre Michel Gaudet
nice release and funny!!! want you guys create part 2 I bet it be the finest.. with higher hitpoint create full 9999 it will be nice summons super bosses anything it's your release:)
~ Matthew Taylor
It's funny and well written, would have been 5 stars except for how offensive it is to girls. No opportunity to test a female hero, dirty magazines on bookshelves, and the one who invites us to write this review is a playboy bunny. Really?
~ A Google user
just as nice as the original
~ Susan Matthews
I love the references, my favoured is the Rolling Stones one, I listened to the same song earlier that day when I saw it.
~ L'zord Hubbard
This release is well made with love, and a neat nastalgic feel. Worth the several bucks. My favored release on the test shop. Thank you developers, hold up the nice work!
~ Brian Beardwood
nice!!!!!, spoilers ive been testing for a several months actually and everything has been going nice their have been no problens or bugs that i know of until just a several weeks ago when i suddenly should not operate at the same rate i used to. for ex. i would transport through the map fairly quickly but instead of moving about 10 tiles a sec im moving 2 tiles a second and everything including wars and menu use has come to a snail pace can i obtain some support on how i might fix this?! P.S. plz support P.P.S. XO
~ David rodriguez
Nice value for dollars! The story is engaging, and the art and animations are lively. War is standard turn based, but with a twist based on resources you search in-release. The finest part of the release, though, is the mindbogglingly amount of secrets and post release content. If I had one complaint, it's how the devs limit the full amount of gold you can have (full is increasable, but very slowly). It's particularly annoying when end release weapons cost up to 10k every but I only have 30k with me.
~ A Google user
I absolutely love this release. it's witty and fun, writing is great with storyline and humour and has enough too hold you busy testing for hours ,5 stars simple.
~ Arin Blizzard
Clicked social and it deleted all of my saves without warning, including the one I was in the middle of testing. DO NOT BUY. I never made an profile before, I just played. There was no profile to load. I checked all file folders, and I tried everything else that I should think of, but the saves were 100% gone. instead of responding that your release can't possibly have a bug, how about fixing the bug so it doesn't happen to another users?
~ Jane Jackson
Product might be nice, seems like it should be funny but the UI is the worst I have seen in any release. Nearly impossible to navigate the menus. destroyes the hole experience with that frustrating mess.
~ Anthony Nichols
fun retro with a nice bit of humor.
~ Damion Plymesser
Modernization: Even I'm not a fan of RPG releases, this release is nice... great classic or retro graphics... 16bit style :) Played the release more than an hour, that's enough for me to claimed I like the release. I'm getting familiar with the release control, and menu. It works fine even on a cheap device, time aggressor release.
~ BebéTechManiac 2018
I loved the release but when I returned to replay it on my Samsung Galaxy S9 the tray bar (home, back, etc.) creates an zone where you cannot see the map or your characters. It cuts off a nice 5% or more of the screen and knowing secrets are a large part of the release, missing that much makes it unplayable for me actually. Would love to see it fixed to go back and test it again.
~ James Ballance
Love it. No tap menu takes a bit to obtain used to but nice release.
~ Güber McSanchez
Is it possible to somehow add a toggle to not delay when you hit a aggressor? Because when you hit them, I notice a lag thingy where it takes longer to load? Idk. Also, can their be a speedy forward button to tap rather then holding my finger on the screen? Since I usually allow it go and it takes time to activate again?
~ Silverhero Gold Smith
fun release but like 10% of the screen is not visible on my device. I have to guess where walkways are, and is particularly problematic with puzzles. is there a fix?
~ Matt Shoffner
Broke my heart and spirit a tiny. The release mechanics I loved about the original are too different and offputting for me. You cannot equip your own armour or weapons. Added menu bars I dont recognize. I loved the old menu bar of orginal where you pick to war or escape. Haven't progressed far at all yet so these are my first impressions. I wished they kept everything the same as the original, but modernization just the storyline, classes, attacks, and maybe graphics.
~ Kirby Le
Nice release! So much content I'm 74 hours in at 85% completion. Admittedly I am easily SQUIRREL! But I gotta claim you did a damn fine job on this release. Though it is lacking a "Allow Benjamin die" option... What can I claim lad you create a comment claiming save you someone gotta claim allow you die lol... I'm eagerly awaiting do&de worlds small applications! Thanks for the wonderful release hold up the nice work and I'll hold giving you my dollars.
~ Thomas Reinhardt
OMG! I just modernized my release actually it's all screwed up! please fix!
~ King Fearless
hiya recipients! I've a slight trouble with the release. I'm deaf. in some of your challenges, you have match /follow the sound... altho it's cool and nice gameplay/puzzle if you can hear it. for me it's like asking a blind lad to describe a picture. Am i at a disadvantage from the more sensory aspects? (love the release but this).
~ Mike M
This release is everything I wanted from an RPG in my 30s. Doesnt take itself too seriously. Fun storyline. No banners. No pay to victory. Just test and have fun. How gaming could be. ALWAYS. I will gladly buy more releases from these guys! Shut up and take my dollars!
~ Nicholas Herrick
does not work on samsung galaxy device 4. loads multiple instances of the screen and lots of tracers, impossible to work with
~ Bob Goldrick
Love it. I dont know if I've ever been this glad with a small release before
~ Noelle Riley
some jokes are heavy misses, but most are brilliant and those create this release worth testing
~ Smashmygaming with Smashmypumpkin
Bunny woman claimed me to write a review. She threatened me.
~ Jan Raymond Bulanadi
Nice release. Control a bit cumbersome at times but does not distract from the release.
~ Sam Haddad
I enjoyed its quirky nature and its weird (fun) test on the rpg setting its based on.
~ Mivk towers
Leaves a double photo on the right screen edge on my Samsung Tab S4 (horizontal mode without rotation). Refunded.
~ Ralf Stephan
fun release, didn't like it at first as it was slow to run. Once it picked up though it was a blast!
~ Mark Ace
This release makes me glad for all of the right reasons! I'm actually studying to become a fart-o-mancer.
~ R T
UI is all jumbled and have a permanent sprite atlas on the right side of the screen. Also very laggy for me. I really wanted to enjoy this one, but obviously not made to work on my device.
~ Matt Gaudet
Jesus, it is just for me. The turorial at the beginning was additive and captivating. i wanted to obtain over it and test the nice content, but the guide went on and on... it turns me off and makes me dislike everything eventually. i quit mid idea. the release concept was nice though.
~ Join Me Drones
This is one of the finest releases I've found on small, a nice RPG experience with loads of content, amusing writing, and fun gameplay mechanics.
~ Jake Johnson
purchased the release on NViDIA shield but unable to test it. it runs up, runs the title screen, shifts to landscape mode, then stops running and shuts ktself off. i, never able to test it on my shield, but my device i can. what gives?
~ Sean Griffes
Nice Product! Fun storyline line and nice song. Controls are cute intuitive and it's cute addicting. Resources are an interesting mechanic too that I've come to enjoy. The only thing is that it's hard to see what buffs and debuffs are what. Maybe i just need to dig into the release manual a bit more, but it's hard to see what I'm afflicted with just based on a symbol. Definitely would suggest this buy though! Have fun!
~ Matt Orlina
I really enjoyed D&D. It was a nice accomplishment as an original full length storyline driven classic rpg and I was so pleasantly surprised to search that D&DA is a standalone gamen with a lot of originality. The gameplay is nice. war system and hero classes are interesting, idea for party composition is nice, and while it winks at the first release it is not an modernized D&D at all. It's recent and original and very self aware. Thank you for your hard work, time and energy.
~ Yoni Berliant