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About: Dont Starve: Pocket Edition, brings the hit PC release enjoyed by over 6 million users to Mobile. Actually you can experience the uncompromising wilderness survival release full of science and magic on the go! Test as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped and transported to a mysterious wilderness globe. Wilson gotta learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and search his idea back home. Enter a strange and unexplored globe full of strange monsters, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft equipment and structures that match your survival style. Test your idea as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land.
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: Klei Entertainment Inc.
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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Reviews and Comments:

plz check the bug that kick's me off the release CONSTANTLY thanks!!!!!!! amazin
~ Daniel Matters
I love this release but it would be nice at least if they added a multiplayer even if it was a different release
~ Brady Rieman
Modernization your release for newer devices. Testing on the Huawei p30 pro makes the UI go wrong and photos are extremely blur. Please modernization the release for newer devices.
~ Mstrmoxie
Absolutely addictive!!! I die & hold coming back for more!! 🤪
~ Eileen Casey
Only trouble is some worlds give a warning of to many settings which should run difficutly with my device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and I have this trouble but I didn't have this trouble on a lesser grade device.
~ Yolo Salad
if you guys fix the blurriness I will gladly repurchase it. hopefully you do because I love this release.
~ Sandy Leyva
i am getting tired of the same thing happening all the time suddenly i obtain the message dont starve has stopped workimg and when i press wait the release freezes and i cant do anything until it just randomly opens the feedback information and since it gets me out of the release i loose al the progress i've done for the past several days and it gets very annoying because sometimes i do cute important equipment and i loose it all
~ Emiliano Velazquez
i love this release all i would wish is a auto snap function whan placing equipment so you can effectively create a great base with wall. Another then that this is a 5 star release
~ Koala D
I like the very well just fun of testing a well survival release that is well COOL I like this release and I would claim you to buy this if I were a dude this release is the finest in my opinion
~ ED Puppy
I wouldent claim its nice because it crashes from time to time on Mobile 9.0 but i cant claim its terrible becaus when i do test its really not hard in either mode and its a nice time aggressor 4 stars unless you can notch down some equipment to stop the time to time destroying
~ minecraft and more
you all did a phenomenal job on transferring over to the device from notebook. i loved the release on notebook and actually i van enjoy iy on the go as well
~ Blake Weis
This Product is Challenging, but nonetheless one of the finest out there. i had my doubts at first, but actually its on my top 5 list.
~ Pro Noob
its just a furious release really nice gameplay nice idea nice hero selections and the artstyle and graphics are nice because the graphics FIT what the release is and would be different release if it didnt very nice release thank you for developing such an nice release
~ epic guy lv300
everything works fine. cool release fully worth its price. i would fully suggest it.
~ yo peep
Product needs work really enjoying it but the constant "crashes"(hero moves but can't use any equipment or access in icons on screen) when ever I use a pitch fork or sometimes without reason. Hope those troubles are fixed quick.
~ Amour Matthysen
I adjusted the sound settings, actually all sound is 2×/3×/4× and all I hear is clicking and such. ;( Please fix, I stopped testing it the first time cause I couldn't stand it any longer. I really like the release but sound is key in the release but actually it's nonstop clicking and such.
~ Naomi Zurcher
Obviously one of the finest survival craft releases ever. The only downside is not being able to unblock characters like the PC ver. Absolutely love this release though!
~ Tynisha Alexanderia
love the release, rating it four due to hazy graphics, UI and menus are all crystal clear but the environment itself is slightly blurry for some reason, there are also graphical glitches where equipment or even the hero randomly becomes invisible as well as dialogue ques not triggering or triggering at random/innapropriate times. overall still a nice release, just a several minor troubles would definitely suggest to anyone who enjoys more hard survival releases, or if you just enjoy the PC ver
~ PieRo Arsonist
i love the release. only trouble is when it saves i cant use my controls like attacking or gathering or even menu. all i can do is transport an just restart. please fix
~ Andrew Young
Everything is nice except the weak resolution assets. Product looks kinda blurry and weak quality. I would love to have an option for high-res download or something like that.
~ Mindaugas Baginskas
Just encountered a bug? At night the screen goes black, but the HUD is still visible and am able to interact with the fire and my inventory, unable to see anything even after adding fuel and crafting a torch.
~ Xephosaurus Rex
Everything is going fine for me, but I just unclocked Wendy and I realised I couldnt use any light source, it turned night time but when I created a torch i was still in pitch black, same for the campfire, if you fixed this I would Give it a solid 5 star thanks alot, its really effecting the gameplay
~ Ivan Soo
nice release I've been testing it for 2 years on the notebook ver, but i couldn't obtain enough of it so i purchased it to the cellphone and i wasn't disappointed nice release, definitely if they added multiplayer on the pocket edition would be much cooler
~ Tomás Fernandes
hey guys, noticed a trouble when booting up the release, in some instances when logging into a saved profile the map will appear completly dark, all controls still function properly such as the map, mobility and item use another than that absoultly nice release.
~ Noe Angel
extremely terrible gaming experience. absolutely appalling controls and navigation. literally a transposed PC release with next to no tweak to create it small friendly. Why would you place a useless split stack as the first option? Surely a cook/craft/add fuel to full in a single button press would improve the experience? Trying to fit an whole notebook window into a device without any tweaks beyond zooming in? appaling. Really regret buying this release - speaking as a long time user of the PC one.
~ James Xu
Having played the PC ver first, this is a brilliant and much more portable ver. I'm not a fan of the virtual joystick thing but that can be changed quite easily. My only true complaint would be navigating the inventory at the bottom, but that might just be me. Hope they can bring Hamlet to Mobile and also Reign of Giants if not already. Reason for 4 stars not 5 is usually room for improvement.
~ Daniel Shaw
I love this release, on PC, at least. Unfortunately, the small ver is plagued with bugs that create the release downright unplayable sometimes forcing few restarts and lost progress. I can obtain past the finicky controls as they're expected on this platform, but release breaking bugs are unacceptable. It's a shame, because the release is very nice when it runs working, but it inevitably wets the bed forcing you to lose whatever progress you just made.
~ Tyson Neal
This release is AMAZINGLY addictive I have it on my PlayStation, device and device... the release test is nice and strategic... everything in the release is useable and release controls are simple as well
~ Meghan Sudak
This is my favoured survival release, BUT the originators gotta add a multyplayer to test together with dudes, this release will be more cool and fun, 10 out of 10 but think about the multyplayer... 💪
~ LuBaKa MaDaFaCkA BG
It nice! exillent work Klei. But theres a several glitches where its literaly IMPOSSIBLE to see at night when theres a fire, and one that makes each noise activate 3 times, when wearing headphones. If you fix it, ill give you 5 stars.
~ the flipside of the void
This is a unbelievable release and is very addictive! Though i have one trouble regarding the sound whenever i test the sound is double and sounds chopy. I would appreciate it very much if you would fix this bug. Otherwise it's a unbelievable release hold up the nice work. 👍
~ CazyShank
The controls are average. Sometimes things glitch and I can't see my options "examine/eat/drop/plant". Equipment are sometimes invisible if you place your device to sleep and launch the release again. Also the way to eat meal is tedious, maybe implement eating multiple stacks of meal. I love the release and would love to see upgrades to benefit the playerbase, one of the reasons why I paid to test this on small.
~ kelvin ho
I love this release so much. I usually played the release in steam and I was so glad when I found out I should test it on my device too. Thank you Klei for making a small ver. I want you guys would create a Don't Starve Together small ver too so me and my dudes should test together.
~ Annie Manzon
Sound is broken when using bluetooth earpieces. Gameplay is absolutely nice and all, but I also wish to enjoy the release with them without the sound going all jittery. Please fix and you'll have a faithful user on Mobile and PC.
~ Yonakuni
Finest release ever! I have played this release on laptop,ps4,and device! This release is so nice I like how you have to "dont starve" and I was confused when I first played it on the laptop because Maxwell claimed dont starve. the only thing that you should do is create crafting easier. that would support alot!🙃🙂
~ bman 5000
Loved this release since it came out on Steam. Only annoying things to me are the trouble with trying to zone walls or seeds etc (they either can easily be misplaced or it just reopens your inventory and sticks them back in) another than that is is a brilliant adaption of a nice release. ♡
~ 중이슬
Nice release, nice graphics, and infinite fun! :D But... There is a bug where after testing for a lil bit all you can do is transport. No crafting, no harvesting or fighting, cant even launch up the menu. Its caused me to lose a lot of progress and time and Im disappointed. Please fix this quick. Btw, Ive tried restarting my device and force stopping the release, nothing works.
~ ChocoNom
edit: I don't know how but the trouble I mentioned below is fixed. It is working normal actually. nice release... Bug: I think there is a large bug and couldn't search a solution. during night time camp fire or torch not working. (now it is working at the background, but the screen is fully black!!! I cannot test!!! please support. I love this release. (pocophone f1, miui 10.2 global)
~ Ata Turgay
I love this release. it took a tiny bit of time to adjust to the graphic style but gameplay is nice. it can be survival mode or relaxing mode where you search the globe. also being someone who is scared of spiders there is an option to remove them all together. my target is that this release has many adjustable informations allowing player to test however they wish:)
~ Ayesha Aumeer
There are a number of bugs that stop me from giving this release of five stars. Half the times I launch the release the sound is doubled, each time I test I have to stop testing, not because I wish to, but because the release stopped working and destroyed, or because there is a bug that doesn't let me to do anything but transport, no crafting, picking up anything or interacting with equipment, basically a softlock. Please fix the release so it is playable and more enjoyable.
~ Geraldo Rayan