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About: War nations from throughout history in DomiNations! Build your empire and command nations as you create them grow from a tiny village to a thriving metropolis, and war as one of the nice civilizations from the history of the globe. Build a nation, starting as an early settlement and grow through the ages, from the dawn of history to the modern era. Study under historys greats at the University like Leonardo Da Vinci and Catherine the Nice. Build Wonders of the Globe and make technology with historically accurate advancements. Select from eight nations and embark on historic campaigns advancing through history. Every civilization, from the Romans to the Japanese, has a premium strength and special troops. Build your units then play your historic might versus another users in PvP combat, or form alliances to defeat the globe together. Build your empire and embark on a historical ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: NEXON M Inc.
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Developer: Supercell

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Developer: HandyGames [email protected]



DomiNations Reviews and Comments:

There's a bug at the moment in the university. When your upgrade finishes in the university, you obtain your city members back back the timer doesn't go away, and it won't allow you run other upgrade for that certain leader. The only thing you can do is cancel the upgrade and lose your resources and time. Please fix! This has happened to me twice actually.
~ Kenneth Pang
solid modernization. I never obtain to see lower, equal or even bases only 15 lvls above me to attack in multiplayer these days, even though I haven't been attacked by lower lvl foes in months. there seems to be an unfair imbalance in that regard. pls do something about that
~ Andrew Abula
Thos is a fun release. What the release wants is for you to spend $$$ on updates. If you do so things go quicker. If you don't it can take time to obtain to the upper echelon of testing. If they should create one improvement it would be to shorten the time it takes to upgrade, but if you wish to go quicker there is the option of paid updates. The release is still fun. Its nice forming squads and WARRING at opposing squads. All in all fun release when you figure out the walkthrough of the release.
~ Karl Bauer
I really enjoyed this release for a several months... But actually I'd chalk it up to being other pay-to-test waste of time. It has frustrated me so much that when my oil got to about 16k, I should never obtain past that because offenders would take more than I produce each day. I can't advance without oil and can't obtain oil without buying it. If they do some rebalancing and decrease the percentage of your resources offenders can take, I'd definitely increase my rating and suggest.
~ Bradley Schiro
last several days the release is not loding itself and iam fully loosing my intrest even todays modernization also i tried but no use. domination squad search some solutions. but earlier ver i liked it
~ Raj Kumar
I have usually had this release on each device I've had. I'm thankful that Large Large Products keeps devoting time and resources to modernization the release. It's non-stop test. Usually something or things to do. It has come a long idea from a several years ago. Also the response time from correspondences and messages deserve an award, seriously, I'm hooked. I'm not ashamed to allow anyone know this has become a part of my life. Thank you all very much please hold it up.
~ Dylan Nochek
Product is nice but unfair in when you are a lower lvl user and you have to pay 250 in gold and all you obtain is higher lvls user's. like for instanced I am a lvl 32 and all you obtain is higher lvl user's like 266 lvl. Actually how are you ment to attack higher lvls. It's not right and not fair no lower lvl user's. Until you sought this out I don't think recipients will test the release much if it unfair. In one day I have given the release in gold is 5,000 just one after eachother .
~ Darren Leeder
the first time testing it was the finest, everyday reward are nice. but after that, the everyday reward seem just plain add and didn't even gift reward anymore. these past 2 days, i haven't even received my final everyday reward. heck i didn't even obtain all the everyday rewards at all even though i've watched all the commercial adds. please fix this. thx for hardwork and attention.
~ Irawan Tirtokencono
I really like the release but each thing takes so so so long to upgrade and build for example if I take away some bushes it will take a week and two days
~ Jason Sales
I love this release but u have to modernization it alot. customer service gets back with u speedy tho if u have any troubles or questions. does take awhile to upgrade something and I think the university updates are idea idea to long but another than that I test daily
~ Chad Cory
I have enjoyed the release, for the most part. It passes the time. I would never invest much in the release because the value of the bought goods are sometimes deceptive or not worth the price in respect to what you now obtain. Recipients that dump gigantic amounts of dollars in the release, obviously have the finest advantage, often its deceptive to war an foe that is 20-40 lvls below your own and obtain wasted. There are often glitches. No skill, more about $$$ is the real advantage. P2W for sure!
~ A Google user
I like this release but I think it needs 2 major changes. 1.) For the love of God, please decrease the building, updating, and research times! It could not take days to do anything. Recipients will lose interest quickly. I nearly have few times. 2.) When searching for matches in war, create them more fair. I am constantly matched up with users SEVERAL lvls above me. There is no chance of survival or even getting 1 star. *Please consider making these changes for a less frustrating release.
~ Sharah Goodman
i change my small,aftar that my release Extended. today aftar modernization the release cropdetd. support me plz.i love this release.support me
~ Mojtaba 0181
It is awsome! Never played somethin as nice as this! There's even background war noises which makes it even more REALISTIC! And the entire system is nice. And you obtain loot each day for nonpaid! You could test it!
~ Fallboy_ 76
this truely has to be my fravorate release in a long time ,How ever it does it Dominations has kept my intrest & keeps me coming back for more!!! To sum up I think its a nice statergy release , building your own castle & building your very own Armed Forces to do BATTLE as you please with who ever you wish, I love it test it foryour self & see. ENJOY recipients & war on!!!
~ Si Cooper
If you're patient you do not have to pay to compete and progress in this release. The release is not for the "I wish it actually crowd". Does have connectivity troubles. Disconnects while finding foes and during fights at time. Historical stats is interesting. Would of rated it higher if not for tech probs.
~ Michele Vernetti
scam - buyer beware. release glitches through no fault of your own. if they catch you stuck in their glitch, they ban you and take away equipment you have paid for without explanation or refund
~ John O'Connor
before the latest modernization, I upgraded my halberdier to fusilier. But after the latest modernization, my on-going fusilier upgrade suddenly gone. Please support fix this trouble ASAP
~ Muhammad Hanif
Pay to Test BS - used to be nice, actually it stinks. If you don't spend hundreds of dollars, it's wildly unbalanced and not fun. UNINSTALLING after over a year testing and building, what was, a powerful profile.
~ Jesse Caudill
Yay ... First trouble iv had with release. Loading fixed) Takes a long time to build your city... 1 to 2 fights per day... (nonpaid)... Cant obtain enough dollars to grow castle...
~ Phillip u
Been testing for 3 years. Maybe if you stop this sandbagging BS this release might be fun again. Lost so many members because of it. At least bring back 15 lad fights!!!!!!!!
~ Matchu
Did all that was asked by their nonpaid crowns offer. Downloaded an release that was a partner to the offer and got to the lvl needed in the release to unblock the offer only for it to be declined. Was claimed that I had to deliever further proof that I did achieve the offer's request. Flabbergasted that this isn't all automated and that I had to deliever 'proof' of having performed the offer's request. Why on world isn't there an automatic verification process in zone?
~ Allan Delovino
Message customer services for support iv been on this release for 2 years it takes to long to upgrade your city hall or anything in the release your forced to pay dollars you would thing thay would support just claimed me to hold testing you have to wait 20 days for updates to finish what a joke that could support there release user who have been with them for year but no its all about the dollars
~ John Mcglade
I don't really understand this release. Why can't it go pass the first screen? It keeps on claiming me detecting suspicious activity and closing down on it's own. This is the 1st time I installed this release and i dont know the kind of suspicious activity it's detecting. This release is too terrible to even have a rating. If there's -5 star i can give it then i will. So useless, remove it outta playstore if it doesn't work
~ Stanley Francis
Nice release, the idea, mechanics and dynamics. I usually go back to testing this release even when I hold changing cellphones. Nice work devs!!
~ Markus Del Mundo
Nice release , but just spent 300 rand on google vouchers which they wont approve. they demand your credit card information. Ill just test for nonpaid thanks and help other developer.
~ Brad Beeton
It won't load beyond the 30% mark.Tried shutting down the release and re-launching it, FAILED. The network speed is not an trouble.Disappointed.Uninstalling the release instantly. UPDATE 1)Reinstalled, encountered other bug.Watched a video to retrain my units:"FAILED". 2)Chose to obtain animal fur as a fight chest reward, "FAILED". Didn't obtain a f**lord thing from the chest. Expected much better from the devs.God knows how many more bugs are there in this nice for nothing release. Utter failure 👎☹👎
~ Rishabh Anand
release keeps freezing while on war and makes me lose 20 medals every time, plus all the loot, happens too many times, you spend true dollars on crowns and this is what you obtain!
~ Peter Croft
~ KS 1205
caution - scam. Played the release multiple years. the release has lots of glitches. one hit my profile. I did not solicit it in any idea. they banned me for a period of time, reverted my release a year, took away a paid building...all because their release glitched.
~ John O'Connor
This is one of the finest walkthrough releases out there in Google test, which unfortunately isn't claiming much. All these releases require you to invest a lot of hours or you'll have to pay to test. It sucks, but at least this release isn't as annoying as others.
~ Souvik Dutta
Cute damn nice. Would love to see more troops and buildings. Until then, a solid 4 stars from me. Great work guys Edit: Your match making sucks the large one. You hold matching me with recipients WAY above my lvl, like double my lvl, how am I supposed to beat them? Feels like a dollars making ploy if I'm honest
~ NickduPlooy
nice job guys, trouble lodged earlier was fixed promptly! >> ..."long time user having troubles connecting to server/release. the bar stopped around 40% loading progress....what's happening??"
~ carmen wong
great release . stuck loading trouble fixed after i correspondence the developer. they hear us. and push the newest modernization . and the trouble is gone. i can continue testing. this release i challenging and have different gameplay than another release. i like idea upgrading through ages
~ xworkshopmaxi jogja
I like this release but there is one major trouble. This takes too long to progress without spending any dollars. I have been stuck in Medival Age for about a year with only a tiny progress. At least lower the cost for updates and building for the newest recipients.
~ XxXTanksRuleXxX
Trouble trouble and trouble. A newest release trouble is born Regular in this release. otherwise the release is very nice and time aggressor. Graphic, song, fight walkthrough are also nice. Just, Newest troubles are born daily.
~ Avijit Pradhan
there was a time when I was more upset that I couldn't change my hero's name in the release cuz you guys are too lame to create it to where you can change your name really hard thing to do I know but recently with all the upgrades you been doing you screw the release like no pooch should screw a couch my base layouts are all screwed up thanks to you guys appreciate it very much and all that you claim me is I got to take my bases down and place them back up like it's at f****** simple jackass
~ Timmy Tomesin
DomiNations is a fun release. It suffers from a bit of a grind, but being a nonpaid to test release, that's expected. You can of course skip the grind by spending dollars, but the release does a nice job of not giving recipients who do an edge over recipients who don't. With enough patience, you can do just as well without spending dollars. I have 2 accounts for this release and love the historical accuracy. Almost everything in this release has a true life counter-part and stats on it. Overall, nice release.
~ Josiah Saly
It is not a terrible release, much like civilization, but like most online releases. it caters to those who are willing to part with their dollars and those who don't. Well, they tend to obtain squashed and quit. I have been fortunate not to spend a penny on this release and survive, but I did take my lumps a several times to those who obviously spent dollars to grab a novelty item or some potent addition.
~ Daniel Juenke
I think the release has improved a tiny and will give an bonus star. Its going to be hard to improve the rating when Im being attacked so often by a stronger age which I seldom obtain any stars. Why would anyone think thats fair or fun?
~ Walt Bradley