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Destruction Tuber Simulator   
About: Destroy equipment and build up your audience in this official sequel for the known YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel's Hydraulic Press Pocket title! * Unblock all five different destruction ways! * Search and destroy over 100 equipment! * Upgrade your softwares and equipment! * Create collaborations with PewDiePie, MrBeast, H3H3 and more! * Go viral in this pocket tuber release! Download Destruction Tuber Simulator actually and run filming videos full of destruction! This release offers in-release purchases and ads.
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Linnama Entertainment [email protected]
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Destruction Tuber Simulator Reviews and Comments:

~ A Google user
love the release but it gets boring after a while
~ QwertyKing 489
3 words. Finest. Product. Ever
~ kube_czek
At first I thought this release would be cheesy but it's not. It now cute Fun!
~ Yolgrim The Gamer
It really entertaining and nice and if you would modernization this that would be nice😅
~ shoeface ok
Its a cool release, the graphics are nice, the quality is nice!
~ Angelina A.
It's true easy to understand, it's fun and I like the scenarios,
~ Oceanman _
Very nice release, though its very hard to understand what to do.
~ Duck Man
It's cute nice I like the graphics and the Projection.
~ Kim Lochamy
This is a nice release and everyone one could give it a like. nice everything
~ gabriel kirton
Its was great. I especially like the explosives \_(._.)_/
~ A Google user
Finally Finished the entire release and actually im at 12M+ Subscribers in this release... :))
~ Sufiyan Juneja
Simply not as much fun as Hydraulic Press Pocket. Disappointing.
~ Samantha Adams
Nice fun when sitting and waiting for recipients.
~ Russ Stacey
It was so much fun I've never had so much fun destroying. Valuble things i love
~ Twitch_IRx B
This is a special time aggressor. I've honestly never played anything like it, in a nice idea!
~ Christopher Setzer
idea too much fun!! and it helps one of my favoured channels
~ Honest Gas Handmade
Nice release I loved the first one and this one is even better really capture the fun if the channel
~ Kellen Handford
I love this release it is so addicting i cant place it down thank you for making a nice release
~ Mission Kirb
I like the release, but I search it odd with updating the softwares they are more breaking than before
~ Celeste
it is to hard there are too many quests and it is the worst release ever i hope someone reads this and if you do unstall or don't install 1 STAR!!!!!
~ A Google user
Horrible and confusing UI, grammar and spelling mistakes, bizarrely intrusive and unfair microtransactions and true dollars currency.
~ Dylan
Even better than HPC Pocket. Once everything is bought, it becomes stale.
~ Captain Eggbeard
Once you obtain past the initial beginner phases this release really takes off with the fun you can have with it.
~ A Google user
I just love it all you need to do is modernization the release from time to time nice release no bugs its just plain nice great release :)
~ twizz mafia
It is pure awesomeness in all its glory! I am a large fan of Hydraulic Press Channel and everything associated with it!
~ Krystal Kastle
i really like this release. ive played for 2 days and not once got bored.
~ Cheekykieran 2006
Just based on ads. Give me the option to skip a 30 second video uninstalled instantly. Useless
~ Taykonda tv
The only qualms I have is the rate of dollars received and the price of the last camera. Your camera quality becomes garbage before you can even launch to obtain the last camera.
~ A Google user
I think it's a really nice release. it's like running your own YouTube channle. very fun!
~ Greg Jones
the idea is cool, but the release uses symbols for EVERY menu item so its very hard to figure out what everything does. the release does a very terrible job of walking you through everything.
~ Mark Reddington
Well, at first I enjoyed this release.after a while, it got boring.And I'll also list a couple reasons why.1, I got bored because it wasn't simple enough to create tuber coins.2, at first there are softwares that are quite hard to upgrade, because you need a lot of "tuber coins" to upgrade them.3, too many things you have to hold destroying over and over again.I also have some recommendations.Add a couple of softwares at the beginning of the release, and also create it easier to upgrade softwares and obtain "tuber coins."
~ Hunter S
If it is possible, I will give you 10 Nonillion stars. It is a real number, and for scale, it has 68 zeros. 1 million is only 6 zeros.
~ Random Stuffz
12/19/18--Nice release but I've beat it. I waited for a tiny over a month actually and I haven't seen any newest content so I'm going to uninstall to create room for a newest release.
~ A Google user
I love this release. Same recipients from the "hydraulic press channel" youtube channel, and release named "hydraulic press pocket". I love these releases, and the recipients. Their youtube channels are nice as well. Check them out
~ Ryan Tubbs
This is an nice release! The banners are almost non-existent, and the graphics are great. The interface is a bit confusing at first, but its simple to figure out.
~ Nomekop 777
fun simple release that's right to the target.. you destroy equipment. more like a simulation kind of release I felt this is type of a release that no one knows they need until they test it.
~ deeds48
For a beginning user, it is very unclear how to test the release and understand what the functions are, and what all buttons and menus do. Maybe it is a better concept to incorporate more text in the menus, or create the icons more relevant to their function.
~ Bart va
You Know I've played a bunch of your releases and they're all nice and really differ from another small apps. Like they're not filled with banners each 2 seconds; also there generally nice releases all around so I hope you guys nice luck and to hold making more nice releases.
~ Xspygameing 360
I have been collecting gems. I reached about 250. I have spent over 150 gems for 50 letters of newest or already used equipment. and actually I have 100 gems left when I was supposed to have 150 not 100.
~ PeeBean1