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About: Heroic, Handsome with Infinite Power. Are you one of the Destiny Chasers? "A musician dreaming of a splendid scene. A Vampire yearning to become a human. The last descendant of time magic" Search a Mythical RPG Globe with Cruz, Viola, and Lena! Tap your idea through infinite journey. Attain ever-increasing strength at your fingertips. Destiny Chaser is the most Handsome and Simple IDLE RPG. >> Product Informations [No. 1 Handsome 3D Action - Idle RPG] - Enjoy HD Visual Results in 3D - Thrilling and Colourful Wars with no Stress! [Infinite Idle RPG] - 5x Full Speed! Extreme speed to search the Newest Globe - Unlimite growth through Rebirth - Full RPG experience on the GO - Simple War in High-lvl Strategic Test [Blockbuster RPG Style - Accumulate & Evolve!] - Summon Special Handsome Characters & Pets - Over 300 potent equipment to use - Systematic lvl-up for y ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 83MB Developer: Spoon Games [email protected]
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About: Horror is Back Craft - take the fight Your task is to find a shelter, and keep the defense, build traps, houses, shops to get your food, you have to find a way out. The horror will try to get to you, you have to give him a fight, build shelter from monsters, build bunkers, collect supplies because the horror of the arrival at night, make friends, gather a large company, because together fighting the horror is much easier, develop a city map, secret passages, so that the monsters could not get ...

Developer: Panda Craft [email protected]

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About: you are humanity's last hope to keep them brainless from the catchers. The zombies are coming! Its time to use your brain and find a way to bomb the zombies. Get ready to draw lines and shapes to guide the bomb to the zombie. Or the zombie will eat your brain! Features: -hook and swing with Zombie Boy catchers - Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master - FREE and suitable for all ages - 30+ fun dead levels with more to come for your entertainment - best zombie character - conquer...

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About: Police Dog High School Crime Chase is totally new and different game, in which police team with police dog visit city big high school and start search operation. High school principle call city best police officer, because principle note that in high school some bully boys and gangster spread crime and make high school wrong. And principle noted every movement of bad school boys and shares that information with police. Police officer came with team and police dog. In this Police Dog high school ...

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About: ! ---------------------------------------------------- * 2D MMORPG !! * !! * ! * ! * ! * ! ---------------------------------------------------- . RPG . !! !! ....

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About: Little Chef Food Truck New Style of Delicious Cooking in Truck. Let's Prepare and Serve dishes to people from Food Truck. More food you serve the more coin you earn. Multiple varieties of Trucks with 15+ levels each to play. Trucks 1. Burger Truck 2. Pizza Truck 3. Hotdog Truck 4. Juice / Smoothies Truck In Future updates, many trucks will be added....

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About: Join Derek Banter in this Interactive rpg book. Choose your strengths and weaknesses and use them to explore this fantasy style story. Choose your path in this adventure story and encounter friends, enemies, wizards, monsters, and more....

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Developer: DevMineGames [email protected]

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About: !!!! ,100,!5,,,,! H5...

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About: "Dust and Salt: The Battle for Murk Gamebook" is an interactive adventure and narrative - a gamebook (in the traditions of "Choose Your Own Adventure" and "Fighting Fantasy" series). It tells YOUR story in which you are the HERO! From the creator of Dust and Salt comes the next tale from its world The Battle for Murk an interactive narrative set in a low-powered, gritty medieval world. Play as Corporal Mandrake from the City Watch in a fantasy adventure game. Collect evidence and uncover ...

Developer: Prime Games Bulgaria [email protected]

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About: Notice - This game requires online connection. - Since all data is stored only on the device, deleting the app will cause loss of the data. - If you have already purchased 1.x.x version, please send your receipt by e-mail. We will give you a promotional code. Story - As an adventurer, you have recently heard strange rumors about the kingdom. While investigating the rumors, you are in prison and are forced to clear the dungeon. Controls - Single touch : select / move - Multi-tou...

Developer: Studio Hot & Sweet [email protected]


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About: The best game for mobile phones. Fight epic battles, slay evil monsters and advance your character to the highest level! Legends come true. The Heroic age is back. Dark forces and wizards create chaos. It's up to you whether you are able handle the weapon, found a league, rule the lands, win the bloody battle and become the ace of aces. Or you are a lost soul who yields to the times? Gain the goodwill of Gods. Join a knight's guild. Cross your blades with rivals. Become one of the elements o...

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About: As a great fan of JRPGs themselves, the two creators of Mystic Guardian were dedicated to create a game that has the feeling of classic JRPGs in the 90's. After 5 years of developing and refining to get the right atmosphere, Mystic Guardian is finally ready to bring you back to the past. Game Story - Experience the fantasy world of steampunk with machinery and alchemy. - Two playable main characters with completely different storylines. - Secret storielines and alternate endings th...

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About: You are the chosen hero on the journey to The Forgotten Tower Castle where numerous monsters dwell inside it's dungeons. Fulfill your destiny, slay all the monsters and became the ultimate power hero of The Forgotten Tower Castle's dungeons. # Incremental / clicker roleplaying roguelite action Simple and addictive gamplay # Emoji Monsters First game ever made where you can fight with emoji representations of monsters like rats, spiders, ogres, ghosts and elves! # Power Grow your hero...

Developer: Archmage Arispen [email protected]

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About: Far across the world, in the thick clouds, there lies a kingdom of fantasy - the Unicorn Dreamland. Princess Filia, the royal guardian, has always defended this land. Recently, she's yearning to go on a long trip. But she can't, because the pets need to be taken care of. Libby, the best friend of Filia, offers to handle the little cuties in order to make Filia's dream come true. What'll be waiting for Libby in the dreamland? Go check it out. Features: - Seven unique animals offer you endless...

Developer: Libii [email protected]



Destiny Chaser Reviews and Comments:

i like this release as much as the graphics and set up in mythical globe. the mixed and match of costumes and weapons is so cool.!
~ A Google user
Installed but hold force close
~ Ark Nine
i dont know how to buy wings.. please add some power stats..
~ A Google user
the text is badly translated making it confusing to test
~ Noor Bunnik
Why is it im stuck at loading screen ? This is my first time downloading this release. Is it normal ?
~ Hinata Shoyo
too busy and cluttered. It's an idle release so why waste time on exciting action packed graphics in the background that nobody now watches and that now create it harder to see what your pressing.
~ Matthew Holland
i like this release. costumes and weapons is very cool!!
~ Daniel White
mongo I'm😒}:‑)B-);):-!:-P:-P:-!:-!;):-[
~ Lalit uchheniya
Lotsa freebies Its fun and a different idle rpg
~ Nathanael Aldo
~ Ranjet Barbado
One of the finest idle release I've played so far. Very well made, had an nice graphics, hope they add more hero customization in the future.
~ gideon valdes
Nice graphics and characters, so far this is the finest idle release i played and simple to test
~ A Google user
crashes as quick as i run it up pixel 3xl
~ J Xmilar
Nice idle release. Starring up the characters and weapons costs gems and those can be obtained from just testing the release and joining in the meetings. The more you test the stronger you become.
~ Tim Lilienthal
I'm enjoying this release! The finest idle rpg for me and so much cuteness!!!
~ 100Subs I'm happy Without any Videos
Nice graphics and simple gameplay.. I love that you can test and do another chores at the same time :)
~ A Google user
Interesting release. I can afk grind this release while testing another releases. MULTI-TASKING gaming life easier.
~ Nico Bien
Very fun and interesting idle release, you can do multi-tasking and still can lvl up even on busy days ☺️. Hoping to obtain more characters and costumes quick! waiting for meetings coming 😍
~ Carty Ann Joy Sareno
Stuck on the loading screen. Ive tried all recommendations you guys given another players with the related trouble. Probably needs other speedy patch.
~ Oscar A.
stuck at trying to load after confirming main name.. just downloaded the release and cant test. Tablet can handle much more intensive releases, I'm using a moto g6 plus
~ Kostya Davis
Been with this release over a month actually through high and lows,This release is nice but it needs time to develop. I appreciate the works of the devs here (Y)
~ Kyle Hernandez
i have been testing for 4hours straight farming for moar rebirth points! i'm loving the release so far. maybe u can add an meeting to give us primary pet :D
~ bulba picker
So far this the finest idle release that I have played for my actual small device. It is just very nice with hero design or anime like characters. This release is also nice in many aspects and yet still developing. Unfortunately, my device just can't help the release when it comes to intense wars in the release. It's randomly lagging or experiencing random spikes during the release. I hope that there will be a setting that allows us to lower more the graphic at some target. It would definitely benefit and support some users who have terrible small specs. Cheers to all!!
~ John Luise Conde
A recent newest take for an idle release. Not that much pay to victory-ish like most releases do. However, there are still some minor bugs and errors that need fixing, which is acceptable because the release just recently launched. Overall, it's a nice release regardless if you wish to test it actively or the idea it is (idle).
~ A Google user
It for some reasion will not allow me in to the server, I restarted the release and re-downloaded the release it just will not allow me in
~ icebare098 098
Product seems alright so far, but i can't change my arena party and it doesn't even use my equipped characters which makes the mode unplayable.
~ Daniel Lovelady
why download modernization take too long time, i dont have any problem modernization my another online release?
~ agung tama
featured coupon doesn't work. tried on Google test buy claims not valid and the release itself does not have a coupon redeemer in it. Also no where does it direct you to enter the coupon.
~ Mangus1
great graphics but very limited hero. only 3 and a bunch of different variation of that 3. heats up device very speedy.
~ Luke Six
I love this release! It is so fun and simple to learn how to test. My only recommendation is that you create it a bit more exciting, like maybe being able to against another users. I would love that.
~ Foxface4u Aj
hardley stands out as a release on its own. it doesnt support that you cant even manually test as the characters wich sucks cause i love rpg combat like this. for example releases like marvel future war but if one does pick to download its a cute solid box content wise but in the realm of gameplay I cant recomend anyone would be invested because in order for a release to be investing it has to be fun and hard so not being able to directly control characters actions is a bit under whelming.
~ Jamil Berrocales
I started testing this release a several days ago and I really like it so far. I really love the soundtrack and the graphics are cute nice. The only thing is the translation needs a tiny work, but I think it's a nice release. Nice job guys!
~ Celeste A
I really loved this release! Nice concept, just plz improve the graphics and create it more smoother, anyway looking forward for the future upgrades! ❤️, thx
~ Kirito .S.A.O
I couldn't obtain past 10 mins of test. it plays like a normal idle release that has slightly better graphics than most. weapons present up on characters in release which is cool but, only 4 heroes for a superhero collector lots of weapons but what they do at glance isn't obvious I can't claim if its terrible localization or really terrible writing but I have to skip the quest/guide portions because its horrendous, which I hate to do because that's part of why I test releases. also spelling errors.
~ allen miller
Looked like a nice release. however i obtain a message that it cant connect to server. Wireless or otherwise. would be nice to test.
~ Christopher Tomcho
Love the release! To address a several things, the terrible ratings complaining about the "auto" in this release...this is literally stated as an idle release. So those ratings could not even be qualified to be a standard. Secondly, the translation, grammatically and spelling-wise, is a bit off. However, it is completely understandable and simple to follow, so once again as long as ur not a grammar nazi, you could be all nice. Only complaint is weekly target, I don't even think you can finish it, might be wrong?
~ Rayna Wan
Couldn't bring myself to go past the very first stage, the grammar is absolutely poor. It's hard to follow what they're talking about because of it. I am willing to change my review if it is eventually improved, however, until that time I cannot test this.
~ Xechanort
Officially concludes a 30 day review that, excluding glitches that will potentially harm revenue, they have no interest in replying each single avenue of contact and any correspondences/tickets/helpdesk, they will just close your queries.
~ Ming Hor Tan
Favoured idle release I've played. The action is pretty, the environments remind me of the persona series. Lots of layers to progression and generous super currency.
~ Zankoku Ryu
nice release but maybe you could add an pm system plus create it perma message stay till you click delete button so that ppl on gild who need to chats can chat without waiting since cant see when someone is on and add other idea for getting custom even tiny amount of tix like wings does so ppl still can benifit from its buff overall very nice indle release no need to spend much time just on everyday
~ Shiro Mirai