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About: Love home decorating? Test Design Home today - a relaxing, fun release that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in everyday Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional territories with access to true, high-end furniture and decor brands. Its speedy, its fun and you can connect with a vibrant constructive community while learning about diverse dcor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your true life. * Relax through test and express your creativity in everyday Design Challenges. * Unblock rewards as you polish your nice abilities as an interior decorator. * Test with true life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favoured rooms from a vibrant, constructive community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishi ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 70MB Developer: Crowdstar Inc
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Design Home Reviews and Comments:

The help on this release is horrible. I hold sending the a screenshot of a finished offer and still no resolve from TapJoy or the Design Home squad. It's like the Design squad isn't reading the message and just hold cutting an pasting a generic response. The release also stalls and freezes a lot. Info of contesting ending sometimes come after its ended.
~ C'est si bon!
The release itself is fun. I love the challenges. Tests to see if you can do every theme/style of decor it asks. My trouble is, is with the votes. Some recipients are not following what the actual challenge wants. And when voting it doesn't give a description of what the "home owner" wanted and it's those recipients who are not following the challenge style who wins. That is cute frustrating, spending "dollars" and time designing something that has specifications and recipients do not follow it and they "victory"...
~ Kayla Fortin Lalonde
Sadly, deleting. For me, this release was SO much fun, but fun comes with a price. It's a nonpaid release, but critical elements (plants, table decor, wall art) to a great design and nice score cost diamonds that are given to users too slowly to use them each day. They cost true dollars. I was suprised how many times I claimed self "it's only $2.99, it's only $3.99 when I looked at my profile. If you have a true life dollars budget for release testing, knock yourself out. If not, dont.
~ Donna Bailey
there's something wrong with this release , it is not my device I checked. it just keeps claiming ready forever it doesn't look at you accumulate your everyday diamonds. Maybe two days out the week I'm able to just access the release it'll claim preparing for hours this needs to be fixed allow me delete this is just taking up storage
~ Becky Jose
I like this release. It is a fun idea to have a constructive outlet. The downsides: 1) they create it super tempting to use true dollars to buy matching sets of decor, and 2) sometimes I search an object that I really like (ex. a bench) and, in that brand, they do not necessarily carry another matching equipment. 3) Also, sometimes it is hard to match wood colors: I want that was on the drop down find options. Very fun release though. I will continue to use it!
~ Heather Forde
I so wish to love this release. But lately, after lvl 20, the scoring has seemed to go so off. I don't understand how I see rooms when I'm in voting that have fully mismatched style and color designs that seem to be getting over 4.5 stars. Yet when I make a cohesive design that doesn't look different at all from what became the rooms "top designs", sometimes almost exactly like some of the winners, I obtain rated below a 4. It's just become demoralizing. I might come back if this changes.
~ Tricia Larese
LOVE THIS GAME. I am a everyday user and use many fearures the release has to offer. The "My Home" modernization is a plus, I love how you can pick the flooring and paint colors, along with kitchen cabinets and bathroom tiles before decorating! Actually that is fun!! ("My Home" Can not be unlocked once you reach Lvl 8 of Design Home)I am impressed with how realistic this release is compared to others i have tried. The others are cartoonish. I don't think I will ever give up this release! A lot of fun and calming!
~ Nichole Lynn Edwards
Love this release...very addicting and entertaining!!! My only concern is that snapshots of the homes and challenges as well as the player profile pics are being saved in my mobile device. I have even seen a several screenshots of my device's home screens. They are saved under the name "furniture ID" or as a 2-digit file name. This only started a week ago but I have already deleted over 100 of these pictures. I have cleared the cached. Please allow me know how I can correct this. Thanks so much!!!
~ Nye Motley
A nice Product & very addicting. However, the newest design your own home information is frustrating... Having to wait few days completing challenges just to do 1 room. Choices for wall colors & floors is extremely limited. and very frustrating when you enter a challenge(download other release to earn diamonds)spend days completing it and never recieve your diamonds! i contacted them & was informed staff was limited on weekends (its friday) so they would test to resolve it in several days.
~ Julie Turner
I love this release but it really pisses me off when I buy an item in release that it lasts about 2 turns and I have to re-buy it ? super annoying especially when I've seen another recipients mention the same thing happening to them and yet still nothing has been done, so unfortunately for that I'll have to give it 1 star.
~ Lauren Ashlea
It has a lot of glitches. if you have troubles with the release it is better to complain to Google as the Design home staff just sends a bot kind response and ignores you. it is a very expensive release to hold testing and no one cares if you lose your dollars or have ptoblrms with the release.
~ Dawn Ban
It's a nice release in general. I like designing rooms, learning newest styles etc. but my purchased equipment are disappearing randomly. When I saw my rustic sofa is gone missing I became 100% sure. I don't know which equipment are also gone though. Cute sure that my lose is more than thousands of release dollars amd crystals. They could compensate this.
~ Emre Demirel
DH ripping us off again. At least 10 times or more I have completed surveys worth hundreds of 💎 and only received 15 💎 even after the total came up and zI clicked on REDEEM. This happens CONSTANTLY anx I have been cheated out of thousands of diamonds. Also rigjt when it gets close to a challenge closing the release screws up and won t test videos so I can accumulate my diamonds. I'm ready to quit this release. It's no longer fun, the scoring system SUCKS and I'm sick of getting screwed over. #BEWARE
~ Sm Connors
UPDATE : This has stopped happening over the last couple of months (Edit : April 2019) Even though i havent granted this release permission to my device storage/gallery, this release literally dumps over 1000 pictures of designs that were created on this release by me and another recipients AND random video banners into my gallery EVERY WEEK ! Its scary how they are able to do that despite not having permission (wonder what else they are accessing) and it clogs up my device - hate it !!!
~ Vandana Gangoly
I enjoy designing the rooms on Design Home. I feel that the voting process, however, is a bit unfair. If one follows the specifications for designing a room it seems that voters, in general, do not pay attention to the specifications. For example, if a room design calls for Mediterranean style and a desinger does not use Mediterranean style equipment they can still achieve a 5.0 score. Frequently I've followed room design specs only to have another designers receive higher scores while not adhering.
~ Belle Amie
nice release but upgrading means my progress is wiped and I have to run at the beginning again. Actually you are making me modernization. If I lose my progress again I will uninstall in sheer frustration. Wow, for the 1st time it has modernized and kept my progress. Yes!!! 5 stars guys 👍👍
~ Donna Cockfield
I loved this release and used it for few months but after a newest modernization the release stopped opening. Uninstalled and reinstalled few times without any effects. Had someone else install the release on their device and the effects were the same. I thought the modernization that was applied today was going to be the fix but again the release will not launch. VERY FRUSTRATING. If this trouble is EVER resolved I will reevaluate my rating. Per Design Home, this release will NOT be supported on Pixelbooks. DON"T INSTALL!!
~ Corrina Smith
Never received diamond rewards for finished offers. This is a follow up to my previous review on 4/20. I had already contacted the developer and emailed multiple times before posting my review. After the review they sent an correspondence stating they would escalate my trouble to tapjoy. I did not obtain a single further response to my multiple missed reimbursements. Avoid this release
~ Jennifer Barth
This Company And GAME IS CROOKED N RIGGED FOR MONEY ONLY. Played it for yesrs until they made it impossible to test without spend in ng $5 to $20 of your own dollars per design. Also the Voting and Scoring is do obviously rigged and unfair. Everything about this release actually is to drag Large Time True Dollary from you. In the requirements for the designs the things thst you have in your inventory present as not fitting the requirement so you have to buy something..even when it's exactly what is needed.
~ Diana Anderson
There are few things that need to be improved but the most pressing (and currently highly annoying) fact is all of the glitches that happen since My Home launched. I cannot even obtain through a single design without quitting out of the release and reentering MULTIPLE times. The requirements for most of the challenges are ridiculous & the cost for equipment that you can't even hold much too high.
~ Kate Seymour
I usually love this release but the last 24 hours it's been running slow even after uninstalling a several times, hope it's fixed quick. I hope you guys are working on fixing the troubles with this release, I see more than half are complaining about the same troubles but nothing had been resolved (at least not with my release). I've loved this release for about 2 years but will be deleting it quick if not fixed.
~ Denise Buchanan
I love this release probably too much. I spend A LOT of dollars on this stupid thing. But it does bring me joy. that being claimed, it's ridiculous when you PAY for bonus diamonds and keys that you aren't allowed to obtain your everyday amount of keys. There could not be a full amount of keys allowed when you're paying out of pocket for them! This really is aggravating.
~ Quirky Mommy
Nice release! Don't care for the voting,it is rigid! can be pricey and to add bonus decors it's the same things and it becomes a bore.You cannot decorate with so tiny wall,floor,table decor! Maybe more premium bundles, or some idea to obtain better looking accessories! just some recommendations!
~ Tonya Coleman
Poor help. Don't bother correspondence them, they either can't read or cannot be bothered to read anything you send them. Copy and paste responses which bare no relevance to the case are sent out a week after you contact them. Unable to respond the easy question of why they are no longer helping older versions of mobile. Don't use their releases and don't bother trying to contact them. Two weeks and waiting for a human response.
~ Lilith M
The voting, which is vital to receive prizes of furnishings, is atrocious and Crowdstar has no plans to address this trouble. Also, the only idea to receive decent art is to buy bundles, as their Lvl up art is just sad. There are junior high babes who love graphic art, and yet this design release company expects you to decorate a room with strawberry and chopped watermelon. I enjoyed this release until I finally realized they have no intention of making this a better experience for the users.
~ elichess360
Fun but very expensive! I have been spending more dollars then I would like to admit, just trying to be competitive and unfortunately the rewards are so weak you can't buy anything with what you obtain... There is no log in premium or suprise diamonds, it is all dollars... I have decided to stop spending dollars and quit testing... you could really work on making it more affordable and give back to the recipients funding your release.
~ Danielle Skinner
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND YOU ARE NOTHING TO THEM. Prior to yesterday i would of claimed 5 stars. Trying to obtain in touch with help is impossible. I was at lvl 15, spent time and $$$ on this had a gigantic inventory etc. I sign on yesterday morning and an down graded to lvl 2 and all my inventory is gone. I have contacted help numerous times they have yet to even reply. don't waste your time on this release, The idea is really nice but customers are not important
~ Dawn Cassidy
WHAT IS GOING ON?! My release hasn't worked for days actually. It won't go past the loading screen. I've spent dollars on this release and spent 2 + years testing it, there's no excuse for this. Even upgrading didn't fix it. What was the modernization for? To continue the NOT WORKING function?? Receive it together, you're gonna lose us. Based on your lack of responses to your reviews, I doubt you'll even read this. But I'll be sending you my therapy bill for this inconvenience.
~ Raven Elder
Do not invest your dollars on this release! not once has CUSTOMER SERVICE answered any of my questions, but this release is a scam! The Design Squad here literally wants you to invest your dollars so when you follow the terms and make a superb room, recipients that now end up winning are the ones that don't know taste if it hit them square im the face and don't follow and directions. Then the design squad tries to claim that it's the recipients who vote. Not all real. what a joke.
~ Stephanie Chavez
I am so sorry but I will be deleting this release. I have enjoyed the designs that I have done and will miss doing them. But, the voters/designers seem to prefer cookie cutter rooms that have nothing to do with the "client's" wishes or the requested STYLE of the room. Also, you are releasing too many "Bundles" that cost true dollars. Especially when you gotta have some of the most newest in your design if you wish any chance of a higher score. I cannot afford to do these designs anymore.
~ Patricia Fairbanks
Destroying lately, actually today it will not load. it's very addictive and fun, but I don't know if the release has become too known for the originators to hold it operational, fair and objective. Furniture I've bought can't be found, equipment picked doesn't appear in the room. Actually, today it destroyed while I was testing, not it will not load again. So disappointing, frustrating and a rip off
~ Naturally Kim
Very expensive. The funds given for every room are a fraction of the room cost. Spent hundreds, still can't break even. Unhappy users. Unfair voting. Yet, designing every room is fun. If I had few hundred true dollars to spend on a release EVERY month & didn't care about unresponsive customer care or an unfair voting system, this release would be nice! Do the math: every room costs at $15,000 to $25,000. You victory $3000 a day. Where does the bonus dollars come from? YOU!!! Don't test this! RUN AWAY!
~ Sally Kirkpatrick
This release just stopped working a several days ago. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times and it's still not working. Can I obtain my dollars back for the diamonds I bought and cannot use? Here it is, weeks later , and the trouble has started again. Whatever glitch in the release caused me not to be able to launch it yesterday and I missed the chance to obtain the 2 home points. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled bc it is not allowing me to finish any designs. THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!!
~ Ethelene Walker
Starting different every day. Instead of starting the release off in a "living room", why can't it run in a dining room or somewhere different in a house. It gets type of boring that it usually runs in a "living room". Recipients victory different furniture for another rooms, so that shouldn't be an trouble.
~ Wendy Haiflich
Lots of different challenges, simple to use and certainly addictive. The only thing I'd change? I want they had choices for lighting. If only in the house design portion when you pick your paint etc. It would be a nice addition pick your chandeliers or sconces. Overall one of my favorites!
~ Lacey Handley
Fun to decorate a room. Voting may or may not obtain you a prize. Need to spend a lot of true dollars to be able to "compete." But to compete, most users only seem to vote for rooms that are B&W decor. Lvl access to decor gives long term users greater ability to decorate. Diamond payout is ridiculous given the cost of furnishings. They don't compensate when they screw up a release.
~ A Google user
I absolutely LOVE this release/release! I'm finding myself completing at least 4 challenges throughout my day, each day! Fortunately, I've been lucky enough to own two homes at different stages of my life and both I worked with the builder, so every home was built and designed/decorated to my specifications and style. And these are the reasons why I enjoy this wonderful release ... Thank you to the originators!
~ Rebecca Mola-Parenti
it is so much fun to be able to pick your walls and floors your house your evrything.Im so excited. you feel like your a true designer.It would be great if we should pick our own curtains place bedspreads on our beds. where we wish to place our nic nacs and pictures. I do love this home design.
~ Diana Hargrave
It was really fun until last month when only 5 or so equipment were needed to decorate a room. Actually 9 to 10 equipment are needed, and it usually contains one piece of furniture alone that costs more than the $2500 reward you obtain for completing the room. It sucks all the fun out of the release when you can't compete without spending true dollars.
~ Christina Orleans
Can't really design like you wish. Can't even buy what you wish.If you can't buy what you wish than why buy anything or things you don't like ? Why would you limit what pople can buy? You obtain a several nonpaid equipment when you pass a lvl. Most of the art work is nothing i would ever buy. Need create the voting fair. Only the same lvls could be place togeather. Idea too much inventory. just keeps building and hardly obtain to use it. Everything is WAY too over priced. It is a release. It COULD be a nice release.
~ D Allen