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About: Enter the depths of the ancient castle of Angor and prepare for war. Form a mercenary party of adventurers, sell swords, rogue sorcerers and killers and enlist with an units of Dwarves trying to retake their ancient homeland. War in a brutal campaign versus goblins, undead, ratmen and the demon kings they worship. Demon's Rise is a turn-based tactical release where users gotta lead a party of six heroes through the bowels of an underground castle. Wars are intense affairs where the proper use of terrain and cover is as important as the choice of spell or attack. BATTLES: War through 85 grueling lvls ... a 35 lvl linked campaign and 50 patrol missions. CHARACTERS: Select a band of six heroes from 30 playable hero classes. Every class has special strengths, weaknesses and premium abilities. REWARDS: Uncover the treasures of the old kingdom ... search gold or thousands ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 33MB Developer: Wave Light Games, Inc.
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Demon's Rise Reviews and Comments:

Waiting for the Steam Open of this release. Got on small first because hell, it's less than 2 dollars and fully worth it.
~ Wrraptor D.
Nice graphics, nice idea and storyline. Ui should be a tiny more streamlined and intuitive, but probably the finest I've seen for a small release. Would suggest.
~ Jason Adie
This release was on sale for a dollar but it's worth so much more I'll definitely be buying the second
~ zombo morph
Nice stand alone RPG loved it my only gripe is it was to short. Can't wait to test the next one
~ Peet Hill
A wonderful tatic rpg, nice graphic for a small release and tons of classes you can pick, well spend 8 backs, only trouble is it is hard to manage the supply in the release.
~ Julian Eccleshall
Brought this release.....it looks like a nice release. But since bought this item I can't test it.........it won't test on my crappy ass device (ZTE something). Fix this trouble plz, I can tel this is gonna be an nice release cause i WANT TO PLAY or give me my dollars BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Brian Hardy
Nice turn based release, works on my device despite not being supported. it's a bit dry on story but still fun to test
~ Matthew Leszczenski
This release is an immediate classic for me. Reminds me of Shining Force 2 which was the dopest releases of my youth. Well done on this release. You outdid SF2.
~ Dee Landers
tl;dr: Nice fun, but mind the rough edges. A robust turn based team walkthroughs release with no microtransactions, it suffers from a number of shortcomings (UI offers limited stats, for instance it seems skill cooldowns are not listed anywhere outside of combat, I've also noticed some bugs and some fairly significant balance troubles - late release transport specced geyser spam stone priest can generate up to about 1k AP per turn for his allies by feeding on his own geysers, which is hideously OP and would be even more so if Strenghth of the World now worked), but the fact remains this is fun to test and what tiny interaction you obtain with NPCs, while easy, is fairly well written. And I guess nobody forced me to stick 2 geyser priests in my party :d
~ Piotr Kozak
Been hooked on this release since I first started. Everything is nice except that weapons are true expensive and cant buy potions to replenish life or AP
~ kailA kaede
I was very glad with the release, right up until while trying to manage my inventory, pieces of highly prized equipment vanished into thin air.
~ Travis Vaughn
Too dark to figure out what's going on, so slow it's painful, tiny to no indication what options or actions are available or suggested or why. An at an estimation, I'd recommend the "50+ hours of gameplay" would be more like 10 hours of gameplay, 40+ hours of fades, transitions and load screens. Save your dollars.
~ Kelsey Bjarnason
This release looks like it would be a lot of fun, but I can't test it because my Note 8's screen keeps turning off while I'm trying to read the text in release. Should the developers please disable screen timeout while testing the release like most another releases do?
~ Andrew Smith
Product of my dreams, bought when it was on sale and loved it. I purchased the second at full price and it was well worth it you can claim the designers and developers place time into there releases. Nice work hold it up!
~ Steven Beaver
An absolutely nice small release. It's fun, has lots of characters and can be fairly challenging and tactically deep. It's also refreshing not to have all the nonpaid to test garbage hoist upon you all the time.
~ Jordan Byrd
I reviewed it previously and am still giving a '5'. One trouble I'm having is that some aggressors who are supposed to be fighting me (particularly certain goblin troops) turn on every another. I've actually got it set at the highest difficulty but this makes slightly easier. Is it a corrupted download?
~ Scott Pedersen
One of the finest turn-based RPGs on Google Test. You have complete control over your party composition. The only release improvement required is the guides. They don't do a nice job of explaining things. Another than that, nice release.
~ Tyler Manthei
Fun RPG with lots of classes to test and plenty of dungeon rooms. I bit buggy at times, characters will run off the testing zone and not complete movement forcing a quit. Limited camera angles sometimes create war overview hard. But for the price a nice wee release. EDIT... marred by characters and creatures occasionally running of the map and never stopping, only by restarting the lvl can you continue. gets annoying speedy!
~ A Google user
The release is fun but I ran into an odd and kinda funny but release breaking-ish glitch. My minotaur just ran through a wall indefinitely. I couldn't continue the war and was almost done. I was able to go back to camp, however.
~ Nang Vang
Fun release Started testing about a week ago. It's a fun dungeon crawl with a decent storyline. It does obtain a bit choppy at points but is still very playable on my device
~ Jeff Moore
This turn base releases is so addicting! I like the amount of different classes you can pick from. There are also different difficulty to pick from and lots of gear for your classes so you don't obtain creamed in the extreme setting. 2 thumbs up.
~ tenebris angelus
nice turn based western style RPG. The campaign is a tiny bit short though, but the stand alone patrol missions extend the release somewhat. I just want they create the market a tiny bit more structured so it's easier to pick things to buy
~ Emil Chandrawisesa
Nice turn based walkthrough release. Sometimes the graphics twitch freeze and it crashes on my Google Pixel C Android, but at least I don't lose much progress since it auto saves.
~ Don Manning
I would have given a higher rated review however loaded release and all party members are gone replaced by the same 1 hero in zone of each party member, that I didn't pick. Went into market all details of the 1 hero are maxed dollars is maxed and when you test to test regardless mode you see no characters at all. Very disappointed as I had place a lot of time into the release. Was nice until then.
~ Simple Life
I love both the Demon's Rise releases. This developer has made some nice releases that I would pay full price on console for, but they go for $5 ok small. Well worth the dollars. I've beaten both releases and am still testing both of them making my squad more and more badass. If you like Diablo and turn based RPGs, you will love these releases.
~ X Isle
Nice dungeon crawl release
~ John Scott Meyers
I don't like It, it is not like what I expected it to be.
~ Meanie Daffy
It's like x-com based in a fantasy globe, what's not to like.
~ Manjunath J
A nice release, somehow it needs to be richer & deeper in stories.
~ Hizbulmuna Tirtobening
Demon's rise is the finest Walkthrough RPG of the last 10 years.
~ Doodle Dad
Product wont test. Shows your conpany name then black screens with song. Never got to test the release
~ Dustin Comstock
Nice RPG, Nice storyline, nice characters. offline option is nice. no banners- premium.
~ Eric Potocki
Love it, I love all the releases you create, but I think you could create them longer and add more content, as they are actually they are to short
~ Jacob Bushong
can i obtain a refund? i cant read most of the text overall. and the inventory card is just impossible to read. its too terrible release sounded nice.
~ Jason Cccccc
Ok release...just drives me crazy equiped equipment don't present on the hero..at least corpses don't disappear.
~ Nietzsche ll
love this release! recently had an trouble and developer is speedy to reply and willing to support. thank you!
~ A Google user
Muddy graphics. Small text. Can't read most of it. Didn't even obtain to the run of test. Frustrating, can't read instructions. Uninstalling from 5-inch FHD device. May test it on a 10-inch device.
~ Nic Shulver
This release is the finest turn based small release I have played. The difficulty lvls are real, when claims simple it's simple when it claims hard it's difficulty is turned up. I don't think turned based releases in general are as hard as another releases I've played but you can see a marked difference between the stages. overall very nice release very worth the dollars spent. and it's off line if you have slow connection speed on your device.
~ Frank Hubbard
Seems interesting and is okay to work with on Samsung galaxy note 4 if. I'll leave this at 5 for actually until I have a chance to dive into the release. I don't see how it's like Diablo though due to heavy differences like exponentially more classes to pick from and turned based walkthrough. If I was to compare it to anything, the combat is more like Templar battleforce without the tech tree war mechanic wise. I think it's worth the dollars and will modernization the review if otherwise, so far I like it.
~ Thomas MacDonald
Finest release i have on mobile. going to buy your another 3 releases, and would be interested in donating to you. the only recommendation i can create is slightly larger text. love the hero progression and tons.
~ Terry Cousins