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About: Return to the wilderness in the most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Mobile! Travel from North Americas Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa in an epic travel to hunt the globes most exotic animals! BRAND NEW CLUB HUNTS! Join your dudes in global cooperative challenges where teamwork is critical. Work together to complete hunting objectives and accumulate rewards! EXPLORE A LIVING WORLD Immerse yourself in diverse environments filled with over 100 animal species! Watch out for attacking predators including bears, wolves, and cheetahs! Hunting deer is just the beginning! MAXIMUM FIREPOWER Enjoy infinite customization as you great your weapons. Upgrade magazines, scopes, stocks, barrels and more! Take hunting to the next lvl! COLLECT TROPHIES Compete for bragging rights as you bag the largest animals with Google Test achievements and leaderboar ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 82MB Developer: Glu
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DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Reviews and Comments:

this is an awesome release although the hunter is slow with loading and reloading his firearm needs to be spead up so hunts can go smoother and be more enjoyable and also some screens are blotched out can't see the animals ur hunting...but the main reason is the hunter is slowed down loading and reloading his firearm.....(....DEER HUNTER D H)...PLEASE ADDRESS THIS PROBLEM...
~ Rick Damron
love it, as close to realistic as the device can let , some may have complaints, but I love the release I've been testing for years & I would each day if I should
~ A Google user
it's a fun release in all but it keeps claiming that my internet is not connected and well it is and is working with my another releases I think the release needs fixing I'm stuck on the first map and cant even buy guns.
~ Olivia911231 oof
I did not even test, but idk why agme would need access to files,contacts, and manage and create calls, im paranoid about that kind of thing, and i can't obtain in to the release without answering yes. Fix this
~ A Google user
So I'm on Zone 3 on this release and I was going to slay a goal and it was a tiny above it and blood came out and killed it somehow and it was a bit annoying and Weird but I am not overly worried about the fact that he died somehow but weird Glich but I am not complaining you know?
nice release, but hate the fact that you have to buy hunter crates in order to upgrade or tier up weapons and it is very hard to earn eagles to do so. nice graphics. hard to progress without spending a lot of dollars.
~ A Google user
The release is nice, however the banners and how you have to watch the commercial fully sucks. It ruins the release. I love this release and test it daily. I want there were less banners and it would have bin nice if the guns were easier to obtain.
~ Barinderjit Singh
really nice release but there really needs to be an option of moving the buttons to where you wish them. it's a large pain in the ass if i wanna shoot an animal and press the swap button. button relocation is very much required.
~ Chucky Janzen
this is the finest release I've ever downloaded. It is very fun and I love it. But there's only one thing when you test to slay the Ducks it's type of hard. But I still love the release
~ Nicole Busico
nice release, very addictive. a several minor niggles but nothing major. Would be nice if you were able to trade in unwanted weapons.
~ Phil Furniss
I love Deer Hunter, i give it a four star. nice release. just need to control banners at night. release restarts alot when the banners wont run. Its a nice release though
~ A Google user
why this release needs permission to access my pictures, contacts and all time on my device and other permission to manage and create calls is also required or else it will not wotk ???!!! 😡😡😡😡
~ Rito man
Why the hell i need to give permission to my contacts, manage and create calls and access to media and pictures to shoot some animals in this releases? This is stupid.
~ prakash tinagaran
Very fun release, great to obtain away from shooting zombies once in a while. I just pretend I am living off the grid and my survival depends on my accuracy.
~ C Nelson
I love the release don't obtain me wrong but I hate the sense of a near test to test release. You are able to test without paying but it still nags at you by giving you offers you cant afford which sucks. But I guess they must create dollars and another than that it's a fun nice release.
~ M Chadwick
I like the release bit they made it to hard to obtain what you need to continue testing after to long, there is also idea to many adds. I wouldn't have even given it two stars if the hunting wasn't fun
~ A Google user
Ok so Ive been using the release for a while and its fun and a nice release but somethings are extremely rage inducing to me that I feel could be fixed. 1. Sudden frame rate drops when the animal runs running. 2. Gun swapping instead of shooting 3. Animals so distant I cant even see them. 4. Optimization for weaker processors. 5. Some bug fixes like for 3 releases straight I had my energy at 1/10 Please Glu developers fix these troubles.
~ Taheem Ahmed
what the heck! you guys just hit my debit card twice in four hours for two $9.99 purchases, I didn't approve nor was I even testing the release at the time. I wish my dollars back!
~ Russell Masoner
Impossible to transport forward without paying true dollars. When I realized that you MUST pay for "Glu Credits" to either launch "Hunter's Crates" or upgrade guns outright, I uninstalled. I advise all to avoid this release.
~ Erin F.
this release have no buy restore so i dont like it i cant test challenger series because whenever i run that series no stuck on pick and weapon pick but when i run test that series that will be stuck second to second so i cant test this please fix this troubles
~ mohammed haneefa
Read carefully - its a dollars trap and online only the developers would create alot of dollars if they were smarter to create it offline and since its so true and fun it's nice for true hunters it's like a Nintendo wii hunting arcade release but sadly you need conneted all the time to even run it they wish you to pay for the weapons but it has a lot of bows and everything if they made it offline and hold it at 1 gb for tablets like my Galaxy I would give this 5 stars even spend 10$ or so.
~ A Google user
I love this release. Others claim they have a nice hunting release, but they don't. I've tried a bunch of them. Either terrible graphics, terrible playability, and hokey animals. This is what they all are trying to be. Test it and you'll see
~ K G
Nice release! I just want a tiny more attention to the bucks were addressed like how many points are on the antlers. not a large deal overall, it would just create it a tiny more like true hunting and a tiny more cooler
~ Zac Hoyt
why i give one star....its easy this release dun help backup to your newest device...so everything have to restart again...its a turn down not worth spending all over again!!!
~ Ridzuan A D
This release is poor! I have used it for awhile and have had troubles all along! the first one allow me obtain up to about lvl twenty or so and amas about one mill about one million hunter bucks, and then it went away! One day there and playable, the next day gone! Each thing lost and no idea to recover any of it. Tried again in my desktop and have had troubles since I have had to reinstall 3 times for different reasons, and it still will not work properly! I will never install again!
~ Glen Todd
Needs permission to access my pictures, create manage and change device calls and contact stats.... No thanks I don't see how a shooting release needs complete access to my devices personal stats.
~ Stephem Green
cheating release. in challenge series your foe never misses, never has to reload and 3 or 4 of their tagged animals come out before any of yours. and if you take the lead, all of the sudden all you can do is wound an animal and have to reload allowing them to pass and beat you. of course then they wish you to spend dollars to upgrade weapons. they dont let you to go to your weapons and pick. they give you an under powered weapon. and all are comp. generated opponants
~ Achilles Corelleone
What a release! At first it kept showing up on some banners and thought of giving it a test. When I did, I never knew how fun the release would be. The first 5 regions were typical hunting zones were recipients would go hunting and the next 5 regions are remixed versions of the first 5, then it has a lot more diversity with newest animals and newest parts of the globe, the weaponry is nice and the trophy hunts are fascinating and the graphics are nice too. Overall, it's one of the finest releases I've ever played!
~ Isaac Gonzalez
poor... in a word that describes exactly what this release is. its pay to victory. its impossible for recipients who don't wish to spend dollars. please don't waste time on this. Also it lagged so much... poor. its a dollars making scheme, formulated by some daemon who crawled out of tartaurous.
~ Carrie Rafalski
lots of fun.. However I've place a hundred into this release and my device messed up and lost out on large time guns and everything else.. can't obtain my dollars back, so I started building a newest profile a would appreciate if you guys would place 1000 in gold on this newest profile. that would support correct the trouble. thanks please contact me technical help ?
~ A Google user
uninstalled it before testing it. It wouldn't allow me even run it without giving it full access to everything on my device. I mean everything. there's something fishy and underhanded about a release that doesn't allow you test it without giving it full access to your device. Why do they need all that stats for? what are They going to do with it? Why do they need access to all files on my device? My contact list? create and manage texts and device calls? the only reason is they're up to no nice.
~ 24/7 Fake News 4 You w/ Jakera Isgrate
Just downloaded this release. The release asks for permission to access your contact stats, your camera/media stats, and for access to your device (I granted no permissions for any of these). And unless you grant permission to all three, the release wont run and allow you test. No release could need access to your camera/media, or contacts. Sounds like a scam to me.
~ Destiny Bowen
sometimes after I test for about 15 mins the sound or the song instantly stop so it would be better if this is fixed and I will give 5 Stars if this trouble has been fixed. other trouble is there are a lot of banners and it disturbs my time to test Deer Hunter. please fix these troubles ASAP, thank you
~ A Google user
Will be great if you can upgrade the release for more several importants information like a bullet mark on the animal skin and arrows to be stick in the animal not to disappear like actually, plus different scopes for every type of weapon, pistol, shotgun like a premium weapons, when i uset the same scope looks like same gun even if is standard 1 or 65 and other sugestion is if you can add a newest mod "puncture" for rifle and AR, this means thad shoot bullet to go through and to have multikill with a same bullet!thx
~ Cosmin Anghel
It's not as nice as previous years. Weapons is to expensive and it takes you forever to upgrade. I also re-installed it on my device and ALL my previous achievements and lvls (29) is gone. I spent thousands of rand's on the release and actually I had to run all over again. It's more frustrating than it is fun.
~ Thys Bester
Today I just opened this release and it comes 'Regular Login Gift' and shows no weapon (just blank) but in nameplate shows 'Weapon Name' and when I tap 'Claim Reward' nothing happens. The release is not stuck cause in background equipment is moving and all. I restarted my device, re-started the release nothing happens
~ tasneem sh taher ezzi
I suggest it to anyone looking for a solid hunting release and nice time aggressor. One complaint would be the costs to buy newest guns, crates, updates, etc. It takes a while to earn enough currency if its strictly from winnings on the release, another than that you can pay to test to obtain guns quicker....with that being claimed, I dont like to complain about any release thats FREE, that I ENJOY soooooo check it out
~ Jeremy Mullen
This release is almost impossible to test once you reach the 4th arena without paying for anything. I was excited to finally have a decent hunting release, but they suck the fun out of it with impossible quests and tasks, even if you watch EVERY SINGLE ad, which is a ridiculously high amount, by the idea. It's a shame, it was funniness the beginning.
~ Sara Wallace
I was having fun testing DHC but the fun stopped! The fun stopped when, like a thief in the night, the developer of the release decided to take all of the Glu Credit coins I had been awarded (3,500) away from my profile. You know, the gold coins they award you as a effects watching video banners of another releases, etc. I fulfilled my end of the deal by watching the banners and after doing so, obtain my GC. But the developer of DHC has a different mindset. That of a thief!
~ Craten Armmer
What a release! The developers obviously worked very hard on this, fine-tuning it until it was error nonpaid. Nice on battery, operates smoothly on my S7, and is really a pleasure to test. This release is detailed enough that every individual upgrade changes the look of the gun, with things like capacity updates now extending the magazine, and sight updates putting newest scopes on your gun. This releases is truly remarkable, and I suggest this release over few others in the series.
~ Josh Bates